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SunTrust's Money Market Promo with 3-Month Rate Guarantee in Several States - Are Teaser Rates Worthwhile?


SunTrust Bank

SunTrust Bank is offering a 3-month promo rate of 1.60% APY guaranteed for 3 months in its Premium Money Market Performance Account. Like many of these promos, once the promo period ends, the rate will go back to the standard rates which will likely disappoint. Are these types of promos worthwhile? I'll discuss more on this later.

For SunTrust's special, the promotion doesn't seem to be listed at the bank's website. It was advertised last week in the Treasure Coast Newspaper in Florida. The ad is avaialable here. I did a chat with the CSR this morning, and I confirmed it's still available as of 1/18/2010. Here are some of the important details of this promo based on the ad documentation, SunTrust's website and from my chat with the CSR:

  • $10,000 minimum balance required to earn 1.60% APY (0.05% for under $10K)
  • 1.60% APY guaranteed for the first 3 months
  • Requires either the Solid Choice Checking or Signature Advantage Checking
  • Money market account requires a $2,500 minimum to avoid a $15/month fee
  • Solid Choice Checking requires a $5K minimum or $15K combined minimum to avoid a $14/month fee
  • Money market rate reverts to standard rates after 3 months. Current rates are low (0.10% to 0.65%)
  • Appears to be no hard credit inquiry (CSR, see below)
  • No account closure fees (CSR)
  • It is available in the following states: FL, GA, AL, TN, MS, AR, NC, SC, WV, VA, MD and DC (CSR)

Regarding the hard credit inquiry, here are the details that the CSR mentioned:

SunTrust requires two security checks prior to opening an account. We will compare your application to Equifax and Decision Power, which are credit bureau based systems used to qualify new account applications. The Equifax inquiry posts to your credit report as a non disclosed inquiry and will not affect your credit score nor appear on any credit watch services. If we are unable to verify you through Equifax or Decision Power, Telecheck may also be contacted.

SunTrust is a FDIC member (FDIC Certificate # 867). It's one of the large regional banks with $166 billion in assets and $126 billion in deposits.

Are These Promos Worthwhile?

These types of deals are common. Bank of America has been offering a similar one. The issue is that after the promo period, the rates are no longer competitive. With the checking requirement, the bank hopes it'll be too much of a hassle for you to close both accounts. Also, the bank often has early closure fees which make it costly to close accounts. I'm actually surprised that the SunTrust CSR said they don't have any closure fees. If you've heard something different, please leave a comment.

If you don't mind the extra work to open and close these accounts, it could be a better deal than a short-term CD. There are very few 3-month or 6-month CDs over 1.60% APY in today's low-rate environment. The money market account also has the advantage of being liquid. You can add money during the 3 months and make withdrawals without having to worry about penalties (just make sure you maintain the minimum balance).

What do you think? Are these promos worthwhile? Or should you just open an account at a savings account leader like Alliant Credit Union, SmartyPig or Incredible Bank? How high would the rate have to be to make it worthwhile?

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Comment #1 by Fred (anonymous) posted on
Not worth it. By the time the account is fully operational and funded a month will be gone by.

By keeping additional money in the checking account will delute the interest to 1%.

Comment #2 by bobert posted on
If the teaser is not worth more than $125 (or pick some other general amount) over other non-teaser rates for the maximum amount and maximum teaser period - then please don't even mention it.

It's not worth anyone's time for 5% on $1K max, or 2% on $10,000 for 3 months then to get a less than competitive rate after that ..... let's not play their game and just move on.  If the teaser can make you a few hundred over the going rates for the similar amounts and similar time period, then that's another story.

Thanks - Bank Blog Guy  - or should you be called the DA (Deposit Accounts Guy).

Comment #3 by DCGuy (anonymous) posted on
SunTrust pulled this same stunt last year with a special savings account that offered a 3% rate.  It was only available online.  Well, the rate was good for around 3 months and then readjusted to a normal rate after the initial period.  Nothing was mentioned about how long the rate would last when you applied for it.  It was meant to be as competitive as the highest offered rate at the time.  What it really is is a ploy to get you to open an account and hope that you don't notice the rate drop later.  So, I don't think this offer is worth the trouble unless you have need to get an above average rate for a very short period of time.  I ignore any of these temporary promotional rate offerings.
Also, SunTrust TV commercials are also a bit annoying.  They try to hype the flight to "safe savings" due to the economic crisis.  So people will move their money to SunTrust and get almost nothing in return just to keep their money safe.  Unfortunately, inflation is an insidious monster and will eat away at your purchasing power and putting your money into a 0.05% rate account is almost a guaranteed road to financial failure.