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$100 TD AMERITRADE Deposit Account Bonus


Update 2/28/2010: The new expiration date is now 3/31/2010.

TD AMERITRADE continues to offer the Suze Orman's Save Yourself Promotion. You can make $100 from this promotion, but it requires one year of $100 monthly electronic deposits before the bonus is awarded. Here are the important points from the promotion's small print:

  • Open a new TD AMERITRADE account (non-retirement) opened by 12/31/09
  • Set up 12 monthly consecutive automatic electronic deposits of $100 or more
  • First $100 must be deposited within 30 days of opening account.
  • Accounts will be reviewed 12 months from date of first qualified deposit to determine eligibility for offer
  • Bonus is forfeited if money is withdrawn during the year
  • Your cash is held in a TD Bank USA FDIC Insured Deposit Account
  • APY of account as of 9/24/09 is 0.50%. Rate is variable.

My last post on this promotion was last November when the rate was 1.50%. A commenter in a previous post reported being told that there is no fee to close the account after the year is up.

More info on TD Bank USA is available at this FDIC page (Certificate # 33947).

Thanks to the reader who mentioned this promotion in the Bank Deals hub page.

One interesting fact about Suze Orman is how she invests her money. It was reported that most of her money, over $20 million, is kept in zero-coupon municipal bonds which are triple-A-rated and insured.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
Does anyone have any experience on re-upping on this after completing last year's program?

Comment #2 by Ruth (anonymous) posted on
I participated in the previous program that required $50 monthly deposits, and contacted TD Ameritrade about my eligibility for this one. They told me that I was eligible for the new program too; their only limitations are that you can participate only once in each program with differing requirements (ie, once in the $50 a month program and once in the $100 a month program). You do need to set up a new account and cannot use your prior login information.

Also, I had no problem transferring my money via ACH from the previous account once my bonus was deposited.


Comment #3 by virgquest (anonymous) posted on
I did the original $50/month program and received my bonus with no problems. I'm participating in the last $100 one now, but I had to open a joint account to be eligible - for some reason I couldn't do both promotions with my original account, but that may have been because the promotions were overlapping. I may try to go a third round. I like the programs because I barely notice the $100 missing each month, and get the principal plus a nice bonus back at the end of the year. It's definitely worth the crappy APY on the account!

Comment #4 by Anonymous posted on
I too completed the $100 bonus after 13 mos. of $50/mo deposits.
I only did it because I had another brokerage trading account with TDAM, and wanted to get as much out of them as possible for having such unreliable customer service, and unprofessional business practices.
By all means, get as much out of them as possible, and then get out.

Comment #5 by Anonymous posted on
I opened brokerage accounts back in the late 1990s and got hundreds of bonus money just for opening an account. They did not have this recurring deposit stipulation back then. I had an account with TD Waterhouse (which later merged with Ameritrade) and they institued a monthly charge for accounts without any trading activity. They might pull the same stunt again, so I don't bother with them anymore.

Comment #6 by JCE (anonymous) posted on
I just opened a Save Yourself account, the process was pretty simple. After opening the account I logged in and was brought to a TD Ameritrade brokerage page. I saw my account number and pending deposit amount but I did not see anywhere on the screen that It was a Save Yourself account and no mention of the interest rate or the $100 bonus. I called customer service, someone answered right away (always a good sign) I told him I wanted to confirm that I had opened the correct account, he confirmed that it was a Save Yourself account, he said the Save Yourself account numbers start with 758. It would be nice if they listed the account type somewhere on the screen and provided a little more information about it.

Comment #7 by Anonymous posted on
Are there any restrictions to number of accounts per household, as long as they are individual accounts?

Comment #8 by Anonymous posted on
I can't believe that TD Ameritrade would allow someone to open another account for an additional bonus. But only if you use a different log in ID LOL! ING Direct has that pegged. You cannot pull that @#$%. Glad I am not a shareholder.

Anyway, I participated in the last promotion and received my bonus. Kept the money there and made a few sucessfull trades. TD Ameritrade charges low commissions with no limit on Share Amount which is nice. Had an account with them about 5 years ago and had no problems. Level II quotes service is great as well.

Comment #9 by pt53158 (anonymous) posted on
D also allows debit purchases to go thru even if funds are not there. Creating a profit for the bank by charging the overdraft fees.. This started on 9/24/09.. When asked why they allow this, the stupid reply was "we were having to decline too many purchases and it cost the bank allot of money". So they figured they would turn a loss into profit. WHat they are creating yet another false report for the financial world. this is really f-d up.. Banks have gone too far and I really would like to know who's watching the insurance world. I would bet they don't have enough money to cover every single policy they have ..