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1 Year CD Rates Rates in Idaho

Compare 1 year certificate of deposit rates in Idaho. Rates on CD products can vary greatly between banks. That is why we check both national and local banks every day to provide you with a wide selection of one year CD rates available in Idaho. If we have missed a local bank in your area please contact us and let us know by using the email link below

Bank or Credit UnionApyMinMaxEarnings
Melrose Credit Union1.15%$5k-$2881 Year Share Certificate
Connexus Credit Union1.10%$10k-$27612 Month Certificate With Active Checking
GE Capital Retail Bank1.05%$25k-$26312 Month CD
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GE Capital Bank1.05%$500-$26312 Month CD
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ableBanking1.05%$1k$240k$2621 Year CD
CIT Bank1.05%$25k-$2621 Year Achiever CD
AmTrustDirect1.05%$500-$26312 Month CD
The Freedom Bank of Virginia1.01%$500-$29614 Month CD Special
Silvergate Bank1.01%$2,500$225k$2521 Year High Yield Online CD
BAC Florida Bank1.01%$500-$253BAC Internet Time Deposit 12 Months
Beal Bank USA1.01%$1k-$2521 Year CD
Bank5 Connect1.00%$500-$25112 Month Connect CD
Member One Credit Union1.00%$25k-$22911-Month CD
Salem Five1.00%$10k-$25112 Month eCD Special
Salem Five Direct1.00%$10k-$25112 Month eCD Special
Palladian Private Bank1.00%$10k-$25012 Month CD
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union1.00%$500-$29314 Month CD Special
Colorado Federal Savings Bank1.00%$5k-$2501 Year CD
AB&W Credit Union1.00%$1k-$25112 Month Share Certificate
Mosaic Credit Union1.00%$1k-$2501 Year CD
AloStar Bank of Commerce1.00%$1k-$25112 Month CD
Ally Bank0.99%--$248High Yield 12-Month CD
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Discover Bank0.95%$2,500-$23812 Month CD
Valley Industrial Credit Union0.95%$500-$23812 Month CD
Doral Direct0.94%$500-$23612 Month CD
TIAA Direct0.94%$1k-$23612 Month CD
E-LOAN.com0.91%$10k-$2281 Year CD
Nationwide Bank0.91%*$500-$22812 Month CD
Logix Federal Credit Union0.90%$1k-$22612 Month CD w/ Platinum Relationship Rewards
OneWest Bank0.90%$1k-$2251 Year Online CD
OneUnited Bank0.90%$1k-$225UNITY Gold 1 Year E-CD
Sallie Mae Bank0.90%$2,500-$22612 Month CD
First Internet Bank of IN0.85%$1k-$21312 Month CD
Digital Credit Union0.85%$25k-$224Jumbo 12 - 23 Month Certificate (Add-On) - Relationship Rate
The National Republic Bank of Chicago0.85%$1k$100k$2131 Year CD
Andrews Federal Credit Union0.85%$1k-$21312 Month Share Certificate
Barclays0.80%--$20112 Month Online CD
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BankUnited0.80%$5k-$20112 Month CD Special
Urban Trust Bank0.80%$500-$21713 Month CD Special
Wilshire Bank0.80%$1k-$200365 Day CD
State Bank of India0.80%$5k-$2001 Year CD
Pentagon Federal Credit Union0.80%$1k-$2001 Year Money Market Cerificate
State Department Federal Credit Union0.80%$500-$20112 Month Certificate
ABNB Credit Union0.80%*$20k-$20112 Month Certificate
Incredible Bank0.80%$10k$90k$217Incredible 13 Month CD
Ameriprise Financial0.75%*$1k-$18812 Month Ameriprise® Flexible Savings Certificate
Alliant Credit Union0.75%$1k-$19712 - 17 Month Share CD
Giantbank.com0.75%$2,500-$18812 Month Giant Personal CD
Belvoir Federal Credit Union0.75%$1k-$18812 Month Share Certificate
Pen Air Credit Union0.75%$500-$20313 Month-Special CD
Fairfax County Credit Union0.75%$2,500-$18812 Month Share Certificate
HEW Credit Union0.75%$1k-$18812 Month Silver Share Certificate
Piedmont Credit Union0.75%$1k-$1881 Year Share CD
Richmond Heritage Credit Union0.75%$2k-$18812 Month Share CD
Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union0.73%$2,500-$18312 Month Term CD
USAA Bank0.71%$1k$95k$1781 Year CD - Standard
NewDominion Bank0.70%$1k-$19013 Month Fixed Rate CD
North American Savings Bank0.70%$10k-$20514 Month CD with Checking
EverBank0.70%$1,500-$1751 Year Yield Pledge CD
Northwest Federal Credit Union0.70%*$25k-$1751 Year Share Certificate
Intervest National Bank0.68%$2,500-$1701 Year CD
UmbrellaBank.com0.66%$10k-$16512 Month CD
Beal Bank0.66%$1k-$16512 month CD
CNB Bank Direct0.66%$1k$250k$16512 Month CD
Pacific Mercantile Bank0.65%$10k-$16312 Month Net CD
Northern Bank & Trust Company0.65%$500-$16312 Month CD
Bayport Credit Union0.65%$2,500-$14911 Months Premier Share Certificate Special
Armed Forces Bank, National Association0.60%$500-$150Business 12 Month CD
Presidential Bank (MD)0.60%$1k-$150Commercial 1 Year CD
Hudson City Savings Bank0.60%$500-$16313 Month CD
Security Bank (OK)0.60%$2k-$15012 Month CD
John Marshall Bank0.60%$500-$15012 Month CD
Astera Credit Union0.60%$500-$1501 Year CD
Communitywide Credit Union0.60%$2k-$15012 Month Share Certificate
Martinsville First Savings Bank0.60%$500-$1501 Year CD
Vantage Point Credit Union0.60%$1k-$15012 Month CD
Goldwater Bank0.55%$5k-$13812 Month CD - Out of State
American Express Bank, FSB.0.55%--$13812 Month CD
Apple Federal Credit Union0.55%$500-$13812 Month Share Certificate
Bank of Internet USA0.55%$1k-$13812 Month CD
Patriot Bank0.55%$1k-$14513-23 Month CD
Partners Financial Credit Union0.55%$10k-$1381 Year Share Certificate
Capital Educators Federal Credit Union0.55%*$25k-$14512 - 17 Month Share Certificate
Call Credit Union0.55%$1k-$13812 Month Share Certificate
Martinsville DuPont Credit Union0.55%$2,500-$1381 Year CD
Self-Help Credit Union0.55%$500-$13812 Month Standard CD
WashingtonFirst Bank0.55%$1k-$13812 Month CD
Virginia Credit Union, Inc.,0.55%*$500-$13812 Month CD
Money One Federal Credit Union0.54%*$10k-$1351 Year Share Savings Certificate
MainStreet Bank0.50%$500-$1251 Year CD
Chesapeake Bank0.50%$1k-$13613 Month CD
Sandy Spring Bank0.50%$10k-$13613 Month Business Premier Special
Air Force Federal Credit Union0.50%*$1k-$1251 Year CD
Clear Sky Accounts0.50%$5k-$13613 Month Clear Sky CD
Entrust Financial Credit Union0.50%$500-$12512 Month Certificate
Blue Ridge Bank0.50%$5k-$13613 Months Special CD
Marine Federal Credit Union0.50%$1k-$12512 Month Term Share Certificate
Aspire Federal Credit Union0.50%$500-$12512 Month eCertificate
Village Bank (VA)0.50%$500-$12512 Month Certificate
Northern Star Credit Union0.50%$1k-$12512 Month Share Certificate
Virginia Heritage Bank0.50%$500-$12512 Month CD
The Jacksonville Bank0.50%$1k-$13212 - 23 Month CD
Bank of the James0.50%$500-$12512 Month CD
Commonwealth One Credit Union0.50%$1k-$12512 Month Share Certificate
McGraw Hill Credit Union0.50%$10k-$12512 Month CD
Chain Bridge Bank, National Association0.50%$500$250k$13212 - 17 Month CD
Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company0.50%$500-$12512 Month CD
Franklin Federal Savings Bank0.50%$500-$1251 Year CD
NSWC Credit Union0.50%$500-$1251-Year Business Share Certificate
Salem Va Medical Center Credit Union0.50%$1k-$12512 Month CD
The Richmond Postal Credit Union In0.50%$500-$12512 Month CD
Peoples Advantage Credit Union0.50%$1k-$12512 Month CD
America's Credit Union 0.50%$500-$13213-16 Month Term Promotional Standard Share Certificate
Airbanking0.50%$500-$1251 Year CD
Cattaraugus County Bank0.49%$1k-$12312 Month Gold Club CD
University Of Va Community Credit Union0.45%$5k-$12213 Month Business CD
