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Not Happy At All With Capital One 360

I opened a Capital One 360 checking and savings account and added my fiance to my account then I deposited the check that we got from the insurance company of the guy that hit our truck while it was parked outside and the insurance company verified the check and they put the funds in our account but when my fiance went to the bank to withdraw the money from our account to get our truck fixed they put some kind of block on our money and won't let us touch it. Because I'm in the hospital with Covid and the doctors say I won't be going home because I'm not going to make it the people at Capital One said the money can't be touched unless I can go in to a bank branch myself so my fiance can't get our truck fixed and can't pay our rent or bills. Since she can't get the truck fixed she can't be with me before or when I pass. It is really sad and I have tried to talk to the people at Capital One but they are very rude and tell me I'm not who I am. So who am I then????? I would like to know that and how can they keep me and my fiance from having access to our money??? God is going to punish them for this. I told them to close my accounts since we can't touch our money and they said they can't and hung up on me. I will never advice anybody to use this bank for anything. They are very disrespectful and rude and don't care about anybody or anything. It's really really sad ?????????? I can't believe they can do this. But I don't know what to do or what my fiance can do about it....

Beware Of This Bank's Bonus Offers

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I finally called to inquire where my $250 bonus on $1500 debit card purchases was. They didn't honor it due to having a performance 360 account well over 3 years ago. They did however gleefully issue me a debit card and new 360 account when i took them up on this offer in April. It was the first debit card purchases in my life. The agent seemed to take joy in telling me I didn't qualify because of an account no longer open and that i completely forgot about. This is the second bank that has denied me a bonus, with Citi being the other. We already have Powell playing games with our savings, now apparently big banks are doing their best to not honor their bonuses. My "accounts receivable" took a $950 dump today.

Capital One Bank

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Capital one bank Is the worst bank I took SBA loan last September 9 months later they investigated my loan stating my loan was fraud because SBA sent that checked to my checking Account instead of business account and they they freeze my my checking account and my business account and blamed SBA when I contact SBA they told me it wasn’t them it was your bank they told me to open up another account do not go back to capital one they explained that it was my bank is the one doing i received no information whatsoever sent to me I request for it several times but they sent my money out to SBA an SBA said send me your void check will put it back into your account but advised me not to go back to capital One Bank it’s been 3 1/2 months I made complaints to several supervisor have corporate office contact me I suggest anybody trying to open up a check or business account with capital one run do not open account with them this is a fraud bank they don’t work for you they show me the proof of it they’re against you they just wanna to have your money do not open your account with them do any type of business with them

Substandard Bank For Lack Of Better Term

read ur fine print, you'll change your mind then with using capital one, they do not have your best interest in mind they will throw you under the bus even if its wrongful accusations and they will basically get away with it. they lie, they don't respond, they leave you on hold when they know who you are intentionally for hours just to be assclowns. they stole my money don't let them steal yours too read before you sign, tell all your friends and share READ BEFORE YOU SIGN and be confident of what's in your wallet!

Worst Bank Ever

Have not been able to transfer funds for over 7 weeks.
This problem started on or before 3/18/21; at first they said it was bc i was over the transfer limit, but could not provide what amount the limit was. Now after exhaustive complaints and inquiries the only answer i have received is "the is an internal technical issue we dont know when it will be resolved"

Meanwhile i receive emails form them indicating that they have resolved the issue. I have asked for documentation of the T&C of the account and they refuse to furnish them; they have informed me that they will be mailed by post carrier. But none of their promises form customer service are met. Instead i get attitude, as if i caused the issue. We maintain high balances and they are holding our funds hostage


I had a big transfer to my account. I went to try and withdraw and all my accounts were restricted and they said its under review and they don't know how long and if they decide to close my accounts ill just get a letter and a check in the mail for my funds. Meanwhile my rent is due next week on top of other bills and I don't have any money with no date on when im going to get it.

10 Business Days To "Review" A False Fraud Alarm

I have been through hell because I accepted a new CapitalOne Quicksilver card. I had a personal and business card already, but accepted this "cash back" card as Experian said another card would improve my credit rating. Live and learn!

I got the new card and bought 5 things in a row (I was preparing for the return of my family from abroad, using this card as it was cash back). The 6th thing was rejected. WITH NO NOTIFICATION BEFORE OR AFTER.

I called CapitalOne, who said "our fraud department will be calling within 2-3 business days."

I didn't really need this card so that didn't impact me, it just seemed absurdly non-responsive.

But the next day, my 20-year-old BUSINESS card was "restricted" with every transaction declined. We run all our recurring invoices against this card. I was upset.

I called back, and they said that I would need to upload documents to verify my identity, before anyone could discuss the case. After uploading these and calling back, they said that now the "review" process was commencing, and would probably complete within 7 to 10 business days.

So here I am with a frozen business card, having to move all my transactions to an alternate bank. I believe ANY bank is more functional than CapitalOne right now. Apparently the recent fraud (I know there *is* rampant cybercrime going on right now) is SIMPLY TOO MUCH FOR THIS WEAK COMPANY TO HANDLE.

After 20 years, I am moving to Chase. Unless anyone has a better suggestion.

Creative Banking

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Capital One seems to have been a step ahead of most conventional banks with creativity and flexibility. I appreciate that.

Awful Outsourced Customer Service

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Outsourced customer service is terrible. App and website is blah. Limited products available. I'm so used to how well my Navy Federal Credit Union account is handled that I didn't realize how truly awful a bank could be.


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What’s In Your Wallet? NOTHING!
So on December 10th, Capital One Informed me they had a Court Order from the State of Illinois for a Tax Audit; Interesting that we haven’t lived in Illinois for 14 years? Capital One stated they will remove all funds from my Checking Account, 15 days Before Christmas; actually, Capital One LOCKED MY ACCOUNT and made sure I had no money for Christmas. Since I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, my monthly disability payments are directly deposited into my Cap 1 Account and as such, Veteran Disability Payments are PROTECTED FUNDS and may not be taken. Capital One said they were merely following a court Order and apparently didn’t care about a 75 year old Disabled Vietnam Veteran. Nice?
So “WHAT’S IN YOUR WALLET”? Are you sure???

Capital One 360 Split My Linked Bank Transfer

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I have had my Capitol One 360 Checking account for over a month . I did a transfer of funds from my linked checking account of $400.00 on Feb 9th to come out on Feb 10th. On Feb. 12th I get $200.00 of the $400.00 deposited into my 360 account and see there is a pending $200.00 deposit notice that will happen on Feb. 16th. They split my $400.00 into two $200.00 deposits. WHY ?? Keep in mind this is a linked account and the money is gone out of the account. Why do they get to keep 1/2 of my money for 4 days longer and turn it into two deposit instead of the one?

Awesome Online Bank

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I love Cap 1 360, I have a Checking & Savings. Mobile app is simple and slick. I also bank at Wells Fargo and local CU for savings. Cap 1 transfer are 2 biz days top, lots of ATM to use locally, and no fees if you use the ATM location finder. Customer Service is nice and less than a 1 minute hold. I transfer to CU and WF all the time, quick, transfer between Cap 1 savings is instant. Never had an issue, i have Direct Deposit set up. I been playing with Ally and Capital One for a year now trying to find what works best for me. I dumped Ally cause of some issues, after originally thinking they were great. I love this bank and plan to stay with them. Thank you

Not Liking What Is In My Wallet

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My experience with CapitalOne is not good. It may just here in the New Orleans area. I will not bring up past issues, except to say this year alone twice at their drive thru branch ATM, the check I was depositing and my card were kept by the machine. Some glitch?? This second time (just a day ago) I had to call three times, total of 45+ minutes, to get someone who could help. I was told it could take up to 45 days to investigate and resolve the issue? I say open the machine up and get my card and my check, review the video and that will resolve it in 15 minutes. Yes, they were kind enough to give me provisional credit of my deposit. AND I was told up to 10 business days to get replacement card -- at least until a manager was called in and it is being expedited for 2 days. Other issues I have had make me wonder how they have such a high rating.

Unresponsive, Lost Paperwork

Finally had to take a redemption on IRA account I was trying to transfer out. When they finally acknowledged they had forms, it was past 60 days & they asked me to start over again. No way.


Skip Banking at Capital One. Their ads say Capital One and "Banking reimagined?" Why one shouldn't bank here.....My husband and I opened 3 accounts at the Midway/Alpha branch in Farmers Branch when it first opened. There were "reward" points, free ATMs, credit cards, all sorts of perks. Years later, this is where we are today. Not only has the aforementioned location closed and the perks long gone, but so has the location in Addison near Beltline/Marsh. The bank across from where I work at Forest/Dallas Tollway is closed. The closest remaining bank today at Forest/Josey is closed with no note on the door/nothing.....only ATMs. And I was going to go to the one at NWest Hwy and that is also "temporarily" closed. Today I had to drive all the way north of the Bush Fwy to do simple drive thru banking. Mr. Fairbanks, Capital One bank president, is this what you call "Banking Reimagined" in your cute commercials talking about cafes, etc? Here is a about having basic banking to start with? ....instead of the BS you put on TV ads. I'm done with your lack of the most basic of services ---- being open is just too much to ask for. For those of you who just moved into Farmers Branch or the LBJ corridor in North Dallas, do yourselves a favor, don't bank here as sometime soon, your bank may not even be there for you to do any banking. Even their website is WRONG....on where you can.

Capital One Will CLSOE Your Account With No Notification And Block Your Access To Your Money

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Having been a checking account customer for over 10 years. Used its checking account for direct deposit from my employer.

Capital One suddenly closed my account with no phone call or email/letter notification. However they still took my direct deposit, only that I had no access to the deposited money.

Called their unknowledgeable customer services and their managers for over 50 times totaling 50 hours. No resolution.

Had to call the Attorney General of my state to get my money back. Capital One held my money for 5 months in total and refused to pay interest.


Terrible Customer Services- 4 Months Still No Copies Of Checks

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The website does not have copies of deposited or written checks on the website for years 2018 and most 2018 so had to request copies...... about 12 phone calls later, hours on phone with them, still don't have all copies and agents are not able to help.... just get caught a loop of their procedure. no answers. They could care less about customers and them getting what they need. And to top it off when they did send the requested information it was incorrect or sent me copies of my bank statements which obviously I can download on my own. It is the copies of the actual checks I needed. In contrast, other banks got all information overnighted. Done. After 4 months still trying to get the information from Cap 1 and Cap1360! Closing accounts and moving on!

Bank Server Refused To Open Account

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Went online to open promo account. Bank server refused because "I was in the system" and needed to provide it with username and password. Which it refused to provide the usual ways despite my identifiers.When I called a service rep. he told me I was "NOT in the system." He could not resolve in one hour of going back and forth on his terminal and mine.

Faulty ATM And 5 Days To Process Direct Deposit

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Made a $75 cash deposit at their local ATM but the deposit never showed up on my account. I made a second deposit in cash and that did show up. When I called them regarding the $75 deposit, the customer service lady said it is still processing. Deposit made in cash usually show up the same day on your account.
It takes them 5 business day to process direct deposit and 5 business days for a credit or a refund order to show up on your account. The interest rates on their credit cards are very high.

Terrible Customer Service - Capital One ATM

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I deposited $1700 in cash ( All 20’s) into a Capital One ATM. While at a Target store in Massachusetts. I was aware not to exceed any more than 50 bills at any one time. During the transaction the Capital One ATM began returning $20 bills back.

After 3 transactions, I was short $360. I called Capital One Customer Service. Then I was transferred to a separate department. I was told it would take up to 10 business days to get my money placed back into my account. While I’m out $360. Nice short term loan for Capital One.

Absolute the worst customer service of any bank I’ve ever encountered. After I receive my cash back. I’m going to close ALL my accounts with this bank.

Going to stay with Bank Of America.

Mobile Depositing Is Now A Joke - Thanks 360 Migration....

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Use to be a great place to bank- especially the mobile deposit feature. Welp, those days are over now that they migrated us over to 360 without even notifying us before doing such. Now all my mobile deposits are deemed as “pending” and no funds are made immediately whereas before either all my funds or partial funds where made instantly depending on how much money was in my account. Suffice as to say that if I have enough money already in my account to cover any issues with a check that I am depositing, what is the need for holding my funds up? Why was this just recently implemented? The mobile depositing feature is now garbage for us. WE’VE NEVER HAD A SINGLE ISSUE WITH ANY OF OUR CHECKS- EVER.PERIOD….

As for Capital One’s answer to this, they add insult to injury, with the customer service people suggesting that rather than doing mobile deposits, We should physically take our paychecks into their horribly understaffed bank where the line que is so long, I literally see people walk off out of frustration. Because of the cuts to staff and withholding the money from my paycheck, we will shop around to a more convenient bank as we feel that corpos are completely out of touch as to what convenience really means. In our book, CO is now a garbage bank and 360 is a garbage feature that we did not ask for and weren’t ever notified of the change until having to find out the hard way.

5 Business Days To Credit A Bank Transfer

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To JeffinEasternFL: I just saw your comment on 2/9/21. This wasn’t a new depositor issue, it appears to be how they handle deposits to savings accounts. If it was a new depositor policy, then it would apply to all accounts, not just savings.

I do have a few other comments. Initially I went to my local branch to open the accounts but they said I had to do it online because of covid (the branch was open for unrestricted teller transactions). OK, I don’t make the policy so I did as they said. I then went to the bank and made a small check deposit to ensure that the account was able to handle teller transactions. The teller gave me a long lecture about doing mobile deposits instead of going to the branch. Not exactly the welcome I was expecting from my new bank.

