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Affinity Bank0.60%$25k-Affinity Money Market
Affinity Bank0.60%$10k-18 Month CD
Affinity Bank0.55%$10k-12 Month CD
Affinity Bank0.35%$10k-6 Month CD
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Top Short-Term CD Rates at Affinity Bank in Georgia Only


Affinity Bank

Affinity Bank recently increased its short-term CD rates. The three most competitive ones include a 1.46% APY 18-month CD, a 1.41% APY 1-year CD and a 1.14% APY 6-month CD. Minimum deposit is $10,000. The bank's tiered money market account rates have fallen since my last post, but they continue to be competitive. The top rate is 1.30% APY for balances of at leat $100K. These rates are listed at the bank's rates page as of 6/29/2011.

Online Application - Georgia Only

The bank has an online application based on the Andera service. The link is located on the top right of the bank's front page. The application only allows Georgia residents to apply. It provides a list of several dozens of Georgia zip codes, and it requires you to select one of them.

Affinity Bank Overview

Affinity Bank is a small bank with one office located in Atlanta.

The bank used to have the name Atlanta Business Bank. It's financial health continues to be weak. It has an overall health score at of 2 stars (out of 5) with a Texas Ratio of 134.28% (poor) based on March 2011 data. At least they are not listed on CR's unofficial problem bank list. Please refer to our financial overview of Affinity Bank for more details. The bank has been a FDIC member since 2002 (FDIC Certificate # 57264).

How These CD Rates Compare

If you live in parts of Atlanta, you may be able to qualify for membership into Credit Union of Atlanta which offers a 1-year CD with a 1.53% APY as of 6/29/2011.

For nationally available CDs, the best short-term CD deal continues to be at Ally Bank which offers a 1.13% APY on its 11-month no-penalty CD. The no-penalty feature allows this CD to have any maturity length from 1 week to 11 months.

The best 1-year CD rate without checking requirements is now only 1.31% APY at Melrose Credit Union and Self-Help Credit Union.

The best nationally available 18-month CD rate is 1.55% APY at Alliant Credit Union (as of 6/29/2011).

Searching for the Best CD Rates

To search for the best nationwide CD rates and the best CD rates in your state, please refer to the CD rates section of

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Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
Why your cd rate is offered for the residents of georgia only? 

Comment #3 by pearlbrown posted on
It is Affinity Bank which is limiting the offer to residents of Georgia only.  Ken is letting his readers know about the deal.