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Susquehanna Bank Reviews

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Great bank!

I've been with this bank since I got my first account in high school and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. When I go in the bank, there are short waiting times and all of the tellers I've encountered are very kind and helpful. The customer service line is also very helpful when I am having problems with my online banking. The only complaint that I have is that I am always being locked out of my online banking account for no reason, but if they find it as a way to ensure safety I guess I can understand that. This bank has been the bank that my family has been using since I was born, and I never plan on going anywhere else!

Allowed ACH Automatic Debits To Cause $750 In Bank Fees Despite Overdraft Opt Out!

I opted out of the bank overdraft protection for my debit card the moment the law took effect. Unfortunately, the law does not apply to automatic monthly ACH debits such as utility bills, loan payments, car insurance, etc. The bank can still process these transactions and charge you a fee. They allowed my checking account to be drained negative -$1000 and also charged roughly $700 in bank fees for the privilege. They then closed the checking account which I've had for the past 16 years. Three weeks after they closed my account a $3000 direct deposit was made to the closed account. I called to ask what they would do with the deposit since the account no longer existed. They said the deposit wouldn't be processed and it would be returned to the sender. After a week of not having a paycheck I called and they said there was no record of the deposit being made. On a hunch I looked at the closed account online - they processed the deposit in order to collect $150 in additional bank fees. The scanned deposit ticket listed the remainder to be "refunded". It's criminal..

Worst Bank Ever

20 Days from application to receipt of a debit card. Bottom line stay far away from this company unless you like pointless procedures, banking mistakes and poor customer service.

Read my entire experience here

the purple mango: Susquehanna Bank

Terrible Bank

This bank is a terrible organization. After asking for help several times, my mom is now bring sued and we are being forced to leave our home where we've been for 13 years. They refused to help with taxes and refinancing when we needed help the most. I will never deal with this bank or suggest that anyone uses them for any of their financial needs.

Susquehanna - Terrible Bank!

Have moved a few times and had different banks.  Have never had a worse bank than Susquehanna Bank.  List goes on forever, but no standard as time for deposits to clear, ATM fees for everything except their own bank (even Wawa), a $5 overdraft fee EVERY DAY even when it wan't my overdraft (bank error).  If you want your sanity, stay away from this bank.

A Bank I Will Never Recommend

After 7 years as a customer-not a rich one, but always paid any fees, even when I'm in error. I recently went throuh a horrible situation from a clinet sending me checks and not having the funds available when I made my deposits. From the initial time I even tried to deposit, was made to feel like I was doing something "Wrong".  As a freelancer, we get paid in large amounts sometimes, from many different sources.  And sometimes not paid, which is what was occurring in this situation from my client. After a calamady of errors-which I sent copies of emails promptly to my bank rep to make sure there would be no question or error, I was finally wired my proper funding from my client...only to find out when I tried t ouse my card for gas that my acct. was now restricted.  I called the bank, and was informed by the rep that even the security dept told the rep NOT to email me back!  WHAT?!  So I was never informed in a civil manner of anything about my account. All of my transactions were t ogo through security first from now on. This had made me want to write 99 cent checks everyday until my balance is zero, as I am so livid. I was not treated humanly for simply trying to be paid from my client and now my money is held onto by the bank at their discretion. As soon as I pay my bills from my acct, I will be closing it. I have already recommended to 3 people to do the same and as long as I see anyonewho pulls out a Susquehanna card, I will share my tale.

Very Poor Customer Service.

I wholly agree with Robert's comments. I've used several banks in my travels, and Susquehanna sets the standard for poor customer service. I've banked at both the Spry and Manchester locations, and found that the tellers are not very friendly, and are poorly trained in banking procedures. For the first two months I had to show ID every time I went to the Spry office- to simply deposit paychecks! Real personalized service! At Manchester, I deposited an $80K check from Charles Schwab and was told by the arrogant teller that I couldn't access MY MONEY for ten business days! I had to call the Lancaster Headquarters to get someone to clear it up. It turns out that all the lazy teller had to do was call Schwab to verify the check was valid- but that would have made her actually work, so that wasn't going to happen. Anyway, bank anywhere else but Susquehanna and save yourself a lot of aggravation.


Most Welcoming Atmosphere

I have been banking with Susquehanna Bank since they acquired Blueball bank in 2008 and couldn't be happier with my experience! The tellers all great me promptly and know my name. Some other banks in the area that I have visited did not even acknowledge me when i entered. I can not judge an institution on one location, but i have never had an issue with Susquehanna Bank. I have contacted my local branch on many occasion and whatever my issue may have been they took care of it promptly and also apologized for any inconvenience it may have caused. I would not change my primary banking institution at this time unless they would start charging me for a basic checking account.