I then went to the branch a few days later and deposited a large amount of money without issue. A few weeks later I went to the same branch to deposit an official check from a major bank, payable in my name, and the teller insisted that I show her my drivers license before she would accept the deposit. I wasn’t making a withdrawal, I was making a deposit to an existing account and she was giving me a hard time. I had previously deposited a check about much larger check without being asked for ID. Thankfully I don’t have to interact with the branch very often as I am using Capital One only as long as it has the highest interest rate on savings available in my area.

Original review:

I opened a 360 Savings and a 360 Checking account online and funded both accounts with $10 from an external bank. After I “verified” the external account, the money was credited to my checking account the next business day but the deposit to my savings account was “scheduled” to be available after five business days. This was an electronic funds transfer and the money left my other bank immediately but Capital One won’t credit it until five days after the transfer. I called customer service and spoke with a woman with an accent and I had some trouble understanding her but she said something about transfers being delayed until you were a customer for 60 days. I didn’t have a lot of confidence she knew what she was talking about.

Also, I opened the 360 savings because it had a 1% interest rate when I opened it. Before my deposit even posted they cut the rate to .8%. I may have opened an account that will soon be less competitive than some other banks.

Well Known Big Name But, Not THE Best

Solid online bank without the gotchas of many online. Easy online platform and reasonable customer service. However, in the great recession they sunk their rates faster than many other banks. Cap1 won't be top tier rate palyer unless they are collecting funds to build the asset base and then will drop rates FASTER but, still stay overallnear the average rate for a major online bank. You probably can get - if you want a major big bank, more from CIT (as example) or a slightly more interest from MARCUS, AllY or SYNCHRONY if you prefer the major players who also offer unlimited deposit/withdraw online accounts. Solid but, unassuming ...

360 Savings Promotion Scam

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The promotion is a total scam. I did an electronic transfer of $20,000 the day I opened the account and when I logged in to check the status, the scheduled transfer day kept getting pushed back a day or two. You only have ten days for the money to be transferred in order to get the promotion. I only had time to call customer service after the ten days had passed and they guided me through multiple pages on their site to a link to confirm the transfer. How would anyone know to go there? I was never informed on the website when opening the account or entering the transfer, never got an email to do this step. This is how they get people to lose out on the promotion but sign up for accounts. Needless to say, I closed my account.

Something Seems Fishy Here...

Opened a 360 account and authorized a $50k transfer for the max bonus available in May 2020, but the transfer never happened. Every time I checked, the transfer hadn't happened and Cap One's web site indicated a newer, later estimated transfer date. Finally called them to see if there was a problem. Long waits, horrible jazz wait music (overdriven to the point of garbled distortion). They couldn't tell me what the problem was, but the 10 day period for funding a new account had passed and I no longer qualified for the bonus. There was no attempt by them to contact me about any transfer problem and I never heard anything from my bank about a problem (like possible fraud). The money was there waiting.

They were still willing to take my 50K (at the still decent rate, sans the bonus). I told them to stuff it and closed the unfunded account. If they can't handle a transfer or tell me what was wrong, I don't think I want them to handling any part of my distance banking... I suspect they are scamming some percentage of people by and need investigated.

Capital 1 360

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Horrible experience it takes CapitalOne 24 hrs to withdraw money from my account but it takes them 5 days, 3 phones calls to transfer it back! So far waiting 5 days for a transfer spokevto a manager and she promised it would of been complete by 5 pm. And nothing it’s not worth the hassle.

This Bank Steals From Its Customers

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I had an issue with this bank last year. They were supposed to credit a charge that was made incorrectly by another vendor. I filled out the right forms and all that, but Capital One credited the wrong transaction. They were off by about $3.

It took them nearly 1.5 months to correct their mistake. Meanwhile I was out $96 due to them. They effectively took a loan from me.

I called several times, spoke with numerous people. They had me file all this paperwork, go through all this procedure. The bill was due, and I would be paying a balance higher than it should have been. They told me they would credit my account by sending me a check via mail. They lied.

The check never came. They never sent anything. I called them again, the third or fourth call. They explained that they had credited it, but for the original $96. They then did another credit of $3. But this wasn't until the next billing cycle. I was already out an additional $96, and was still out that money until the next billing cycle. I came to get my money back. Not get a credit.

Due to the incompetence of this bank's employees, I was stolen from for a month. The bank effectively forced me to give them a loan with 0% interest for me. They offered nothing as recompense, offered no apologies. They stole from me and did nothing about it until I complained three times.

I don't care for a bank that steals from its customers.

Poor Experience On Setting Up Bank Account At Capital One

Wasn't clear about needing to verify test accounts. Waited beyond a 14 day before following up. The reason I agreed to sign-up was for a bonus plan being offered. There was a 10 day window to make a deposit to be eligible for the bonus plan. I called and tried to see if Capital One would honor the program since I was 4 days late and no one could verify if I would be eligible after talking to three separate representatives. I was put on hold many times with little answers. After this experience, I realized that Capital One wasn't for me or frankly anyone who considers service levels a priority.

Great Benefits And Good Service

I've been a credit card customer of CapOne for 8 years and opened a savings account 1 year ago and just recently a checking account. The benefits and bonuses they offer are top notch and I have found the service very adequate. I have found the key is to read the account and bonus rules very carefully and then comply with rules and the timelines. Easiest thing has been to enter deadlines in your calendar and check them occasionally, That's a small hassle for big rewards.

360 Perf Savings

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Be careful of wasting your time. Tried to open an new 360 Performance Savings account. There is some conflict in their system regarding previous account holders. My prior account was closed over 5 years ago. Just spent over an hour and several phone calls with them trying to resolve. No resolution. Awful experience.

The Savings Account Promises Are Close To Scams!

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My elderly father opened a savings account with Capital One, depositing a large sum of money. After an hour of the opening; they restricted his account for what seemed indefinately. Asking for impossible documents, and Keeping his money restricted and would not give it back to him until my attorney, the District Attorney, and 2 notaries got involved after over a month of holding dad's money "hostage". The district attorney said, "Shame on them for taking advantage of an elderly person!" They were just on the verge of being an elderly person's "scam". CUSTOMERS BEWARE!

Horrible Bank X2

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Apparently, if you were a former ING Direct customer, their system will not allow you in. Save yourself time and aggravation. TAKE YOUR MONEY AND BANK ELSEWHERE!!

Horrible Bank

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I tried to open my first-ever Capital One account online today. After filling in some information, I got a message saying I was already in the system and I should give my user name and password. I don't have any, so I called. The first person put me on hold for a long time and then transferred me to someone else, who put me on hold for a long time and then transferred me to someone else, who put me on hold for a long time and then dropped the call. I called back, and that person put me on hold for a long time and then transferred me to someone else, and this person, "Amy," told me I'm not permitted to open a Capital One account because I had an ING Direct CD 15-20 years ago—she said Capital One now owns ING Direct—and I didn't have online access to that CD. This creates a "looping issue" for Capital One, she said. She refused to try to fix the problem. I asked whether I could open an account in a branch when it reopened, and she said no. What a crazy reason, and it took me two hours to get it!

Capone Used To Be A Good Place To Park Money; No More

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Previously it was seamless to set up transfers in and out of CapOne. No longer if you do not have a cell phone. Most other banks can call you to give you a confirmation number on a landline or can send it to you by email. Not CapOne. I do not have a cell phone. Thus, I had to talk with 3 different people and finally a mgr to set up a transfer to CapOne of money in a maturing CD at a credit union. The whole thing took about 45 min. This is the last deposit I will ever make at CapOne, and I will transfer it out of there as soon as I find a good CD rate. Also, it takes them 7-10 business days to make the "connection" deposits that they then withdraw. Most places do it in 1-2 business days.

To Clarify Situations To Capital One

First off I declare I do not work directly for Capital One, or any of it's partners.
I am a researcher, most people have no clue as to whom they are dealing with when it comes to monetary aspects of their lives.

First off Capital One is known as a "Holding Company".
This means they hold a portfolio of financial assets that may be controlled by other businesses, banking, Wall Street, etc.
Example when Capital One bought out ing, ing received nearly 10% control of Capital One, across the board of all financial assets. ing decided being partnered with a holding company at 10% gave a higher return to their margin and future equity for profitability compared to the risk assessments in regards to the over all time period of portfolio management.

Take into consideration that every transaction now must move thru the Federal Reserve system, and the multiple parts of check's and balances, to preserve the integrity of risk including departments that enforce Federal, as well as State laws, in both criminal, and civil protections.
Often we hear the term such as ACH, clearinghouse, but in reality it's a multi departmental as well as public, and private process.
Each process is given rules often regulatory in the administrative area, but legislatively those laws may throw a flag for account holders and thus prevent transactions from going thru within 5 days.

Let's say as banking advances so do other areas of advantage possibilities.
The primary reason for most banks to offer a payout for keeping a min banking balance, is to secure their ability to make something off of your deposit, while weighing in the ability to be able to liquidate a reasonable percentage of assets if a customer wants to cash out, in the banking world this is called "calling a margin".
If a person has a history of habitual banking, this will red flag a person with many banks.

We can go back now to the ideology of Capital One, the bank was built upon the principle of being a banking holding company.
So just because one may think they can get better things using a specific branded bank itself, odds are that bank could very well own some of Capital One.
The reality is, the new bank will be notified from other vendors of consumer banking advantage practices.
When this happens by the actions of a consumer, it often means it directly reduces the economic future exposure to new, or extended credit lines.

If someone can afford to place $25k into a bank for 90 days in order to earn a $200.00 bonus they aren't very economically savvy (Only gives a return of 0.8%).
And the reason as to why I say this, is there are banks including capital one savings that pay a better rate of return without any deposit requirements.
I've had accounts with just $1.00 in it and gave me 1% in 30 days.
$25,000 even at 2% gives a return of $500.00.
One must pay close attention to the maturity date to properly calculate the actual interest rate.
Offers that gives one a bonus longer than 30 days dilute the average interest rate amounts, until it's a tiered payout amount over time, within the amount of deposit.
The purpose of banking is to keep currency in motion, fluidity.

Disappointed With Capital One 360

I opened the account on November 25, 2019, with the bonus code of SAVE1000, and deposit $25,000 on November 27,2019.

On February 24, 2020, I withdrew $20,000 dropping the balance below the $10,000 threshold to earn the $200 bonus. The final maintaining date to earn the full bonus would have been after March 3, 2020.

The reason I withdraw 10 days earlier was my confusion of daily balance and average daily balance. I thought my average daily balance was way above the required amount. The fact is I have a fund of $25,000 in account for 80 days after the initial funding period, and that is 2.5 fold of the required daily balance threshold. Besides I am a loyal customer of capital one, never missed a single payment of my credit card bill. I called in to ask for them to consider to issue an exceptional credit bonus of $200, the associate did filed a form for me, gave me some hope, but today I got an e-mail from capital one that they are unable to pay the bonus of $200. If a credit card firm is so inconsiderate to a loyal customer, that really makes me sad...

False Promises

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I opened a 360 Saving Acct because a promotion offering a bonus of $100 for each $10K. It happened 2 weeks ago and so far Capital hasn't transferred from the other bank. Everyday I check the balance and Capital says "processing". The trick is that they say that the money had to be deposited within ten days after de opening. Well. I transferred all the money the same day that I opened the acct, and now, this money isn't in my original bank and is not yet in Capital, In addition, a customer service analyst told me that I might not have the benefits because of the delay. This is unbelievable and frustrating.

Capital None - They Have Gone Downhill

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Closed my primary bank account without my knowledge. Then proceeded to transfer my direct deposit from the closed account or hold it till a business day before depositing it into my new unauthorized simple checking account. Messed automatic drafted payment causing me inconvenient fees. Do yourself a favor and go with a bank that won’t change products that benefit themselves over their customers.

On Line Banking???

I attempted to deposit a check into my 360 money market account via their mobile app and was denied because it was over the $20,000 monthly limit...which the first representative thought was $50,000...after 2 more representatives and a taped call I was told my only option was to a sleet the ATM at a Target store where the check could be deposited. No. I then asked could I deposit it into my checking or regular saving and then transfer it to the MM account. A resounding YES! But they forgot there is NO option for mobile deposits into either of those accounts! Am I wrong or is this supposed to be online banking that you can’t online bank with. BTW, the check was from a major insurance company. Also...I found a bank that doesn’t want money by making it very difficult for the consumer to give it to them.

Open An Account - Lose Your Money

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If you make deposits to your Capital One 360 account you are in danger of losing your money. If you make a mobile deposit and you are informed by Capital One 360 that the funds have been successfully deposited - they are speaking double talk. They will even tell you that you can destroy the check that you deposited. They can thereafter reverse the deposit for any reason and do not have to notify you. That is bad banking - completely untrustworthy. If the reversed deposit results in a negative balance they will immediately close your account. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH CAPITAL ONE 360!!!

Terrible Service, Not Helpful

I recently opened a 360 checking and savings account through Capital One bank. I have had their credit card for ages, it was my very first credit card ever! I was happy with the credit card but the 360 accounts seem very shady. I deposited 2 checks and they have been in pending for 4 business days now. Spoke with customer service several times. They told me that it takes 4 business days to clear the check when you first open a new account with them, and they also said that Monday is not considered a business day, which makes no sense whatsoever. Then I spoke with a manager and she said that yes the check deposit takes 4 business days, however they don't deposit the money on the 4th business day, it goes in on the 5th day. This is unheard of, and absolutely unacceptable. It is never okay to play with people's money like this. I'm closing this account for good, terrible service! Plenty of other good banks around, no need for this stress.

