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Compare personal checking accounts from banks and credit unions. You may also want to view our list of reward checking accounts, which offer significantly higher rates on average, but do have minimum usage requirements.

Bank or Credit UnionApyMinMax1yr Est.
EverBank1.10%-$100k$55.00Yield Pledge Checking - 6mo promo rate for new customers
Frontier Community Bank1.00%$1,501$15k$51.50Five Star Checking
Bank5 Connect0.76%$100-$38.00Bank5 Connect Checking
Bank of Internet USA0.71%--$35.50High Interest Checking
Incredible Bank0.66%-$250k$33.00Incredible Checking
Alliant Credit Union0.65%--$32.50High Rate Checking
FNBO Direct0.65%-$1m$32.50Online Billpay
Sandy Spring Bank0.65%$50-$32.50DC IOLTA Checking
First Internet Bank of IN0.55%$500-$27.50Interest Checking
Mutual of Omaha Bank0.50%$1,500$250k$25.00Online Advantage Checking
AloStar Bank of Commerce0.50%$500-$25.00Interest Checking
Security Bank (OK)0.45%--$22.50Security Senior Checking
Clear Sky Accounts0.45%*-$250k$22.50Clear Sky Checking
Capital One Bank0.40%--$20.00High Yield Free Checking
Logix Federal Credit Union0.40%$2,500-$20.00Platinum Premier Checking
American Bank0.40%-$10k$20.00American e-Checking
OneUnited Bank0.30%*$100-$15.00UNITY Gold Checking
Intervest National Bank0.30%*$2,500-$15.00Interest Checking
National Bank of Kansas City0.30%--$15.00Silver Checking
Piedmont Credit Union0.30%$3k-$15.00Share Draft Account
Nationwide Bank0.30%*$2,500-$15.00E-Checking
Ally Bank0.25%*--$12.50Interest Checking Account
Salem Five Direct0.25%-$1m$12.50eOne Checking
Northern Bank & Trust Company0.25%*$5k-$12.50Northern Premium Checking
AmericaNet Bank0.25%--$12.50Rewards Checking - Non Qualifying
Apple Federal Credit Union0.25%--$12.50Advantage Checking
Community Bank of Pleasant Hill0.25%$2,500-$12.50Wall Street Checking
Community Bank of Raymore0.25%$2,500-$12.50Wall Street Checking
Lake Michigan Credit Union0.25%*$2,500-$12.50Investors Checking Account
Melrose Credit Union0.25%$500-$12.50EZ Checking
Geauga Savings Bank0.25%$500-$12.50Super Checking
State Farm Bank0.25%$2,500-$12.50Interest Checking
First Sentinel Bank0.25%*-$50k$12.50Senior Citizen Direct Deposit Checking Account
Virginia Partners Bank0.25%$2,500-$12.50Partners Interest Checking
Fedstar Credit Union0.25%$1k-$12.50Premium Draft Account
Xenith Bank0.25%$500-$12.50Relationship Checking
Evantage Bank0.25%--$12.50Evantage Rewards Checking - Non Qualifying
Redneck Bank0.25%--$12.50Redneck Rewards Checking - Non Qualifying
Capital One 3600.20%*--$10.00360 Checking
1st Constitution Bank0.20%*--$10.001st Choice Checking
Hudson City Savings Bank0.20%$5k-$10.00Better Interest Banking
America's Credit Union 0.20%$2,500-$10.00Golden 55 Checking
Connexus Credit Union0.20%--$10.00MyRewards Checking - Non Qualifying
NexBank0.20%*$5k-$10.00Platinum One Checking
Easthampton Savings Bank0.20%--$10.00Premier Checking
John Marshall Bank0.20%*$2,501-$10.00Interest Checking
Bayport Credit Union0.20%*$2,500-$10.00Investment Checking
