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5.45% 8-Month Add-On CD at WaMu


Washington Mutual is advertising a 5.45% APY 8-month Add-On certificate of deposit in several states. The minimum deposit is $5,000, and it requires a WaMu checking account. New money is required. The Add-On feature allows additional deposits to be made during the term. Additional deposits must be a minimum of $100, and the total of the additional deposits must not be more than the initial deposit. This special doesn't seem to be listed at WaMu's website. It's being advertised in several newspapers. The ad is available online here.

The offer is available in the following states: Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Utah. It must be opened at a financial center or by calling 1-866-808-1396.

If you're interested in this CD and don't already have a WaMu checking account, I recommend signing up online for their free checking account. This will also allow you to sign up for their 5% no-minimum savings account (see post). A reader in my last WaMu post reported that no hard pulls are done for these accounts (it won't ding your credit score).

WaMu is still offering a 5.50% APY 6-month online CD (see post).

WaMu is also offering a special 7% savings account called Savings For Success. Currently, it's only available for those in Texas and Illinois but is planned to be rolled out to the rest of the nation starting in September (see post).

WaMu is FDIC insured under two banks (Washington Mutual Bank FSB and Washington Mutual Bank).

Thanks to the reader who mentioned this new CD in the finding deals post.

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