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Comerica Bank Reviews

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Not Recommended

Sterling Bank (very good bank) was bought out by Comerica Bank. Since the take over I have had constant problems with them running returned checks back through without my permission, knowledge or consent, and not allowing me to view what was going on with my account online so that funds could be transferred to prevent any problems. Then they refused to take responsibility for it saying the payor put them back through after the payor told me they had not. The last straw with me was when I deposited CASH to more than cover a check going through the same day and, even though I confirmed with the bank that the cash deposit would be available to cover the check immediately, they still held the CASH deposit until the next day and charged me an overdraft fee.

Won't Help Clients

I am with another bank and i tried to call them to just see if a check cleared so I could help a MUTUAL customer release a hold on HIS OWN FUNDS. The lady I talked to in Houston, TX, was rude and refused to even help their own client. I didn't want balance or any info on the account I wanted to give them the image of the check and see if it clear which 99% of other banks will do. She explained that they take the "Privacy Act" to the letter, this lady needs to re-read the Privacy Act because it only specifies the information between financial institution and government agency.

Comerica Sucks

Comerica is THE WORST!! My father made the mistake of falling for their BS when it came to estate planning. He made them co-representative of his estate. The woman they put in charge of his estate (her initials are A. C.), was unbelievable. Long story short - I had to go to court to have them removed as co-rep. And now they're looking for me to pay all their expenses! HA!

Comerica's S-Called Account Security Measures Are Just An Excuse For Terrible Customer Service

After a visit to Comerica with my elderly mother yesterday, and the terrible customer service practices that we received I thought I should pass the story on. Although my Mom is over 90 years old, she is still quite active. She likes to go to the Casinos, and she travels to Las Vegas & Ste. Saint Marie a couple times a year. I took her to the bank yesterday to find out why the recurring charge to her checking account for her newspaper subscription had suddenly been declined. A teller called us over to her window, so I said that we would like to speak to a manager because my mother has a question about her checking account. The teller replied, 'your mother' s account I'd overdrawn?' I said, no, she has a question, and walked back over to the waiting area. An assistant manager called us over to her cubicle. I explained that we were there to find out why a $20 charge had not been processed through her checking account. I felt like I was speaking a different language than she was because it took her three attempts at summarizing why we were there for her to correctly state that a recurring charge had not been processed to my mother's account. She then announced that she would have to call the ATM card security dept. For more information. After talking to them she told us that Comerica had placed a hold on credit transactions on my mother's ATM card because of a 'questionable' ATM withdrawal. The assistant manager asked if my mother had made a withdrawal in Ste. Saint Marie recently. My mother confirmed that she had made the withdrawal during a recent trip there. The manager felt that that was an acceptable explanation for why the recurring charge had been denied,saying the bank had placed a hold on charges to her checking account, ' for her protection'. I was shocked by this and stated. I can understand if the bank questioned a withdrawal made out of town. But to place a hold on her account without notifying her that they had done it was absurd. I told her that protecting the customer from unauthorized use of their ATM card should be done in collaboration with the customer NOT without their knowledge. The inconvenience of having to go to the bank to find out why a legitimate charge hadn't been taken from her account, only to find out that the bank had thought there was some questionable activity with her ATM card and then failed to notify her at all about the incident and the actions the bank took was a idiotic example for 'account security'. To add insult to injury, the manager did not even apologize to my mother for her having to come to the branch to find out why authorized charges weren't being processed, or for the inconvenience of having to have a charge rejected as a long time newspaper customer.

Great Bank

I opened a small business checking account with Comerica back in 2008.  Although I do not maintain a large balance, the account is free, except for purchasing checks.  On one occasion they did erroneously debit my account, but they corrected it very quickly when I brought it to their attention.  The branch representative in West Hollywood was outstanding.  The epitome of customer service.

They do charge for on-line bill pay, so unless you pay lots of bills it's a feature that's not worthwhile ($6.95).