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Worst Bank Ever

I would never recommend BB&T to anyone looking for a bank.... overdraft fees are set up to keep you in the negative. It takes several days for transactions to post so you literally have to dig your way out of excessive fees that are constantly applied. unsatisfied former customer

Bank With No Common Sense Or Logic

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After depositing a check of closed account they block my checking account for 2 weeks for my safety, even when I contact them and explain the situation with the check and that I was given a replacement and was directly deposited in the account again , they continued having my account blocked and online banking access , in the meantime automatic payments were hitting a wall and I had no way to actually transfer funds to the other account that was going zero and for $3 I've had to pay $ 36 overdraft protection ,

Please Do Your Self A Favor, And Bank Literally Anywhere Else!

The overdraft policies they have in place are set to screw you over. Everything takes forever to post and if you overdraft, they will charge you over and over again until you bank is hundreds of dollars in the negative. When you call them, they won't do anything to help you! AVOID THIS BANK AT ALL COSTS IF YOU LIVE PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK. Because they LOVE to take money from the people who struggle enough as it is! Thank you BBT, you ruined my vacation!!

I would trust my money being left with a Nigerian prince over BBT!!!!

Wait Time For Pending Charges

It takes forever for charges to post and by time they do you'll be in the negative just so they can charge you overdraft fees. It shouldn't take a week for pending charges to post.


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"Mark up error" That's what I was told (had to call into the online people to find out where was my $220 cash deposit I made through the drive-up the day before) When my cash deposit was NOT in my account!! After waiting he says its a "Mark up error my deposit was never finalized" ( but I have a receipt)
He said "Just go back to the branch and step inside
and tell them" HOLD ON I have to go back to the branch and tell them my deposit isn't in my account from the previous day because of some markup error
as the result of the "Mark up error" I was charged $36
overdraft fee (account wasn't negative) he goes on to say "Oh see if they can do something about the Overdraft" WHAT!! ....this bank is Pathetic PERIOD! ...I'm done with this bank

$50 Charge To Close Your Account

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This week four IRA CDs that I held at BB&T matured. I found a local bank offering better rates for this money. When I first went to BB&T to "rollover" this money, they told me that I could do that with only one of the accounts. The other three would be withdrawls that I would have to pay taxes on, being added to my annual income. I wanted to keep IRAs.

I was astonished, so I went to the other bank, Orrstown, to verify this. There I was told that such transactions were actually called "transfers", that could be made without penalty. Orrstown began the processs, giving me the proper forms to take back to BB&T. When I returned to BB&T, they did acknowledge that I had the corrrect information and forms from Orrstown, but I had to pay $50 to BB&T to accomplish this. Before opening an account at BB&T, or anywhere else, ask lots of questions!

Horrible Bank

I originally had a fraud action and they sent me a new card.They lost the card.They charged me for the card they lost then didn't send me another card for well over a month when it was suppose to be 7-10 business days then charged me twice for the cards they sent out to me even though they lost the 1st card refused me access to my account unless the bank was opened and as a nurse especially working in the ER its not easy to make it in between the hours they have available. Thiefs

Worst. Bank. Ever

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Worst. Bank. Ever. I have three accounts with this bank but can't use either of them. Immediately after I opened my accounts I downloaded the mobile apps, as was recommended by the online banking splash screen after successfully creating my accounts, to use on my smart devices. BBT flagged this activity as fraud and not only locked me out of my accounts but forced me to have to reset my password at a local branch. The next day I went into the bank to fund my accounts, so I got them unlocked at the same time. Later that day I transferred $100 dollars into a linked external bank account. BBT locked me out of my accounts again, this time claiming I need to go to the bank with 2-forms of ID and beg their fraud department to let me use my accounts. I refused. So within 24 hours of opening my accounts, I was locked out of them twice; once for using mobile apps and again for transferring funds to a verified linked account. Apparently, activities that other banks consider normal usage is considered fraudulent at BBT. Also, know that If you work during their normal business hours and have to send someone else to the bank to deposit money for you BBT will not process this deposit as they consider it too fraudulent. I have to use prepaid cards and expensive check cashing services because the 3 bank accounts I have with BBT are unusable for me. I absolutely HATE this bank!

BB&T I Love You

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Thanks BB&T for being an awesome banking experience i have reffered many people to open an account with yall!!!!!! I switched from an aweful bank named woodforest im sure some have heard of this terrible bank ! Anyways long story short im happy now

Terrible Customer Service

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The worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Took weeks to close a simple personal checking account because of incompetence. The customer service reps were rude and not helpful in the least. Stupid fees everytime you turn around. The worst option in the Carolinas. Use ANY bank but BB&T.

Bad Bad Bad Bank

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Do not open an account with BB&T, it is a predatory bank that goes out of its way to charge its customers as many fees as it can. They still do thing that most other major banks have stopped doing due to major complaints and legal action. Here are a few examples of the shady practices they use.

They post Charges to your account before they post cash deposits. What this means is if you deposit $100.00 in cash on the same day a Debit come through, they will post the debit first then the deposit so if the debit causes your account to go negative, they can charge you a $36.00 overdraft fee.

They post item largest to smallest. What that means is if you have 5 items that post on the same day and you have enough to cover 4 items, they will post the largest items first, so they can bounce as many items as possible, so they can charge multiple $36.00 overdraft fees.

They Put Transfer from places like Zelle or eBay under pending so they can post the debits you have first and then charge the $36.00 overdraft fee even thought the money was transferred in the account before the debit shows.

They do show accurate up to date information on charges made with your debit card to get you to overdraft, so they can charge $36.00 fee

They charge $36.00 for every Overdraft, this is one of the highest fees from any bank.

They pretend to give you a personal banker at the branch, mine is Jennifer Allen. Unfortunately, you will only get form letter responses from your personal banker if they even bother to respond at all, even under the threat of leaving a negative review. They simply don’t care.

They have an Email to contact the CEO. You will only receive a form letter response from the same form letter response you received from your personal banker verbatim.

I am extremely sorry that I moved my money to this bank, I hate writing negative reviews of anyone, but after over twelve months of being issues, with no resolutions I feel as if I have no choice.

Run This Is A Terrible Bank For Business Accounts

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I have has previous business bank accounts at other well known banks but decided to give bb&t a chance since they are just a few doors down from my office. While they have many of the same positives and negitives as some of the larger chains, I caution anyone looking to open a business account to go elsewhere. This is long, but worth the read. Allow me to explain:

1. Online banking bait & switch
Most of the other banks I've crossed will show your pending transactions in your online account, they will also show your balance +/- the pending items. (For example, if your balance is $100, and you have a -$25 transaction most banks will show an available balance of $75. Not BB&T. They do not calculate your pending transactions. This can be problematic if, like me you often have multiple transactions +/- moving through your account. The reason I call this a bait and switch is because more than once a month, they will clear the -$ transaction before 6am and hold my credit, charging me overage fees only to have my deposit clear after 8am. How this can be legal, I have no idea. To date I have been charged nearly $650 in fees for this alone.

