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Quick And Free Way To Get Your Real FICO Score

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 6:32 AM
You can get free credit scores at places like and, but they're not the official FICO scores. My Money Blog just published this useful post showing how you can get your real FICO score for free at You have to sign up for a trial membership, but the post describes in detail how you can immediately cancel the trial membership after you get your score.
Ken TuminKen Tumin5,471 posts since
Nov 29, 2009
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1. Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 1:00 PM
said i already had FICO acct ....SSN was already registered. Wanted me to connect to Live chat, so I closed browser. I may have checked once before long time ago. But i never have paid for membership.

Others get around this for FICO score??
RicochetRicochet133 posts since
Jan 19, 2010
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2. Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 1:22 PM
This didn't work for me.  Just gave me an error message and said to try again later.  It said I wouldn't be charged, but I still went through the cancellation process just in case.  Hopefully that will work. 
leefleef19 posts since
Jun 24, 2010
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3. Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 7:45 PM
There was a post on this site a few weeks ago about Digital Credit Union. You give $10 to a food bank I think it was  and put $5 in a savings account and you get your FICO score free on the last Friday of the month. Was shocked to find out mine is 799 because I open and close checking and savings accounts and credit cards to earn the bonus only and owe nothing on a mtg or car etc. Just pay off the credit card each month. I thought 30% of the score was your debt payments.
Ally6770Ally6770930 posts since
Jan 16, 2010
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4. Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 12:18 AM
The process worked exactly as described in the MyMoney blog and the information provided along with the score was extensive.  In the cancellation Email I received promo code FICO25 which allows one to save 25% on any myFICO product purchase. 
pearlbrownpearlbrown1,467 posts since
Nov 2, 2010
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5. Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 2:18 PM
A reader who emailed me his experience with has given me permission to share it:
Instead of "Easy Cancellation", the lede should have been,  "Easy But Confusing Cancellation. After viewing my scores, I received an email which started, "You made a one time purchase." It then went on at at length (three paragraphs) about how to log in and view my scores(?). I was confused. Did this confirm I had made a one time purchase of $12.95 month--instead of a free trial?
To be safe I logged on again, went through the same cancellation steps, and received a second email: "You made a one time purchase. You have no current subscriptions with myFICO at this time."
Your readers need to be aware that the words, "...made a one time purchase" apparently mean "cancellation".

Ken TuminKen Tumin5,471 posts since
Nov 29, 2009
Rep Points: 125,611
6. Friday, November 19, 2010 - 12:37 AM
Why is any more accurate than  Doesn't CreditKarma get its info from TransUnion?
dunkerdunker136 posts since
Jun 11, 2010
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