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Capital One Business Checking Promotion with a $250 Bonus - Branch Only
Capital One Bank

Capital One is again offering a nice bonus for new business checking accounts. It’s not as nice as last year’s bonus, but it’s still a good deal. The current bonus is $250, and it’s scheduled to last until 4/30/2014. If it’s like past promotions, Capital One will probably extend it. The promotion requires a branch visit (see below for branch locations).

Here’s the link to the promotion at, and here’s a summary of what’s required to earn the $250 bonus:

  • Show this offer to a banker when you open your new...
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PNC’s New Account Bonuses of up to $400 in Several States

PNC Bank has some new promotions for its Virtual Wallet accounts. If you live in one of the qualifying states, you can earn up to $400 in bonuses. This is a big increase from its past promotions. You still have to be careful to avoid monthly service charges.

Here’s the link to PNC’s $400 promotion page. The offer is scheduled to end on 8/29/2014 5/31/2014. You can open the account online or choose to have them email you a coupon to take to a branch. There are three levels of bonuses....

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$150 Checking Account Bonus in Several States at First Citizens Bank
First Citizens Bank (NC)

Unlike most checking account promotions, this one at First Citizens Bank doesn’t require direct deposit. There are other ways to qualify for the bonus without direct deposit. On the downside, it’s similar to most checking account promotions in that the qualifying checking accounts have potential monthly service fees. If you’re careful, this promotion can be a good deal. Here’s the link to the bank’s promotion page.

To receive the $150 bonus, you’ll need to open either a new Premier or Prestige checking account with a new debit card by April 30,...

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Top Long-Term CD Rates Continue at Franklin Federal Savings Bank
Franklin Federal Savings Bank

Franklin Federal Savings Bank in Virginia continues to offer top rates on its long-term CDs. The highest rate is a 7-year CD which has a 2.73% APY. Minimum deposit is $500, and it’s also available as an IRA certificate. Below is list of all of the bank’s competitive long-term CD rates. These are listed on the bank’s certificates rate sheet as of 3/14/2014.

  • 2.73% APY 7-year CD and IRA CD
  • 2.42% APY 6-year CD and IRA CD
  • 2.02% APY 5-year CD and IRA CD
  • 1.51% APY 4-year CD and IRA CD

The rates for the...

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M&T Bank’s $100 Checking Account Bonus in Some States
M&T Bank

M&T Bank has long been offering promotions for its MyChoice Checking account. In the latest one you can earn a $100 cash bonus for opening the MyChoice Checking Account and setting up direct deposit. The promotion is scheduled to last until 6/27/2014. Please refer to the bank’s promotions page for the full details.

The offer’s small print has the details about the direct deposit requirements and what qualifies as direct deposit:

MyChoice Checking is not a free checking account. According to the MyChoice Checking page, there's a $6.95 monthly fee unless you...

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CD Specials with Top Rates at ABNB FCU in Virginia
ABNB Credit Union

I’m seeing a few more CD specials with competitive rates. A recent one is the CD specials at ABNB Federal Credit Union in Virginia. It’s offering five CD specials. The three best deals are the 2.60% APY 63-month CD, the 1.60% APY 39-month CD and the 1.10% APY 15-month CD. These require a minimum deposit of $100,000. For a $20,000 minimum deposit, the rates drop by 5 basis points for the 63-month and 39-month CD. The rate is 10 basis points lower for the 15-month CD special. The rates...

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BB&T $125 Checking Account Bonus That Doesn’t Require Direct Deposit

BB&T has brought back its $125 checking account promotion. Like the one last year, you can qualify for the bonus without direct deposit. That’s rare these days. The one downside remains the same. All of BB&T's checking accounts have potential monthly service fees. So if you open the checking account for the bonus, you have to make sure to avoid the fees.

To qualify for the $125 bonus, customers must open a BB&T checking account and either 1) use online bill pay for 3 bill payments with a minimum payment of...

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PNC’s $200 Checking Account Bonus in Several States

PNC Bank has started to offer a $200 checking account bonus. This is an upgrade to the bank’s usual $150 bonus. You still have to be careful to avoid monthly service charges. Here’s the link to PNC’s promotion page. The offer is scheduled to end on 2/28/2014. You can open the account online or choose to have them email you a coupon to take to a branch. Here's a summary of the requirements to qualify for the bonus:

  • Open a Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend online or at a branch using...
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PenFed CD Rates Going Down for New CDs in February
Pentagon Federal Credit Union

PenFed will be lowering most of its CD rates in February. This isn’t official since these rates are not yet posted on PenFed’s website. I learned of these rates from a PenFed customer service representative in a phone call this morning. Near the end of the month PenFed’s board of directors approves the CD rates for the next month. Once they’re approved, the CSRs are typically notified of these new rates by an internal email. Thanks to DA reader Lou for first reporting on this news in the forum.

One important...

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Update on Early Withdrawals from PenFed IRA CDs
Pentagon Federal Credit Union

PenFed IRA certificates have some nice features, but a reader has recently found out that they’re not as nice as you might think. We have long known that PenFed allows penalty-free partial withdrawals of IRA CDs when the owner has reached 59 ½ . However, there are limitations on the partial withdrawals. First, here’s what is stated in PenFed’s IRA Application Booklet:

Not only are partial withdrawals allowed, but there is no penalty "if the owner has reached age 59½ and takes a partial withdrawal." That is one of four early...

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Four Important Points about PenFed’s CDs and IRA CDs
Pentagon Federal Credit Union

I’m glad to see PenFed is still offering the very high CD rates. When I first reported on these on December 1st, I was concerned that they may not last through December. As I mentioned, PenFed no longer guarantees the CD rates will last for the entire month. However, I can’t remember a time when PenFed lowered CD rates before the end of the month. In addition, I see PenFed has a rotating banner on its home page advertising the 3.04% 5-year CD, and that banner says "your gift for...

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PenFed Comes Through With New Top CD Rates
Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Those 3% rumors turned out to be true. PenFed is now officially offering a 5-year and a 7-year CD with a 3.04% APY. The rates are listed at PenFed’s certificates overview page as of 12/01/2013. Thanks to the readers who reported on these early. There’s also good news for those who prefer shorter terms. PenFed’s 4-year CD rate increased to 2.22% APY, and the 2-year CD rate increased to 1.41% APY. PenFed’s 3-year CD still has a very competitive 2.02% APY. Below is a summary of the new December rates...

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