2. Their customer service is terrible
On multiple occasions, like the problem listed above; they explain that they have the right to refund up to 2 overdraft fees a year (common at most banks as a courtesy) yet, they won't do it. Literally, they flat out said they just won't.

3. Pesky check verification
Each pay period I issue an average of 40 checks from my account. (Each with the proper signature on trusted checks with verification and watermarking) The first week I issued payroll, I received at least 15 verification phone calls. It wasnt enough that they needed to know that I wrote the check they wanted me to verify the total and the check number. Imagine being at the grocery store on a Saturday morning with a bank teller explaining that they won't issue the employee their earned wages unless you can provide that information. Insanity. When I called the mananger and explain how ridiculous this was, he offered an additional service "at a low, low cost!" That would keep the employees information in their system to avoid this issue. I politely explained there was no way I would pay them extra to cash checks I had in fact written. He later came up with a work around, now my hr person has to email a list of each employee, check number and total to the manager each week and my employees are only allowed to cash them directly at the local branch. Inconvenient, annoying and ridiculous.

4. Random check holds
Understandably, when I first opened my account with bb&t they held any check I received for 2 weeks. Now Ive been banking with them for nearly 3 months and they decide at random how long and what amount they will hold. Literally. Last week I deposited nearly $4,000 in checks that cleared immediately. Today, I deposited $2,500 and was told "$100 is available now, $100 will be available tomorrow and the rest will be available next week." When I inquired about the hold the teller condescendingly replied "well, the system wants to hold it for 7 days but as a courtesy I over rode it to only hold for 2. Your welcome." Literally, that was the explanation.

5. Local tellers are rude.
I don't think its fair to rate the tellers nationally since I can only speak for the tellers at my local branches but overall they have some of the worst customer service attitudes. For lack of a better descriptive term they are hood. They roll their eyes, the one I interacted with today sucked her teeth at me and they are dismissive. They play on their phones while you wait and don't explain anything throughly. Unfortunately this seems to be the case at the 4 different branches in Maryland that I've walked into.

Overall, I'd leave this bank immediately except that I just transferred to this bank and have nearly $1,000 worth of checks that I just ordered. As soon as my stock gets low, I'm absolutely getting out of their clutches. Honestly, each bank has their draw backs but I have never worked with a bank this terrible ever. Run, take your money anywhere else.

Missing Money From Account

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Today, I noticed something crazy and weird with my account. It started off with an account credit of $74 posting to my account, but NEVER showing up in my account balance. So I went through from the VERY FIRST DAY I opened my account, and started adding and subtracting. In order. To the very last transaction. Let me tell you.. THERE WAS $182.27 MISSING FROM MY ACCOUNT. WITH NO RECORD OF IT. AT ALL. So I do the math again. Same thing. So I take it to the bank first thing in the morning. The banker finds the same thing wrong with my account. So I ask her for two paper copies in which she tells me, SHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO PROVIDE ME ANY STATEMENTS FROM MY ACCOUNT IN THIS SITUATION. I take it from her anyways letting her know that I legally have to take it to present to lawyers if nothing gets resolved. So she calls BBT Support on her end. The lady on the phone (not the banker I'm sitting with) kept saying that THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG! She also said there was nothing she could do about it! So I immediately asked to speak to her supervisor. Then she put me and the banker on hold for a while saying to wait for 2-3 minutes til her supervisor answers. We wait around 10-15 minutes for her to finally tell us that she isn't going to transfer the call. So the banker says, well take her phone number down and have your supervisor call within 20-30 minutes. STILL NO PHONE CALL. AND STILL $182.27 JUST SILENTLY GONE FROM MY ACCOUNT. PLEASE JUST GO THROUGH YOUR TRANSACTIONS AND MAKE SURE THIS HASN'T HAPPENED TO YOU TOO!

I will be following up with a lawyer as well as putting in reports to
-U.S. Federal Reserve
-U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
-California Department of Business Oversight
-Federal Deposit insurance Corporation
-U.S. Department of Treasury
-Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
-Better Business Bureau

If you find the same problem, I'd really suggest doing the same.

Student Checking Account

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These people are the worst and don't follow guidelines. These people allowed my 17 year old son to open a checking and savings account under some student account plan without my consent. I was not aware of this account until I started noticing all these banking cards addressed to him in the mail. I opened one of them and was shocked to see that my sons account was overdrawn $200+ in overdraft fees, all for transactions $10 and below! How could this be? If anyone else has experienced this and can give me advice on what I can legally do about this, please let me know.

Bad Bank And Trust

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I have found that they act quite unreasonable and will not hesitate to charge you exorbitant fees. They are worse than a credit card company. Be careful not to let your inexperienced children sign up for a new account. If they overdraw by 5 cents they will charge over $30 for an overdraft. And they will keep charging. This bank is not interested in a relationship they are interested in what they can get. Would not recommend this bank.I will we happy to switch to another.

BB& T is abougt average for banking

We have used BB&T for several years and it seems to be about average to other banks. We have not had any issues, and have been able to depend on them to let us know if there are any issues with our account or if we need any information.

Decent But Getting Worse.

The local branches have great friendly service and are very helpful.
However BBT Corporate is getting worse. I'm constantly having problems with my online and mobile banking. When I call customer service they are.
I was with Susquhanna bank before they were bought by Bb&t.
The account minimums BBT requires are ridiculous.
I wish I could rate this bank higher then 2 stars, but this is a mobile world and it seems like they are not a mobile friendly bank.

Great financial institution

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I love BB&T. I think the signing up process is quite easy and after you are able to sign up banking with them is more then fair. I feel secure banking with them.

Worst Bank Ever

This is absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with a banking Institution in my entire life! I can not believe the disrespect and horrible policies this place has . I am closing my account as soon as theyreleasemy payroll check that was from them that they put on a 4 day adminadstrative hold!! My first deposit ...amx they steal my money for almost a week and leave me with nothing!! Now I'm going to have to pay late fees on all my bills because of this garbage bank! I am also going to have my boss who runs millions through their bank close out all his accounts as well. Can't believe people actually use this place!

Who Got Fraud?

I had a standalone checking account as well as a linked checking and savings account with BB&T. The linked account automatically transferred a specified amount to my savings every pay period which helped me not to forget to save. I opened all the accounts up online and had money transferred electronically so I was able to be a virtual customer which I loved.

