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Community & Southern Bank Reviews

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Not A Community Bank

This bank is anything but a community bank.  I think FDIC did the community a huge disgrace by allowing the organization to take over so many banks.  They have taken over two seperate banks I used and trust me the other banks were a whole lot better.  I also would give this bank zero stars.


Theresa whom works at this bank in Carrolton is HORRIBLE!!!! I was on the phone with her for a straight 1/2 hour begging her to release the hold she put on my account that caused my account to go negative and not have money what so ever for several days. This hold was put on there because of a delinquent account I had 5 YEARS AGO!!! Of 120.00 that was done through Gilmer Bank that became Community Southern Bank. I then opened a savings account that I have had for 4 years - in great standing - and they decided to randomly withdraw 130.00 from my current account because they just happen to discover this all of a sudden 5 yrs later. I completely forgot about this Fee actually until I pulled my credit the day before they did this to me. It was not like I was not going to pay it off once I was able to... but atleast send me a letter of some sort to warn me that this will be happening! Dont make someones account negative all of a sudden out of no where! I am unable to get gas, or do anything - and I have a 1 yr old - single mom - and now have to wait Friday in order to get any money... UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Terrible Service!

I had been with West Ga since I was 13! Since becoming a customer at C&S, it has been terrible. They have closed 3 of my accounts without notification, been rude and callous with myself and my husband. They have no problem taking my money but they do not want to bother with the people behind the money. I will be going somewhere else in the near future.

How Do You Trust A New Bank?

My husband and I were with The People's Bank for over 9 years, it had existed for over 70 years in Winder, GA. I was never happier with a bank in my 50 years, then the rug was pulled out from under us. I already don't like the way Community & Southern runs things; for example, they sent new debit/credit cards and turned off our old cards without making sure we had activated our new cards...that was loads of fun at the gas pump. Another example, we use to get credit points on our debit/credit cards that we could use towards merchandise etc., when I asked if that was going to continue, no one could tell me. They also couldn't tell me if any of the rates were going to change. They don't know what is going to happen. Poor communication between the Executives and the Branch Managers, makes me very nervous. This bank has swallowed at least 3 banks here in Georgia and no one really knows anything about this institution. They don't talk to their customers or community leaders with an open house forum or anything. The whole thing makes us People's Bank customers very nervous.

This Bank's On Line Banking Website Has Improved.

They have made some progress. I have not checked all the features though...

Community And Southern Bank

Community & Southern Bank is one of the best banks I have ever had the pleasure to bank with.  I greatly appreciate their professional yet personal touch to banking.  I find that not only is the banking division well tuned and operated, their mortgage division is incredible.  It is unfortunate that people that have a bad experience with one person would condemn the entire bank.  I highly recommend the Ashford Dunwoody location as well as the Riverwood location.

Love This Bank!!

I have banked with this bank since the time it was W. GA. National, and have to say I love it now more than ever! Since the new Community Southern management team took over I have seen vast improvements in the level of service I receive and have also been pleased with the multitude of new products they now offer.

Since I have good credit, I was offered extremely competitive rates for all my banking needs. I have read the other posts on this blog and feel others have not given this "new" bank a chance...