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Same Name Of The Bank....Suntrust...Think Again!

I opened a custodian SunTrust account for my son while we were visiting Florida.  When I returned home to Georgia, I was told that SunTrust Bank in Florida was not authorized to do transactions with Georgia banks, at that time. However, they were the same bank.  Therefore, I opened another account in Georgia, so I would have access to his money when the bank receives authorization to do business in Georgia.  After I found out that they could do business in Georgia, I decided to keep both accounts separated.  When my son turned 18 years old, I went to the bank to find out how to avoid service fees.  The customer service representative suggested to do a monthly transaction to the account, and the representative set it up for me.  When my son started working, I went to convert the account to a checking account, and I found out my $200 account was -$200.  They charged me monthly insufficient fees for not maintaining the minimum balance and excessive withdrawal fees because the account had more than the maximum withdrawals allowed.  I showed the branch manager at three different locations in Georgia the paperwork where the customer service representative did it for me, and I was told that I have to get it settled with Florida SunTrust because my account was opened in Florida.  Moreover, my son's first chance to start an independent bank experience with SunTrust turned out to be to the worst bank experience.


OMG I concur!!! Suntrust is the worst bank ever. I opened an account for my then foster daughter to implement Independent Living and guide her in the right direction. To make a long story short, one of her so-called friends handed her a check from a closed account. Mind you, the check was clearly written out for One Hundred Fifty and No cents ($150) however, someone decided to write another (1) in front of the amount, making the total $1,150. Now if the teller took the time to "LOOK" at the check, she would've noticed the descrepancy. Not only that, my daughter barely had $100 in her account. Instead, the teller easily distributed the money no questions asked. The $1,150 was taken out of "MY" account and Suntrust Bank didn't want to hear a damn thing I had to say because they got their money. My foster daughter of course received an ear full, her checking account was closed shortly after and her so-called friends were not allowed to step foot in my driveway. I wouldnt recommend Suntrust Bank to ANYONE!!!!!. 

Questionable Communication Among Sun Trust Bank Employees And Departments

I am very new to Sun Trust Bank. I bought a condo in Fla. and wanted to open a Bank Account with a local bank which happened to be Sun Trust.  At First it was a pleasure working with this bank as long as the banking does not become complicated and needs comunication between departments on policy proceedures concerning accounts, then it became a nightmare for me and it continues.  The communiction between bank customer representatives is totally unacceptable and has actually made me ill when I am told one thing by one Sun Trust Customer Representative and then it is totally contradicted by another Sun Trust Bank Customer representative.  I need a Bank that works well with its customers and so far I have not found that to be true with Sun Trust Bank. RC in Vermont  

Don't Trust Suntrust

Why is it that Suntrust is the only bank to ever put a hold on my paychecks?

After they continue to clear, zero have bounced, they still continue to needlessly put five day holds on my payroll checks.

The in branch staff are friendly, and do what they can, although they do not have the authority to unblock a check, even after it was cleared and payed out to Suntrust. It is their "Loss Prevention" department, who only work bankers hours.

A bank that holds on to your hard earned money for no reason is absolutely useless.

Why Not A Negative Star Option?

I have been with Suntrust for the past 12 years.  We've had our ups and downs, but lately it has gotten to the point where I have opened an account at another bank.  When I opened the account, I had a $3000 minimum balance, free checks, free incoming wires, free cashier's checks, free ATM use anywhere in any network, and funds were generally released the next business day.  It was one of the better accounts at the time as far as services go.  In addition, I still received paper statements as well as my actual cancelled checks.

Shortly after opening the account, I quit receiving statements in the mail.  For over a year, I had no statements, no online visibility of my account, and had to go to Suntrust every month to get them to print a statement.  Since I was not signed up for image checks, there was no way to get copies of the cancelled checks.  Because of that, I was essentially forced to enroll in image checks, which I did.  It wasn't the end of the world and I knew eventually that would be the only option.  Finally, I had visibility of my account online as well as the ability to print statements. But, still no image checks visible online.  I would still have to go to the bank each month to get them to print my image check pages out.  After a few months, they decided they wanted to start charging me $5/month to get my image checks from them.  Well, if they actually mailed them or made them visible online, there would be no need for me to go into the bank and get copies.  I went rounds with them for several months and they finally told me they would continue to do it for free as long as I kept a minimum $5000 balance.  So, I did that.  