ACH Pulls Are Very Slow

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An ACH pull initiated at Capital One takes seven days. I though the industry standard is next day.

Opening A 360 CD Account

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Be warned. Capital One people only want your money and do not want to give you service. They get your account info and never give you any information in return. Almost as if they are scamming people. Which maybe they are. Be wary and very careful here. Actually consider putting your money in a real bank with CD's, like at Marcus - Goldman Sachs who send you information and work with you so you don't think they are crooks.

Misleading CD Account Information

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Opened a CD account for 500k. Spoke to supervisor who indicated could add wife to account after 2 weeks. Why 2 weeks? 2 weeks, go to web site, and attempt to add wife through their "invitation portal". Application freezes each time, 4 attempts. Call service center. Spoke to rep, worhtless. Spoke to Julio (Badge ID. 554576), the highest ranking supervisor below the CEO of the company, according to him. Indicated I had a browser problem and had to download Chrome. Really, Safari, which works fine on all other banking and Credit Card accounts sites, including Capital One, will not let the addition of a joint account holder to fall within FDIC 250K insurance. Julio was not too interested in addressing the problem, and blocked any attempt to access other help. He said, "write a letter to the CEO". What's in your wallet? Not this bank any more!

Horrible Websited

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After 3 months of trying to purchase a CD from Citi, I gave up. The worst website I have ever attempted to work with. People on the phone were fine, but I had to keep calling them and there was always one more thing to do. Good luck working with this one.


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My mother wrote me a check with no phone number included. Capital One has called her phone and verified twice that she wrote the check. The check cleared in 3 days.

Capital One now wants my mother to purchase a phone in her name (she already has one in her husbands name and Calif is a community property state). Besides, how many people have phones on family or parent plans?

They have held my money since May 31, 2019 (4 months now). I called them over 20 times during the first 2 weeks. I have turned them into every regulatory agency I can find, they all think that coercion is and acceptable business practice and that I control my check writers phone service!!!!

I call the man "Johnathan", who is writing me these nasty letters to discuss it with him and no one calls back. As a matter of fact, no one has EVER called me back from any of the phone messages I have left.

None of this is a term of their service! They are liars and thieves and will not uphold their end of the contract!


Not For Travelers, Nomads, Or Expats

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I signed up for a Capital One 360 account because I am living overseas and the foreign transaction rates and fees were spectacular. However, I now find that I cannot activate the card because we switched from US to Mexican cellphone providers. They cannot send texts to foreign numbers (e.g., to activate an account, confirm a log in, etc.). Well, okay, but that pretty much obviates any reason for me to have it.

Impossible To Transfer Funds. Stay Clear Of This Bank.

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The account with capital one keeps locking due to the absurd level of security and have to call customer care every time to get it unlocked. It is almost impossible to transfer any kind of funds. Also, there is a long wait on the phone with customer care if we need to resolve any issue.

No Go For CD.

I tried to open a CD at Capital One 360. The test transactions never went through to my external bank for funding. Tried twice to resend them. They never appeared. Never had this problem before. I gave up and opened my CD elsewhere. Customer service was as helpful as could be. The website is a little janky with broken help links and jumbled graphics.Too bad it didn't work out.

Capital One

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Teller @Capital One bank never deposited my $1,200 cash deposit into my account. Customer Service claimed they were starting an investigation but never got back to me, I had to go back to the bank the following day and track down my money on my own. This incident is after their major security breach that was on the news. Such an unprofessional and un-reliable bank.

I Love My 360 Savings Account

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I've had multiple Capital One 360 savings accounts for about 4 years now. It's super simple to set up different accounts and see your balances as well as transfer money. My transfers usually take about 3 business days but sometimes only 2 days. I've been really happy with my experience. I just wanted to share since I noticed many of the negative reviews were from other products offered by Capital One (which I can't speak to), but the savings account is legit:).

They Steal Your Money Throgh The ATM

The ATM doesn't give you credit for all the money you put in; and when you withdraw, it shorts you. The bank refuses to take any responsibility.

Money Market Bonus

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Pgroov, exactly the same with me. Opened 5/17. Processed until 5/23, then in my account it showed deposited on 5/17. So all is OK. For both of us.

Mediocre Rates / Artificial External Account Restrictions

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I just opened a 360MM account to take advantage of the $500 bonus promotion. One thing that stands out at Capital One is that they only allow links to checking accounts as external accounts. Capital One does NOT allow links to savings accounts, money market accounts or brokerage accounts. Every other single financial outfit I deal with allows links to both savings, checking and brokerage accounts as external linked bank accounts.

The interest rate on their 360MM account is not competitive with other internet banks without the temporary bonus promotion.

One the plus side their chat based web site customer service is excellent as far as I can tell - they answer simple questions quickly and efficiently.

Not So Good For Foreign Travel

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There can still be substantial fees if using ATMs out of their network. Also, they insist you do not need to let them know if you are traveling, but your first several attempts to use the associated debit card out of the country will be declined until you verify the transactions through email or text. However, the request to do so may not come in for several hours. All rather useless when you need the cash from your account right away.

Not Friendly To Account Aggregation Services

Don't use this bank for CDs if you want to track your balances using an account aggregation service (like Yodlee) as Capital One has a dysfunctional authentication routine. Specifically, I am not receiving the phone calls from them necessary to obtain the authentication code. AND, Capital One can not tell me if they are texting me (as this would not work on my landline). Hey, if they don't know what they are doing I can't be doing business with them any longer, although I have been a customer for over ten years

Direct Deposit

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Warning don't set up direct deposit with Capital One. My pay from the Federal Government is sent to Capital One on Friday after 6:00pm and Capital One posted the pay on Monday. Other banks - almost everyone US bank except for Capital One will post the pay on Saturday or on Friday. If Monday is a holiday you at of luck because you wont get your pay until Tuesday.

Can't Oen An Account

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tried to open a M.M. account with capital One but couldn't get texts on my land line. so the can't i.d. me called, on the phone for over an hour getting transferred to various people to no avail, a big waste of effort and time.

When Do They Post Bonus ?

Signed up for their $500 bonus on $50,000 deposit.
Required a 90-day deposit minimum.
Anyone know when they actually pay out the promotion $ ?

Language in the offer is vague but says bonus payout could be as much as 60 days AFTER the 90 day deposit period.

Thanks in advance

Best Bank I've Ever Had

I thought their concept of cafe banks at first was odd, but it's great. Plenty of fee-free ATMs throughout the country, rarely run into a situation where I can't find one easily. Website extremely easy to navigate, love the ability to create new accounts in seconds. I've banked with Santandar, BOFA, Ally (also love them), and Citizens(the worst by far), and CapitalOne is the best. Not to mention they gave me a great cash bonus upon sign up that was no questions asked, and half off coffees in their stores if you're into that.

Your Money Is NOT SAFE In This Bank!

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Capital One has horrible customer service and policies. There were $500 in fraudulent charges made via my checking account. Capital One waits 10 business days to issue a provisional credit of the funds pending their investigation. Bank of America, Chase, and basically every other bank I've ever banked with credit your money back IMMEDIATELY. Meanwhile, I've already paid bills from this account. So I'm screwed. Your money WILL NOT BE SAFE AT THIS BANK.

Spark Business Savings Account No Longer Available

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Just a suggestion to to update this listing. Capital One is no longer accepting new applications for the Spark Business Savings Accounts, only personal "360" branded accounts, so this listing should be removed. In particular, their website states:

"We're making some updates to our products and aren't accepting new Spark® Business Savings or Spark® Business Checking accounts right now. Service on existing accounts will not be impacted. Please check back later."


Do Not Bank Here!

Please do not sign up for a Capital One Checking Account! I opened an account with them in December 2017 and everything was going well, never once did I not have money in my account and I always pay my credit cards in time. However, I was overcharged for a hotel by a hotel company in September. I called the company and they told me to contact my bank. I contacted Capital One right away and they started a dispute.

One week later and the difference that the company overcharged me was back in my account. At first I disputed the whole charge but once they gave me the difference I was fine with it. This was on September 28th, I was happy with Capital One.

Now, on December 20th (3 months later) they took the difference back out of my account and said they sided with the company and now I am out money I didn't think I was out right before Christmas. I called and they said they cant reverse this, they cant dispute it again, and that I was out of luck

I have never disputed a claim in my life and I have to be pretty upset to do it and now Capital One basically treated me like garbage. They just lost a customer that has been using them for credit cards forever over $300.

Thanks for believing in big corporate money hungry companies over your customers, Capital One. They 100% do not care about their customers. I transferred the rest of my money to a different bank right away.

Lacks An Important EFT Function

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For the most part Capital One is okay but, for at least one important transfer function, they are severely lacking. As of 11-7-18 they are still unwilling to let customers schedule AUTOMATIC bank to bank transfers to another person or entity's account. They now require you to use Zelle which does have this capability apparently but it is NOT supported by Capital One's implementation. I have reported this to the bank and they do not seem to care based on the responses I have gotten from my interactions with them.

BTW, I also have accounts with TD Bank and TIAA Bank and they both support this natively (no need to use Zelle).

Hard To Pull Your Money Out

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Capital One sent me an email earlier this year that said going forward there will be limits on how much I can withdraw from my savings/money market accounts. Checkout their own site's terms.. Needless to say, I pulled most of my money out and eventually will only keep a checking account. How dare anyone put conditions on getting your own money, this is not a loan to the bank! Watch out for other banks doing the same thing..

My Primary Bank

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Capital One was my introduction to online only banking, back in 2008. (Back then, it was named ING Direct, before being purchased by Capital One.) It started out as my online savings account, and stayed that way for quite a while.

Last year, it became my primary bank. It has my primary checking account, I use the online bill payment service to pay all my bills, and it is also the hub I use to route all my ACH transfers.

The money market account pays a very competitive (but not best in class) interest rate, so I use it from time to time for some of my savings.

In the decade I have had the account, I have never paid a fee. I have never had a single problem at all with the account.

Capital One is an exceptionally good, full service bank.

In Comparison This Bank Isn't Bad.

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Doesn't make this bank good. When it was ing it was awsome no problems ,never on the phone. Now Capital one I seem to be a yearly thing now dealing with rude and nosie customer service. Other than that I make depoits, and withdraws with little problems. How a bank should be!

Couldn't Use 360 ATM Card Philippines And Japan

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I got the 360 checking account to use on a trip to the Philippines and Japan b/c they said they had no foreign transaction fees.. Every ATM I tried to use told me I had an incorrect PIN # or some other issue and was unable to get local currency out of the ATM in both the Philippines and Japan. There was no problem with my ATM PIN # b/c I was able to use it at a Chase ATM no problem when I got back home. Very Very disappointed fortunately I had US currency to exchange in the Philippines and Japan but that defeated the purpose of getting the 360 Account.

Not Impressed!

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I wanted to open a Capital One 360 CD, but decided to test the process first, opening a small amount CD, with direct deposit from an external linked account. After 3 weeks, the CD online balance is still showing zero, transaction pending, even though the funds had been withdrawn from the linked account.

I planned to cancel this small CD before maturity, just to see how long the process takes, fees involved etc. There is no option available online to cancel the CD! Every time I call the bank with question, I get different answer. So, today, I decided to call the bank to cancel the CD. After a long wait, I was on the phone for more thank half an hour, the representative going back and forth to check with manager. At first it was .. "no problem, we can cancel the CD". Then we went to .. "it is not possible to cancel it now ..", and in the end, the representative on the other end had disappeared, and I never heard from anyone back, and CD not cancelled.

So, I started looking for another back to open up a CD. The rates are good, but my trust and confidence is shot. Also, THANKS to the posts alluring to no beneficiaries!

The Worst Bank

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CPO 360 wouldn’t let me close the account, even though no money in it. Checking has been closed some time ago without my consent, only Savings left with restricted ACH transfer. I’m filing a complaint through CFPB, just in case. I’m done with online banks. Thank goodness, I emptied this bank and GS Bank long ago.
Sadly, this kind of world we are living in nowadays. Just, be very careful with online banks.

Capital One is pretty awesome!

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I have been a customer of Capital One 360 since they were ING Direct. I have a savings and checking account with this bank. They approved me for a overdraft line of credit for my checking account which comes in really handy. I haven't had any fees with them. They only charge a percentage for using the overdraft line of credit if you don't have it paid back to positive by the end of the month. Whenever I have to call them, whichever representative I get is really nice and professional. So far the main issue I have had with them is that their app is not always functioning when I need it. I have to re enter into the app which can get pretty annoying. One of my favorite features is the lock debit card feature. If you lose your card temporarily you can lock your car from the app and unlock it just as fast. Another good thing is if you refer a friend (using your special link) and they open a checking or savings (meeting the right conditions) they can get a bonus and you would also get a bonus. It is a cool way for some extra cash if you know someone who is looking. Over these years, I still have the accounts and I plan to stay with them. They have been my favorite so far. I just wish they would get the bugs worked out of their app.

