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TD Bank, National Association Reviews

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TD Bank - The Bank Of FEES

When I first opened my account I was told it was a free checking account. I quickly learned that it is "free" unless your balance is under $100 during any point in your statement cycle. I've incurred this $15 fee a few times because I use my TD bank account as an extra account. I have automatic deposit set up which always covers in the event that my balance is under $100 but that does not matter at this institution. Even if your ending balance is over $100, you will get a $15 fee for going under during statement cycle. I also have a shared account with a family member which has a nice balance. When I called to speak with customer service I was told I could change my checking account to one that will only charge $3.99/mo. Are you out of your mind? I will not give 4% of my account to anyone, I'd rather take this account to PNC with my other accounts. I really felt this need to write this review for people who live paycheck to paycheck and would be greatly affected by the $15 fee. My suggestion is to go to your nearest PNC bank and open an account with them. I've had PNC for 4 years and I have never had any issues.

5-Star Health Rating???

Definitely NOT from its customer reviews, that's for damn sure.  Can only be from its bulging coffers overflowing with money from the fees they charge their customers.  TD Bank is a poor shadow of Commerce Bank way back when.  Their policy is to be DEAF, DUMB, and BLIND to their customers' happiness with their service.  As long as they can continue charging and collecting the insane fees, they will be healthy.




This bank has been my bank for over 10 years - and recently has decided that they would rather charge me over   $ 500 in fees between 2 accounts - savings and checking - (Saving transfers to cover checking overdraft) then to retain a long-time customer. I have written to them requesting assistance and their customer service does nothing to make the customer happy !!!!! Closing ALL my accounts and will encourage ALL family and friends to do the same!!!!!!!! Wish I didnt even have to give them one star for this to post!!!!

Bank Refuses To Give You Your Own Money Back

We have spent The last 6 months trying to get our money back from this bank only to be lied to and given the run around. We sent an official bank check to pay an out of state bill and the check never reached it's destination. We waited the appropriate 90 days to file the right paperwork so we could get our money back. After waiting 2 weeks we we're told the money was pending in our account so we waited an additional 2 weeks and the money was still pending. After calling the bank to find out what happened they told us that they would send us a check. We waited another 3 weeks no check. We then started dealing with the branche's bank manager who gave us a bank gift card only to find out there was no money on the gift card. We we're then told they we're "investigating" where the money went. We are still waiting and now have contacted the occ and attorney general who have both told us that this particular bank does not feel they are responsible for replacing their own official bank checks.

WORST Costumer Service...They Steal Your Money After You Close An Account!

Firstly, they nickel and dime you with all these little hidden fee's and surcharges they don't bother telling you about. 

Secondly, I made an online payment and closed my account the following week after it was shown my payment had gone thru. Couple weeks later I'm getting calls from my credit card company informing me I never made my payment. Turns out TD BANK has this ludicrus rule whereas if you close your account within so many weeks of making any online payments they hold those funds in limbo. Of course they never told me this, or bothered to tell me how to get my money back.

I was promised I'd recieve a check in the mail for my money they stole. Never came. After 6 phone calls and being put on hold for over an hour, I'm still waiting to find out where the hell my money is. 

The people who work at the call centers are polite, but are as thick as two planks. One hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing.

This is America's most UN-convienant bank...I'm pretty sure that sign in the lobby is just covering up a hole in the wall.


Poor Service

With a Relationship Account requiring a combined balance of $20,000, they claim to reimburse ATM fees charged by other banks if they're used.  I've used it 3 times so far and in none of these instances did I receive a reimbursement.  The first time, I was told that I had to withdraw from my checking account rather than savings.  This was never disclosed before.  Then the next 2 times, I am not sure why I was not reimbursed!  After learning that I had to withdraw from savings, I did that.  I keep a min. balance of $20,000 also.  I inquired twice and was told someone would look into it but I never received any follow-up.  That is another issue.  In a few instances, I would be told that someone would call me.  These were separate items and there was no follow-through on their end.  I have not been pleased with their service at all.

