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Are chip and PIN credit cards coming? []

Friday, February 12, 2010 - 2:12 PM
Chip and PIN replaces the credit card system we're used to -- swiping a magnetic strip and signing a receipt -- with a new generation of card readers that scan a tiny chip activated by a personal identification number, or PIN.
I'm not sure if I would like these kind of credit cards. It's a little more secure, but you have to remember another PIN. Based on the article, we in the US won't have to worry about these new credit cards.
Ken TuminKen Tumin5,471 posts since
Nov 29, 2009
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1. Friday, February 12, 2010 - 6:41 PM
Maybe not so secure. Chip and PIN Broken 
AnonymousAnonymous2,282 posts since
May 9, 2010
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