Great bank

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My experience of banking with Capital One 360 has been great. I have no fees. I bank at home never having to walk into a bank. My bank balance is always accurate and my transactions post immediately. I earn interest on anything I put into the bank. I can find my bank account # and routing # in my app which is helpful rather than having to search for a check which I rarely use. When I make a transfer from checking to savings or savings to checking it's immediate.

Capital One versus ING

I began my high yield online savings account over 10 years ago with ING Direct. I poured my meager savings into the account, despite my father's opinion that it wouldn't make a difference because I didn't have enough money to make the 4.5% interest rate worth it. In my opinion, it is equally beneficial for people with lots and with little money. I made a good amount of interest over the years that ING was managing the account. The interest rate was high, and comparably very high when compared to brick and mortar banks. I never had an issue that required me to speak to the customer service department. The web access was always easy and allowed me to accomplish what I needed to.
When ING became Capital One 360, I was disappointed with the result. I had no expectations, as I had not heard anything about a switch. This is disappointing to me because as an account holder with ING, I would have hoped to get some sort of notification. And I was an account holder with Capital One as well. Once the takeover was done, the interest rate plumeted and I was asked to change my username and password. It is not the same. It is disappointing.

Convenient banking from anywhere

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CapitalOne 360 allows you to manage your finances easily and from anywhere. No-fee checking and interest-paying savings make it easy to save for the future and manage your bills now. You can shift money between accounts with the click of a few buttons, from your phone or computer, any time day or night. Deposit checks by taking a picture with your phone. Set up different accounts for different purposes. I've used CapitalOne 360 to start a vacation fund, save for a car, and put money aside for annual expenses such as property tax and insurance payments. I never worry about opening another account for a special purpose because CapitalOne 360 doesn't charge monthly fees for accounts. I can log on any time to check my balance, and it was easy to set up automatic payments for recurring bills. I've only had to contact customer service once in the ten years I've had my accounts, but the person on the other end of the line was super helpful and resolved my problem right away.

Best online bank out there

I opened a capital one 360 account two years ago and I love it. I use this account for my vacation fund. It's easy to use and the online banking is easy to to work. The app is easy to deposit checks or transfer money. I like that this account pays a decent apy for a checking account. This account also is 100 percent free and there are no fees for not having a certain balance or anything. The best thing was the sign up bonus I received when I opened it. Overall I would definitely recommend capital one 360 to anyone.

Love my bank

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I have been a capital one member since they were ING Direct. I have a primary checking account as well as several savings accounts. It is so easy to create a new savings account if I want to set money aside for something special. I also set several up for my nieces so I could set money aside for their college expenses. Capitol one also makes it easy to pay bills, pay people, and set up recurring payments and/or money transfers. My paycheck is deposited every two weeks and I automatically move part of that money to savings without thinking about it. I had to contact customer service for assistance with a lost card and they were very helpful and made sure my old card was disabled to prevent fraudulent charges. Best part is I never have any monthly fees and my savings account rate is great!

Great Experience

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I have had a Capital One 360 savings account for several years now. I opened it for the introductory new customer offer, that earned me a bonus. It has been a good experience with this online bank. I am able to have several "sub categories" of savings account, in order to save for specific goals. The online system in easy to access and use and it is easy to transfer money between accounts. Withdrawals process with in a few days. They also have a mobile banking app, that I find useful to use on my cell phone. I have had no issues with the online bank and will continue to be a customer.

Love Capital One

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I have been using Capital One since 2008 - for 10 years - they were Orange Saving back then. I only have a saving account with them however for all these years I have earned $2,628.81 in monthly interests. I have immediate access to my money whenever I need it. Also, deposits and withdraws to and from the account are a breeze - I only set up once the other institution and then chose from drop-down menu. Customer service is by email only but they answer all my questions thoroughly and in timely manner - always within 24 hours! I'd never ever use another bank for my money. I have never done banking on mobile phone but they do provide it. They also have a cafe for each area where customers can go and share experience.

NO issues with Capital One 360

Opted to choose online account because it was easy, and rates for transaction were good. When first started had issues with customer service (5 years ago)-but now good. Though they customer services hours are not 24 hours, and there is no chat option which is difficult for me. Tow issues come to mind, first my account id was stolen..I was contacted by bank, there were going to put hold until investigation occurred, though other charges came through in following days..took a few days to fix..shouldn't have happened

Capital One 360

At first, I did not know what to expect from an online only bank. However, I must say Capital One 360 exceeds my expectations. They provide excellent customer service and are easy to deal with and knowledgeable. In addition, this checking account earns interest and does not charge any fees (meaning you do not have to maintain a minimum and will not be charged for not having direct deposit or whatever most bank accounts require). They also have ATM's that are free of fee's so that you can pull out money without being charged. Their website and mobile layout are super clean and easy to use. I do not believe I have ever been more satisfied with a bank and plan on being a loyal customer for a long time!

Excessive Holds On ACH Transfers

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ING never did this and Capital One shouldn't either. Transferring money from one major bank to another shouldn't incur a 3-day hold on funds. I understand check deposits, but electronic transfers? Capital One is a very frustrating bank to work with.


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Along with other banks, Capital 1 asks existing customers logging into the on-line banking site, to update their salary and work status information. They make a point to say they are "required" to by "Federal Regulation", and it's specifically for the purpose of approving a credit line increase.

I was always able to click "Accounts" at the top of the Capital 1 page and bypass the inquiry because A) I didn't want or need a credit line increase and B) if Capital 1 wanted to offer me an increase, well, they ought to ASK me first. If I want it, I'll provide them the info they need to make a determination on ability to pay, which is what those cited Federal Regulations say they have to do.

Until today. Logged in as usual but was redirected to a page with a stupid, cheery message announcing they'd revamped their website..... but before they would show me what it looked like, I had to provide them with salary and work status information. WTF kind of cheeky nonsense is that? Again, ominous federal regulations giving them no choice in the matter, and still, it's for this non-existent credit line increase I don't want, need, haven't asked for and they haven't offered. No way to bypass it now. Comply or You Can't See the new Website, and of course, you can't access your accounts. Any of them. I have 3, only 1 is a credit card account.

Whoever thought this strategy up needs to find another job, perhaps waterboarding blind folded ISIS prisoners.

FYI, I took it to Facebook and Twitter so far to let people know, and hopefully somebody in Capital 1 senior management will tap the brakes on this, or if they knew, put their ego on the shelf and do a sanity check.

Otherwise I am a perfectly happy Capital 1 customer for both banking and credit, until this totally weird, random event today.

We love Capital One 360 high interest rates!

A few years ago, my husband and I were looking for a high interest savings account to deposit our emergency fund and a sinking fund for our car. We wanted this to be in a separate account than our regular everyday banking to ensure it would be available in the case of emergency. Also, since it is a large dollar value ($60,000) we were looking to earn better-than-market interest. The Capital One 360 online savings account met our needs with a 1% interest rate at the time. We are now earning 1.5% as rates have increased overtime. It is very easy for us to transfer funds in and out of this account to our day-to-day bank account. Also, we have a Capital One credit card and the login is tied to our bank account, which makes things easy and streamlined with the excellent mobile app. We have been very happy here!

Long time customer

Capital One 360 used to be ING Orange savings Bank. I have been banking with them for over 12 years. This bank gave me the opportunity to get confidence in using Internet to open, save, invest and grow my principal and interest. They Offer great competitive CD rates. Whenever I called their Customer Service, they always were prompt. knew their subject well. They were truly interested in serving their customers.

Capital one bank - reliable!

Caiptal one's online banking experience is very good. I have been a customer of theirs for over five years. They have never let me down. They do not change secret or hidden fees and you always get what you pay for. I have never experienced an issue with this institution and their website is always running. I believe their website is very secure too. Overall, this is a great bank. If you use them you will not be dissapointed.

Capital One 360 Savings Account

Signing up for this bank account, to start, was very easy. Ever since it has continued to be just as easy in all fronts. The website and mobile app are set up very well and that, combined with the interest rate of 1%, makes this bank very favorable. I love online banking and I have other accounts but this is by far the most high tech and pleasing to the eyes. If you're a fan of aesthetics and a decent interest rate on savings accounts, then you'll love this. If you love the same things, I think you would enjoy banking here. However, I do have some complaints that I do have is that this bank has less than desirable customer service. The workers hardly ever speak good English and, when they do, they have a sense that they are better than you. They'll get your complaint processed (after a few weeks), but it won't be a fun process for you. Additionally, it takes a very long time for transactions to process on this account. My first deposit into the account was pending for over a week and I had to call to get it posted. I think that that is ridiculous especially because the interest is based on day by day. All in all, it's what you would expect of a savings account and I do recommend it for fellow college students and young people in general.

Capital 360 Savings Account

I really love my Capital One 360 Savings Account. It allows me to have several savings accounts under different names, so I can budget out where my savings go. This works out well for me because then I don't accidentally use the money intended for something else. So, I can keep my Christmas money separate from my money I am savings for taxes and so forth. It really helps me budget better and have a better idea of where my money is going. I can do all this from my computer or an app on my cell phone. It really comes in handy when I am somewhere and need to transfer money from one account to another in a hurry. I don't have to wait until I can get to my computer, but can just go to the app and transfer the money I need. This is the most convenient savings account I have ever had.

Great concept but needs fine-tuning

I enjoy using Capital One 360 checking and savings because there are no monthly fees and no minimum balance. This works for me because I generally keep a low balance and mostly use my debit card for online shopping, bill payment or running errands without the need to carry a lot of cash. The actual Capital One branch is quite far from me so it's a bit of a hassle for me to go there when I want to deposit cash. However with the ability to deposit checks right through the app, it helps a lot. I don't have to go to the bank every time I sell something on eBay and get a small check. You can also turn your debit card on and off using the app for security. And if you have a Capital One credit card, it's a no-hassle set up to pay the bill using the 360 account. Ok so those are the good things about the bank. Here are some of the negatives. For one thing, I have been trying to add my husband as a joint account user online for months, and every time it says there is a security issue and it can't be done. I tried calling customer service and after being on hold for an hour, was told that the issue was that I had changed my phone number recently, and I should wait 2 weeks for the number to update on their back end. I waited more than 2 weeks, still the same problem. It has now been over a month- how long does it take this company to update a phone number? The other thing that is annoying is that the mobile app doesn't have all the features that are on the website. For example, you can't (try to) add a joint user on the mobile app but must do it on a desktop.

CapitalOne-Best Online Checking Account!

I opened a CapitalOne 360 account, it is an online banking account. I can do everything from my iPhone, deposit checks, send money, and it is free! There are no fees! It is the best checking account and check card I've ever had. And if you do need cash, you can use the ATM at any of the convenient locations. Definitely a great banking account.

My Time With Capital One Free 360 Checking

I signed up for and used Capital One's free 360 checking. It is an online only checking account. The reason I signed up for it was because they had an incentive program where I earned $150 promotional bonus for signing up and having a direct deposit into the account. I was very happy with the fees (there were none) and customer service (I never had any problems and only talked to them once when I was ready to close the account.) I really only signed up for the account for the bonus so when I had satisfied all of the requirements I closed the account. I believe I had the account for six months. Had I not had a checking account and savings account already established with a different bank I would consider using the Capital One free checking because there were not a lot of hoops to jump through to get the free checking. With my current bank there are certain criteria I have to meet to maintain "free" checking.

A Good Online Bank Option with Low Fees

I really like the versatility of CapitalOne 360. Whether you need online checking, investment options, or you are opening a student account, CapitalOne 360 offers great incentives, competitive intetest rates, and low fees. It is perfect for any of your online purchasing needs.

Great online bank

I have been using Capital One 360, Capital One's online bank, for the past two years. From the time of opening my account to the present, I have had a pleasant experience. First of all, the account was extremely easy to open and set up, with their helpful customer service representatives just a call away, should they be needed. Since opening my account with them, they have offered very competitive interest rates, along with competitive, and often non-existent, fees. For example, their both their money market and savings accounts offer interest rates consistently higher than their peers. Also, their checking account gives 50 free checks, and has no minimum balance requirements. Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with their rates and services, and would recommend anyone to use them as their main banking institution.

Capital One 360 savings

I use capital one 360 for all of my savings needs. I love this bank because it allows me to open as many savings accounts as I want at no cost. I use the envelope method to pay down debt and to save for future expenses and this has been a great way for me to keep track of all of my money. I love this bank because transferring money from account to account is simple and fast. I even do transfers between capital one and my local credit union every week and the transfers always post quickly. When I needed to talk to customer service about a withdrawal from my account that I didn't initiate they dealt with it in a very professional manner and made sure my account was secure. I can not say enough positive things about Capital One.

Great oneline free checking

I have been a capital one 360 account customer for 3 years now and I love the bank. It's free checking which is a huge plus. They do pay a apr which is more than some checking accounts. The mobile check deposit is easy to use and the money post in one day. I stated using this as a second account at first and I ended up liking it so well that it is now my primary checking account.

Rates are rising

I signed up for the bank in the fall of 2017 due to a promotion where I got $300 for signing up with at least a $10,000 deposit. The experience has been superb with no hitches to date. No issue with customer service and transfers out usually take place within one to two business days. The online interface, perhaps the most important part of an online banking service, is intuitive and reliable, and the same goes for the mobile version of the website. The interest rates have already seen multiple hikes since I signed up as well, as the bank tries to stay competitive with its competitors. I make more interest in a single month with Capital One's money market account than I did the entirety of last year with U.S. Bank. It feels good to know that my money isn't just sitting there earning nothing and my rates have been increasing so that I don't feel like I constantly need to shop around. I realize its 2% interest but not by much and its seemingly constantly increasing.