United Central Bank0.45%$1k-$11312 Month CD
Mountain America Credit Union0.45%$500-$11312 Month CD
Atlantic Coast Bank0.45%$1k-$113i12 Month iCertificates of Deposit
Chartway Federal Credit Union0.45%$10k-$11312 Month CD
Dupont Community Credit Union0.45%$500-$1131 Year CD
NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union0.45%$1k-$1131 Year CD
Justice Federal Credit Union0.45%*$500-$11312 Month Share Certificate w/ JNA Relationship
Webster Bank0.45%$1k-$12213 Month CD
Arlington Community Credit Union0.45%$500-$11312 Month Platinum Share Certificate
First Virginia Community Bank0.45%$1k-$113Business 12 Month CD
Freedom First Credit Union0.45%$500-$11312 Month Share Certificate
Sandia Laboratory Credit Union0.45%*$1k-$11812 - 23 Month CD
Virginia Community Bank0.45%$500-$11312 Month CD
First Technology Federal Credit Union0.45%$500-$11312 Month CD
Quantum National Bank0.42%$1k-$10512 Month Relationship CD
Affinity Credit Union0.40%$500-$100Business 12 Month Certificate
My Banking Direct0.40%$500-$11714 Month CD
Capital One 3600.40%--$100Business 12 Month CD
Lake Michigan Credit Union0.40%$500-$10012 Month VIP CD
Green Bank, National Association0.40%$1k$250k$1001 Year GO! CD
The Blue Grass Valley Bank0.40%$1k-$10012 Month CD
Benchmark Community Bank0.40%$500-$1001 Year Premium CD
First National Bank (VA)0.40%$500-$1001 Year CD
West Texas National Bank0.40%$1k-$1001 Year CD
Beacon Credit Union0.40%$500-$10012 Month Share Certificate
New Generations Federal Credit Union0.40%$1k-$1001 Year Share Certificate
Simplicity Bank0.40%$1k-$1001 Year to Less than 2 Year CD
First Sentinel Bank0.40%$500$50k$10012 Month CD
Central Virginia Credit Union0.40%--$10012 Month Preferred Certificate
Nma Credit Union0.40%$10k-$10012 Month Share Certificate
Virginia Partners Bank0.40%$1k-$10012 Month CD
New Horizon Bank, National Association0.40%$500-$10012 Month CD
StellarOne Bank0.40%$5k-$10913 Month Promo CD
Union First Market Bank0.40%$5k-$10913 Month CD Special
Citizens State Bank (FL)0.39%*$1k-$97.7712 Month CD
First Savings Bank Northwest0.36%$25k-$90.2512 Month CD
1St Advantage Credit Union0.36%$500-$90.2512 Month Share Certificate
The Capon Valley Bank0.35%$500-$87.7412 Month CD - Monthly
Zions Bank0.35%$1k-$87.501 Year Gold CD
Geauga Savings Bank0.35%$1k-$87.7412 Month CD
Access National Bank0.35%$10k-$10214 Month CD
Easthampton Savings Bank0.35%$1k-$87.7412 Month CD
Truliant Credit Union0.35%*$25k-$87.7412 Month Certificate
First and Citizens Bank0.35%$500-$87.7412 Month CD
Argent Credit Union0.35%$500-$94.9513 Month Certificate Special
Cardinal Bank0.32%$1k-$93.6114 Month CD
FNBO Direct0.31%$500$1m$77.7112 Month CD
Xenith Bank0.30%$500-$75.2112 Month CD
Amalgamated Bank0.30%$500$99k$75.001 Year USAVE Time Deposit
Community Bank of Pleasant Hill0.30%$500-$75.001 Year CD
Community Bank of Raymore0.30%$500-$75.001 Year CD
State Farm Bank0.30%*--$75.2112 Month CD
First National Community Bank (PA)0.30%$1k-$75.001 Year Add-On CD
First Trade Union Bank0.30%$500-$75.001 Year CD
Patelco Credit Union0.30%$1k-$78.9112 - 23 Month CD
North Country Savings Bank0.30%$500-$75.001 Year CD
National Bank of Kansas City0.30%--$78.9112 - 23 Month CD
Flagstar Bank0.30%$500-$78.9112 - 17 Month CD
Seacoast Commerce Bank0.30%$10k-$75.00Premium Certificate 1 Year
M&T Bank0.30%--$75.2112 Month Select Promo CD
JustBankIt.com0.30%$1k-$75.2112 Month CD
NexBank0.30%$10k-$75.2112 Month CD
Citizens Bank (TN)0.30%$2,500-$75.2112 Month CD
Bank SNB0.30%$10k-$75.2112 Month CD
First National Bank (LA)0.30%--$75.2112 Month CD