Eventually they added Bill Pay online, which was great.......except every check they mailed out on my behalf had the wrong checking account number on it, so all of those checks the first month bounced all over town as a "closed account."  I spent 2 days picking up bad checks and paying fees and paying cash to keep from getting utilities cut off.  All of this because Suntrust printed the wrong checking account number on the checks they themselves mailed out on my behalf.  They profusely apologized and refunded the fees I had to pay to various people.  Of course, I was still out my time and missed work.  Finally, after enrolling in Bill Pay, I miraculously started receiving copies of image checks both in the mail and online.  Apparently whatever the problem was got corrected at the same time they corrected the account number on the checks they were mailing out.  Nobody could ever explain why I wasn't receiving anything online or in the mail in the past, because everytime they checked the account, all appropriate boxes were checked.  At this point, I didn't care - I was just happy to receive image statements.

Things were fine for a few years and I even went so far as to recommending them to other people.

But about a year ago, things started going downhill again.  The first thing I noticed was the normal 24 hour hold on funds had changed to 3-day.  It then changed to 5-day and on some items even 7-day.  Then, they instituted a 2-day hold on cash deposits.  Cash?  Ok, I can deal with that as I never ever get close to the minimum balance required in the account.  However, I did question them at one time over the new hold policy on checks and they lied to me and said it had always been that way.  Apparently I'm an idiot who has no clue what has been going on in their bank account the past 10 years or so.  

They have since made additional changes to the terms and have instituted additional fees with no notification.  Just in the past few months, I've been hit with a check printing fee, numerous ATM fees while on vacation and using a non-Suntrust ATM (something that had never been a problem in the past), and an in-coming wire fee.

Enough is enough.  



Trust My Ass!!!!!!!!!!!

Suntrust has stole money out my account and it's not the first time. I tried talking to supervisors I spoke to three people before I got any results I'd rather go old fashion and use a damn piggy bank.

Bank Review


I have a personal account and a business account at SunTrust Bank and have been extremely happy with the service.  The staff is friendly and most accomodating.  I use bill pay and am totally comfortable with the easy to use web site.  I also have my mortgage thru SunTrust and getting the mortgage was an easy call to the loan officer who was sharp and business smart - 15 year loan at a great rate.  I would recommend SunTrust to all my friends and family.

SUNTRUST Overdraft Fee, Even After I Disabled That Option!!!

Even after I disabled the option for overdraft fees, Suntrust still let small payments go through and then charged me $36 per item which then became $109 and 2 weeks ago they did the same thing.

When I called my branch manager he had no expanation and said that the regional manager would call me on Monday morning and he never did!  I called back and left a message with a teller. Did not hear back at all!

Suntrust is a bunch of crooks and I am pulling out of there.  

Overdraft Questions

So my wife and I have been living pretty tight for a few years. Every now and then we will overdraft our account and suntrust obviouslly charges us a $36 overdraft fee. I have called several times to speak with them b/c in back a few years ago when the banks were required to ask if their customer if they accepted or declined overdraft coverages, I DECLINED IT. I was told that was not the case and I have not really put up a big fight about it. Well tonight we got hit with a fee and it just didnt seem right on how the debits were arranged to cause this account to overdraft more than once.

I am quite frustrated with this and I decieded to research my decision to decline the service. Well I found the setting in my account that shows if you are enrolled or not and all my accounts have DECLINED checked and it gives a date as to when this decision was made and the date is 8/13/2010.

My question is now what. They have covered atleast 15 overdrafts over the past 2 years and I never agreed to this service. Infact I declined it b/c my thought was I would rather be declined then charged $36 per transaction. Should I go after all these charges b/c I declined this service and will I have a good case with them.

I dont know where to start but if I can stick it to them for doing this I would love to. We are talking about over $500 worth of fees that I didnt authorize. Any suggestions?

My Suntrust Experience

I opened my account(s) with Sun Trust in August of 2010, and have never been more satisfied with a bank in my entire life. The only thing that I wish could be improved is the wait time to speak to a customer service representative on the phone, however my visit to a branch is always quick and refreshing in comparison to my other banks. I would encourage everyone to check out what SunTrust has to offer and keep in mind that things will happen no matter what bank you go to, no bank can be absolutely perfect.

