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Which Password Is More Secure? "This Is Fun" Or Djw%4P?

Friday, April 22, 2011 - 3:31 PM
You probably have many passwords that you use for your online accounts. We've been taught that the best passwords are those that are as random as possible and include upper case, numbers and special characters. However, this article at makes the case that a three word phrase can be more secure than six random characters, and unlike the random characters, the phrase is a lot easier to remember.

The article has recently been debated at several IT security websites, and there's a new post at that reviews this debate.

One little improvement suggested in the new article is to replace spaces with another character and capitalize one letter of each word. The author argues against these extra steps due to the extra complexity. It might not be too bad if you set a standard character to replace the space and if you decide to capitalize every second letter (or Nth letter) in each word.
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