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Lake Michigan Credit Union Reviews

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Very Helpful

I did business with LMCU for many years and they are wonderful! Always very friendly when you visit a branch and very willing to work with you for different situations such as a line of credit, even if your credit score is not at it's best. LMCU is definitely all about their customers and going out of their way to help them out. I absolutely recommend opening an account here and going to them if you have any lending needs.

Exorbitant Fees And Poor Customer Service

I have been with this bank over 10 years and their service continues to decline while their fees continue to climb.


No longer a fan!  Potential customers beware!!  Their fees will rake you over the coals and their client service representatives are anything but friendly.

Disorganized And Mediocre Customer Survice.

I moved to the Grand Rapids area and needed to transfer my accounts to a local CU.  For my auto loan, faxed documents were lost on 3 occasions cauysing the closing of the loan to take 3 weeks.  My debit card was also "lost" in the mail on their first attempt to send it.  It took over a month to receive the debit card.  Their 24x7 customer service only seems to apply to weekdays.  If you lose your online banking account info, you must call in to the call center to have it reset.  Overall I regret switching, it would have been less hassle to just drive the 2 hours round trip to do business with my old CU.  

Bank Had Four Tries Too Keep Me, But I Have A Checking Acct. With No Checks. :-(

I recently moved into the area from another state, the bank facility is right across the street from where I work, and I wanted to get a relationship with a local bank. First visit picked up the ppwk, they made a copy of my license. Teller seemed a bit sarcastic to me. Second visit  had all the ppwk made out, but they didn't like that my drivers license was out of state (been here less than a month). They told me to bring in the lease to my apartment. Third trip brought in lease. Opened account. Then when at home I was going to order some checks, discovered that I don't have sample checks and dont have a routing number. Thought that sample checks were omitted by mistake. Fourth trip asked for sample checks, was told that I had to have $100.00 in the checking account. I have $750.00 in the account which is a retirement check from the State of Florida. Was told the check was on hold for a week and so there is no money in checking account. Asked for routing number which is what they gave me. Have a checking account with no checks. Not satisfied. I have $$$$ to deposit into a local bank, but if they can't handle $750.00 how will they do with 20K? Not good. Looked online lots of complaints on this bank in the 'dont like services' category, also with the BBB. Do not plan to follow this relationship up any further. Have been with a Credit Union in Fla for 17+ years and am extremely happy with them, there are other credit unions in Kalamazoo. I will be with one of them (and so will my money)

ATM Issues

I am not a member of Lake Michigan CU, but they have an ATM in close proximity to my home. Before Lake Michigan took over that location, it belonged to another credit union. The previous credit union's ATM was a member of the CREDIT UNION CO-OP NETWORK. For some reason, Lake Michigan Credit Union is not. This has proved to be a major inconvenience for me, as I now have to drive out of my way every time I need to use an ATM...because none of the other co-op ATMs are anywhere near where I frequent. It's just annoying, and I'm wondering why a credit union would not be a part of the credit union co-op network. Certainly will not be joining Lake Michigan anytime soon.

Poor Customer Service

Just thought people looking for a bank would like to hear this about LMCU.  We have bought two cars and had a line of credit open through lake michigan credit union.  Recently I returned to school and we entered a debt consolidation program.  We completely paid off the car loans with never missing a payment and almost finished the line of credit when we entered the program.  It took a month for LMCU to start recieving payments and apparently they charged late fees and interest on top of this.  We were unaware until recently but every month for a year they have been charging interest and late fees on that gap and now we owe $500.00 in a back payment!  We now owe a total of $830 almost the same although they have been recieving $124 a month from the consolidation agreement.  On top of taking that they have been reporting it to credit agency every month.  They are the only one of the eight creditors we have on our consolidation program and will do nothing to stop the fees and the late reporting.  Shameless robbery of their own clients!


Overall Good Experience

I have been with LMCU since 1998 and have been satisfied with their service.  They are sympathetic to extenuating circumstances and have been willing to waive almost all overdraft fees.

