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Bank or Credit UnionApyMinMax1yr Est.
Marine Federal Credit Union3.00%-$25k$300Deployment Club Share
Hanscom Credit Union3.00%--$300CU Thrive
Wilshire Bank2.28%$1k-$22836 Month Rainbow Savings w/ Automatic Transfer from a WSB Deposit Account
Union First Market Bank2.25%$10k-$225CollegeWealth Account
Merck Employees Credit Union2.14%$200-$214IRA Account
Apple Federal Credit Union2.00%--$200Education Super Saver
Pfd Firefighters Credit Union Inc.2.00%--$200Roth IRA
America's Credit Union 1.51%-$12k$151Performance Saver
FME Credit Union1.51%--$151High-Yield Payroll Savings IRA Traditional (under the age of 50)
Connexus Credit Union1.50%$10k-$150IRA Supreme Account w/Active Checking
Valley Industrial Credit Union1.46%--$146IRA Savings Account
Augusta Health Care Credit Union1.26%--$126IRA Savings Account
Lee Bank1.25%-$15k$125CACHESaver
First Security Bank & Trust1.23%-$10k$123Kasasa Saver
The Blue Grass Valley Bank1.15%$100-$115Blue Grass Retirement Account
Money One Federal Credit Union1.01%-$10k$101Kasasa Saver
Danville City Employees Credit Union1.01%--$101IRA Share
Central Virginia Credit Union1.01%--$101Coverdell Education Savings Account
SFGI Direct1.01%$500-$101SFGI Direct Savings Account
RiverLand Credit Union1.00%$100-$100Money Market Roth IRA
Agriculture Federal Credit Union1.00%--$100Better Way Savings
United Services CU (NC)1.00%--$100Traditional IRA Savings
PortAlliance Credit Union1.00%*$10k-$100IRA Account
U S Postal Service Credit Union1.00%--$100Regular IRA Savings
Salem Five Direct1.00%-$500k$100eOne Savings - New Customers Only
GE Capital Retail Bank0.95%--$95.00High Yield Savings
Barclays0.95%--$95.00Dream Account
Prime Care Incorporated Credit Union0.95%--$95.00IRA Share
First Trade Union Bank0.95%$2,500-$95.00FT High-Yield Savings
Beacon Credit Union0.95%--$95.00IRA
Incredible Bank0.95%$2,500$250k$95.00Incredible Money Market
GE Capital Bank0.90%-$1m$90.00Online Savings
CIT Bank0.90%*$100-$90.00CIT Savings
Bank5 Connect0.90%$100-$90.00Bank5 Connect Savings
Redneck Bank0.90%-$35k$90.00Mega Money Market Account
Evantage Bank0.90%-$35k$90.00Mega Money Market Account
AmericaNet Bank0.90%-$35k$90.00Mega Money Market
Union Federal Savings Bank 0.90%--$90.00Money Market
Sallie Mae Bank0.90%--$90.00Money Market
Palladian Private Bank0.90%$10k-$90.00Savings Account
Virginia Heritage Bank0.90%--$90.00IRA Savings Account
Ally Bank0.87%--$87.00IRA Online Savings Account
EverBank0.86%-$50k$102Yield Pledge Money Market - First Time Client (1st Yr)
Mutual of Omaha Bank0.85%$5k$500k$85.00Online Money Market
FNBO Direct0.85%-$1m$85.00Online Savings
Discover Bank0.85%$500-$85.00Discover Bank Online Savings
Vantage Point Credit Union0.85%$5k-$85.00IRA Shares
Colorado Federal Savings Bank0.85%$2,500-$85.00Online Savings Account
American Express Bank, FSB.0.80%--$80.00High Yield Savings Account
ableBanking0.80%$250-$80.00Money Market Savings
First NRV Federal Credit Union0.80%--$80.00IRA
First Internet Bank of IN0.80%--$80.00Money Market Savings
Garden Savings Federal Credit Union0.80%*--$80.00Roth IRA Accumulator
AmTrustDirect0.80%$5k$100m$80.00Earn>More Money Market Account
State Farm Credit Union0.80%--$80.00Share Savings Account
My Banking Direct0.80%$5k-$80.00Earn >More Money Market
Capital One 3600.75%--$75.00360 Savings Account
Bank of Internet USA0.75%--$75.00Money Market Savings
Cattaraugus County Bank0.75%$100-$75.00Individual Retirement Account
Piedmont Credit Union0.75%$50-$75.00Roth IRA Share Account
Norfolk Fire Department Credit Union0.75%$50-$75.00IRA Account
Capital One Bank0.75%--$75.00Smart Savings
Northern Star Credit Union0.75%$250-$75.00IRA Share Account
Capital Educators Federal Credit Union0.75%--$75.00IRA Savings (59 1/2) Traditional
HEW Credit Union0.75%$3,500-$75.00IRA Variable Rate Share
NewDominion Bank0.70%$10k-$70.00NDB Money Market
Alliant Credit Union0.70%--$70.00Savings
Clear Sky Accounts0.70%-$250k$70.00Clear Sky Savings
Heartland Bank Direct0.70%--$70.00Online Savings Account
Nationwide Bank0.66%--$66.00Money Market
Amboy Direct0.65%$3k$100k$65.00Personal eSavings Account
OneUnited Bank0.60%*$1k-$60.00UNITY Gold E-Money Market
Lake Michigan Credit Union0.60%--$60.00IRA Money Market Savings
URW Community Credit Union0.60%*$2,500-$60.00Money Markets
Navy Federal Credit Union0.60%--$60.00SaveFirst Account
Bank X0.60%--$60.00X Savings
AloStar Bank of Commerce0.60%$1k-$60.00Money Market
Celco Credit Union0.60%--$60.00IRA Savings
Railroad & Industrial Credit Union0.60%--$60.00IRA Share Savings
Call Credit Union0.60%--$60.00IRA Account
Self-Help Credit Union0.55%--$55.00Roth IRA Savings
Urban Trust Bank0.55%*$10k-$55.00Urban Select Money Market
Napus Credit Union0.55%*$10k-$55.00Money Market Account
Martinsville First Savings Bank0.55%$1k-$55.00Money Market Account
Savings Square0.55%--$55.00Square Savings Account
DollarSavingsDirect0.55%$1k-$55.00Dollar Savings Account
Santander Bank, N.A0.55%*$10k-$55.00Premier Money Market Savings
Aspire Federal Credit Union0.51%-$10k$51.00Kasasa Saver
Zions Bank0.50%$2,500-$50.00Internet Money Market w/ Relationship
OneWest Bank0.50%*$10k-$50.00Premium Money Market IRA
State Department Federal Credit Union0.50%--$50.00Roth IRA Share
Blue Ridge Bank0.50%-$25k$50.00Kasasa Saver
Presidential Bank (MD)0.50%-$35k$50.00Premier Savings
Giantbank.com0.50%*$1k-$50.00Giant Money Market
Chesapeake Bank0.50%--$50.00Christmas Club Rate
BankFirst Financial Services0.50%-$50k$50.00Kasasa Saver
Southwest Financial Credit Union0.50%$100-$50.00IRA Savings
Northwest Federal Credit Union0.50%--$50.00Share Roth IRA
Signal Financial Credit Union0.50%$2k-$50.00IRA Share Account
Suffolk, Va City Employees Credit Union0.50%$100-$50.00Roth IRA