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About oXYGenFinancial

Ted left corporate America to follow his passion, and change the future of the financial services industry. With many of the major financial services firms focusing strictly on the baby boomer generation, Ted saw a need to build a firm that would cater to the personal financial advice needs of Generation X and Generation Y clients. Ted specializes in handling all financial advice,planning, and tax management needs for CEO's and business owners throughout the country.

Ted is originally from New Jersey, and currently resides in Milton, Georgia. Ted graduated from Boston College with a degree in Finance. Ted joined American Express Financial Advisors in 1991, and was promoted to district manager in 1994. He became one of the youngest Vice Presidents in 1997, developing the number one ranked office at American Express in Baltimore, and then became one of the youngest Group Vice Presidents in the history of American Express in 2000. He has won numerous awards including winning the outstanding leader of the year award in 2003 and 2004. He has been featured in many publications including "The Wall Street Journal," "Smart Money Magazine,", "AOL", "" and "Business Week."

Ted is committed to continuous education. He currently has all six designations with the college for financial planning including the Certified Financial Planner® practitioner, Accredited Wealth Manager AdvisorSM, Accredited Asset Management Specialist®, and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor®. Ted is featured on the popular segment, "Your Smart Money Moves" on Rock 100.5 FM The Regular Guys, as well as Mayhem In The A.M. on 790The Zone Sports Radio.

You can also visit the Your Smart Money Moves blog to catch all of his financial articles and money saving tips.

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