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$100K Income Is No Big Deal

Saturday, March 9, 2013 - 6:57 PM

"No matter how much he or she makes, anyone who lives beyond his or her means is going to feel financially pinched. While conspicuous consumption and blatant overspending is a problem, even those who try to keep an eye on their budget spend a large portion of their income on what financial advisers call "lifestyle inflation." Koos says these are things that may not be necessities but are considered such at a certain income level. Many middle-class citizens now see cable, smartphones, tablet computers, multiple televisions, Blu-ray players and gym memberships as "essential.""

Yes, to live within one's means is much more difficult nowadays.  TV/Internet options, mobile phones, to name a few.  The best way is to do away with TV and fancy phones; they are junk and un-healthy anyway!

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