Communitywide Credit Union0.20%$5k-$10.00Checking Account
Martinsville DuPont Credit Union0.20%--$10.00MDCU Checking Accounts
Farmers Bank (VA)0.20%$2,500-$10.00Super Now Account
Virginia Credit Union, Inc.,0.20%$5k-$10.00Checking Plus
Woodforest National Bank0.20%--$10.00Personal Platinum Checking
First Savings Bank Northwest0.20%$5k-$10.00Green Checking
Chartway Federal Credit Union0.20%$2,500-$10.00Premium Value Checking
State Bank of Toledo0.15%--$7.50Hometown Green Checking - Non Qualifying
ProvidentNJ Direct0.15%*$50-$15.50Green Checking
INOVA Federal Credit Union0.15%--$7.50Ovation Checking - Non Qualifying
Citizens State Bank (FL)0.15%$5k-$7.50Interest Checking
Urban Trust Bank0.15%*$1k-$7.50Urban Select Checking
Flagstar Bank0.15%*$5k-$7.50SimplyMax Checking
Liberty Savings Bank0.15%--$7.50High Interest Checking - Non Qualifying
KeyBank0.15%*--$7.50Key Privilege Select Checking (Daily Sweep)
Giantbank.com0.15%*$1k$10m$7.50Giant Personal Checking
North Country Savings Bank0.15%$2,500-$7.50Premier Interest Checking
NewDominion Bank0.15%$100-$7.50FirstRate Checking
Virginia Heritage Bank0.15%--$7.50VHB Interest Checking (NOW)
North American Savings Bank0.15%$2,500-$7.50Elite 50 Checking
Bank of the James0.15%$500-$7.5050 Plus Checking
Call Credit Union0.15%--$7.50Checking
First Virginia Community Bank0.15%--$7.50Senior Checking
Self-Help Credit Union0.15%$2,500-$7.50Premium Checking
WashingtonFirst Bank0.15%*$2,500-$7.50Interest Checking
Virginia Community Bank0.15%$20-$7.50Hometown Interest Checking Account
Sandia Laboratory Credit Union0.15%$500-$7.50Money Manager Checking
NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union0.15%--$7.50Ultimate Checking - Non Qualifying
New Generations Federal Credit Union0.15%--$7.50Reward Checking
Presidential Bank (MD)0.12%-$25k$6.00Checking PLUS
The Jacksonville Bank0.10%--$5.00Classic Checking
Aspire Federal Credit Union0.10%*$500-$5.00Premier 10 Checking
Citizens Bank (TN)0.10%--$5.00WOW Rate E-Checking - Non Qualifying
Beacon Credit Union0.10%$200-$5.00Preferred Checking
Simplicity Bank0.10%*$1k-$5.00Relationship Checking
New Peoples Bank, Inc.0.10%--$5.00Community Checking
TIAA Direct0.10%*$1,500-$5.00Interest Checking
First National Community Bank0.10%--$5.00Wise Rewards Checking - Non Qualifying
The Farmers Bank0.10%$2,500-$5.00Premium Interest Checking
Bank of Blue Valley0.10%*$5k-$5.00Classic Checking Account (NOW Account)
Benchmark Community Bank0.10%--$5.00$uccess Checking - Non Qualifying
Capital Educators Federal Credit Union0.10%--$5.00Classic Checking
Farmers & Merchants Bank0.10%$1k-$5.00Personal Interest Checking
First National Bank (VA)0.10%$500-$5.00Interest Checking - Personal
Patelco Credit Union0.10%$5k-$5.00Premier Interest Checking
Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union0.10%$500-$5.00Regular Checking
Mountain America Credit Union0.10%$1k-$5.00MyStyle Checking
West Texas National Bank0.10%--$5.00Ultimate Checking - Non Qualifying
Northwest Federal Credit Union0.10%--$5.00Premier Checking