The problem I first encountered was shortly after my accounts were opened. I had to go into the branch to reopen the accounts because they had been put on hold for suspected fraud. That should've been a red flag there. As time went on in using the account I had several times where my card had to be replaced because of fraudulent activity. There were also times where I used my card for online shopping at places I normally do and my card was put on freeze. I had so many inconveniences and had to swap money between the standalone and linked accounts which really upset me because I was trying to keep specific funds separate.

This did nothing but cause me headaches because I have some monthly bills on automatic draft so I had to constantly keep changing the card information and being hit with late fees because I forgot which account the payment was coming out of because I was waiting on another card. There was one time I had to request a card three times. The first time it never showed even though their system showed it had been received. The second time they said they would send it to the local branch and it never showed. Finally I received it on the third time but had to get it replaced again because they didn't personalize it like it was before it was frozen.

All in all this was the worst banking experience ever and I regret leaving Regions and would rather pay monthly fees than deal with poor customer service and multiple accounts of fraud. On another note when I had issues of fraud and had to keep calling they wanted to start charging me for keeping up to date on something they hadn't resolved. It's ridiculous.

Terrible Bank

I was looking for a new bank for my small business. These guys are the worst. They pend my deposits for 2 days before they make the funds available. Then they take money out of my account 2 days before the payment date when I use their Bill Pay. You cannot reach a live person when you call their Customer service number.


I have been a long time customer of BB&T. I had an elderly woman that was dying of cancer move into my home with me and my wife since their family could not help her. I went with her to the bank to open a checking account for her so I could pay her little phone bill. She passed away yesterday. I called and canceled the account and then noticed they pulled my credit without my permission. I already had accounts with them. I called them thinking it was a mistake and they said they did pull it without my knowledge. Now I have to take the time to Notify Equifax and show that BB&T fraudulently pulled my credit.

Pretty bad when you help someone that is dying with no place to go and a company takes it into their own hands to start underhanded activities. No morals!

Should Be "Branch Banking & Take Your Money"

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I had no choice with these people & I would give them negative star ratings if could. I had Susquehanna bank for years w/ 0 problems. I'm one year into this bank and I've had it. I am closing it tomorrow. When people say they are taking your money, 100% correct. I called customer service to dispute a fraudulent charge on my card. I called a few times to get it resolved. The joke is, I was charged 2 separate $2.00 charges.....for what you ask? TALKING TO CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you call the bank more than 2x per month, they charge you. I was told by one of the branch managers that customers are charged because "they clog up the customer service lines for more serious problems like fraud" oh yeah? I did call about fraud. And still was charged. Not the first time too, that was only the last straw. Rude tellers, charges for everything and anything, horrible hours, ridiculous policies. Pitiful. Disgusting, money hungry, disgraceful bank. I hate it. Truly hate this bank.


They do not care about the consumer at all. All they care about is lining their pockets with there fees and money. I will never recommend this bank to anyone. I would give "0" if I could. Avoid them at all cost!!!


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BB&T bought my local bank where I was a customer for 17 years. They immediately started charging monthly fees on one of my accounts. When I complained, they said a regional manager would get back to me. They didn't, and continued to deduct fees from that account, so I closed it. Then they said that because I closed that account they couldn't refund the money. So, I closed all my other accounts there, and I'm glad I did. The bank I switched to is much better.

Stay Away From BB&T

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Beware mortgage brokers who try to write your mortgage with this bank. This bank is so bad, I wouldn't give it one star unless this website forced me too. They have no branches in my state. I finally found a few branches here in Kentucky.

I was put with this bank through a mortgage broker. WOW! If I knew then, what I know now!

If you ever have a need to talk to a live person at this bank, GOOD LUCK!! A voice prompt system with a myriad of rabbit holes. You cannot get to a live person without a PIN number. So if you're a new customer who hasn't set up their account and PIN, guess what? You can't talk to a live person. I had to submit in writing a request for a PIN. Four weeks!!!! Seriously? In an age when you can access your account with a quick password?

Need tax information? Plan on a 10 week process.

I tried to contact their suspect fraud/security breach phone line listed on their website. "If you suspect fraud/security breach" wasn't even one of the options to choose from on the voice prompts. It was an automated password reset??

FINALLY, on hold for nearly 4 hours only to be told that the department I needed to talk to was now closed. No kidding!! After four hours, I would guess you were closed. Stay away from this bank. Tell your mortgage broker you don't want this bank. I've worked with US Bank, PNC, Bank Of America, Commerce Bank and more. None of them come close to the abysmal service of this bank.

Submitted an application to get refinanced (at a slightly higher rate) just to get away from these idiots.

Bank Review

overdrafts policies are ridiculous .as well as against account holder well has no regard for betterment of profits at expense of vunerable people...

Read You Statement Closely

A thief used my bbt bank account number to purchase a product.. BBT refuses to refund the monies and blames the well know n merchant. They claim it is the mechant's fault... .

Dumb me I thought the bank was supposed to protect my money.Read you bank statement very carefully better yet take your money out BBT ...

The respected nation merchant noted BB&T is the worst for this and recommended Wells Fargo

Horrible Company

BB&T has been on a buying spree lately. They buy wonderful community banks and destroy them. For. Few months you enjoy the perks of your old bank. Then come fees, no fee accounts at all, ATM fees, etc. BB&T is a smaller version of Bank of America. Join a credit union of you can!j

Overall Good Bank - One Area Need Work

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I have banked with BB&T for quite a few years and have been very pleased when interacting with personnel within the bank and website/mobile offerings and experiences. However, I have come to their mortgage group on several occasions inquiring on mortgages just to hear crickets. On the last chance swing with them, I actually did hear back from their mortgage department a month after contacting them with the inquiry. I had long since settled with Quicken Loans to meet my mortgage needs. I have no complaints with their customer service or offerings other than the responsiveness from the mortgage group.

Avoid This Bank At All Costs

It is my opinion that the main policy of this bank is to take money from their customers every chance they get, even if they have to create the reason. They love to use some fuzzy math to make sure they collect an overdraft fee. I made a deposit of nearly $350 and spent $43 and was charged an overdraft fee. You'll be better off putting your money under your mattress rather than in this bank. It will be a lot safer anyway.


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They charged me over-draft fees on transactions that were pending. What makes this even more ridiculous is that once all the transactions would have posted, i still would have had a positive balance in my account. When i called customer service to talk to them about it, the customer service rep could NOT explain why the system charged me an over-draft. I also told the customer service rep that BB&T has a five dollar threshold where if your account is over-drawn by five dollars or less, BB&T doesnt charge overdraft fees. The customer service rep could NOT explain why the threshold didnt kick in either. BB& T will find ways to STEAL money out of your account ! Stay away from this bank!!!

