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$50 Checking Account Bonus at BB&T Bank


BB&T Bank is offering a $50 bonus for opening one of its personal checking accounts. The nice thing about this promotion is that it doesn't require direct deposit. The offer ends on March 25, 2007. Any personal checking account is eligible. The account must be opened online or by phone (800-BANK-BBT). The bonus will be paid by April 30, 2007 and will be reported to the IRS as 1099-INT.

The free checking account is the best deal for this promo. It requires only a $50 minimum opening deposit. It has no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. The Student Free checking is even better with no minimum opening deposit, but you have to be under 24.

I called the BB&T yesterday, and the service rep stated that this promotion is available to people in any state, even in states without BB&T branches. However, it has been reported that the online application restricts account opening to people in states that have BB&T branches. If you're not in a state with a BB&T branch, I would recommend calling to see if you are eligible.

The service rep said that only a soft credit inquiry would be done rather than a hard inquiry. Take this with a grain of salt. The service rep wasn't too familiar with this issue.

BB&T has branches in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Indiana and Washington, D.C. The bank is FDIC insured.

Credit for finding this promo goes to Slickdeals member db0973 who posted it on this slickdeals thread.

[2/25/07 Edit: Updated info on state eligibility.]

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Comment #1 by Jonny C. (anonymous) posted on
Jonny C.
I tried signing up online, but they said the promotion was available to those in the eleven states with branches.

Comment #2 by Banking Guy (anonymous) posted on
Banking Guy
You may want to try to call. The CSR at first wasn't sure about the state restriction, but then he checked with his supervisor and said it was okay.

Comment #3 by Deymond Lashley (anonymous) posted on
Deymond Lashley
I signed up no problem, but their system didn't want to accept my bank account info for the initial deposit. Anyone else have this problem?

Comment #4 by Ashwin Baliga (anonymous) posted on
Ashwin Baliga
Only valid in 11 states they have branches in, not available for residents of Illinois atleast.

Comment #5 by Banking Guy (anonymous) posted on
Banking Guy
I wouldn't be surprised if I received bad info from the CSR. I've updated the post with the info about the application. If anybody receives additional info from a CSR, please let us know.

Comment #6 by Anonymous posted on
Bank website now indicates promo ends 3/31/2007. No indication that offer is limited to residents of certain states. This is a very easy 50 bucks.

Comment #7 by Anonymous posted on
Every thing work for me and I am please!