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Etrade's Lifetime Limits for Adding External Accounts [FW]

Saturday, January 16, 2010 - 5:55 AME*TRADE Bank
Fatwallet member posts about a problem he had with Etrade:
I've had my Etrade account for over 7 years but it appears I have bumped up against a system lifetime limit although no one at Etrade knows what this limit is and it's not published anywhere on their site. So now I can't add external accounts on my main financial hub.
I've heard others also mention this lifetime limit at Etrade. I have a feeling it was put in place due to some people gaming the trial deposit system in which you can make about 50 cents each time you create a new link. It's probably not much of a concern these days now that Etrade Bank's savings account rate is in the tank.
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