Bye Bye BB&T - You Just Lost A 30+ Year Customer

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I was with First Virginia since early 1985 with my then-simple banking needs. They were pretty good over the years. BB&T came and bought them in 2003, and the fees went up but so did the services. My banking needs have grown considerably since then, and over the last 18 months, there has been a rapid decline in customer service response - hold times in excess of 45-60 minutes are utterly unacceptable. Cannot make custodial account transfers online. $2 fee to talk to a "Phone 24" teller. Some branches have really nice tellers and relationship bankers, while others are "the walking dead" and have a horrid institutional / DMV feel to them. I just can't deal with this crap any more for the amount of fees they take from me. My time is worth more than this, and when I go to a branch or call you, I expect respect, attention, and prompt courteous service. Good bye BB&T.

I've switched 11 of my accounts to Ally Bank (great online experience) and have had excellent results with them thus far. They pick up the phone at all hours when I need some help -- they don't make me wait more than just a few seconds. Also, PNC Bank has some of the best and most helpful branch employees in my area, and I have been using them for a couple years for cash deposits / loans / etc. PNC seems like a great option if you want brick & mortar banking, but Ally's online convenience is awesome, and there are basically no fees. I think I've gotten a pretty perfect mix so far with PNC and Ally.

I tolerated BB&T FAR too long (don't know why), and so far I'm pretty stoked that I switched. I frankly can't understand how they keep any customers at all with the way they pile on the fees, and with their unreachable "customer service".


My husband & I are both senior citizens. Aging is becoming more difficult. I have MS and he has early stages of Alhimerze. I keep a small savings account for overdraft protection because the auto draft insurance will debit our account prior to our Social Security deposits. They charge $12.50 to transfer our own money. The bank only withdrawls the amount of the debit, so if five or six small debits come in you are charged $12.50 each. My last bank withdrew $100 at a time from the overdraft protection account and never charged for the service. That was Wachovia..

Meanwhile my husband wrote a check for $200.00 and forgot to enter the check in the checkbook ledger. I had no idea our account was in the red.
When I called Customer Service he said Social Security checks are posted between 2:00am — 6:00am. Deposits should always be posting before debits. The branch manager denies it. When I asked him to call customer service and put the call on speaker phone he refused . We were charged $908.00 in fee's. The branch could have given us a courtesy call before it reached that level. They only waived $108. In fee's and said that is all the law allows. I never saw such cold people in all my life. This bank is evil.


We have been customers here for several years. I am in Italy and my bank cards were stolen. I am currently stranded here with no money and no credit cards. I have 5 accounts with BB&T, our mortgage is here, and Visa is listed on my cards. I have been on the phone with BB&T for 7 hours and have gotten no help. Visa is trying to issue me a credit card along with emergency cash and only needs for BB&T to give authorization to do so and BB&T has no system in place for these emergency services and will not authorize Visa to issue me an emergency card that would be attached to my own accounts. Being stranded by my bank is 1000 times worse than having my wallet stolen. Do not bank here; they will never be there for you if you ever need them. Trust me.

Banking for the East Coast

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I have been with BB&T for six years now, and have had nothing short of an excellent experience with all that they offer. The web interface is very straightforward and easy to use, in addition to the mobile apps for Android and IOS that are offered for free. Funds are quick to post (checks can also be deposited via their mobile app) and the account overview page gives a clear and succinct description of each transaction. I have been to branches in various states along the East Coast whenever I am travelling, and all of them have shown the same level of quality I have come to expect of BB&T. I hope they continue to expand westward, but for now I am content with using their mobile banking options when I am on the go. I am very pleased with the service offered by BB&T, and plan to continue my business with them for the foreseeable future.

Branch Bank & Trust

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I first come across BB&T when I lived in North Carolina. I thought it was a local bank but I am now seeing it more and more outside of North Carolina, which includes the state I am currently living in, South Carolina. My parents use BB&T for their mortgage. They refinanced their loan with this bank. When they went to do so they had to go to a particular branch in the area and I remember them having a little bit of trouble. That is why I gave the bank an overall and customer service rating of four. That's the only time they've ever had trouble with the bank. I sometimes go with my mom when she pays the loan and the tellers seem really nice. She never has any trouble, so I don't think the customer service problem goes beyond that one incident. BB&T is growing and I like seeing them in lots of place. For a bank I want to use they have to be available. I don't want just one branch and I have to use other ATMs with fees. I want my bank to be available when I want to use it. BB&T is.

BBT-Point Pleasant Branch

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I have been banking with BBT for over 15 years. The local branch is small with a limited number of employees. Whenever my husband or I need to talk to someone other than a teller, it usually involves an extended wait. The last time my husband needed to withdraw someone money from a CD, he waited nearly half an hour. Most of the time I go inside there is usually only one teller working, so if there are multiple customers you may have to wait ten or fifteen minutes just to make a deposit or withdrawal. Often the drive-through is just as bad.

The fees also seem high to me. For a long time we were never charged if we needed a cashier's check. Now it's either $10 or $12 for a cashier's check which I feel is very high. I also feel that the on-line banking fee is just ridiculous. BBT charges $7.95 per month because I download my transactions to Quicken. I'm not even really sure what the purpose of this fee is, it just seems like another way for BBT to make money.

I could take my business elsewhere, how it would be too inconvenient to have to open new checking and savings accounts. On the up side, the employees at the Point Pleasant Branch are general very pleasant and helpful.

BB&T Closed Account, Branch Issues

That is the short story what happened with BB&T.

UPDATE 01/12/14
The issue is resolved and funds released.
Account closed. I figured, it all depend on the Branch and the person you speak with.
It was horrible what happened to me at the Miami Branch, it could be good Bank.

I opened my accounts online and today I went into the Branch South Beach about 9:15 am. No Good Morning and had to wait, a woman asked me what is going on. I asked I would like to withdrawal money and gave my ID,
she said you don't get any money today.

She allegedly could not find a Signature Card in the System. I said I went already 4 times into different Branches was never an issue, but i signed 5 days ago in a Branch the Signature card. She said again "no i don't get money today".
I showed her my App and again, I already went to branches and never had a problem and signed the Card.

She waited a moment typed something in the computer, looked at me said something what is sort of discriminating, then she said, oh i see just a incoming ACH debit over $2000.

My Checking had only 700, my saving about $1800 so she would switch now the transaction and take the money from saving to cover it and I can take no money home. I wasn't aware of that and said I need to check that and she should not process it until it's clarified and I opted-Out for Overdraft protection. She said it does not matter, and again, I'm not able to get money today.

I made clear that I will take action against that behavior and switching money without even clarification and explicit do not agree until I had the change to find out what is going on. She just did it and smiled.

She was not done with me....
I asked about the remaining difference in my checking account to withdrawal, then she started to smile that I don't get money like she mentioned already many times,, called the Internal BB&T hotline, called another Clerk and lied about the signature Card and pushed literally the Hotline to Close my Account.

My checking and Savings Account became immediately closed, during i stayed at the branch.