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We have had multiple accounts sine 2005 starting out with ING but just not the same since capitol one took over- not happy!

Great Customer Service

When they merged with ING I was worried that the banking would be unorganized but it's been a great experience! There are Customer Serice Reps available whenever I need them who actual do their work and call you back with results. I ordered checks for my account and they were never received. I was panicked especially since they had all my information and banking accounts information. The customer reps did all the tracking and worked with the outside company they use to buy the checks and actually found THE box of my stuff (was put on the wrong truck!) and expedited the checks to get to my house directly the next day. I was relieved and glad no one stole them.

Easy online banking

I've been a long-time customer of Capital One's 360 Savings account. The website is intuitive and hassle-free. They don't charge any fees and there is no minimum balance, so it's an easy way to start savings. Best of all, they don't constantly try to upsell you like at a physical bank branch. I wish the rates were a little higher, but overall, I would recommend it.

Simple and easy

A few years ago my partner and I starting an online savings account to help up on our savings. We really weren't good with saving. We have a direct deposit set up from our current checking account to the capital360 savings account every other Friday when my partner gets paid. It's never failed us. They are always up to date, shows up ahead of time what is scheduled to go on. It's easy to go in an cancel a transaction on the rare occasion that we need to. Transferring extra money to the account is easy, transferring money out (which we have had to do so occasionally) is easy although it can take an extra couple days. That's the only down fall we've had transferring money in and out of the account takes a few days. So although we have money scheduled every Friday it's sometimes Tuesday or Wed. before it's available in our account.

I have recently added a capital 360 checking out. It seems to work good except for the fact of paying bills with it, it can be a few days before they are shown up in the transactions. Interest accumulates on both accounts. Always a nice bonus.


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Absolutely horrendous service... never ever start an account with these people... they will take your money then make you wait a week to access your own funds... you wait on hold for over an hour to speak to someone... and then they just give you incorrect information and pass you around and of course wait even more... and after all of this they asked me if I wanted to start another account with them... what a joke... and I'm guessing in 7 days when I don't have my money back from my bank account... they will have some reason why they can't give it back to me even though it's rightfully mine.

Easiest Banking Ever

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When I was loking to switch banks, I read reviews online. I decided to go with Capital One 360. It was the easiest banking experience I ever encountered! It took only a few minutes to open a checking account and savings account. I didn't use it immediately, and they do have a requirement that you deposit money within 60 days for it to remain open. (which I did) It's simple to check your balances, order debit cards, and schedule direct deposits. When you deposit money into your account, you can then order your first 50 checks for free. This online bank is convenient because you can open up to 25 savings accounts. It makes it easy to open accounts to save money for both my children and have it all in one place. The only downside is that most of the ATM's around our area have problems. You can still withdraw from any ATM, but you're charged a fee unless you use their particular ATM's. (Which is normal) However, there is no fee on their ATM's. (Also normal)

Easy to use

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For an online only bank, I do believe that CapitalOne360 exceeds expectations. I joined it as ING Direct several years ago and have stayed with them through a few name changes. Initially it was the higher interest rates that brought me to them as a customer for my savings account. While interest rates have fallen quite a bit over the past several years, the ease of using my accounts there has kept me as a customer. It is simple to transfer money from my primary bank account to my Capital One360 account whenever I need to. Transferring from one CapitalOne360 account to another is also simple and fast. The one downside is that if I need to transfer from CapitalOne360 to my main bank account, it takes several days for the money to transfer. However, overall I'm happy with their service and their clean, easy to navigate website.

Capital One 360 Savings

I am currently a graduate student and have been taking out loans to pay for tuition costs. I chose to open up this online-only savings account in order to utilize their excellent APR interest rate of over 1.0%. This allows me to stow away excess loan funds and any money I earn from working my part time job, while making some extra money through interest. Most other banks online offer around 0.2% interest. It was very easy to open up an account online for the 360 savings account, and the entire process only took around 15 minutes. I would highly recommend this account to anyone who is interested in a high interest, low cost savings account.

Not the best

This bank is okay. There isn't anything particularly great. I have had a couple instances where I have had to call about an issue and it didn't seem the agent knew much. My issue went unresolved. They actually told me to call the other bank involved. It takes a day or two for mobile deposits to post to your account and you have to pay $5.00 to order checks. I wouldn't recommend them but I have had that account for quite some time and only use it for a direct deposit. I have also been charged $25 for an overdraft of less then $1.00. I think if they are going to offer mediocre products they should at the very least offer exceptional customer service. It would also be nice to have access to my money sooner instead of everything being placed on a hold and then bouncing checks because my money is on hold.

You Cannot Designate Beneficiaries

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The rates are competitive but they slow to transfer money. But the real deal breaker is that you cannot designate beneficiaries on the 360 Money Market account. That means that, unlike just about every other bank or financial institution on the planet, if (actually, when) you pass away, your beneficiaries will have to go through probate, which is time consuming and expensive.

Great bank

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I joined the bank about 6 years ago because they gave a promotion where you would get money when you joined. I signed up me and my children and we all got a reward. The bank had changed ownership, but the rules don't mysteriously change for the banking. I don't always make deposits, but no fees are charged to me. My brick and mortar bank just charged 10 dollars per month for not making a deposit in two years. Not this online bank. There are no fees associated with the account, so I don't have to worry about losing my children's life savings. I can easily transfer money any time of day online to this account. I am pleased with the email communications and not having to worry about paper statements flooding my desk. Everything is at the convenience of a computer. The interest rates have been slightly higher than a brick and mortar bank as well. I can access my information 24 hours a day as well. This bank is very convenient, even on Fridays, holidays, and weekends. The bank is FDIC insured as well, so you don't have to worry.

Rates Are Low Compared To Competitors

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I've been with capital one 360 since it was ING Direct and it's good for the most part. The rates during ING Direct days were very competitive but since Capital One bought them out it's been going downhill, granted it's the fed rate lowering it's rates. The rate was at 0.75 for many years until recent raised to 1.00 which is still below fed rate, which is currently at 1.5%. The competitors such as Discover and American Express have been steadily moving up with the fed rate so I would recommend them before considering 360. Thought I do like the 360 checking which pays at 0.20, which isn't the best but at least they pay something for that.

Online Banking is a breeze

I have been using Capital One for banking for several years now. I am able to perform all of my banking tasks with my computer or phone. If I need to make check deposit, I can do that remotely using the app on my phone. If I need to make a transfer from another bank, that's easily done online with a few clicks as well. I make weekly deposits to this account, never with any issues. The only problem with banking this way is there are no ATMs to make cash withdrawals without being charged. Other than that, I love mobile banking and not having to go to a physical location to take care of my banking. I can do my banking when it's convenient and from anywhere in the world.

Compared to other online only banks, probably the best out there.

I started using this bank to transfer my earnings after spending a few years on American Express.I have to say that it's only been about a year since I switched but I wouldn't go back for anything. Capital One doesn't charge monthly fees and I even earn a small amount of interest on the money that I keep in the account. I haven't had any issues as far as money randomly disappearing from my account or odd emails about the account like other people seem to get from other banks. I haven't had to contact support for anything so I don't know how that end is but all in all I have had nothing but a pleasant experience with Capital One and I would suggest them to anyone.

Capital One 360 Online Savings Acct

I use Capital One 360 Online Savings account and like it a lot. I originally was looking for a savings account that would give me a higher interest rate than my current bank and when I found it. the 360 savings account offered a higher interest rate and had no minimum balance to keep. The were also no fees at all attached to the account. It was really easy to create an account and link it to your existing banking accounts. You just had to verify the amount of 2 small deposits made into the original account by capital one. After that you are free to transfer money into and out of the account either online or with the mobile app. Both are very easy and to the point to use. They give you a card so you can withdraw from your online savings account from any capital one atms. I would recommend this online savings account to anyone.

Fine Service But Interest Rates Are Lower Now

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I came to Capital one when they bought ING Direct. They don't offer the same great rates as ING Direct, so I'm moving most funds elsewhere. At present it's Capital one 0.8% on savings vs up to 1.6% elsewhere. I don't much like the super-spare new Capital one website, but had no contact with customer service over the years. I'll keep account open in hopes they'll get competitive rates again.

Capital One 360

I have recently opened an account with Capital One 360. I love that I am able to do all of my banking needs from the comfort of my own home or on the go with my phone through the app. I can easily transfer funds from one bank to another. i still have access to ATM's, most with no fees applied. The website and app are easy to use. I have yet to have to contact customer service so i don't know how well they are when helping you for various needs. I would reccomend opening an account online for yourself or your younger children.

Capital One 360 Checking Account

So far it has been smooth sailing with my capital one 360 account. I really love that it's free to withdraw money from any ATM. A lot of times banks will charge you a fee, but it was a really nice surprise to see that capital one 360 does not charge you this fee. Other than that, I have also set up direct deposit with Capital One 360. In my experience with regular banks, I had a lot of trouble finding my account number. Unless you have checks or paperwork with that account number, it was impossible to find-even if I called the bank!! Capital One 360 shows you your account number and routing number right on their mobile webpage and their app. It made it so convenient for me to set up direct deposit with my job. I really love the easy banking experience.. hopefully I don't have any issues and need to call customer service- but so far I haven't even needed to.

Capital One 360 Summary

My experience with Capital One 360 has been overall very good. I originally joined the bank when I moved overseas because of the lack of transaction fees when transferring USD to EUR. Additionally it was extremely easy and cheap to transfer money from one Capital One 360 account to another. I could even do this from my phone. The mobile banking app is very easy to use and has no learning curve. I can't say much about customer service because I never needed to contact customer service which is a good thing.

Great way to start saving and start a credit history

I started banking with Capital One 360 4 or 5 years ago. The process is extremely easy and they don't require a minimum to start saving and you can have several accounts with them and they offer a great rate. Also, I obtained a credit card with them and they have helped me to build my credit. They have great app features where you can check your own credit and stay on top of things with credit report. i am extremely satisfied with Capital One.

My Experiences with Capital One 360

I started online banking with ING Direct, which was purchased by Capital One, when it became Capital One 360. I have both multiple savings and a checking account with them and I have been extremely happy with the experience. It is very easy to initially set up an account. Once a main account is set up, it's quick and easy to set up other accounts. What I find most helpful is the ability to set up multiple savings accounts and set up transfers to and from those accounts for specific savings goals (like an emergency fund). I also use those savings accounts as "buckets" to pay my various bills. Transferring money to and from these accounts to other external accounts is straight forward, though, it can take anywhere from 2 - 5 days for the money to arrive, depending on the entity. They also provide a minimal number checks for FREE! The only negatives are the interest rates are fairly low (though, it is nice to get anything on a checking account) and a recent redesign of the main page is not as helpful or clean as the previous layout. Otherwise, I'm completely happy with Capital One 360 and plan on staying with them in the long term.

It's an Online Bank

The Capital One Banking app is an easy why to access the services of Capital One. It is easy for me to manage the its funds and move them to other accounts as I need, as well as deposit funds from my phone. I wish their customer service was as easy to work with as the app. The one time I needed to call, to verify a missing mobile deposit, they were rude and treated me like I was trying to pull one over on them. After asking to speak to this person's supervisor, my question was quickly answered, and my deposit was completed.

Capitol One 360

I have had a Capitol One 360 checking account for a little over two years now. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a customer. Anytime that I have had a problem, which has always been minor, they have been able to address it very quickly. There are no fees associated with the account and it even draws interest, although in my case very little, which I also like very much. The only complaint that I have about Capitol One is that there are no physical locations anywhere near me. This is pretty expected with an online institution though. I do like that I can do a mobile check deposit with my phone. I just wish there was a way to deposit cash into an ATM since I am a server and generally deal with cash more often than checks. All in all, I am very satistified with them as a bank and plan to stay a customer for a long time.

Capital One 360 Bank

My husband and I opened a checking account with them because of the bonus and low fees they were willing to offer. This was our first time using a online banking and It did not last long because unlike a physical bank there was no feeling of community or belonging. To be frank, I think this took way for the actual services provided. My experience with customer service was fine but nothing exceptional. With this bank nothing stood out or compelled us to keep the account open and we also never received any bonus for opening up the bank account to begin with. I would recommend this bank to someone who travels a lot over maybe for someone oversea since finding your bank out of state can sometimes be difficult.

Good bank

I joined the bank because they had a promotion to give each person a free credit to his or her account. Each person having an account was given the promotional bonus. The interest rates as well were higher than your typical brick and mortar bank down the street. I joined about 6 years ago and have had no problems. The money is secure in the bank and free to use. There are no hidden charges for my savers accounts and none added in all those years. They don't swamp me with emails of unnecessary products. Any time I had questions, they were easily answered online. I have been able to access all my account deposits and transactions easily online with no hassle. The website is secure and easy to find what I need.

Unable To Close Account

On 1/5/18, I tried to close my account. I am unable to close my account online (the bank doesn't offer that feature). I called them. I was on hold for 2 hours and transferred 5 times. I was asked countless security questions, and answered each one correctly. However, then I was transferred again to another person, and the call was dropped during the transfer. My account balance is $0. I have filed a complaint against the bank with the Federal Reserve. All I want to do is close my account.