No Help From Rude Customer Representatives

Customer service reps need additional training, because after three calls, all three were extremely rude and offered no assistance at all. My experience would not even rate a half of a star on this rating system, however, in order to post this review I have to at least check one. Guess this is the way they get their stars.

Just Another Corporate Fat Cat

So, I recently obtained an auto loan with Suntrust. When I contacted them to find out if I could pay this loan online (give them my money faster), they informed me that unless I opened additional accounts with them, I had to pay by paper coupon only or accept a $15.00 "convenience fee" per monthly payment. So they want to charge me $900 over the life of a 60 month loan for the convenience of giving them my money early.

I Am Leaving Suntrust For Another Bank

I am leaving Suntrust for another bank. I have been with SunTrust since the mid 70's and am a good customer. I do not overdraft and would love to stay with them, but because my husband and I cannot do direct deposit, and I may fall below $500.00 in my checking acct., they will be charging me $7.00 a month. I asked them why the big change and several branches said that it was to improve their relationship with the customer. How can taking advantage of me needing to use my own money by charging me and not considering my long term commitment with them make for a good relationship. NO WAY!!!! They just want to use my $500. And don't care that our jobs do not offer direct deposit. Well so be it. They are just a loan SHARK just like the rest of the big banks. I will go to a community bank and be treated with respect. The more customers allow big banks to take advantage of them the more they will do it. I hope more people will take a stand against big bank unjustified fees.

Suntrust Bank Is Friendly And Helpful

Our family has held Suntrust accounts for years, and we won't ever change as long as they continue the service they have provided us in those years.  Our local branch employees are extremely nice and helpful. They greet me by name when I come through the drive-through and always remember that my children like lollipops.  The 800 number personnel are always efficient and friendly and help in whatever way is needed.  I could go on and on about this bank.  They are clearly doing something right in a time when customer service seems to be an afterthought for many companies/businesses. 

Unhappy Customer After Over 8 Years Of Banking.

I was charged over 500 in overdraft fees by suntrust for a teller crediting a bad check to my account.To my understanding other banks have automatic check scan machines up front to scan all customer checks before deposit.Why don't suntrust have this machine too?They deposit a bad check to a customer account and confirm it is credited then call them four days later to say the check came back and the account is overdrawn.They now send me collection letters for a check they confirmed was credited to my account.Please don't bank with suntrust,they intentionally credits a bad check to your account and expects you to pay fees.


My mom and Dad have had checking, savings, CDs, and Money Market accounts with SunTrust for several years. About 5 years ago, after my Dad passed away and my mom's health began to decline I began handling their finances. I was so impressed with the employees at one of the branches in Florence, Alabama that I was seriously considering moving my personal finances to SunTrust. I found the employees to be helpful, efficient, and professional; however, on a few occasions, due to convenience, I had to visit another branch of SunTrust in Florence, AL and was amazed at the difference in the service. I was shocked to see individuals who work there with tattoos on their necks, unprofessional attire, and reputations in the community that are revoking. It was obvious that some of the male and female employees had relationships that went beyond the work setting. I felt so insulted that after my experiences, I moved most of my mom's affairs to other institutions or investments. She continues to have a few of accounts with SunTrust, but when the time is right, I will close those accounts as well. I will say however, that the original branch in Florence continues to exhibit a professional atmosphere; however, I'm sure it is just a matter of time that the standards will decline there as well, whether it is from a transfer from the neighboring branch, or poor judgment within management when interviewing and hiring personnel.

This Bank Likes To Charge A Fee If You Get Under $5,000. For Even 15 Minutes During The Month.

An Employee

I dealt with an employee by the name of Jill L. on the telephone today. I just wanted you to know what a fine person she is. She was helpful and informed. I was upset and she put me at ease. She is a compliment to your company. I. Crossley



New Customers

We just opened accounts at Suntrust, and so far, I am not impressed. We were told that our first 100 checks would be free. Of course we were billed anyway, and we had to call ourselves to correct it. Seems like a pretty simple thing that they could do. Next, my husband has now received THREE (3) ATM cards....why we do not know.