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Overdraft Questions And What To Do Next?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 11:30 PMSunTrust Bank - Details
So my wife and I have been living pretty tight for a few years. Every now and then we will overdraft our account and suntrust obviouslly charges us a $36 overdraft fee. I have called several times to speak with them b/c in back a few years ago when the banks were required to ask if their customer if they accepted or declined overdraft coverages, I DECLINED IT. I was told that was not the case and I have not really put up a big fight about it. Well tonight we got hit with a fee and it just didnt seem right on how the debits were arranged to cause this account to overdraft more than once.

I am quite frustrated with this and I decieded to research my decision to decline the service. Well I found the setting in my account that shows if you are enrolled or not and all my accounts have DECLINED checked and it gives a date as to when this decision was made and the date is 8/13/2010.

My question is now what. They have covered atleast 15 overdrafts over the past 2 years and I never agreed to this service. Infact I declined it b/c my thought was I would rather be declined then charged $36 per transaction. Should I go after all these charges b/c I declined this service and will I have a good case with them.

I dont know where to start but if I can stick it to them for doing this I would love to. We are talking about over $500 worth of fees that I didnt authorize. Any suggestions?
btwintbtwint2 posts since
Feb 13, 2013
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1. Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 11:47 PM
When you are taking loan from institution, did you make some agreement with them or just took loan without any setting rules and regulations.


Because if you made some agreement with them then you can easily stopped by charging. Are you did that or not?
JackmiteJackmite8 posts since
Feb 18, 2013
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