Capital One Meets My Needs

I signed up with Capital One last year because my old local brick bank was rejecting my electronic deposits. Calling was a waste of time, as they never answered after a very long wait on hold. After visiting my bank and getting bad information I decided to look in to online banks, with the idea of transferring deposits to my old bank. I chose Capital One after a co-worker suggested it. I signed up within minutes and had my first electronic deposit within days. My card also arrived within days and there was no fee for it, and I was told I could also print checks if necessary. All free! I had one problem early on and this issue was resolved within minutes on the phone. It was my own confusion, not a problem with the bank. I am so pleased with this account I have completely stopped using my old brick bank. My old bank charged a fee every month. Capital One does not, so this was a very pleasant feature. In one year I have not had a single problem on their end. I would recommend them to anyone.

Great Bank when it was ING

We had an account with ING Direct. It was a really great experience. The bank was very responsive, the CSRs were all native English speakers, the rates were competitive, especially for CDs. In fact, they made it very easy to ladder CDs. So we really enjoyed ING. Then, however, for some reason, they were acquired by Capital One. We still have a bank account with Capital One (in addition to our credit cards), but the service level is just not great. The worst is that it seems to be almost impossible to actually get someone on the phone, and they almost seem to discourage additional banking instruments, like CDs and IRAs. So, they are much more basic. We still have money left there, but we aren't really using the account for anything but basic savings, as a place to keep money before we can properly invest it.

Capital One has way lower fees

I have really enjoyed Capital One banking. The fees are reasonable, and they don't crush people with overdraft fees. I have gotten used to not having a branch, and there are plenty of fee-free ATMS. Direct deposit works as well as any other bank. The only suggestion I'd have is to shorten the amount of time it takes for a mobile deposit of a paper check to clear. My last bank did it next day for free with a small fee to deposit immediately. It takes three or four days with Capital One, which could be too long if I needed the money right away. I got checks quickly, and the check card came right away, plus bill pay is free. I would highly recommend using Capital One for cheaper banking. I will stay with them a long time.

Used To Be Great...Not So Much Anymore

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I have had my checking and saving accounts for over 10 years, back when it used to be ING. The customer service has been top notch. They changed their website recently and really dropped the ball. The online help used to be very robust, now it is almost non existent. Simple functions like canceling a recurring transfer now have to be done by calling customer service which takes forever to answer. I expressed my frustration with the loss of functionality on the website to be told that millennials love the new website. I think that was their way of telling me that I would like the change if I was under 40. It's not the design change, it's the loss of functionality. Do younger people enjoy the loss of functionality??? There is no was to give them feedback on their website. Even though they have a feedback link, it does not work since the link has been disabled.

Capital One 360

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I used Capital One 360 as a secondary savings account, in addition to my traditional Chase Checking account. I primarily used the Capital One account to save for an engagement ring. I set up an automatic deduction from my Chase account for $100 per week to go into the 360 account. Additionally, I would also transfer money on occasion to help pad the 360 account. I rarely, if ever, used the 360 account for spending, until I actually purchased the engagement ring. I never had any issues or negative experiences with the 360 account, and I really liked the credit monitoring aspect in the app.

I have since discontinued using the Capital One 360 account, in favor of a joint Ally savings account, which earns us a higher interest rate. However, I had only positive experiences with Capital One, and would only recommend Ally over them because of the better interest rate.

New Web Interface Is A Disaster..

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The new interface is a miserable disappointment in its attempt to have a unified mobile & desktop experience.

Easy to open an account

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I currently bank with Capital One online and have a checking and savings account. Opening an account is very quick and easy. You can do it all online. I like that there are no hidden fees. I don't have to have any minimum balance in my account. Setting up direct deposit is very quick. I can easily speak to customer service online or by making a quick phone call. My only complaint is that when I opened a checking account, they didn't automatically receive a debit card. I had to call and request one and wait about a week for it to be mailed to me.

Capital One For Everyone

I am very happy working with the Capital One. Not only do they have competitive rates, they have many services available to meet the needs of their clients. Customer service is outstanding and with the available chat online I can get assistance from the comfort of my home. Opening an account can be done online and funded from the source of your choice. I love this bank and everything it has to offer.

Online Checking with Capital One

I have had an online checking account with Capital One for a few months now. I am very happy with the customer service, first of all. I have had 2 instances where I needed immediate help and it was fast and easy to get ahold of someone to fix my problem. I love that their are no extra fees added on. It is very hard to find a bank with no fees or loopholes. The app for my phone is all I need to manage my account and it works great! I recommend this bank to everyone!

Capital One Bank experience

I was looking for another bank in addition to my primary bank, I wanted to looking something with a much better online presence and something with a decent mobile app. I did some research on several websites comparing online banks such as moneyunder30 and nerdwallet, sources that I have used for other personal finance questions. I ended up with top 3 candidates, Simple Bank, Capital One and Ally Bank. Many of these banks I have seen on advertisements and heard testimonies from other people, so the name recognition from these 3 banks were very familiar to me. I did some research and ended up deciding to go with Capital One Bank because they had good reviews with customer service and a user friendly website and mobile app. They also had the best interest rates for checking accounts and saving accounts. One thing that put Capitial One over the top for me was their referral program and that they added $25 dollars for depositing a certain amount of money into their checking accounts, which ended up being the deciding factor. So far, no problems or issues with the online bank, I even went on their official twitter page asking when do their bank statements become available, and they answered me in the morning of the next day. So far, good rates and no problems, and the website is very easy to use. I greatly enjoyed my experience with online banking and think this is the way things will be done in the future.

Capital One 360 - best savings account ever

I created a savings account 10 years ago with an online only bank called INGDirect. That was bought and turned into Capital one 360 but the idea is the same - it's an online only bank so I cannot easily withdraw money or use in person services, but my interest rate is much more competitive compared to brick and mortar banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, etc. I chose to use this institution because of the interest rate provided in my savings account. I had a less then .1% interest rate in my Wells Fargo account, and ING was advertising over 1% interest. This is a substantial number for a savings account and I believe only online banks are really offering these kinds of numbers. My service expectation is low with an online savings account, because I don't need much. For that reason it seems to be a great fit.

CapitalOne 360 helps manage my money

Years ago, I was originally banking with ING Direct, which was an online only bank. Back in 2014 they merged with Capital One and became Capital One 360. I decided to stay with them and see how things went. I've been extremely pleased with all services that I've received. I manage everything through my app or online. I get set up payment schedules, money transfers and check balances almost instantly. I've never experienced any down at all. I've only ever had to call customer service and that was only because I locked my account after forgetting my password had special characters in it. The person I spoke was super sweet, very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. I have local atm's where I can go and deposit cash if I need to. They're not specifically capital one atm's, but they do accept their deposits which makes it extremely helpful when I have cash to put in. My only complaint is that automatic transfers from my other bank account take a little longer then I'd like to so show up. Normally transfers take 24hrs, but this takes about 48hrs. All in all though, I've been incredibly pleased and have recommended them to several people.

Capital One 360 is the best Internet Banking Option!

I love banking with CapitalOne 360! They offer seamless bank to bank transfers, billpay options, and almost nonexistent fees. They also periodically give bonuses for friends and family sign-ups. If you are looking for an Internet based bank with easy checking and savings options, CapitalOne 360 is the best thing going!

Online Banking with Capital One

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One year ago, I started an online savings account with Capital One. They had a promotion at the time for $500 if you start a new account and deposit $50,000 or more. My money was sitting in a regular bank untouched with practically no interest at Chase so I thought it was worth switching. It was easy to set up the account online and complete all the necessary verification. As promised, the promotion bonus money was deposited to my account after 90 days. The interest rate is in line with what other banks are offering now and there are no monthly fees. This money is my savings that I do not intend to touch until I buy a home so I rarely use their online banking services. But so far my experience with Capital One has been easy and good.

Online Banking Has Become My New Norm

I opened a 360 Money Market Account with Capital one a year and a half ago because it was the same rate of a CD but i could do 6 withdrawals a month. I was leary of doing a CD because I wasnt sure how much money i would need from it and when, so this was a great option. I use it to store all my savings and they keep UPPING the rate! Right now I am getting 1.3% on my money market and i can do what I please with my money. What has made this really easy is that transfers are free so I every month i plop savings into it. Also free are the mobile check deposit, so i dont need to worry about going to a bank to deposit a check, it just goes right into the account. So with the free transfers and check deposit, there is no need to have a local savings account which only earns about .05 interest.


I've been banking with them for awhile now. Always have liked it. I have a checking account and savings account. I like how easy it is for me to deposit checks and move money from one account to another. One thing I hate is the fact there are not branches. I hate having to use the ATM. What is worse you have to use certain ones which none of them are near me but otherwise I love banking with them.

Better than a brick and mortar bank

My experience with this online bank has been nothing but positive. Their online website is very simple to use. Though interest rates are not that great (no bank is), it is better than any brick and mortar establishment. In fact, interest rates continue to increase and not decrease like most banks. Their checking is free and also pays interest. They have lots of 3rd party ATMs, so when I need cash, finding one is not a problem. There is no ATM fee. I like the ability to create multiple accounts to help keep funds separated for different purposes. Checks are available for manually writing payments, or you can use online payment transfers. Money can also be deposited via ACH transfers. When making large check deposits, your money is only held for a few days prior to becoming available. A debit/charge card makes purchasing good simple.

Great bank no hassle

I have banked online with Capital One with several years now. They are no hassle and no problems whatsoever. I did not worry about security issues and do not recall having any with them. I haven't received any hacking notices. It is extremely easy to do online transactions, and I don't ever have to go to a brick and mortar bank because of the convenience online. I don't have to wait in any lines which is great when you have children (minus the no lollipop factor). I have no fees charged to me and the interest rates, though still not extremely high are slightly higher than the brick and mortar bank. They are easy to contact and provide support quickly. I have never received any hidden fees as well.

Great online bank

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I have had an online only checking account with Capitol One 360 for over a year now. There are no monthly fees for any of the products I use. I enjoy using them for my banking needs. I can deposit all of my checks using there mobile app so not having a local branch is not really an issue for me. The only time I do not like it is when I have cash that I would like to deposit. I would like it a lot more if I could go to an ATM and deposit my cash that way but unfortunately that is not an option. Usually I just hold onto the cash and spend it that way. If I really do need to deposit it, I always have the option of getting a money order and depositing it that way. Other than that, everything about Capitol One is great.

Capitalone online banking experience

My personal experience with Capital One's online banking has generally been very positive. Being able to view bank information as it relates to my account has been very helpful in managing my accounts. I am able to see both my Savings and Checking accounts with there respective transactions over time. I can also select different dates for any report that I might need. At the same time I can see various other products that the bank offers. The one issue I have with using the online banking is that over the weekend it is slow to update. In balances and posted transactions don't clear till Tuesday. This means that purchases Friday evening aren't finalized till Tuesday. Having transactions take half the week to clear can be kind of a pain when there is a large number of transactions. Most do show up in pending status but not always.

Capital One 360 Banking Experience

I've been using Capital One 360 for both savings and checking since before Capital One even took over the bank (which was affiliated with ING Direct at the time). I've never had a single problem with Capital One 360, despite the fact that it's online-only and there are no local branches to which I can go in person if I have a concern. The interest rate I get on my savings account is extremely competitive -- while it's not the very highest out there anymore, it's still miles better than the rates I can get locally. It's also very easy to move money into and out of the account, and to withdraw cash when necessary. I don't have to keep a ridiculous amount of money in my checking account to avoid high fees. The only concern I ever had was when I tried to connect the account to my PayPal account and PayPal refused it. However, that was due to PayPal's unreasonable rules about online banks, so I can't blame Capital One 360 for it.

Easy to use. I got paid for referral as well. No fees.

I signed up for this bank because one of my friends had an account and wanted to me to try out, so she can get referral bonus. It was free and it's Capital One, they have been around for years, so I felt pretty secure about that. Sign up was easy, no fees as stated and soon I was recommending this bank to my family and friends. I also earned some nice referral bonus. It works just as well as regular bank. I also have my regular checking account with a local bank and use Capital One 360 mainly for online shopping. I have not had an occasion or reason to contact customer service, so I cannot comment on that.

Easy Online Banking

Several years ago I had heard about online banking and thought that this might be something that would fit my needs. There were very few available at that time so I just chose one that seemed the best. I liked that I could have both a savings account and a checking account with no fees. I can easily transfer between the two as well as pay bills and transfer to one of my accounts in a brick and mortar bank. One of the features I liked was that for me having a portion of my money "out of sight" was a bonus, it forced me to save, much like a Christmas savings account. If money wasn't in my general checking account, then I seemed to be able to "forget it" and accrue savings quicker. For this reason, online checking with Capital One fits my needs the best.

Online Banking is so Covenient

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I have loved the convenience of banking online with my Capital One 360 account. It was really easy to open my account. I was able to do it in a matter of minutes sitting on my couch at home. They have online chat to help if you run into any problems or have questions, but it was so simple I think anyone could do it as easily as I did. I love that I am able to access all my financial information online. It is simple to see what checks and deposit have cleared. I also get my monthly statement emailed to me, so there is no waiting on it to show up in the mail. Probably the best part of my online checking account is the mobile app. This makes it easy to bank anywhere since I always have my phone with me. I can deposit checks, transfer money, and check balances anywhere. I can also find a local brick and mortar bank or ATM if I need one. It has really freed up my time, since I don't have to drive to my local bank during open hours to do transactions. I know that I can contact a service representative online anytime.