No funds available on Hold and again, finally she got her goal. she was smiling that I should go home and I don't get my money because all accounts are now closed. She did very well with her statement and did finally win.

My banking app was closed, so I could not even follow up transactions. I called BB&T no help Account closed.... money gone.

I called already the Federal Reverse and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, record is on file.

Dumbest Bank In America!

I had $62 dollars on my account. The next day I woke up (not spending anything from the day before) and had -$110. I was furious! Waited till the next day, well they put $14 of the $62 they owed me back into my account. I only used $13 of that. I had $1.55 by the end of the day. Went up there to solve the mystery of where my money went. They couldn't give me answers. Now remember I left off with $1.55? Yeah well I woke up the next day only to find I am -$34 now. Maybe it's just me but this has been the worst bank of all time. I rather go back to suntrust.

BB&T Review

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BB&T has great customer service and the appearance of the bank and staff is always professional. The staff can always take the time out of their day to reassure you on information about your account. I don't like that a few of there cheaper accounts don't have minimum balances so you get charged a maintenance fee no matter what. Do not like how they handle overdraft protection either, don't believe there should be a 10.00 dollar fee for money that is already there. The mobile app is pretty handy takes some getting used to, the controls could be a little more user friendly. I also have a complaint about a lack of candy at the front counter, without the candy no trip to the bank is complete.

Cancelled My Account For No Reason

I recently recommended a friend to BB&T, and when they created his account they told us the incorrect amount of time for his funds availability. We went back in to file a complaint and after speaking with Kevin Boyette, we thought our problems were solved. Little did we know that he was upset that we complained about their lack of customer service and issues, so about a week later he canceled both my bank account and my friends. I was just about to transfer tens of thousands of dollars from Suntrust and Bank of America too, glad I didn't start relying on BB&T full time or I would have been without my money for a couple weeks while the closed account check came to the house. Kevin Boyette is a snake who lies straight to your face. How anybody can trust this branch is beyond me, they certainly have lost my entire family's support as well as anybody else who will listen to me. I will be filing complaints with the BBB and BB&T national. How dare anyone deletes my account when I never broke any company policies! Kevin Boyette should be fired immediately!

Cancelled My Account For No Reason

I recently recommended a friend to BB&T, and when they created his account they told us the incorrect amount of time for his funds availability. We went back in to file a complaint and after speaking with Kevin Boyette, we thought our problems were solved. Little did we know that he was upset that we complained about their lack of customer service and issues, so about a week later he canceled both my bank account and my friends. I was just about to transfer tens of thousands of dollars from Suntrust and Bank of America too, glad I didn't start relying on BB&T full time or I would have been without my money for a couple weeks while the closed account check came to the house. Kevin Boyette is a snake who lies straight to your face. How anybody can trust this branch is beyond me, they certainly have lost my entire family's support as well as anybody else who will listen to me. I will be filing complaints with the BBB and BB&T national. How dare anyone deletes my account when I never broke any company policies! Kevin Boyette should be fired immediately!

This Is Goodbye

These monthly fees are ridiculous and I will not be paying for them. You shouldn't be taking $60/year from people for just existing in the system. It's funny that you charge people the most for people who uses your system the least. You have your priorities backwards. I will be switching banks soon.

Worst Customer Service

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Changed from a Credit Union to BBT after 30 years. Opened an account at a local branch based on their "excellent customer service" . After a year I am moving away from this bank!! Online customer service is rude and worthless. Text messages of balance,etc were always a day out of date. Call the number on the back of debit card and 1 out of 3 times does anyone answer. Online "pending" is not accurate and it is a guess of what is really outstanding or not. You must have direct deposit or some other trick to get free checking. Although I do not have experience with many banks...this has got to be the worst.....and what awful rude customer service.

Only Stepped in Once

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As the title says, I have only been inside this bank one time. Everything, from opening accounts to depositing checks I have been able to do online or through the mobile app. As someone who is on the go and doesn't like to travel out of her way, this is wonderful. Because I have direct deposit, no fees are charged and there is no minimum balance. It was super easy to open a second savings account when I was working on saving and budgeting.

The one time I went inside to discuss a loan, I did have to wait quite a bit to talk to someone. However, once I got in, the employees were very helpful. They even gave suggestions of other companies who could possibly help me with my goals, even though it would be taking business away from them.

Great Bank For Students

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I'm a college student and I use BB&T. It's a great bank that I've used for almost two years now and have never once incurred a fee while using BB&T.

A bunch of people that I've talked to say that BB&T is a terrible bank because of all the fees that they've incurred while banking with them, which I think is strange because I've never had a fee before. As long as you read the fees and charges, you really can avoid all of them if you pay attention to how you use your bank card.

Branch Banking and Trust

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I've had a checking account with BB&T for the last 20 years. It's always been free checking and free use of a debit card. I've never had a problem with anything. I've had to use their customer service a handful of times over the years and I have no complaints. Issues are handled on the lowest level and promptly. No waiting days to have issues resolved. The only negative thing I would have to say about BB&T are their fees. They seem to have a fee for just about anything and aren't afraid to tack it on. Their account is free but if you ever have to return an item or have an overdraft they hit you with some pretty hefty fees regardless of the amount.Overall I give BB&T a great rating for my experience as a customer over the decades.

Great Bank!

I've been doing business with BB&T for years now and the service just keeps getting better and better. I've had wonderful customer service experiences with the bank. Their fees are reasonable, and their products are excellent. They offer free online banking as well, which is extremely helpful.

BBT is OK, I guess

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I joined BB&T a few years ago, and I've found them to be helpful, mostly, when it comes to my financial services needs. They are particularly innovative in the mobile banking department, and have apps for both iPhone and Android devices. This has allowed me to constantly stay on top of my account balance, as well as to transfer money between my accounts as needed. They have many branches and ATMs in the North Carolina area, as well as many other states, as well.

My Hometown Bank

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I have been banking at Branch Banking and Trust for a number of years. I had tried many banks before and now I feel am home. Every time I go into the bank or do any business at the drive through, the tellers there are always friendly, polite and really care about you as a person, not just another customer.
I have had dealings with the manager, assistant manager and other personal in the bank and they treat me just like family. I had an issue with my account several years back and they were so kind about the whole thing, never once did I feel like I had done something wrong.
I know now why BB&T is referred to as The Hometown Bank.

It is great

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The BB&T bank is one of the best banking online websites I have seen yet. It has a great customer service line, and great privacy and security against fraud. I would absolutely recommend this bank to my friends and family, and any other person who asked about my opinion about a bank. I truly love the BB&T bank.

The Worst Banking Experience I've Ever Had

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I was applying for mortgage with BB&T. I chose them because of their CHIP program. I could not believe how negligent, incompetent and unresponsive their loan officers and processors are. In the end, this negligence cost me a great deal on the house, appraisal fee, inspection fee, two months of wasted time, hard inquiry on my credit and lots of stress. Perhaps not all BB&T loan officers are the same, but go there at your own risk. I would never recommend BB&T to a friend.