Partners Financial Credit Union0.10%--$5.00Imagine Checking - Non Qualifying
Goldwater Bank0.10%$5k-$5.00Goldwater Checking - AZ Only
First Shore Federal Savings and Loan Association0.10%$2,500-$5.00Super NOW Account
BankFirst Financial Services0.10%--$5.00Kasasa Cash - Non Qualifying
Andrews Federal Credit Union0.10%$5k-$5.00Advantage Share Draft Account
Bank SNB0.10%$1k-$5.00Investor Select Checking:
First National Bank (LA)0.10%*$5k-$5.00Platinum Checking
OneWest Bank0.10%*--$5.00Premium Checking
1St Advantage Credit Union0.10%$100-$5.00Premier Checking
Astera Credit Union0.10%$500-$5.00Check Plus Account
Pacific Community Credit Union0.10%--$5.00Convenience Checking Plus
Freedom First Credit Union0.10%$1k-$5.00Optimum Checking
Central Virginia Credit Union0.10%$750-$5.00Interest Checking
Peoples Advantage Credit Union0.10%$2k-$5.00Share Drafts Account
Virginia Commonwealth Bank0.10%$2,500-$5.00First Interest Checking
New Horizon Bank, National Association0.10%*--$5.00Horizon Gold 55 Cheking Account
Airbanking0.10%*--$5.00big airchecking
Citizens Community Bank (VA)0.10%--$5.00Select Interest Checking
Patriot Bank0.10%*$1k-$5.00Declaration Checking
Village Bank (VA)0.10%*--$5.00Village Platinum
Heritage Bank0.08%$1k-$4.00Legacy Checking
Newtown Savings Bank0.08%--$4.00Flagship Checking
Eli Lilly Credit Union0.07%--$3.50Dividend Checking
Franklin Synergy Bank0.06%*$2,500-$3.00Synergy Club Checking
ABNB Credit Union0.05%--$2.50Rewards Checking - Non Qualifying
Citibank0.05%$500-$2.50Citigold Interest Checking
Ouachita Independent Bank0.05%--$2.50OIB Interest Checking
The Capon Valley Bank0.05%*--$2.50Plateau Premium Investment
McGraw Hill Credit Union0.05%*--$2.50My Choice: High Yield Checking
Atlantic Coast Bank0.05%--$2.50High Tide Rewards Checking - Non Qualifying
ABCO Federal Credit Union0.05%--$2.50Premiere Checking - Non Qualifying
Pinnacle Federal Credit Union0.05%--$2.50Choice Checking
Seacoast Commerce Bank0.05%--$2.50Personal Interest Checking
Air Force Federal Credit Union0.05%--$2.50Share Draft Account
Amegy Bank0.05%*--$2.50Amegy Platinum Checking
Belvoir Federal Credit Union0.05%--$2.50CUXcel - Non Qualifying
University Federal Credit Union0.05%$2,500-$2.50Premium Checking
United Central Bank0.05%*--$2.50Global Value Checking
EVB0.05%--$2.50Reward Checking - Non Qualifying
First National Community Bank (PA)0.05%--$2.50Workplace Banking
Pacific Mercantile Bank0.05%$1,500-$2.50Personal Net Image Interest Checking Account
Pendleton Community Bank0.05%*$1k-$2.50Money Market Account
First Trade Union Bank0.05%$1k-$2.50FT Checking
Access National Bank0.05%*--$2.50Personal NOW Checking
Avidia Bank0.05%--$2.50eChecking - Non Qualifying
Cardinal Bank0.05%--$2.50Interest Checking
Zions Bank0.05%*--$2.50Gold Checking Plus
E*TRADE Bank0.05%$5k-$2.50Max-Rate Checking
Truliant Credit Union0.05%--$2.50Basic Checking
Justice Federal Credit Union0.05%$2,500-$2.50Justice National Account (JNA Checking)
The Adirondack Trust Company0.05%--$2.50NOW Account
Armed Forces Bank, National Association0.05%$500-$2.50Classic Checking