TD Bank NOT America's Most Convenient Bank

My father passed away at the end of last year. He had a loan with TD bank that he paid off, and therefore a zero balance. I just received a bill of his with a $20 annual fee. When I called to close the account and have the $20 taken off they wouldn't talk to me unless I send them all kinds of crap. REALLY?! It's $20!!!  Plus, I'm trying to CLOSE the account not use it. Thank you TD bank for making an already very emotional and difficult time that much harder! I wouldn't bank with them if they were the last place I could go to save myself from dying.

General Banking Experience

I have an account at TD Bank and my experience at the branch at Hempstead Turnpike and Merrick Avenue in East Meadow has always been pleasant.  The tellers are pleasant and the platform staff,  professional and helpful. 

In NYC where I worked up until April of 2010, I thought the Harlem Branch was not adequately staffed.  The lines were too long.  If many customers are like me, they scramble to the bank at lunch hour to make a transaction;   waiting upwards of 10 minutes for service is not acceptable.  It may be wise to consider ramping up staffing during this time slot so as to alleviate overcrowding.  Nevertheless, even at this branch, the staff exhibits good proffessionalism.  

They Pride Theirselves In Having Legendary Service, But They Are On Average Typical

TD Bank claims they can charge higher fees since they have legendary service, but the only justification I see is the longer hours than other banks. Even then, some of my community banks offer longer hours comparable to TD Bank's hours and provide much better account pricing (higher deposit rates, lower loan rates, lower fees). The quality of the employees range quite a lot. Some of them provide helpful advice, while some of them tell me stuff that I know is incorrect or does not make sense. My point is, there are better choices out there. Some of their stores may give doggie treats for those who have dogs, but that's all I really find that is different. Well, there are community banks that offer free k cup coffee as well as much better account pricing.

Inconvienent Bank

Just had my first overdraft ever at TD Bank on my checking account. My fault for not reading the fine print on how they changed their electronic bill pay system. the balance does not include any checks that have been sent through bill pay. the trick form TD Bank is that you do not know who, and who does not, accept electronic payments. they are now saying that most companies only accept paper checks. to make a long story short, my ($32.00) oversight cost me $175 in charges. Spoke with Nioka and she escalated to supervisor Peggy. Neither of which were very compasionate. because of this sheer lack of customer service, being treated "like a human", and now the most inconvienent bak in north america, i will be going elswhere. I will stop in and get as many pens as i wish. they say you can take them for free!

They Are A Joke In A Half

I had an acct when it was called Commerce 3 yars ago and closed it out with them...then I get a statement that the acct is neg 182$ I dont know how with a closed acct. In what I thought I resloved the issue, turns into a call from the collection agency saying I owe them 945$, and thats was the first agency I received 3 different amounts from 3 agencies. I recently called them and they told me I owe them 521$ on a closed acct, if they didn't know they are not getting anything from me believe that.

HORRIBLE Customer Service, Shady Fee System, Unannounced Changes To Terms. AVOID.

Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service, shady fee systems, and unannounced changes of terms.  And "Mike," specifically, is condescending, insulting, and half the reason I'm closing my bank account with TD

In short, my account was wrongly charged without my consent, which caused it to drop below $100.  This triggered a $14 fee.

When I called and explained the situation completely calmly, "Mike" refused to reverse the fee even though it was obviously not my fault.  When I (still completely calmly) told him that I would be closing my account in that case, he said he "doesn't respond to threats" and that he understands "that it can be emotional" but that this is his policy.  He then proceeded to tell me (yes, attempted to authoritatively TELL me) that I will open a regular savings account and pay $3.99 a month to have the account open.

1.  "Emotional?"  Because I'm a woman, this must be an "emotional" problem rather than one of fairness, as though I'm a "hysterical woman" and he clearly knows best.  Pure sexism, because I never once raised my voice.  Actually, cold clean logic dictates that if one bank is charging me unfair fees for someone else's error, it would save me money to switch to a better bank that won't.

