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Installment Savings Accounts

Installment savings accounts and club accounts have defined maturities. Regular deposits are usually required with a preset date to withdraw the funds. They are used for saving for special occasions such as holidays or vacations.

Bank or Credit UnionApyMinMax1yr Est.
Wilshire Bank2.28%$1k-$70.1736 Month Rainbow Savings w/ Automatic Transfer from a WSB Deposit Account
America's Credit Union 1.51%-$12k$15.10Performance Saver
Lake Michigan Credit Union1.00%-$1k$10.00Kids Club Savings
Capital Educators Federal Credit Union1.00%-$2,500$10.00Christmas Club Savings
Barclays0.95%--$9.50Dream Account
Pen Air Credit Union0.50%$25-$5.00Christmas Club
Franklin Federal Savings Bank0.40%*$1k-$4.00Kids Count Club
NewDominion Bank0.35%--$3.50Holiday Saver
National Bank of Kansas City0.30%--$3.00Christmas Club Savings Account
Apple Federal Credit Union0.25%--$2.50Holiday Club
Connexus Credit Union0.25%--$2.50Holiday Club Account
Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union0.25%$100-$2.50Holiday Club
Simplicity Bank0.25%--$2.50Holiday Club
Northwest Federal Credit Union0.25%--$2.50Holiday Club
Consumers Credit Union (IL)0.25%--$2.50Christmas Club Savings
Self-Help Credit Union0.25%--$2.50Club Accounts
Atlantic Coast Bank0.20%--$2.00iVacation Club
Hudson City Savings Bank0.15%--$1.50Holiday Club
Astera Credit Union0.15%$100-$1.50Star Saver
Cattaraugus County Bank0.15%--$1.50CCB Christmas Club
Air Force Federal Credit Union0.10%--$1.00Christmas Club
Justice Federal Credit Union0.10%*--$1.00Savers Club
McGraw Hill Credit Union0.10%--$1.00Traditional Holiday Club
The Farmers Bank0.10%--$1.00Christmas Club Account
First National Community Bank (PA)0.10%--$1.00Holiday Club w/Autodraft
North Country Savings Bank0.10%--$1.00Christmas Club
Belvoir Federal Credit Union0.05%$50-$0.50Club
Patelco Credit Union0.05%$20-$0.50Holiday Club
20Th Century Fox Credit Union0.05%*$1k-$0.50Holiday Club
Xceed Financial Credit Union0.05%$100-$0.50Club Accounts
First Trade Union Bank0.05%$50-$0.50Holiday Club
Newtown Savings Bank0.05%--$0.50Christmas Club
Pinnacle Federal Credit Union0.05%$100-$0.50Vacation Club
Digital Credit Union0.05%$20-$0.50Holiday Club
Aspire Federal Credit Union0.05%--$0.50Holiday Club
Credit Union Of New Jersey0.05%--$0.50Holiday Club
Pacific Community Credit Union0.05%$100-$0.50Holiday Club
Univest Bank and Trust Co.0.05%--$0.50Club Accounts
Webster Bank0.02%--$0.20Holiday Club Savings
South Division Credit Union0.01%*$50-$0.10Club Savings
US Bank (OH)0.01%--$0.10Star Savers Club