My experience with capital one

I live in AZ and travel to Mexico sometimes. I have always had problems being able to use cards in Mexico, there are skimmers everywhere and sometimes I need to get cash while I'm there. A friend told me about capital one, that they had great security protection so I decided to give it a try. I have a card with a chip, that works everywhere. I don't need to call the bank before I use it abroad. Customer service was far better than my old bank, wells fargo, with no fees. After a few months of comparing, there was no reason to keep wells fargo in my life. So Now I use capital one for all my checking, savings, direct deposits, etc. I never have to go into a bank again. I love it

Great Online Bank Experience at Capital One 360

I have been using Capital One 360 online banking for over ten years (since when it was ING Direct). It has always been a great banking experience. The website is very clear and user friendly. The one or two times I've had questions that I couldn't answer by myself online, I had a great customer service experience over the phone. I've been able to order checks easily, and if I need a canceled check to set up direct deposit for work, I can print one easily. I can also transfer money from my checking to savings account (and vice-versa) with ease. Sending money to friends or family is a breeze. The mobile app also makes depositing checks fast, safe, and simple. I have used other online banking systems, and none have been as user friendly as Capital One 360.

Capital One - once was ING Direct still is great.

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Capital One 360 - which was once ING Direct - took over and I thought I would hate it. Well, nope. They took over in name alone and everything essentially remains the same. They are still the best bank to deal with. Fees are so very fair and reasonable. They are willing to work with you to resolve issues and they make that process so very easy. My only real complaint is the fact that there are no local ATMs so getting cash means acquiring a fee from the ATM (not Capital one, thankfully). But, that aside, it is a really fine bank to work with. Customer service is great. Everyone who works there is easy going and polite. They definitely seem like the best bank to deal with. I really don't intend on leaving anytime soon.

I love Capital One 360

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I opened a checking account with Capital One 360 a number of years ago. I have had nothing but great experiences with this institution. They offer very good interest rates for checking and savings accounts. When I needed customer service help about my atm and pin number, I was able to get the issue resolved over the phone. The app works well for depositing checks. I've never had any negative experiences. I also opened a savings account when they had a promotion and earned a nice bonus that way. I would recommend Capital One 360.

A real penny saver

Capital one 360 is a online only bank. While there are a lot of online only bank service providers, very few of them are well credited like capital one 360. I also like its app interface, which is colorful and easy to read, and the check-deposit functionality is really neat. And because it is still an online bank, you can use a lot of ATM's with discount on fee. Their online bank(browser version) is very neat, too, with online statement available 24/7. Highly recommended to all who are looking for a good online-only bank.

Capitalone 360 Will Put You in Circles

I was excited to sign up for an INGDirect account because the online only account would help me save money. Without having a local branch office, I was not tempted to withdraw funds. Unfortunately CapitalOne Bank also saw the value in INGDirect and bought them out. Now, years later, with the product renamed to the confusing CapitalOne 360, I was forced to change from a keypad PIN and image icon to a password. I felt that this was less secure. Also, the interest rates have been abysmal with no chance of growth. INGDirect had higher savings rates because they did not have a lot of overhead. CapitalOne 360 feels like I circled back to square one.

awesome perks and incredible benefits with my 360 account

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I have a Capital One 360 checking account. This account is completely free and doesn't charge any overdraft fees. They offer a line of credit as their overdraft protection which helps me tremendously. I can also make deposits and withdrawals from the ATM which is a huge help to me because I do my banking after hours, on the weekends, and on holidays or Sundays. Capital One even offers free service at some of the other ATMs where I live as well so that I don't have to drive to the main branch here in Paris. Overall, they sold me on there "100% free checking" slogan that they use. It really is 100% free. no surprise or hidden fees.

Online Banking

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I had never used online banking before. My banking was always local and I liked going to the bank and interacting with people who could explain anything that wasn't clear to me. My local bank closed the branch closest to me and I now had to drive twice as far every week just for deposits alone. I started looking into online banking. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how competitive and easy it is. The customer service was excellent and the convenience was great . The fees are similar and it's very secure. I now have my checking account,savings account,CDs and a college fund for my grandchildren,all with Capital One online banking. I highly recommend Capital One for all banking needs. You won't believe the rates and what is offered and the convenience of all your banking online is really great.

Captialone 360 formerly ING Direct

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The Capital One 360 online savings account I opened was originally through ING Direct. The usability and overall experience did not change once the merger occurred. The sign up process and general usability of moving money to and from my other accounts was seamless.

I generally use this account for long term bills such as insurance premiums and taxes that I may incur at the end of the year.

The account itself was reliant on the federal government's interest rate, which as we all know fluctuates throughout the year. I think the nicest thing about how the account and interface was setup was showing the monthly compounded interest in a well displayed manner along with my total balances and deposits for any given month.

I still use this service to this day and have been a customer for the past 10 years.

Capital One 360

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I opened an account online for Capital One 360 account. It was really easy to open my account. After that, I setup some automatic payments from here. That was also pretty easy and I did not have any trouble. I transferred money to this account from another bank's account. It took 2-3 days to arrive. I transferred some money from this account to another bank and it again took 2-3 days to complete. When I asked for some personal checks, they sent me 50 checks free of charge. They did not charge me with anything for any of the processes. Overall, I am happy with this service.

I enjoy using my online bank!

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I have used an online bank for more than ten years. I use an online bank for a basic savings account and for certificates of deposits, and I have been very happy with it's performance over the years. While I am not happy that there was a merger a few years back, it hasn't decreased the quality of service I have received. I began using it for the higher rates and the sign up bonuses, but it has become a major factor of convenience for me as I do not often have time to make it to the bricks and mortar banks now that I have two kids. I did have a checking account through them, but I did not keep it; since I need a B&M bank anyway, I need to keep a specific balance in that account in order to keep it fee-free which made the checking account pretty useless. One added bonus from using this online bank is that I have not received multiple offers for services that I do not use, which is not exactly an expected side effect, but I appreciate having less junk (paper and email) to sort through.

Long Time Customer Leaving

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I've been a customer since ING Direct and Capital One 360 is my primary bank and I do all of my banking online. They have recently updated their interface to look more like the app. In doing so they have eliminated functionality (like the ability to deposit checks on the website without having to download the app) and there are serious performance issues. I would say more than 50% of the time over the last month or two I can see what accounts I have and the balances but am unable to click in and see what my transaction actually were. It either "spins" indefinitely or I get an actual error. I also realized how tough it is to actually get service when needed. "Go to a branch" isn't an option since there are none anywhere near me. Today was the last straw when again I could not access my accounts and would like to pay bills. I have submitted to open accounts at a new bank.

My forever bank

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Capital One 360 is the best bank that I have ever used. It is fee free and they will actually pay you $50 after you make a deposit and make three small purchases. If I ever had a problem like when my account was hacked they fixed it right of way. The android app is great and you can deposit checks on there. Also Capital One owns and if you make a account with them and buy one single stock at any price they will give $50 for that to. I plan on staying with Capital One forever.

Ease to set up and maintain

I set this account up in less than 10 minutes from the comfort of my home. I wanted an online account that I could send my direct deposits to and I would be able to access it easily with a card. I was issued free checks, so that is good to have around for just in case times. I appreciate the ease of the online website to find everything that I am looking for and know that there is a chat box that I can get right to someone if the need arises to talk to a person. There are many more features available but I do not access them at this time.

Online banking is not the best, you have to wait for your money

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A few years ago, my wife and I were saving for our wedding and decided to try to start putting money aside for the costs. At the time, neither of us had the best credit history, and we thought we would try our luck at being accepted for an online bank. At the time, I had only ever dealt with brick-and-mortar banks but we applied for the CaptialOne360 online savings account and were accepted. We were able to do transfers from our credit union checking account every time we were paid at work and it was simple to get the money into the online account. The difficult part was the withdraw process. As the wedding date drew near and we had to pay the various wedding contracts (flowers, caterer, photographer), we had to plan it for the extra 2-3 days to get the money transferred into our account. It was very frustrating when we needed to write a check and could not have access to our money the next business day.

In the end, we closed the account after our wedding day and never looked back. At the time, it was nice to have a bank give us a chance when we were repairing our credit, but it was not fun waiting 48-72 hours to get our money out of the online savings account. I would not do it again if there were wait-times similar to this still in effect.

Best Bank I have ever dealt with

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I had originally signed up for an online checking and savings account with what was then ING Direct bank. The reason I signed up was because they were offering a free account with no fees. Since then, ING was bought by Capital One bank and now my accounts are under Capital One. This was a great change because now I have access to Capital One ATM's as well as other perks offered by Capital One Bank like their advanced security features. My accounts are still free like they used to be when they were under ING so long as I don't go into the bank and use a teller. I do all my banking through their mobile application which allows me to handle almost all my banking needs (deposits/transfers/bill payments). Doing my banking online is so much better than having to drive down to a bank and stand in a line. I really can't imagine going back to the way I used to handle my banking needs. The only problem I can see people having is when it comes to depositing cash. If you don't live next to your bank's ATM then this might be an issue for some.

Capital One 360 is a winner

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Because my local credit union offers terrible rates of return on deposit accounts (Savings, Checking, Money Market, CDs, IRAs), I started saving online through ING Direct over 10 years ago, and was very pleased with the APY on all my savings accounts through ING Direct. Unfortunately, ING Direct is no longer in operation in this way, and, one day, the online entity simply "became" Capital One 360. After the switch from ING Direct to Capital One 360, nothing fundamental changed with any of my savings accounts, and I still continue to save for future financial needs in this way.

What I like most about Capital One 360 is that I can create/open as many different savings accounts as I think that I will need, and give each one a unique nickname, so I will know exactly how all of my savings funds are allocated. I also like Capital One 360's CDs, and plan to open a 5-year CD in October.

Only Going To Get Worse.

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On 9/6/2017, when I tried to login, security questions appeared for security purpose, no biggie but it looked weird. When I finally got in, I noticed right off the bat that something was very fishy. Website looked totally different from previous one. No dates and not even name of account holder. I printed out all the pages and also screenshot them. As soon as I logged out, I received Email from CPO 360, saying "The phone number for your Capital One VISA SIGNATURE has been updated" First of all, we don't have VISA SIGNATURE CARD, and Email was sent to my husband, even though I was the one that logged in using my own password.

We have $50000.00 in CD for 5 years, APY 2.25%, but I take interest out each month, therefore a little less than 2.25%. I set up the way money goes to Savings when CD matures. but this information has been deleted by CPO 360. CPO 360 tried to stop us from taking interest out, but they couldn't. They came up with tricky and illegitimate way to stop us now. Few months ago, 360 in red and round shape of logo on checking account, when I click on it, it says "This account is the current default checking account for this card" This card means VISA SIGNATURE Card that CPO created without our permission, on top of this, our Debit Cards have been cancelled.
There is no monetary damage yet, but I'm aware of what may come later. Recently, I purchased decent recorder and I let them know being recorded. Phone was rigging about 5 minutes before someone answered, this is unprecedented too. I even recorded waiting time too. Debit cards will be renewed, and I should receive confirmation letter of CD maturity option I selected. I'll give them only one week before I file a complaint through CFPB.

Bottom line is, if you have an account for simple daily use, not taking money out often, you might be OK. Just be very careful, CPO 360 is the most beguiled bank that I had to deal with so far, even before aforementioned happened. This is my second writing on this bank.

Great Credit Card For Beginners!

First of all, I want to start by saying thank you to the customer service agent who refused to assist me while I was driving. Capital One has officially gained a loyal customer for caring about my safety. I honestly appreciate that. Anyone else would have probably been annoyed, but it was certainly a reminder for me to focus on the road. Secondly, I love my credit card. It's great for beginners, just be sure to pay more than the minimum amount! Increase your spending limit when you can and always keep your spending below 25%. This helps increase you credit score! Thank you Capitol One for being so fantastic!

Capital One 360 Savings

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I originally signed up for an ING Orange Savings account in 2007. I was drawn to their service because of a very high interest rate on savings accounts (somewhere around 5-6% at the time). Since then, ING was bought out and the interest rate has fallen dramatically, but is still much better than I have seen with traditional brick and mortar banks. I still have automatic deposits scheduled with them, and have been saving with ING/Capitol One for 10 years in a row. I've never had a reason to contact customer service, mostly because the setup process is simple and the web experience is easy to navigate. I have and will continue to recommend using this service to friends and family.

Capital One 360 - Easy Online Banking

I've been using Capital One 360, formerly ING Direct, as my primary bank for about two years now. I switched primarily due to the fact that I wanted my checking and savings to be with the same bank, and Capital One offers much higher interest rates on savings than a typical brick and mortar bank. The experience has been good, direct deposits from my employer show up before 7:00AM on pay day, and I've never had any issues that required me to have to contact customer service.

The mobile check deposit feature in their Android app works great. The only issue with online only is if I need to make a cash deposit. For this reason I still keep a secondary account with a local bank but Capital One meets the rest of my needs.

My experience with Capital One 360

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I have had a checking account with Capital One 360 for about two years. I had never used an online account. The biggest downside is that I have no physical bank to visit. There is no service charge and no minimum balance requirement. It also earns a very small interest rate. It is easy to use this checking account for ordering items online. Usually I use the check card for buying gas or groceries but also have paper checks. As long as I have access to WiFi I can check my account balance any time. I can also print off statements. It is not possible for me to make cash deposits to the account. I have used customer service very little, but it was satisfactory by making a phone call. It may take a couple of days for money to transfer to this account. There are definitely pros and cons but overall I am pretty satisfied with this bank and would recommend it as a reliable online bank.

