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Finding Local Credit Union Deals


Here's a tip about how to find local credit union deals. The Credit Union National Association has a very useful locator tool. Just enter your zip code and all of the nearby credit unions will be shown. Some other locators will just show the credit unions which are based in your city. This one shows credit unions that may be based elsewhere but also have branches in your area. I'm afraid there's no easy way to find deals from the list it shows. You can get the web address of each credit union by clicking on the detail button. Then you'll have to search each credit union's website to see the deals they offer. That's how I found the 5.91% CD deal in my previous post.

If you do find a good local deal, please be sure to let me know by commenting in the finding deals post. Thanks!

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The best way of finding Credit Union deals is reading the Credit Union Deals Blog at - that's what you do...

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Ditto! Between Bankdeals and the site there is always a hot new deal out there. You guys are the best!

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Banking Guy
Yup, I have CreditUnionDeals listed on my finding deals page as a useful resource. As I mention in that post, no one has a complete list.

As I mentioned in this post, the 5.91% CD deal that I found today wasn't listed anywhere, not even in Google. I only found it by visiting each of the local credit unions listed for my city by this locator tool. There are so many local credit unions, it's impossible for any one person to track the latest deals at all of them.

I would recommend also using this tool if you want to be absolutely sure you're not missing a deal in your city.

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Credit Union Rates
Have you

You can search for a credit union via a zip code plus 12,000 listed branch locations. They also list and compare all cd and deposit rates for credit unions. The data is taken from the latest 5300 reports that all NCUA backed credit unions are required to submit. The 10 year charts of all credit unions growth are also very interesting.