2.  $3.99 per month for the privilege of holding my money?  That was the first point at which I showed any emotion - I laughed at him.

In closing?  Avoid TD at all costs.  There are much better banks and credit unions (that didn't receive a $347 million dollar bailout of our tax dollars like TD did, by the way) that won't quietly slip new fees into the terms and hit you with them liberally, then be rude and condescending when you dare to question them.

Of all the people I know who opened an account with them because of their convenient location, I'm the last one left with an account.  They obviously aren't interested in keeping their current customers, so I'll be opening a new account with People's tomorrow.

Fees Upon Fees

I went there to close an account of about $1100 because of the complete bs service charge of $1.00 per month for paper statements. You would think they would want to ask me why I'm closing my account. Nope, just started the process. Asked if I wanted cash or a paper check, I asked for the check. After 10 min discussion with her colleague in the backroom, I am informed that the paper check will be an $8 charge. Really? Obviously went with cash. If I was taking out $40,000, I would bring a suitcase and ask for all $5s instead of paying them $8. Don't get lured in by their extended open hours, a great bank that was Commerce is no longer a friend of the little guy.



Dishonest Credit Card Proceedures




I was told if I transferred my balance from other credit cards I would get 0% interest for the first year.  I was told I would have to pay 3% interest on the transferred balance, which is normal.  This 3% interest is normally added to the transferred balance.  So the bank manager of the Fair Haven, NJ bank, Michael, took my information and put it on the computer to request a balance transfer of about 9,000.00.  I was expecting my first bill to be about $100.00.  You can image my surprise when my first bill was $466.00!  THEY PUT THE 3% TRANSFER FEE ON MY FIRST PAYMENT!!!! How many people can afford an extra bill of $366.00? I had to borrow money to pay my first bill!  I was never told this would happen.  I have done this several times before, and I have never had a credit card company put this charge on the first bill.  The balance transfer fee is always added on the credit card balance.  When I called the credit card company and my bank they did not do anything to correct the problem.  They said the information was in the fine print.  I said I never saw the fine print because it was done through the bank manager of Fair Haven, NJ, WHO NEVER DISCLOSED THIS TO ME!  Long story short, they did not care.  Just pay it I was told.  This bank's service has gone right down the drain.  I feel like I was tricked into transferring my credit cards to the so they could get this fee up front.  I could have transferred this amount to many other companies (I checked) and NOT paid this up-front fee, my credit rating is very good. I don't know how they are allowed to get away with this.  It should be illegal.

The rest of you people should BEWARE OF THIS BANK. 

“Bank Mismanaged My Account- I Wouldn't Trust TD Bank With Your Money”

I switched from Wells Fargo to TD Bank because of some unsettling corporate and social issues with Wells Fargo (ie political lobbying). But my experience with TD was very poor. There were several careless mistakes made by the bank- errors in deposit amounts, personal checks made out to the wrong address, banking fees. Many of mistakes were corrected after pursuing the errors, but a few were never corrected and customer service was entirely unhelpful in resolving these issues.

I probably would not entrust my money to TD Bank given their carelessness and poor customer service.



I just want to share my bad experience and the nightmare that TDBANK is giving me...!!!...I got a call from TDBank Fraud Department telling me that one of TDBank’s Employees gave out my personal information (Name, Address, Social Security Number and Account Number ) without my consent to an unauthorized party...The Customer Service Representative at Fraud Department ( Named Ms. Stacy) whom I spoke with, told me that this happened “mistakenly or in purposely ” 

I am very concerned about this situation and, I cannot believe that such Financial Institution can have such inexperience employees working and handling such sensitive information. Ms. Stacy tried to calm me down telling me that this “It Might Happened” and that this situation is under investigation, but it was too late because at the beginning of our conversation she clearly said, “That it happened”.

I am in state of shock to know that my personal information is out there in some criminal’s hand, and this is issue is causing such state of  Intranquility and anxiety to me.  I can not believe that this institution doesn’t has the proper security systems and resources to protects the identity of their customers and, I am demanding to have more information about this issue in what happened and how this happened. 

