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BB&T Bank Checking Account Bonus Payout Reputation



BB&T Bank has a long history of offering checking account bonuses. Have you participated in a past BB&T promotion? If you have, did they pay the the bonus as promised? Please take my poll to answer this question.

Since BB&T continues to come out with new promotions, I decided it would be useful to have a poll for readers who have participated in past BB&T promotions. It asks if the bank has paid the bonus as promised. If they did pay, did you have to call or visit a branch to get the bank to pay? If they didn’t pay, was it the bank’s fault for not paying (You think you should have been paid since you met all of the bonus requirements.)

The results of this poll should help readers decide if future promotions are worthwhile. If many people report not receiving the bonus, you might not want to waste your time on the promotion. It’s common for readers to leave comments when the banks didn’t pay, but it’s less likely for those who did receive the bonus to comment. Hopefully, the poll will encourage both sides to respond.

One nice feature of recent BB&T’s checking account bonuses is that you can qualify for the bonus without direct deposit. The bank gives you a choice of making online bill payments or direct deposit.. If you fail to meet these requirements within 90 days of when the account was opened, no bonus will paid.

Most comments on BB&T checking accounts bonuses tend to be on problems closing the checking account. In my post from 2010, several readers reported that BB&T makes it difficult to close accounts. If you can't make it into a branch, you may be required to mail in a notarized letter requesting that the account to be closed. One reader commented that he wasn't required to mail a notarized letter, but instead he was required to mail a copy of his ID with the letter.

Even if you receive the bonus at BB&T, you may not come out ahead in the long run. You have to be careful that you avoid monthly service fees. BB&T announced the end of its free checking accounts in 2011. Nevertheless, if you’re careful, these bonuses can be good deals.

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Comment #1 by Skeptical (anonymous) posted on
I don't have any experience yet with BB&T but I will try to open one of their new bonus checking accounts this week, and report back when and if they do/don't provide the bonus. I do have experience with Barclays, however, which offered a supposed 40,000 point (=potential $400) bonus on their new "Arrival" credit card. The bonus offer was a lie. I took the card and they gave me only 20,000 points. When I complained, they told me that applying under an offer doesn't mean you get the offer.

The 20,000 points I got equaled only a $100.00 credit because I didn't realize that it would only be $100 if I applied it to a non-travel purchase, and once I did realize it, a minute later, I had not credited the money against my travel purchase, and ended up with the lower bonus. I was expecting to offset the mistake with the additional 20,000 points, but the bank unilaterally violated the contract and refused to provide them.

I don't like dealing with dishonesty, though I cannot say I didn't benefit from the card. I did get a $100 bonus. But, who knows what they will do in the future, such as changing other terms and conditions, unilaterally, claiming notice when no notice is given, etc. etc.  Better not to use a dishonest bank.  I have a fairly large bank balance at Barclays' savings, and I am searching for an alternative now, which is why I happen to be browsing this website. When I close my Barclays savings account, as a result of what happened with the credit card, maybe the company will recognize that dishonesty does not pay dividends.