GE Money Savings Account Now 5.05% for $15K+ Balances


GE Money raisied the rate of its online savings account to 5.05% APY for balances of $15K and over. For balances between $4K and $15K, the rate remains the same at 4.50% APY. Balances below $4K earn 1.75%. Even though this is less than other savings accounts which have no rate tiers, GE Money does have a $25 signup bonus. The competitive interest rate makes this bonus a little more appealing.

For the $25 signup bonus, the promo code RSF126L still seems to be valid. Just enter this code into the right box on the GE Money Savings page.

As I mentioned in this previous post, you have to maintain a minimum balance of $500 for the first 30 days after your account is opened to qualify for the bonus. The $25 bonus will be provided 30 days after eligibility requirements are met. From my call last May with the CSR, I was told there is no hard credit pull.

Thanks to the reader who mentioned this new rate in the finding deals post.
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Average daily balance for $25 promo is now $4000 for the first 30 days and not $500 as was previously listed with the codes mentioned in this and prior post(s).
Banking Guy
Banking Guy (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #2
This account is no longer available to new customers:

From their website:

We are no longer accepting new enrollments for GE Money Savings accounts. Existing customers can continue to access their accounts from the "Log In" button above.
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GE Money sucks! They didn't send me my first statement so I didn't know my due balance or due date. Then they called me to make me pay over the phone and charged my account $10. I gave out my bank account number as well as routing number correctly (the lady even repeated all the information again to confirm) and my account was charged $39 because "your check does not go thru or you gave the wrong information", said the representative guy. Once again they called me to make me pay for the amount due and ended up charged me another $10 as credit card transfer fee. Do not go to Gemoney. Such a cheating company!
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GE has a no-minimum online savings account with a $25 signup bonus. This savings account is new to me. The interest rates are not really competitive: 3.80% APY for balances over $4K, 1.75% APY for balances under $4K. But like ING Direct, there are no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees. It can be set up just like an ING Direct account by linking it to an external checking account and the application can be done online.

Since this is new to me, I checked it out at the FDIC's bank...

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