CD Specials at Hillcrest Bank


Hillcrest Bank has two decent CD specials: a 4.05% APY 10-Month CD and a 4.50% APY 18-Month CD. Both only require a minimum deposit of $1K.

Hillcrest Bank also has some competitive money market account rates. Its Index Money Market has a maximum rate of 4.13% which is even higher than Presidential Bank's 4.12%. However, for this rate to apply requires a balance of over $500K (not exactly a low balance :-). However, the rates are still pretty good for reasonable balances. For balances between $10K and $25K the rate is 3.25% APY. For $25K to $50K, the rate goes up to 3.51%.

The bank also is offering a free gift for opening one of its checking accounts. Unfortunately, the gift isn't cash.

Hillcrest Bank is based in Kansas. It also has branches in Kansas City, Independence, and other cities in Missouri.