Obviously TDBank don't know how to handle your personal information..How is possible this kind of leak!!!..This issue is creating such of state of anxiety and paranoid to my persona and I've been calling and sending letters to get a response in How this Happened and When...and all that they tell me that is "under investigation"...This is Scary!!!


Bad Break Up

I feel like I just can't trust this institution with my hard earned money. Rude customer service representatives. Not to make a blanket statement, because I have had a few genuinely nice reps... but the few are FAR BETWEEN. Their rediculous "over-draft" fees drained my life's savings. I'm a student and a waitress that works over 40 hours a week and maintains a B+ average. My money may not be much, but I work damn hard for it. I have absolutely no interest in investing my future earnings with this joke of a bank. I've gotten the impression that they do NOT value their patrons. So, little do they know... my small earnings will not be the only account they will be losing. I just so happen to have friends and family that have had similar experiences. We are sincerely offended by you TD Bank. Our relationship is over and I am left hurt, penniless and avidly effected. I feel a little bit lost and confused. This was my first bank... will I ever use a bank again? Who can I trust. This has been nothing but a bad break-up. If you were a man: then this lover's tale will end with a vintage "oldie but goodie" slap in your face! Your a bounder and a cad I will huff as I make my dramatic exit. 

Tdbank - Advantages And Disadvantages

The advantages of TDBank are: it is open seven days a week and closes later than other banks, and it offers a checking account with a minimum balance of $100 without monthly fees. The disadvantages are: there aren't as many branches, so it's harder to find an ATM (this is changing, as the bank grows and grows), and I personally prefer the online interface of CHASE and Citibank. Also, the main reason I had originally signed up with this bank is now obsolete. TDBank used to not charge you to use other banks' ATM's. I felt that this was really humane, as banks are really trying to get over now, just like the airlines. Unfortunately, TDBank is like all other banks now in this respect. Incidentally, TDBank is somewhat connected to TDCanadaTrust, so you can use each bank's ATM's without extra charge while in the U.S. or Canada. The connection stops there, though, as Canada's strict banking laws make it impossible to link your accounts between the two countries. I had really bad experiences banking in Canada; a U.S. check takes a month to clear. I think this must apply to all Canadian banks, though. TDBank is known for its free pens and lollipops, as well as a machine you can put all of your pennies into.

Bank Refused To Add Me On My Husband's Account

Yesterday my husband added me on his TD Bank account in Tenafly, NJ however Robert Pease, the Assistant Manager never gave us any copies of our new paperwork.  When I asked him for copies he said that he had another customer and apologized for his bank teller's behavior from the previous day in which she was innapropriately loud with my personal information in the bank.  Today, he called me up and told me that he canot add me on my husband's bank account even though he requested this and we already signed the paperwork.  He gave no reason as to why and told me that his Manager was not in or able to speak to me.

Reliable Bank!!

The bank is open seven days a week which is a major plus. During the week, I work a lot so having the weekends to run banking errands are a sinch. Their customer service is also very helpful. After finding some unauthorized charges on my account and I called them immediately and they told me what I needed to do and I had a new account number and card within a week. They are situated in convenient locations nearby from home, which is also a major plus. All in all, I find this bank to be meeting my needs.

TD Bank Experience

They rearranged deposits and debts in order to charge a fee to my account. Closed three accounts Bye Bye.

TD Bank West Roxbury MA

Wonder what TD stands for? Try Terrible Decision;Think Disaster; or Taking Dollars. This bank has outrageous fees and and policies designed to take from customers as many as they can. The most egregious is that they hold deposits past when they have cleared the issuing bank causing overdrafts and more fees. Don't try talking to their manager unless you ant to be insulted and badgered for even raising the issue. their attitude is that they are their doing you a big favor. IF you have a choice, choose another bank. Chartered banks in Massachusetts give lowere fees toseniors by law. A list is on the web site of the Banking Divison of the site.