Disorganized And Unhelpful

I don't do all of my banking with LMCU, just my auto loan, which I acquired 5 months ago. I have had nothing but trouble with LMCU since then, unfortunately. About 3 months into my loan, LMCU suddenly mailed me a document stating they were charging a $300+ fee to my loan due to insufficient insurance. My insurance was exactly up to their code and they had been given the proper information from day one, as proven by my insurance provider, but they claimed to never receive it (odd that they'd wait a whole 3 months to pursue that if it WERE truly the case, though!). Once this had been sorted out, I requested proof that this was resolved, which LMCU did promptly mail me. However, about a month later, I received yet another notice, once again suggesting that I had insufficient insurance, even though it had now been provided to them twice. After much wasted time and a lot of frustration, I was assured this was resolved again and so far (a month later) I have not gotten any more notices about that. I did, however, just receive a late payment notice today for a payment that I had made well before the due date, but which LMCU claims not to have gotten until 16 days later. Despite having my bank's statement to prove the payment was on time, they refused to work with me on this and would not remove the late fee, saying there is no way to override or waive it at this point (which is completely untrue) and either I would have to pay the fee myself, or have my primary banking institution pay the fee for me, since LMCU claims it was the fault of my bank, not LMCU. I've banked with my bank (Huntington) for a decade and have never once had a problem with my bill pay and considering my only experiences with LMCU so far consists of them repeatedly losing pertinent information on my account, I know that this is an error on the part of LMCU, and not my mistake, nor my bank's mistake (Huntington). I am now contacting an attorney, because I refuse to let their lack of professionalism ruin my great credit history. I would never recommend LMCU to anyone.

Not Happy At All

Recently had money vanish out of my account and it showed on online banking next day everything was erased tried calling ,online chatting talking nope it can't vanish like that thats all it's being said i wasn't born yesterday and know how much i had know what i seen they need to check accounts and there employes it's a shame that they don't even look into it take som time and check it out why would anyone make something like that up .I heard from other people they had it happen to them too i will not hide it.

Getting A Loan!!

This bank has been nothing but a pain in the butt. Not only has this bank taken the maximum in closing our loan but has asked us basically everything but who my mom is. I will never bank with them again. I have also heard through several other people I have talked with since our encounter that they are extremely unhappy with lmcu as well. Statitics say for every one person's complaint there are 10 people behind them just as unhappy. Public beware that this Bank or "credit union" is very poorly run and to which they do not care about you or your concerns! I have also talked with several other Banks to which they are suprised in how long it has taken lmcu to conduct our loan. So this tells me really, how poor of business this is. But who cares right?! Business's this big making as much money as they do don't care about some one like us or me unless we have lots to offer them, like them not making oddles of money off of our loans is not enough!! What has happend to America and her intergrity and honor in businesses? Becuase I can't find it any where I look. Shame on you lmcu, shame on you for being one of those companies! They get only 1 star but really should get none!

Excellent Customer Service

Very easy to monitor whether you will qualify for their rewards interest for the month because they have a "Status" link on the checking. You can see how many transactions you've had processed. That makes everything so much smoother. :) I love that. I love the online chat feature as well.

Great bank. I don't live in MI but it is super easy to bank with them! :) Love them!

Very Satisfied

I opened my account with LMCU two years ago and have seen great improvements from my previous institution. Fees are less, I get paid interest for my checking, and the service is friendly. I just purchased a home and recieved my mortgage from LMCU, and have even purchased a car from their lot in Hudsonville. Great rates, great savings, quality products. I also priced my homeowners insurance with four different providers and Lake Michigan Insurance Agency provided me with the best rate/policy by far. All in all, LMCU is a great value for your dollar, and I love it.

Too Many Requirements

This bank has a lot of requirements to meet for the high interest rate. I can handle the ridiculous 15 transactions and the crazy $500 direct deposit, but the $100 in purchases every month is hard for me when I buy $1 items just to meet the requirements. I opened this account six months ago to save money and get the best rate for whats in the account. They keep changing the requirements to weed out people like us that just want the interest.

I made my interest and closed the account, ~ there are better banks with less hoops to jump through

Overall Happy

I have had an over all good exspereance with LMCU. The only complaint that I have is that I am not fond of the format that they have for thier online banking. It is a tad hard to understand.


LMCU will steal hundreds of dollars unjustly from you. If you overdraft from checking, they charge you 30 dollars per transaction. Instead of pulling money from your savings account, they charge you 30 dollars for each transaction after a negative balance in checking. I have just over 6 thousand in savings. My checking account went to a 0 balance. My fault, but they charged 430 dollars over a course of 3 days while I was using my debit card at gas stations, fast food joints, coffee shops , and a movie. They were unwilling to return the money. What should have been 300 dollars in debits turned to over 700 dollars. If you have the money, why not pull it from savings like most banks? I can see a 30 dollar charge for your account going negative, but if you have money in savings????? Think about it, you get a little lax about transferring money, think you have plenty, and the next thing you know you are spending hundreds of dollars for simple transactions. Ya, I am a little pissed off at them.

