5.65% 15-Month CD at an Ohio Bank (The Grange Bank)


The Grange Bank is offering a special 5.65% APY 15-month certificate of deposit. The minimum is $1,000, and it requires money new to the bank. There's also a 5.55% APY 9-month CD with the same minimum deposit.

The bank is located in Columbus, Ohio. The website doesn't mention if the CD can be opened by mail. They do have a toll free number: (800) 270-8062.

The bank has been FDIC insured since 1999.
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Girl! You be kiddin me!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #2
I spoke with a bank CSR this morning. This deal is available to out-of-state depositors. There is no paper application; the account is opened by phone. APR is 5.5%. Option of monthly payment of interest is available by check or ACH transfer.
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sounds like nothing special.
instoremarketer (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #4
When I first saw that post, I thought it said "Garage Bank" - now that would be a cool name for a bank!
Banking Guy
Banking Guy (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #5
Yes, the name is a little strange.

Anonymous, thanks for calling and checking on this. Glad to see they're accepting out-of-state deposits by phone. I hope this can last.

It's not a great rate, but it's better than what's listed at Bankrate.