All About Money

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The people are great and friendly but the bank is a terrible bank.
I was a customer with Coastal Federal when BBT bought it out.�Initially BBT said that I could order new checks 24/7 at no cost to me. Wrong on all accounts. All of it a lie.��

A local branch manager told me that my account was not the right account and I was moved into the right FREE account. Another lie! ��

Six months later I found that they had been charging me $5 a month for the "free" account. They refused to refund the $30 I had paid for my free account.

Again, I felt I'd had enough so, told them to close the account. Then they changed their mind and refunded the money, so I stayed.

��My son entered College. He needed gas so I wrote him a $20 check on my BBT account. BBT charged him $8 to cash it.

BBT took almost half of my son's gas money. ALMOST HALF, from a struggling college student!!��

I complained about it and they told me they were providing my son a service by cashing a check drawn on their own bank. Their own check, because he didn't have an account.

I said, "of course he doesn't have an account he has no job, no income. He's a college student and he lives with me" Made no difference to BBT! They NEEDED my son's money more than he did.

��I looked into closing the account again but it very complicated to change banks.�� I have a lot of direct deposits and payments.

My home and my RV are financed with BBT. They offered a Visa with no interest for 12 months on anything I purchase, so I applied.

My Visa was DECLINED because my son had 2 (two) LATE payments on a car loan that I co-signed for him almost two years ago! TWO LATE PAYMENTS! TWO!��!!

This, after me being a customer for nearly 20 years and paying every payment on my house, RV and equity account (for over eight (8) years) exceeding $2,000.00 a month, on time, every time. I was never late and I never missed a pay. I'm done, My account will be closed!

BB&T Customer Service

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Today I called my local BB&T branch in High Point, NC located on Premier Drive. I spoke with the manager about a check that I deposited into my personal checking account. It was a refund check from a local chiropractor in Greensboro. The doctor's check was issued from a well know local bank in the amount of $1559.40. That may not seem like a large sum of money for some people but for me it was a huge amount of money that I needed for past due bills, doctor visits, medicine, food for my child, etc. The check was posted to my account 8-19-2003. Today is 8-27-2013 and BB&T is still holding this check. The lack of funds has caused our family much stress, unable to get all of the meds we need, unable to pay our phone bill, our power bill, etc. This hold has also caused several overdraft charges in the amount of $36.00 each. The bank manager assured me that he would look into it and call me back. He never called me back and our account balance is still in the red. I think it is very poor customer service for a bank manager to not even have the courtesy or professionalism to call me back. It is ridiculous to me that BB&T feels the need to hold a LOCAL check for that long. When I went online to balance my account it clearly stated the funds would be available today 8-27-2013. BB&T customer service is terrible in my opinion and I would not recommend this bank to anyone. Clearly they are using their customers funds as long as possible for their own benefit.


I left bbt a few years ago and I closed the joint account out with not pending tranaction and out of the blue we get a letter stating that we have overdrafted by 93.00 and we went to the bank to find out what happen and all we got was you over drafted on the account and they we want the money and we told how is that because the day the so call transaction happen the account closed a week before and we shreaded the checks and cut up both cards and they are claiming that we own them money.

we would never got back to BBT ever again stay far away from this comapny they are out to get you for your money

No Access To My Account??!!!

So last night my family and I where out late running around visiting family and such, so we decided to call in a pizza order and pick it up on the way home.  My husband runs in the store to pick up the pizza's and pay, comes back out telling me his card isn't being accepted, I'm like OK, try my card.  He comes back out and says my card isn't working either.  At this point I'm blaming the guy behind the register, because we had used both cards while running errands early in the day.  So we leave and go to the ATM, enter our card, and recieve a message that tells us our account is unknown....WHAT???  Are you seriously kidding me??? So I call the customer service number on the back of the card, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, nooooo answer.  THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR A BANK OF THIS SIZE HAVING ANY ISSUES WITH THEIR SYSTEM. Tried to call them today and as usual, waited for 12 minutes and no one picked up the line, I am a busy woman and my time is priceless, I shouldn't have to wait longer than 5 minutes for a service that I pay for.  So Monday morning I will be closing my accounts which I have had for YEARS.  I can't trust this bank with my money, so it kind of takes away the Trust part of their name, that's a big deal.

Awful Banking Experience

College student here. BBT customer for 3 months.

BBT does nothing to help you out. Fines left and right. Don't have enough funds in checking, but have enough in savings? That's cool, but let's charge exorbitantly high fines to transfer money from one to the other. Don't have enough funds in savings, but have enough in checking? That's cool too, but we don't transfer from savings to checking, so we'll have to charge you an overdraft fee.

Want to call BBT support for account help? Nah, there'll be a one and a half hour wait while Brenda has lunch at 4pm.

Think online support will help? Let's beat around the bush for 2 weeks and not ever really answer the original question.

Seriously BBT? Get your shit together. I'm done with you.

Paypal Returned Item Fee Phone Call Fees To Talk To Reps Unneccessarily Long Holds On Checks If You Ever Go Negative

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This bank was like a beacon in the light at first where other banks would not take me they did.  I have either feast or famine and sometimes i go a couple weeks every few months waiting on checks owed.  Boy once you hit the red they charge you for every little thing.  I CANT WAIT TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT after all my direct deposits have gone through.  God they suck.  PHONE CALLS ONLY ALLOWED ONCE A MONTH. WatcH those PAYPAL RETURNS CAUSE EVEN IF ITS RETURNED IMMEDIATELY THEYLL HIT YOU Up.  Such a shitty bank.  All Marble banks built on the backs of the have nots. DO NOT BANK IF YOU DO ETRANSACTIONS

No Problems For 25+ Yrs.

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Opened my accounts right after marriage, and have had NO issues whatsoever.

I live in the Fletcher, NC area so maybe we just have better bank employee's ...


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


BANKING WITH BUT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! From day 1... The worst customer service....I have never had the need to post a review, But felt the need to warn future customers not to Bank with BB&T

BB&T Is Clearly The Worst Bank In The US

Horrible customer service, fees for everything, you don't want to do business with these people.

Unfortunately, they purchased BankAtlantic in Florida, a bank that opened 7 days a week and didn't charge fees for anything. Immediately they started sending menacing letters to the BankAtlantic customers charging for everything. Impossible to use the online banking service always locked. Their customer service people doesn't want to work or pay any attention to what you say to them. Take your money to some other place.


Bank Fee's

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I cashed a check from a BB&T customer at a BB&T bank and they charged me an $8.00 fee. Attention BB&T customers I will not accept BB&T check in the future unless you include this fee into the total amount.