EagleBank0.30%$1k-$78.9112-17 Month CD
Highlands Union Bank0.30%$500-$75.2112 Month CD
Principal Bank0.30%$5k-$75.2112 Month CD
Farmers Bank (VA)0.30%$1k-$75.2112 Month Royal Express Relationship CD
United Southeast Credit Union0.30%$1k-$75.2112 Month CD
Virginia Commonwealth Bank0.30%$500-$75.2112 Month CD
The Middleburg Bank0.28%$10k-$70.001 Year CDARS
First Security Bank & Trust0.27%$2,500-$71.0212 - 23 Month CD
Eli Lilly Credit Union0.26%$1k-$65.001 Year CD
BankDirect0.25%$10k-$62.6712 Month Commercial CD
SunTrust Bank0.25%$2k-$62.6712 Month Banker Special Promotional CD
Front Royal Credit Union0.25%$500-$62.501 Year Share Certificate
ViewPoint Bank, National Association0.25%$1k-$62.6712 Month Regular CD
Bank of Blue Valley0.25%$500-$65.7612 - 17 Months CD
Univest Bank and Trust Co.0.25%$500-$62.501 Year 3D-CD
EVB0.25%$1k-$65.7613 - 23 Month CD
Farmers & Merchants Bank0.25%$1k-$62.6712 Month CD
Pinnacle Federal Credit Union0.25%$500-$62.6712 Month CD
Third Federal Savings and Loan (OH)0.25%$500-$62.6712 Month CD
Pendleton Community Bank0.25%$5k-$57.36Promo CD 11 Month Certificate of Deposit
Citizens Community Bank (VA)0.25%$500-$62.6712 Month CD
New Peoples Bank, Inc.0.25%$500-$62.6712 Month Certificate
Bank @LANTEC0.25%$500-$62.6712 Month CD
Bank of Botetourt0.25%$500-$62.501 Year Business CD
Credit Union Of New Jersey0.25%*$500-$62.501 Year Basic Share Certificate
The Bank of Southside Virginia0.25%$1k-$62.501 Year CD
Roanoke Valley Community Credit Union0.25%*$10k-$62.6712 Month CD
PortAlliance Credit Union0.25%$500-$62.6712 Month CD
Urban Partnership Bank0.25%*$500-$62.6712 Month CD
Heritage Bank0.23%$1k-$57.6612 Month CD
Partners 1St Credit Union0.23%$500-$57.6612 Month CD
InTouch Credit Union0.20%$1k$95k$50.14Business 12 Month CD
KeyBank0.20%$2,500$100k$50.1412 Month Tiered CD - Relationship
American Bank0.20%$500-$50.1412 Month CD
Citibank0.20%$1k-$50.001 Year CD
Newtown Savings Bank0.20%--$50.001 Year CD
INOVA Federal Credit Union0.20%$200-$58.5014 Month CD
Bronco Federal Credit Union0.20%$1k-$50.1412 Month Share Certificate
First Shore Federal Savings and Loan Association0.20%$500-$52.6113-17 Month CD
20Th Century Fox Credit Union0.20%$5k-$50.001 Year Certificate
PNC Bank, National Association0.20%*$25k-$50.1412 Month CD
Appalachian Community Credit Union0.20%$1k-$50.1412 Month Term Share Certificate
The Adirondack Trust Company0.20%$500-$50.001 Year CD
First Bank (VA)0.20%$500-$50.1412 Month CD
Great Lakes Credit Union0.20%$200-$50.00Right Start Share Certificate
1st Source Bank0.15%$500-$37.501 Year CD
Union Bank (San Francisco, CA)0.15%$350$100k$39.4512 - 17 Month CD
iGObanking0.15%$1k-$37.6012 Month iGOCD
South Division Credit Union0.15%$1k-$37.501 Year CD
Consumers Credit Union (IL)0.15%$250-$37.501 Year CD
Woodforest National Bank0.15%$500-$37.501 Year CD
Capital One Bank0.15%$1k-$37.501 Year CD
Bank of America0.12%$10k$25k$30.0812 Month Featured CD - Platinum Rate
US Bank (OH)0.10%$500$250k$25.07Business 12 Month CD
Amegy Bank0.10%$1k-$22.9411 Month Business CD
University Federal Credit Union0.10%$1k-$25.0712 Month Regular CD
Comerica Bank0.10%$1k-$25.001 Year Fixed Rate CD
The National Bank of Blacksburg0.10%$500-$25.0712 Month CD
HSBC0.05%$1k-$12.501 Year Plus 1 Day Telephone CD
Chase Manhattan Bank0.05%*$10k-$13.1512-14 Month CD - Relationship
Wells Fargo Bank0.05%$2,500-$12.501 Year CD
Fulton Bank, National Association0.05%$500-$12.5312 Month CD
Guardian Credit Union0.04%$500-$10.0312 Month Share Certificate
H&R Block Bank 0.03%$250-$7.5212 Month CD
Charles Schwab Bank0.03%$1k-$7.5212 Month CD