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Navy Army Community Credit Union2.00%$100k-3 Year Term Share Account
Navy Army Community Credit Union1.50%$100k-2 Year Term Share Account
Navy Army Community Credit Union1.20%$100k-1 Year Term Share Account
Navy Army Community Credit Union0.95%$100k-6 Month Term Share Account
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Top Mid-Term CD Rate at NavyArmy Federal Credit Union in Texas - Local Only


Finding 3 percent CDs is very difficult these days. It's even hard to find these CDs with terms of 7 and 10 years. That's why I was surprised when I noticed the new 30-month 3.00% APY CD from NavyArmy Federal Credit Union. The credit union's CDs had been limited to terms of 2 years and shorter. These shorter-term CDs are also competitive. The jumbo CD rates are 2.00% APY for 2 years, 1.60% APY for 1 year and 1.15% APY for 6 months. These have a minimum deposit of $100,000. The non-jumbo rates are 5 to 15 basis points lower. The 30-month CD doesn't have a Jumbo version. The yield is 3.00% with a minimum deposit of $1,000. These rates are listed in the credit union's rates page as of 12/08/2011.

Top CD rates aren't the only perk with membership in NavyArmy FCU. It also has a very competitive reward checking account that pays 3.51% APY on balances up to $25K (see my review).

Unfortunately, membership is limited. Because of the name you might think it's limited to the Navy and Army personnel. However, its field of membership is community based. Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in any of the following Southeast Texas counties are eligible to join: Aransas, Bee, Jim Wells, Kleberg, Nueces and San Patricio. Please refer to the credit union's membership page for the full details.

With these credit unions I wonder how strict they are in judging who meets the worship requirement. If someone vacations yearly near the credit union and worships at a local church, would that meet the membership requirement? I would guess it will depend on the credit union's management. If you have experience in joining credit unions this way, please leave a comment.

NavyArmy Federal Credit Union branches are located in the Southeast Texas cities of Corpus Christi, Beeville, Kingsville, Portland and Rockport.

The credit union has recently changed from a federal charter to a state charter. This was approved by members last summer, and as of October, it's listed as a state-charter Texas credit union at the Texas Credit Union Department. The credit union claims the intent of this change is to expand into other geographic areas. That's good news. The only downside is that the credit union is now allowed to change to private deposit insurance. There's no indication they plan to do this.

It's a sizable credit union with $1.12 billion in deposits. The credit union has an overall health score at of 5 stars (out of 5) with a Texas Ratio of 3.03% (excellent) based on September 2011 data. Please refer to our financial overview of NavyArmy Federal Credit Union for more details. The credit union is federally insured by the NCUA (Charter # 68615).

How These CD Rates Compare

These rates are way above the CD rates that are nationally available. For example, the highest 36-month CD rate is 1.91% APY and the highest 1-year CD rate is 1.15% APY at Melrose Credit Union. These rates are accurate as of 12/08/2011.

Searching for the Best CD Rates

To search for nationwide CD rates and CD rates in your state, please refer to the best CD rates section of

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
Of course, Texas, and as usual "only local"

If I had that available here I'd jump on it. My local CU (also on a military instilation) has CD's lower than the local banks .

Comment #2 by tightwad posted on
I always wondered if they really checked, or can check to see if you are a member with a particular church...Maybe I can just "worship the ground they walk on" and be

Comment #3 by lou posted on
I checked their Truth-in-Savings and you need their permission to withdraw principal early.

Comment #4 by Anonymous posted on
Has anyone opened an account with them online and can comment on the process? I tried calling, but their representatives are not very helpful and could not answer a simple question of whether a soft or hard credit pull was performed. One lady last week said she did not know while another lady today said they perform a hard pull from all three reports if applied online, but none are pulled if applying in person. Wow, what a difference. I'm not sure if she was just making it up cuz she also didn't initially understand my question either. I guess they don't deal with enough people worried about hard vs soft pulls to know the difference between the two types of credit checks. Any insights will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Comment #5 by 51hh posted on
Soft Chexsystem pull only.