Bank of Botetourt0.05%$750-$2.50Interest Checking Account
Credit Union Of New Jersey0.05%--$2.50Interest Checking Account
Chain Bridge Bank, National Association0.05%*--$2.50Single Source Checking
Partners 1St Credit Union0.05%--$2.50Premium 1st Checking
First and Citizens Bank0.05%*$500-$2.50Now Checking Account
StellarOne Bank0.05%$2,500-$2.50High Performance Interest Checking
University Of Va Community Credit Union0.05%$2k-$2.50Share Checking
Vantage Point Credit Union0.05%$500-$2.50Draft (Checking)
First Technology Federal Credit Union0.05%--$2.50Dividend Rewards Checking - Non Qualifying
Lee Bank0.05%--$2.50CACHE Checking - Non-Qualifying
Digital Credit Union0.05%$2,500-$2.50Dividend Checking
BAC Florida Bank0.05%*--$2.50BAC Internet Interest Checking
Bank @LANTEC0.05%--$2.50Ultimate Plus Checking
Valley Bank0.05%--$2.50My LifeStyle Checking - Non Qualifying
Entrust Financial Credit Union0.05%--$2.50Bonus Checking
US Bank (OH)0.05%$2,500-$2.50Platinum Checking
Amalgamated Bank0.05%$500-$2.50NOW
First Security Bank & Trust0.05%*--$2.50Interest Checking
Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company0.05%$100-$2.50Interest Checking Account
The Blue Grass Valley Bank0.05%*$1k-$2.50Investor's Checking Account
First Community Bank (VA)0.03%--$1.50Gold Checking
H&R Block Bank 0.03%--$1.50Interest Checking
Comerica Bank0.03%*--$1.50Comerica Platinum Circle Checking®
The National Bank of Blacksburg0.03%$25-$1.50NOW Checking
Nma Credit Union0.03%$2,500-$1.50Share Draft Checking Account
Pioneer Bank (VA)0.03%*-$50k$1.50E-Smart Checking
First American Bank (IL)0.03%--$1.50Everyday Rewards Checking - Non Qualifying
Charles Schwab Bank0.02%--$1.00Interest Checking Account
Salem Five0.02%--$1.00Star Checkinig
City National Bank0.01%--$0.50FREE Reward Checking - Non Qualifying
SunTrust Bank0.01%--$0.50Signature Advantage Banking
M&T Bank0.01%--$0.50MyChoice Plus Checking With Interest Balance
Affinity Credit Union0.01%--$0.50Green Rewards Checking - Non Qualifying
Marine Federal Credit Union0.01%--$0.50Bravo Checking - Non Qualifying
Webster Bank0.01%--$0.50WebsterOne Checking
ViewPoint Bank, National Association0.01%--$0.50Absolute Checking - Non Qualifying
Union Bank (San Francisco, CA)0.01%--$0.50Tiered Interest Checking
HSBC0.01%--$0.50Online HSBC Premier Checking
Ameriprise Financial0.01%--$0.50Ameriprise Cash
Chase Manhattan Bank0.01%--$0.50Chase Premier Platinum Checking
Bank of America0.01%*--$0.50Bank of America Advantage with Tiered Interest Checking
PNC Bank, National Association0.01%$2k-$0.50Performance Interest Checking
Appalachian Community Credit Union0.01%*$2,500-$0.50Premier Checking
Money One Federal Credit Union0.01%--$0.50Kasasa Cash - Non Qualifying
Fairfax County Credit Union0.01%*$2,500-$0.50Shift Up Checking
Urban Partnership Bank0.01%*--$0.50Premium Partnership Plus Checking
InTouch Credit Union0.01%$500-$0.50E-ssential Checking
Blue Ridge Bank0.01%--$0.50Kasasa Cash - Non Qualifying
Consumers Credit Union (IL)0.01%--$0.50Free Rewards Checking (Medium) - Non Qualifying