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18 Month IRA Rates Rates in New Jersey

Compare 18 month fixed IRA rates available in New Jersey. Rates on fixed rate IRAs can vary greatly between banks. That is why we check both national and local banks every day to provide you with a wide selection of 18 month IRA rates available in New Jersey. If we have missed a local bank in your area please contact us and let us know by using the email link at the bottom of this page

Bank or Credit UnionApyMinMaxEarnings
Northern Bank & Trust Company1.25%$500-$52420 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
GE Capital Retail Bank1.15%$2k-$36015 Month IRA CD Special (Traditional,Roth)
Pinnacle Federal Credit Union1.02%$500-$38518 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Discover Bank1.00%$2,500-$37718 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Hudson City Savings Bank1.00%$500-$37718 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP,CESA,SIMPLE)
Andrews Federal Credit Union1.00%$1k-$37718 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Salem Five1.00%$2k-$37718 Month IRA Special (Traditional,CESA,Roth,SEP)
McGraw Hill Credit Union1.00%$10k$250k$33516 Month IRA (w/ Direct Deposit to S3 Account)
Ally Bank0.94%--$354IRA High Yield 18-Month CD (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
First Internet Bank of IN0.90%--$33918 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Pen Air Credit Union0.90%$500-$33918 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP,CESA)
Alliant Credit Union0.90%$1k-$33618 - 23 Month Traditional IRA
Digital Credit Union0.85%$500-$31712 - 23 Month IRA Certificate - Relationship Rate (Traditional,Roth,SEP,SIMPLE)
Affinity Credit Union0.80%$500-$30118 Month IRA Certificate
OneWest Bank0.80%$1k-$30118 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
Geauga Savings Bank0.80%--$30118 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP,SIMPLE,CESA)
Belvoir Federal Credit Union0.75%$1k-$28318 Month IRA Share Certificate
First Trade Union Bank0.75%$500-$28318 Month Jump-Up IRA
EverBank0.70%$1,500-$2641.5 Year Yield Pledge IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Astera Credit Union0.70%$500-$26418 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Communitywide Credit Union0.70%$2k-$26418 Month IRA Share Certificate
Sandia Laboratory Credit Union0.70%*$2k-$26418 Month Bump Up IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Pacific Mercantile Bank0.70%$7,500-$26418 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Lake Michigan Credit Union0.70%$500-$21915 Month VIP IRA CD Special
Security Bank (OK)0.70%$2k-$26418 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Capital Educators Federal Credit Union0.60%*$25k-$22418 - 23 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,CESA,Roth,SEP)
Principal Bank0.60%$2,500-$22618 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Self-Help Credit Union0.55%--$20718 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Franklin Federal Savings Bank0.55%$500-$20718 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth)
Apple Federal Credit Union0.55%$500-$17215 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Patriot Bank0.55%$1k-$20513-23 Month IRA
The Jacksonville Bank0.50%$1k-$18712 - 23 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Justice Federal Credit Union0.50%*$500-$18818 Month IRA Certificate w/ JNA Relationship (Traditional,Roth)
Mountain America Credit Union0.50%$500-$18818 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
America's Credit Union 0.45%$500$100k$16812-23 Month IRA Certificate Account (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Easthampton Savings Bank0.40%$500-$15118 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Capital One 3600.40%--$15118 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Bank SNB0.35%$10k-$13218 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
ViewPoint Bank, National Association0.35%$1k-$13218 Month IRA (Traditional,SEP,Roth)
Univest Bank and Trust Co.0.35%--$13218 Month Fixed IRA (Traditional,Roth)
First National Community Bank (PA)0.35%$1k-$13218 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
Third Federal Savings and Loan (OH)0.35%$100-$13218 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
North American Savings Bank0.35%$10k-$13112 - 23 Month IRA with Checking (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Credit Union Of New Jersey0.30%*$500-$11318 Month Basic IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Bank of Blue Valley0.30%$500-$11218 - 23 Months IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
Patelco Credit Union0.30%$500-$11212 - 23 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
North Country Savings Bank0.30%$500-$11318 Month IRA
National Bank of Kansas City0.30%--$11212 - 23 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Newtown Savings Bank0.30%--$11318 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Urban Partnership Bank0.30%$500-$11318 Month IRA
First Security Bank & Trust0.27%$2,500-$10112 - 23 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
Chase Manhattan Bank0.25%*$10k-$93.2118-20 Month IRA - Relationship (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
BankDirect0.25%$1k-$94.0718 Month IRA CD (Traditional,Roth)
Citibank0.25%$1k-$94.0718 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Community Bank of Pleasant Hill0.25%$5k-$78.2815 Months Rate Watcher IRA
American Bank0.20%$250-$75.2418 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Union Bank (San Francisco, CA)0.20%$500-$75.2418 Month Variable Rate IRA Time Deposit (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Consumers Credit Union (IL)0.20%$250-$83.6220 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
iGObanking0.15%$1k-$46.9615 Month iGOIRA (Traditional,Roth)
Amegy Bank0.10%$250-$37.6118 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Bank of America0.07%$1k-$26.0918 - 23 Month IRA - Platinum Rate (Traditional,Roth)
H&R Block Bank 0.03%$250-$11.2818 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)