Great Credit Union

I've been a member of several banks/credit unions, lmcu is by far my best choice for a financial institution. It's a great place.

No Complaints Here

I have an auto loan, max checking, and a visa credit card with LMCU. I live in South Carolina and have never even set foot in the state of Michigan. All of my accounts have been handled professionally and on the rare occasion when I call in to customer service, I have been very satisfied with the help I received.

Taking Money Out Of Janice's Account

i think you are very unproffesional by taking this money when we never were served papers about garnishment. deosited check on 12/7/2012. went to the atm machine right afterwards and the acoount was o. i don't think you should have taken this money with out notifying us. shame on you.

LMCU Not A Place To Put Your Money!

I have been a member since 1995, and I can say in the last two years have been a nightmare! No one should have to deal with a customer service overflow that doesn't speak English and also have to wait 15-20 Min to cash a check. They have this system that they look over all the notes of your account prior to cashing your check. I had an issue one time and then they would not let me make my payments. I have nothing good to say about this bank!

Customer Service Is A Joke

I've been on hold for over 40 minutes trying to speak to someone about paying a loan. This place is a joke.

We Were Trying To Work It Out But.....

Yes, I know that I defaulted on a loan,however, I was in the process of working it out with loss prevention to pay back the balance due. We had another truck loan through them and during the process of working it out they repossessed our truck! A loan we have never missed a payment on. Be careful because even if you think that your loans are not secured by each other LMCU will tell you that they are because you are a LMCU member. The bad thing is they never even gave me a chance to make it right and I wanted too.

Pull Credit Report, Deny Apps

This is first denial of the banking accounts I've had for 10 years. Pulled credit report, and were unable to verify income from a credit agency (but never requested info from me).

No Follow Up

we have been dealing with them since May of 2010, and have gotten the worst run around, with no calls back, no follow though empty promises. No wonder the banks are in trouble - good luck dealing with them.

Great Credit Union 3%/$15,000 Limit/10 Charges

They are easy to deal with and the website is good. I kept this account when I consolidated other accounts. It was a good deal for me.

Customer Friendly

Lake Michigan Credit Union is a very friendly, customer service oriented credit union. I have used them for insurance, banking, investment, and loan purposes and they have always responded in a professional and courteous manner. I would highly recommend Lake Michigan Credit Union to my friends and family and anyone who is sick of the ridiculous fees imposed by regular banks.

Customer Service

No help at all. I have been a member of credit unions for over thirty years.This is the worst .I have never been treated like this before. They can't even help with atm card's they issued took five trips to get it straightened out. Going back to old credit union even though it's twenty minutes farther away.

Great Customer Service And Rates

Really enjoy this credit union. The staff is helpful and knowledgable. Rates are way better than anything in my area. They have a five star promise and fulfill it every time I have needed anything. I was having trouble logging into my home banking because I forgot my password and the teller took the time to walk me through everything and show me how to use it to its full potential. Would most definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a place that will take care of you.

Unethical, Dishonest, Incompetent

I used to have an account with this credit union, but got rid of it. BEWARE. Do not use this credit union if you want documents lost, errors made constantly on your account, deposits made to other people's accounts, mysterious withdrawals made, poor service, dishonest customer service agents. I had to report them to the NCUA for fraud and corruption. If you want a terrorist credit union, go to LMCU.

No Problems

Very reliable...I have been a member for over 15 years. Never had an issue. I suspect most (not all, of coarse) criticism is by folks who don't follow/understand the rules that they sign their names to.


I grew up with this credit union when they were Grand Rapids Teachers Credit Union. They were nice then, and are now. I spent a time away from them when I traveled and moved around a lot for work. I got a real education at the ways banks work. My most recent experience was with Chase. In my opinion, LMCU is vastly superior. When I visit, the tellers are friendly, and any time I have a question, I can call an get someone on the phone, usually within two minutes. Plus, and most important, they pay the most interest on my money, and I LOVE THAT, too.

Rate Change From 4% To 3% On 10/01/11

Lower rate is shown on the last page of the new account application sequence.

Superb Customer Service

Lake Michigan Credit Union is a wonderful bank with excellent customer service, and very efficient handling my money. From direct deposit to the bill payment system, I am very satisfied with their high yield Max Checking account. I switched from one of the larger commercial banks, and have never looked back.