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FDIC-Insured 529 Plan Savings Account Used For Non-College Purposes

Saturday, November 17, 2012 - 9:41 AMBB&T - Details
Ken has already posted extensively on 529 plans . . in a variety of places.

Currently under discussion over at FWF is this scheme:

which is garnering a lot of green.  Better to use the links over there.  This site refused to accept the bank link I wanted to offer (Union First Market) and refused to allow me to proceed and post anyway.  So I had to go with the non-preferred bank above, or not make this post at all.  There was no other option.

Anyway, if you read the FWF material it appears superficially to be a decent deal . . a savings account paying over 2% after penalty.

Oh!  Sorry.  Here is the link I really wanted to offer you:


Sorry about the above links.  Guess you will just have to copy and paste those links into your browser if you're interested.  Ken's site here will not allow me to access the link function.  Maybe it's because I'm using Chrome.  Don't know.  Am only just barely able to post here.  It's scarcely worth all the trouble.  His site also disables my spell checker . . something you've likely already detected.  Sorry.  Nightmare.


Following further review I now see the BB&T page is the better page after all.  Here is the link:
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