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7001 North Oak Street
Gladstone, MO 64118

First Bank of Missouri is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution Security Bank of Kansas City.

Reviews (1)

Discrimination Against Pregnant Women

Posted by: Franklin | Jul 15, 2014

My wife is pregnant and was working there. She was having a hard time because her pregnancy has not been easy. They would accuse her of not doing her job because she had to use the restroom a lot. She would tell them how stressed she was from doing more work then she interviewed for and they would tell her she is doing a great job. Other employees wouldn't answer the phones or help customers. I was a witness to her hard work while the other employees would do nothing. Kathy Briggs in HR would tell her to stick it out if she could and they would find her another position. A part time position came available that would have been perfect for her because she knows everything about this job and less stress on her pregnancy. My wife immediately asked for this position. The next day Kathy in HR told her that she was not aloud to have that part time position. She asked why. Kathy told her that she was away from her desk a lot. My wife was new. She was not away from her desk for any social gatherings. She told them she has to use the restroom frequently because of a painful bladder syndrome. She was early in her pregnancy and did not feel comfortable telling about the pregnancy. The presidents Secretary Connie Meyers then asked for a doctors not. Then Kathy said that she was told by Connie that my wife does not like her job. My wife spoke up and said, "that's not true, I like my job I'm just stressed because there is a lot more that I have to do then what was told to me in the interview." Later that day my wife confronted her boss Beverly Baker and told her she felt like they wanted her to quit or stay in a position that is not working for her. Beverly said, "we hired you for this position and this is the job you will do. She also said, "do you think you are going to quit and be a stay at home mom, you are not even pregnant yet". My wife said she would be willing to stay and it would be easy to stay and do this job if she could make more money. Beverly said she could never make any more money then what she's making at any other bank. My wife was so upset she became ill the next day. She is lucky she didn't loose our baby. My wife goes in the next day and is still ill but she gets threw with no problems. The next morning she goes into work everything is fine she's doing a great job and the President of the bank Ken Hollander wants to speak with her. He told her that she needs to change her attitude or quit. She was so shocked she couldn't even say anything. She had never been told that she even had an attitude problem. She gave up and said she has another job and she will put in her two weeks thinking in her mind she had all these questions she just couldn't get up the nerve to ask. Ken Hollander told her she could be done that day. She printed out a two week notice. She could not find this notice because they already took it and never wanted her to sign. There were no procedures done on her exit out of the bank. Once again we are lucky we did not loose our baby. My wife then went to ask to be terminated so she could keep health benefits going and Ken Hollander said he would do that and to go talk to Kathy in HR. Kathy was not there at the time. My wife received a call later from Kathy. Kathy told my wife she would not honor Ken Hollander and that they took her two weeks notice from the printer. Kathy said they did not need a signature on the two week notice. My wife told Kathy that everything they did to her was mishandled and things that had been said to her were wrong. All my wife wants is it to be fair. They should honor the termination. This is the story of how these unethical people run The First Bank of Missouri.


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