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Lucky, My Application & Deposit Was Apparently Lost In The Mail Or By Them....

I completed their on-line application which failed to process and directed me to fill out a paper application and mail it in.

A letter arrived 2 weeks (little slow) later asking me to send in a copy of 2 seperate forms of ID and an initial deposit.

I did this via the USPS w/o using tracking/delivery confirmation (my mistake) as the CU says they never received my information/deposit.

Lost or stolen ID and check? Odds tend to favor.... yes indeed. Placed a fraud alert with credit agencies and stopped payment on the check after 3 weeks and hope the mail was lost vs. stolen.

The "lucky" their rate tanked during the above, and I obtained a full 1.08% increase with another credit union which I have written a very favorable review on this site previously. 

BTW, the last ACU CSR stated if I stopped payment on my initial check and they later processed it, (after explaining all the above to 3 CSR's) I would incur a return check charge with them...DAH!

Too Many Hoops To Join And Get A Credit Card

I applied and got approved for an AFCU credit card two months ago.  However, I was told that I had to become a member before I could actually get the card.  So I completed the on-line membership application and provided another credit card to pay the membership funding fee.  One month later, no credit card arrived and when I called the credit union, they say that they do not have a record of my application although it was done online on their site and they cannot do anything with the confirmation number that I received from them after I completed the application.

This is 2012, it should not be this hard to apply for a credit card and to join a credit union.  They should be able to do better than this.

Don't Waste Your Time On Andrews Credit Union (Or Give Them Your Money)

This credit union is an example of why our country has problems. I applied for a GlobeTrek credit card with a credit limit of $5,000 and was turned down. First they lost the application, then they didn't have enough information, so I faxed 26 pages! Then I was turned down. I am retired and worth over $2 million. I live off my investments. My house is paid for. I have no debts. Credit score of 831. The reason is I cannot prove my income. It's Social Security and withdrawals from accounts that have been invested wisely. I don't have an actual list of my withdrawals that are done through my broker, therefore I'm a bad risk. At the same time other credit card companies send me a least one offer a week for credit cards with much higher limits than this rinky dink operation. This proves the banks (credit unions) are not lending money.

Never again will I waste my time with Andrews Credit Union, and I am closing my account.

Andrews FCU Receives High Consumer Ratings From American Consumer Council

During the past year, hundreds of consumers who are members of the American Consumer Council have told us how pleased they are with the outstanding service and friendliness provided at Andrews Federal Credit Union. In an era when banking is difficult and its hard to get loans, Andrews FCU consistently receives the top ratings from consumer-members of the American Consumer Council.  We're pleased to recognize Andrews FCU for its commitment to service and helping consumers participate in our nation's economic recovery.

Thomas Hinton, President & CEO, American Consumer Council

Great Experience

I have been a member for over five years and have had great customer service. I can handle most of my banking by phone, online banking or in person. Best of all, if I travel, I can access my account at any CU Services participating branch.