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Update on Darby Direct's 36-Month Step Up CD


Darby Direct
Update 11/14/09: Darby Direct now has a new liquid CD promotion: 2.50% APY 18-month Breakable CD. The breakable option gives you the right to withdraw any amount without penalty once after 90 days from the CD issue date. Minimum deposit is $500.

Darby Direct has added a feature to its 36-month Step-Up CD that allows the customer to make a penalty-free early withdrawal on each anniversary date. The customer will be granted a 10-day grace period during which any or all of the funds may be withdrawn without penalty.

The Step-Up CD was already a hot deal with an average APY of about 4%. The rate grows from 3%, 4% to 5% for the fist, second and third year. Also, the CD allows unlimited deposits of at least $500. Now with this penalty-free early withdrawal feature, it's especially hot. If you take the early withdrawal after the first year, the CD essentially becomes a 3% 1-year CD. If you take the early withdrawal after the second year, it becomes a 3.5% 2-year CD.

Thanks to the readers who mentioned this in the comments and forwarded the notice they received from the bank. Darby Direct has also updated its 36-month CD disclosure. This new feature is described at the end of the disclosure.

Refer to my August 15th post for more details about this CD offer and Darby Direct.

Unfortanetly, the offer is only available to existing Darby Direct customers and Georgia residents.

Another downside is that Darby Bank & Trust Co. (the owner of Darby Direct) isn't in the best financial shape: 1 star (lowest) at and 3 stars (adequate) at BauerFinancial. Both ratings are based on 3/31/09 financial data. Darby Bank & Trust Co. is a FDIC member (FDIC Certificate # 14580) so if you keep under the FDIC limit, there is no risk to your principal and accrued interest. The only risk would be if the bank fails during the CD term, the CD could be terminated early or the CD rate could be reduced. If interest rates go up in the next year or two, this no longer becomes a risk.

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Comment #1 by David H. (anonymous) posted on
David H.
There is a $10,000 limit on transfers initiated by Darby Direct on the 36 month step CD. But, I was told You can add to the CD when the first transfer completes. If You initiate it from your bank some banks will charge You a fee now.

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
I've opened dozens of online accounts over the years; but have never encountered the process Darby utilizes. The way I understand it, you basically have to give them access to the bank account you are transfering from! Normally you open the account, get an account number then instruct the funding bank, yourself, to wire the desired funds. Is it just me, or does Darby's way seem odd enough to make one skeptical? rjf, stone mountain, ga.