Winchester VA

BB&T Mortgage And Insurance Interests- BEWARE!

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Our mortgage was sold by our bank to BB&T, who sold it to Bank of America, but we still have to deal with and pay through BB&T. We live in a FEMA declared flood zone and carry flood insurance, as required, to cover the amount of our mortgage.

BB&T informed me several weeks before our flood insurance came up for removal that per THEIR policy, we have to carry flood insurance equal to the hazard insurance on our house. We have our home insured for replacement value, which is over $100K more than we owe on it. There is absolutely NO FEDERAL MANDATE or law that requires this and BB&T makes no extra money from requiring it- except possibly through their insurance business partners?

BB&T is invested in the insurance industry- one crack at Google tells anyone that.

Flood insurance is issued by the government- FEMA- and takes 30 days to get approval. I called and raised the policy to meet this requirement- until I can refinance and deal with a company I feel has more integrity- but it will take 30 days to get the increase approved.

Meanwhile, I receive a notice from BB&T that they have taken out coverage on my property to make up for my shortfall- a coverage period of 45 days at the "annual rate" (this doesn't make sense, but that's what is says) at the tune of $759.00, for $83,400, which must be their perceived difference between my flood insurance and hazard insurance. It's incorrect, but maybe they couldn't conjure up the 'right' amount of difference.

I tried to get on the website with the password they offer through their mailing to see if by chance there is a mistake, but it does not let me in. It's too late to call anyone, but I've already talked to them once- before I got the ridiculous binder amount- simply to be informed it's "their policy."

I have no other dealings with this institution, and will never wish to. Odd as it is, "legal" and "unethical" and "dishonest" can be used in one sentence. I'm sure this is technically "legal." Completely illogical, so it must be assumed BB&T is benefiting somehow from their "policy," and the only "logical" conclusion is their investment in the insurance industry.

Terrible Banking Services - You Will Lose Money Banking With Them!

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Horrible and incompetent service. They screwed up my long terms investments, and I lost a 300 point run up with the stock market! Incompetent workers, operators, tellers that give you consistently incorrect information.

Wish I Had Read Some Reviews Before Banking With Such An Unethical Institution

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This bank will fee you to death! They have fees for everything.

When my husband was out of work, my income was our sole support. It was very tight. BB&T charges overdraft fees on debits before they are posted! I had automatic payments set up for a couple of accounts (utilities, rent, etc.). I was paid on a Friday (via direct deposit) and the debits hit the following Monday, yet I was charged overdraft fees. When I questioned them, they said that the debits were "pending" on Friday (the day I got paid, right?). I racked up more than $100 in overdraft fees because of this nonsense. And to a family struggling on a one person income, every dollar counts.

I also get charged $2.50 for every time I use an ATM machine that is not BB&T. This is above the ATM machine's fee, meaning that I get raped for $5 - $6 per ATM transaction if I don't drive around and find a BB&T machine (I travel and I can tell you, BB&T machines are NOT located in every city! They get free money because they don't pur an ATM where I am - how fair is that?)

Another time I had adequate money to cover my debits. I was very careful to figure just how much to pay on each bill and still have $60 left in the account. However, when the debits went through, they charged overdraft fees on several debits (they were basically POS debits, so they all went through at the same time). When they charged the overdraft on the first ones, it made the others not go through, causing a destructive domino effect of built up overdraft fees. When I confronted the CSR, she said that I had not had enough to cover my debits. I showed her a screenshot of my balance and an ATM receipt I had as well as the totals of my bills paid.

It clearly showed $60 left over. She said my calculations were wrong. I asked her to add it all up. She did and it came up $60 left over. She said that the system is never wrong so there must be something wrong with the calculations. Long story short, I ate a couple hundred dollars because "the system is never wrong" but the CSR herself added the totals and saw for herself that I should have had money left over. (No, there were no pending deposits. The money had been posted in the account for several days)

While these horrendous are bad enough, their unethical antics today put me over the edge.

Four or five days ago I set the overdraft review preference to opt out meaning that if a charge went through my account the bank would return it (no overdraft fee). I went through all the confirmations and thought all was well.

Today I receive a notice that my account is overdrawn! I went to my account to check and the settings had "miraculously" changed to opt me back in! I am on a very tight budget because of our situation and playing with my money like this is not acceptable!

This is by far the worst bank I have ever been with. They make up reasons to charge fees and it appears that when you fix it so they can't charge the fees they undo the settings so they can!

This is a highly unethical bank. Steer clear.

They Make BANK A Four Letter Word

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They are very professional with a kind voice and a smile while they rape your account. I am convinced that they would speak kindly and smile while they watched me and my family starve to death. Stay away from this place.

Do Not Bank With BB&T

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   I have spent a month just trying to get back 54.63, which is my money. They say that what happened to my account has never happen before and operations does not have anything in place to solve the situation...there should be a system in place for all transactions,reversals, refunds ...etc...  Have explained situation to 4 persons by phone, 2 account representatives and a branch manager still no ridiculous!!!!!! Please DO not bank with them unless you want money to disapear before your eyes and then they can't find out where it is...they rejected my deposited and can't seem to find it in there records  what a joke.... 


havent banked with them for a full year yet, and im shutting down my account tomorrow as soon as they open.

IF you opt out of over drawing,   "suppose to decline you so you dont over draft"   WRONG!!!!!   some how ive over drafted my account by $130.......... weird right?   

i was told that is just how they do it........ WTF!!!!      Now im expecting $210 IN OVER DRAFT FEE'S!!!!

These people are the squirrlest you will deal with.   and are looking to suck your money out of your account faster than a 16 year old girl with a debit card!!!!!

Not to mention the terrible cutomer serivce,     Horrible manners,      And lack of respect for customers  that the tellers, and other people the the bank show you!!!

i wouldnt recommend them to my worst enemy!!!!!

The Worst Bank I Have Ever Had The Misfortune Of Dealing With.

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Had a checking account w/them for over a year.  Everything was ok.  I then made the mistake of opening up a savings account online and that is where the trouble all began.

When I opened up the savings account, I called a csr and asked them if there would be an overdraft fee if BB&T had to take money out of my savings to cover a withdrawal or charge to my checking account.  I was told there would be no overdraft fee.   Unfortunately for me, I used the wrong terminology because there was a "transfer fee" of $12 per bank transfer if the bank made the transfer.  Talk about usury.  The worst part about this was I didn't realize it  before they charged me for at least 5 $12 "transfer fees"  due to the fact that this transfer fee was called a "miscellaneous debit" on my bank statement instead of what it should be called, which was BB&T Transfer Fee.  How shady is that...  talk about trying to hide fees.  I called the 800 number on the back of my debit card several times to try and get some of these $12 fees reversed.  BB&T refused to reverse the fees because they are considered VALID  fees. 