Worst Bank Ever

I will never recommend TD bank to anyone including my enemies. If you want your money to just disappear this is the bank to put it in. Never have I had my register and bank statement come even close, and go figure my bank statement always had a lot less than my register. Even bringing my register and bank statement into the bank and showing every transaction matching up the bank people had no answer why my account always seemed to be missing money. Their fees change from month to month even if your balance is the same. They even charge your accounts other fees, and don't even tell you they did it what it was for or why they did it. The customer service department well in a nut shell you will get bounced around to about 5 or more people then end up at someones voice mail and they will never call you back. I don't want to give this bank 1 star because that is giving them to much credit.

I Paid Loan Shark Rates For Atm Fees For The Calendar Year 2011.Whom Is Mass Can I Call To Try To Receoup Some Of My Losses???

I am still awaiting a settlement foe the most fees I have ever been charged for ATM, and other fees. TD Bank, steer clear of them!!!

Mishandling Of Funds And Refusal To Turn Bank Records To Me


Fees On Top Of Fees...

They are charging fees on top of fees, causing my account to go into a negative amount.

Bad Banking By TD

It was very good when it was commerce bank. TD reduced number of employees, making you wait on queue for ever. Also start charging on ATM's, which was free with commerce. They bought, and are killing, a good bank.

I Love Their Customer Service

I only have a student checking account with them, so I can only speak to my experience with that.

Every time I've called TD Bank (previously BankNorth, when I signed up), they have answered my phone call RIGHT AWAY (no hold time at all!) and the person I talk to has been super helpful. In the past, they answered all my questions about using my bankcard while abroad, and I appreciated them for never making me wait to talk to a person.

In the present, I've moved the west coast, and no longer find it convenient to have a bank on the east coast. I can bank by mail, which I did once and was easy/no problems.

What makes me really happy though, is that I recently overdrew my account by several hundred dollars (wrote a rent check from the wrong check book). My account paid it and I was assessed overdraft fees, which were refunded within the same billing cycle. I didn't even have to ASK!

However, after I mailed my check in to cover the balance that I overdrew by, on my next statement, I was charged a "sustained overdraft fee." I called today to see if they could remove it, and my promptly answered phone call was met with a super friendly customer service rep, who basically refunded it, no questions asked. She even said that if I want to close the account, just to wait for the refund to go through then call back. WAY EASIER and FRIENDLIER than getting overdraft fees refunding from my other bank -- US Bank. All of this in less than a 5 minute phone call.

TD Bank, I will miss your friendly, responsive customer service. I am sad that you aren't on the west coast yet.

Surprise Fees And No Options

I recently closed an account with this bank because of a surprise fee they tacked on. I had a simple checking account with TD that had a very low balance as it was not my primary account. I got my latest statement the other day and noticed a $15 maintenance fee. When I called to find out what this was for, I was met with a very nasty lady who told me that I should have read the pamphlet over a year ago. I was told that for the first year the checking account was free, then after that, if you don't keep a certain balance, you are charged $15 per month. I closed the account as soon as I found out about this. How can they get away with charging me for not having a certain amount in there?! It's as absurd as the $35 per item charge for not having enough money in the account to cover for the charge.


And that brings me to no options. I was never asked if I wanted to opt in or out of the overdraft protection services they offer. I also have an account with Sovereign bank and every time I called or went on their website I was asked if I wanted to opt in to the service. I stated no since I'd rather have my card declined than to pay the fees. TD does not do this and automatically opts their customers in. Over the course of one year this bank has made over $5000 from my husband and me in overdraft fees. That's more than some of my friend's paychecks who work part time in retail!

Very pleased!

I have always had a wonderful banking experience at TD Bank! When I go and use the drive-thru, which I did often up until I (now) use their fee-free ATM services, I always was greeted with happy faces. My transactions always went smoothly in both drive-thru and in bank experiences. I absolutely love the ATM services where you can withdraw, deposit, and transfer funds. You can even deposit checks at the ATM which is extremely convenient, especially when you have long work hours that prohibit you from visiting the bank during open hours. Overall, I would recommend TD Bank to anyone!