6.00% 15-Month CD at a Connecticut CU - IRA (Achieve Financial)


Achieve Financial Credit Union is offering a 6.00% APY 15-month IRA certificate. The minimum deposit is $500.

Field of membership seems to be primarily based on Select Employer Groups associated with hospitals and schools in Central Connecticut. Contact the credit union for more details. A minimum $25 deposit in a Prime Savings Account is required for membership.

Branches are located in Berlin, Meriden, and New Britain, CT. The credit union is federally insured by the NCUA (this page seems to have an old URL). It has $87.6 million in assets and 14,654 members.
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5% 15-Month CD at a Connecticut CU
The Achieve Financial Credit Union is offering a 5% APY 15-month CD with a $2.5K minimum deposit requirement. You may also get an extra 0.25% on the certificate of deposit if you're an Achieve Advantage Member. I wasn't able to find out what this requires.

The field of membership includes students and employees of schools in several areas of Connecticut. It also includes employees of several Connecticut hospitals.

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