About a week later, I check my statement online again to find that there are 4 $2.00 24-hour phone fees.  I had no idea what this was so, I called the 800 number that the bank provides on the back of my debit card in order to find out what these $2 fees were.  Turns out they are more BB&T fees.  BB&T charges their customers $2.00 everytime you call their 800 number.  Kind of defeats the purpose of having an 800 number...doesn't it?  I ask them to reverse these fees, and I am told I need to call the branch about getting the fees reversed.  I state that that doesn't make sense since the fees are charged by them at the  800 number.  To make a long story short, I call the branch and am told that I need to call the 800 number to get the fees reversed, which would mean I will get another $2.00 fee charged to my account.  What kind of BS is that??  i have never banked w/a bank that wouldn't reverse some of their fees.  Espicilly since I never have anything less than $2,000 on deposit at any time.  I had never bounced a check or had any overdrafts prior to incurring these outrageous hidden fees.

STAY AWAY FROM BB&T.  THEY ARE ARROGANT AND DISHONEST.   As a matter of fact, I think that I will call an attorney about the $2 fee for the use of the 800 number.  That to me has fraud written all over it.

Take A Second Look Before Opening An Account....

I'll make this short and sweet. I don't have perfect credit, when I was younger I made a few mistakes, most of which I have resolved, I still have a few things in Chexsystems. So, I was looking into getting a pre-paid visa card or some type of pre-pay or second chance account. Someone told me about the BB&T pre-pay debit card. I thought to myself, BB&T is a reputable company and this might work just fine. So I applied, I was denied, ok, so how is it pre-pay when they do a credit check or other checks? Most pre-pay accounts I know of do not do credit check, hence the PRE-PAY part of it. So I called to question the decision, I was told by a representative they do do a credit check of some sort. My advice you everyone out there and why I am writing this review is, take a second look at this bank if you are in the same boat as I, I went to a local credit union, they opened me a regular checking account with no problem, been with them for months now, not issues. I am much older and more mature and it is sad to see bank like BB&T punish you for past mistakes, I though that was the point of the pre-pay account, if they are going to deny people for prepay accounts, why bother, just check them for a regular account. I would recommend checking into a credit union or other financial institution. I believe in being up front and honest with people, if you are going to do credit or chexsystems checks, that is fine, just be up from with people, if it isn't going to be a true PREPAY account, let people know....don't pretend to offer a service that is not true to its name.

Zero Phone Service

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Following an annoying new trend, BB&T makes it impossible to talk to a person on the phone. They offered no options to deal with the problem I have, so I resorted to sending an e-mail. They said they would get back to me in a few days, which will be too late anyway. If you care about receiving quick answers about your account, BB&T is not your account.


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I recently opened an account with BB&T in North Carolina. Being from out of state I wanted a bank that was close to my new location here and had good customer service. I was told that by opening an account I would recieve $50 within 60- 90 days. After over 90 days of waiting they still had not deposited the money and would not give me a reason as to why. I let it go figuring it wasn't that important and I went ahead and continued to bank with them even with the poor customer service I was receiving I figured maybe they would improve and I gave them the benefit of the doubt. This past week I deposited a several hundred dollar check into my account that I planned on using for Christmas gifts and the teller asked me if I had reported my card lost or stolen. I replied that I had not and she said someone in the bank had made it so that my card was no longer good to use. She told me not to worry and that my deposit would reopen the card for use. Problem is, two days later (it was a saturday late afternoon), I went to make a large purchase with my card and it would not work. I called customer service and they told me that someone at the bank had hot blocked my card and my money would not be accessible until I went into the branch on monday and that it was MY FAULT that I hadn't gone into the bank on saturday morning when I have a job that I had to be at and it was not my fault that they blocked my card in the first place. I was very upset and without any money since all of my money was in that account and so I was left stranded for the rest of the weekend. When I went to resolve the issue at the bank the girl would not give me a reason as to why my card was blocked and continued to try and push a new debit card on me when all I wanted was an explanation. I decided to take my money and close my account and she never once tried to convince me to stay as a customer or showed me any sort of customer service. She nearly through the envelope of money at me and when I stated that I was appalled at the level of disrespect I received and that not one person offered an apology she went on a rate about how it was no ones fault and I should not point fingers and blame anyone and when I came in blaming them, for something that they did, they would not offer me an apology. I am so happy I never have to deal with this awful bank ever again. 

Fees Charged For Bank Statements

I was very disappointed when I called BB&T to ask for bank statements for the past five years on my 94 yr old mother's checking account. (My name is also listed on the account)

She has her social security check automatically deposited each month in this account. The last few years she  has become increasingly forgetful and blind ,so I have had to take over paying her bills.

I could not find bank statments for 13 months during this period because she must have throwm them out.

The woman at her local BB&T branch told me there would be a $7 per month charge for these statements over 24 months old.

When i called Bank of America to ask for 5 years of statements on her small pension, there was not problem and no fees involved.

Great Service

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BB&T is a small bank in West Virginia. They have great service and are very professional. During the time I have used their service, I was impressed by their daily professional attitude toward their customers.

BB&T Ridiculous Service Charges

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I have banked with BB&T for close to 30 years if you count the time I banked with the small bank that they purchased.   I even at one point worked for them, so I am very familiar with the operation.  Just recently I made an error in my account (only the 2nd time in my life) that resulted in a $30.00 overdraft.  I quickly recognized the error and made a deposit to cover the cost plus the $140.00 overdraft charges.  I fully accept the $140.00 because I know the error was mine.  However what I did not know was the fact that BB&T was going to charge me for all of the "Virtual or Pending" transactions that happened to be ciberspace at the time of the overdraft.  These items had NOT posted and by the time they did actually post I had made the deposit that more than covered them.  One of these items had been in a pending status for 3 days yet because of a single mistake they charged me $35.00.  I believe that charging someone $280.00 for a $30.00 error is bordering on preditory practices.  I have appealed to the bank for a refund of these charges.  I have also reviewed the banking service agreement and there is ABSOLUTELY no disclosure of charging for virtual transactions. However the bank maintains they did nothing wrong.  I am taking this opportunity to WARN everyone that I possibly can DO NOT BANK WITH BB&T if you are human and do occassionaly make a mistake. If you do you will pay and pay and pay and pay.   

BB&T Is A Solid Bank

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My wife and I have been members of BB&T for over 10 years. They have always been a solid bank, offering good products and reasonable rates. The only critisism I could give them would be their web based services. It seems like many other banks have interesting or neat services that can be done online or at an ATM machine...perhaps they offer them and I just don't realize it, but they don't advertise it well. Don't get me wrong...they have a good online presence and have a lot of services (bill pay, online banking, etc), but I see that as one area of improvement.

Overall, they are a good bank, customer service is 100%.

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