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More Information on the Transition to


I just wanted to give everyone an update on the upcoming transition of this blog to Thanks for everyone's comments in last week's post in which I first introduced as the future platform for BankDeals. The comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

One important thing I forgot to mention about in last week’s post was that it's an existing website that includes some existing articles as well as its own rate tables. The previous owner of the site will now be my technical partner, who will help me carry out the transition of BankDeals onto the new platform and will continue to help me with various technical aspects of site development over the coming months. Based on my conversations with him, there are a lot of exciting things that we’ll be able to do with this new platform that I believe will make BankDeals an even better resource. From a content standpoint, it's important to note that the BankDeals blog will essentially "take over" the blog after the transition and that the existing bank deals blog format will not be going away. Some other important points to note:

  • Once we move, the blog will be entirely from me, and I plan to continue the same postings that I’ve always done.
  • We'll make sure that the new site will have all of the features of the current blog and that it will maintain all of its personal touch and the community feel (minus some of the canned blogger design/color elements!). In fact, we plan to enhance the community capabilities and involvement by adding features that are not possible on the current platform.
  • All past blog posts and comments will be maintained on the new site. And now, with the website under our control, we won't have to worry about losing the old posts and comments like what almost happened last month. is still very much in a transformation stage from its previous form, and after the transition, we plan to make the blog content the center point of the site. The rate tables will complement the site nicely, and I'll continue to work with my technical partner and all of you to ensure that they are built out in a manner that captures everything covered in the blog on a near real-time basis. I'm very excited about what we can do technically on this front to leverage the reach of this community and capture all of the more hard-to-find deals out there. In my opinion, this is something that none of the generic rate comparison sites provide.

I'll continue to follow up in the coming weeks with updates on the transition. In the meantime, please continue with suggestions or comments about features that you would like to see built into the new platform. While we probably won't be able to incorporate all of these immediately, I'm excited that the site will finally have the platform and the technical capabilities to allow us to create these additional features. I'm sure there might be some growing pains during the transition, but I'm confident that with your help, we'll end up with a far better site for helping people find the best available deals.

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