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645 Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101

National Penn Bank is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution BB&T.

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Reviews (5)

Horrible Customer Service!

The people in the banks themselves are great, but if you ever have to call the customer service phone number BEWARE! These people obviously hate their job and they will take it out on you. I've had to call the link twice for my credit card and it took me over a year to cancel my secured card as the reps told me they had cancelled it and didn't bother to actually do it and so I was being charged all kinds of fees for a card that was supposed to be cancelled. I still haven't received my $300 refund check after 2.5 months.

I've had to call the support line as well for my online banking account which also took many months just to set up as the website kept locking me out of the account. I finally got it set up and i am STILL getting locked out of the account!! I called the support line several times and got hung up on EVERY SINGLE TIME. I was nice and spoke kindly to everyone but they either hung up immediately, snapped at me when I was in the middle of explaining my issue and then hung up, or rambled on in gibberish for a few mins and then hung up. There is no other way to get support. I tried the email option, but they only told me to call the line again. I told them about my issue with calling and they just continued to repeat "call the support line" over and over and over without actually reading my emails and then eventually just stopped responding all together. I tried calling again only to be hung up on AGAIN! I just want to be allowed into my account. I have no idea why I was locked out in the first place!

Heavy Handed To Put It Mildly

Posted by: zalidog | May 27, 2013

Avoid this bank, they will hurt you.  During the downturn they used very heavy handed tactics to force their best customers to payoffs.  They brought in near goons from northern Ner Jersey with no connection to the local markets and recommended loan sharks as a way to pay them off.  Many small to medium size businessmen were really hurt by these irresponsible banking practices and I would never recommend them to anyone!


Posted by: mrm70757 | Jun 9, 2012

National Penn has, over the past two years, improved their financial reports greatly. However, they improved their numbers by sacrificing customer quality. They preach local is better, but they only care about their big business accounts. If you're a person who is struggling do not expect any help, or lenience from any of their branches. They treat employees horribly also. They fire good employees over 15 cents, and refuse to take into consideration the employees opinions. National Penn demands much more of their employees then they give back to them. The only thing National Penn Bank and its affiliate banks care about is posting a good balance sheet and financial reports. If you, as an average person, are looking for a new bank DO NOT pick National Penn Bank. 

Terrible Bank!!

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 19, 2011

This bank is horrible. There are always so many changes in policies. In 4 years, they changed my ATM card three times. The new card was sent in a blank envelope and was unexpected. Yes, it may have been irresponsible of me not to open the mail to check, but two of the three times they changed it, I didn't know until after I called the Customer Service number to ask why my card was declined. The first time it was changed, I never received the card in the mail. I had automatic payments through my Debit Card, which were declined that month as well, giving me late fees. Then I had to wait for a week to get the new card in the mail and I was stuck with a card that was not working, even though the expiration date was more than a year later. Also, customers of this bank are no longer allowed to choose their PIN. It is assigned to you. Too many changes, too often. The third time this happened, I decided to just change banks since I had to call my insurance company, cell phone company, and TV provider with updated payment information. The convenience of the bank being in grocery stores and being open on Sundays is not worth the hassle of all the changes.

Heavy Handed Collections/ There Is Good Times Dump You In Bad


I have been a large National Penn Bank Borrower for over 12 years, always paying perfectly. In good times they lent money always talking and advertising about the relationship. As soon as things got tight in this economy they started there very heavy handed collections threatening default unless we paid them down and off. We paid them down by Millions, all the time using legal threats and very heavy handed tactics, not sure even if they were legal or not. They are there in good times, but when you need them to work with you, they dump you. Squeezing the life of you. They took TARP money to help the people not kill them.....



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Sorry, but we do not have location data for National Penn Bank. Its headquarters is located at 645 Hamilton Street - Allentown, PA 18101