Capital One Bank is NUMBER 1!

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Capital One Bank is my go to bank for all of my retirement needs. I have been using Capital One bank's IRA and investing tools to prepare for retirement for over 15 years. Let me tell you, the Financial Advisors at Capital One bank are some of the most highly trained, educated, and talented professionals that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. They have helped me exponentially grow my financial nest egg and they have also provided me with the knowledge, discipline, and mental strength necessary to save my money in investments when both the market is booming and doing great or when the market is collapsing or correcting. This type of Financial Advisement has allowed me to gain peace of mind, calmness, and feeling secure that my money is in great and responsible hands. Capital One Bank is not just a bank, it is a community of experts that take care of their customers and make sure that quality of service comes first above profits or revenue.

Peace of mind - not a piece of the pie

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I first started banking with Capital One 360 back in 2010, when they were ING Direct. It was the first time I'd ever seen a bank where instead of dinging your account a huge fee when you overdraft, they instead essentially loan you a certain amount of money and you pay a couple pennies at the end of the month. I don't make much, so every now and again that ends up quite literally saving my bacon. Despite this, I'm never treated as lesser by the company - any questions or needs that I have are met in a friendly, open way. I once typo'd a transfer amount, making it something like 100 dollars instead of 10, and called them up. The problem was handled over the course of a 15 minute phone call, and next to none of that time was spent on hold. Capital One 360 is definitely a place I'd recommend, for anybody who needs a bank. The fee system is excellent, the people are polite and friendly, and the rates are great.

Capital One Is A Great Way to Bank Online

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I have been with Capital One bank for about 3 years now. I signed up online and the process was very simple and quick. You do not have to fill out long and extensive paperwork. You also do not have to worry about waiting in a line to set up the bank account. It has a great mobile app also, it is one of the best that I have came across. It has features to track spending, savings, and even your credit score. It lets you easily keep your account safe and secure with its simple, yet effective security features. The only downside I have seen to the online banking is the ability to withdraw cash without fees at limited locations, but in all it is a great bank!

360 is a great option!

I started out before they became Capital One but kept the accounts after the switch. I already use Capital One for other services so it's nice to have more accounts all in one place. Their interest rate is comparable to other available options. Their online user interface is good and their contact options are great. I have had issues in the past and have used their online chat and phone representatives,and had success with both. My one suggestion would be to add some features like auto cash back from the credit card being deposited into the account. I am glad I chose Capital One and their services. With the success so far I would definitely consider other products that might be offered and also recommend to others their products.

Capital One 360 review

The Capital One 360 bank has been an easy bank to work with. Any transaction has simply just worked with no fuss. When I get my check deposited from the sawmill, It is directly deposited into my Capital One 360 account and is available for transactions that I make.e. Never had a single problem. They continue to get better the longer I have been with them. I haven't had any problems with customer service or their online banking. Everything just works well. I would definitely recommend them.

Capital One Online Bank

Originally, I began banking online with a company called ING Direct in 2006. At the time they offered the highest interest rate for savings and cd accounts. Around 2012, Capital One bought out ING Direct and my account transferred to them. The transition was very smooth and the online site has been easy to use. I am able to still have my checking account at another bank linked to my savings account. I am able to transfer funds between the two easily though not necessarily quickly. It always takes 48 hours to transfer funds. Since the takeover, the interest rates have been o.k. but not as good as they had been with ING Direct. Capital One does offer multiple options for cds and varying interest rates. They also offer checking accounts and money market accounts. I do not have experience with their checking accounts and money market accounts but I have looked into opening those types of accounts. The online checking account does not have any fees associated with it and appears to be easy to setup and use. I have not had a lot of experience in dealing with the customer service department simply because I have never needed to call. I have never had any issues with my online banking experience in the 5 years that I have been with Capital One. The only time I have needed to contact them was to update my last name when I got married and my address when I moved. Capital One has always been quick to respond and gives me the information I need right away. I would definitely recommend banking with them. The only improvement that I wish would happen is that the interest rates would be a little bit better than the other banks.

Banking for the modern age

I've been using Capital One since it was part of ING direct. The experience in the earlier days was a little clunky. At that point you weren't able to even have paper checks for the account. They've since fixed that issue, there has been a steady march on the path of customer service and features. I don't yet consider them wholly on par with a brick-and-mortar bank as of yet. There is something comforting about having a building that you can go to, but in general I've been satisfied with the experience. It does feel limiting to only be able to access customer service via the phone, but the reality is that even traditional banks are very similar. It feels like a transition step in to a larger world where banking is even more seamless and mobile.

Nice Online Bank

I have been very pleased with Capitol One 360 checking. I have a limited retirement income and I appreciate that there are almost no fees at all for this account. There are no overdraft fees unless a check bounces. I very rarely use checks these days, so my overdraft fee fears are non existent. I also appreciate the fact that when I call in for help, I have always reached customer service agents who are native English speakers. It is particularly helpful to me because I have a problem with hearing loss. Apparently there are a very few actual brick and mortar locations for this bank in the US but there are none near where I live. So I deal with my accounts by phone, email and by visiting the bank's web site. I can deposit a check with my cell phone. And I can withdraw cash by visiting an ATM which happens to be just across the street from my home. I have not had any problem with this bank so far and every month, there is a small, very small, interest deposit to my account!

Pretty pleased

I've been using Capital One for probably around 9 or ten years. I started with a savings account, just to automatically put a bit of money aside. I then decided to add a mutual fund for my grandson, as well as a CD. I've been pretty happy with them. While interest rates are sure not great, I make much more money on my Capital One account than with my account at my local bank. I have had numerous occasions over the years to call customer service with questions usually with some sort of problem on my end, not theirs, and they are unfailingly nice and polite and helpful. As far as internet banks go, I don t really know much about the competition, but I do like this bank, and plan to continue on with them in the future. Plus, they always keep me updated with timely info on my accounts

Long time satisfied customer

I have been a satisfied customer of Capital One for over 15 years and the reason that I have been with them so long is because I have had no unexpected problems with any of their transactions whether it has been "Direct Deposit", On Line Bill Pay, Needing a Paper Check sent to someone, or just to get questions answered, I have always had my needs taken care of by Capital One. If there is one drawback it would be that it can be inconvenient if you need to deposit cash or a check. You can still do a deposit via mail which will normally take 2-3 business days to post to your account. Other than that I am sure that anyone who tries Capital One will be satisfied with their great service.

Capital One 360 review

I have had a savings and checking account with Capital One 360 since 2005. They were not Capital One then, but ING Direct. Capital One bought ING Direct at least 4 years ago, and have done well carrying the torch that ING lit for them. ING was a very good bank with great customer service. If I ever had to call them I got someone on the line right away. It is the same way with Capital One. If you call them, they will be right on the line with you and be very pleasant. I have had to deal with BoA on the phone and it was a horrible experience. Captial One is great. Their checking account pay 0.25 percent interest (adjusts as the fed rate adjusts). It isn't much but it's something. Their savings account pays 0.75 percent interest. I do wish that was a bit more now that fed rates are rising. SOmething like 1 or 1.25 percent would really make it stand out. It is very easy to deposit checks via mobile phone pictures. I do it all the time. All in al, Capital One 360 is a great banking experience compared to traditional banks.

My experience with CapitalOne 360 Checking and Savings online

I've had this account for over a decade. I joined when it was Orange, than INGdirect. Now it is Capital One 360. I have checking, savings and an IRA account and am happy with all three.
I originally got the account as a way to pay bills on time when I was traveling for work a lot. In recent years I travel less often, but I have moved cities several times and it is a joy just to avoid having to get a new bank every time I move. It is hard for anyone who's never done it to imagine the inconvenience of having to close one checking account down while waiting for everything to clear and hope that you never write a check on the wrong account!
I love the bill paying application with this account. I not only get monthly statements for most vendors right in my checking account, I can easily see recent and pending transactions and set up reminders.
The savings account is also great. I can set up subfolders for specific savings goals which lets me keep my 'emergency fund' separate from money I'm squirreling away for a vacation or other goal.
Transfers between savings and checking happen immediately, so I never have to worry about bouncing a check.
I'm even able to attach an external account so I can easily transfer money to a local account where I do keep a small amount of funds in case I need cash fast. (The one drawback to my online account compared to brick and mortar is that there are only a few nearby ATMs and they are not on the most widely used network. So to avoid ATM fees or being stuck if one is out of service, I keep a local checking account. This also comes in handy if I run across someone who is uncomfortable taking a check from an online bank. It's only happened once, but it can happen.)

My work does not offer direct deposit. It's so nice on payday to complete my deposit in 2 minutes with my phone. My coworkers spend half their lunch hour driving to the bank, waiting in line to deposit their checks. I never stand in line and I've yet to have a check take more than 48 hours to clear and become available.

I really love this way of banking. I was worried about losing some quality in customer service or value each time the bank changed hands, but I have to say I have not seen a problem.

CapOne 360: Good for what it is

I have both a Capital One 360 checking and savings account. It is an online-only bank and I have these accounts as a compliment to my main Barclays account. I like having the back-up account option and it is also a good place to squirrel away money when you're looking to save and almost want to forget about it - hence I autodraft out of my Barclays into my Capital One savings account.

Overall, the account is helpful. Their website is pretty good, although not spectacular and their customer service is pretty standard. This is not an account that will blow you away or anything, but it is still a reliable and easy option. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to start up a side account or maybe a young person who just needs a starter account. No complaints here.

My review

Capital One has allowed me to bank with higher interest rates on my savings accounts and with lower banking fees. It is easy to check my balances and transfer funds online. I am also able to transfer money into the account from other bank accounts with ease. I enjoy that there are no fees or minimum balance requirements such as those from other banking institutions. I believe since they use only online banking; that they can offer higher interest rates because of less capital required to pay for employees in traditional banking branches. I would recommend considering this online bank for your banking needs if you do not require a traditional banking branch office location. They offer free ATM services at certain network linked ATM machines.

Capital One 360- Easy to Use

I originally opened a Capital One 360 savings account because I got an offer in the mail for a monetary bonus if I opened the account with $10,000 in it. I wanted the free money so I figured I'd give it a try. I didn't have high expectations because the bank is completely online and I wasn't sure how deposits and such would work. That was about 6 years ago and the account is still open and active. In addition to standard interest, the account earns quarterly bonuses as well as an annual bonus depending on the amount of money in the account. It's not a lot of money but it's better than what the local banks offer. The money is easy to access- it takes about 3 days to transfer it into my local account. This is good because it prevents me from mindlessly spending my savings (since there's no debit card or anything) but it's liquid for when I need it, like when I needed a down for buying my car. I have a credit card with Capital One as well and I like that I can log into the 360 account but see my credit card balance as well. Overall, easy to use and I would recommend to others.

Great Bank with Great Protection

I have had a checking account and a master card through Capital One for seven years now. I have always felt they had my back. I knew that they would protect me if I ever had a problem. I get direct deposit for my salary check every two weeks so it is easy to pay any bills I have.
I have used the Master card sparingly over the years because I didn't want to add to my debt ratio. But a few months ago I made a larger purchase. The transaction went through fine, but they did call me to make sure it was me doing the purchase. I thought that was very helpful, because it that wasn't me they could have stopped fraud right away, which I like.

Froze My Account And Is Holding My Money

Capital One 360 froze my account because I cashed a check that was signed over to me even though I've never had a bounced check on my account that I had with them for three years. The security team they have is garbage complete garbage for the one you cant even speak to someone directly they have to give you a call back when its convenient for them. Also, they froze my account not letting anything go out, but whats funny is stuff can still go in lol. That right there just shows how money hungry they are if there really was an issue with my account why are you letting deposits go in??? Its because the longer they hold my money, and don't send me a check for whats in my bank account the more money they make off the interest in the accounts. VEry shady bad way todo business with people unfortunate what happened to capital one 360 please avoid

Cash Accessibility and Online Banking

After too many fees with a large, corner-store style chain bank, I decided to try online only banking with Capital One. I opened 3 checking accounts so that I could keep my money separated for budgeting purposes. All was well and good as long as all transactions were completed online, which the majority are for me. However, one incident arose where I needed fast access to a large amount of cash. I had the cash in my account already, so I just needed to withdraw it. Seeing as an online bank does not have physical locations, I was forced to use the services of another bank. I looked up the ATMs that did not have fees with this account. I went to one of them, tried to use it, and was informed via phone call that I could not withdraw that much money from an ATM. The caller then told me about the process of going in to a physical bank and withdrawing cash from my account with a debit card. I was told this would work since I had my ID to show to the bank. Well, you guessed, it did not work. It turns out that Capital One had put a 24 hour non-removable hold on my account for trying to access cash (even though they called and confirmed my identity). After that, I stopped using online only banking and now use credit unions. While my need to access cash is rare, I feel I should have access to my cash at any point I need it, to be determined by me, not by the bank.

Good online banking experience

Approximately a year ago I decided to open a Capital One 360 online account. I have nothing but praise to give about the experience. I have been able to easily attach different accounts and I also have a debit card that I have used. The account charges absolutely NO fees and provides interest if you can believe that. I have been able to use the account to pay bills as well. Very well worth the move. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who likes the banking remotely mode. Sometimes you experience more privacy when your bank is not located where people know who you are. That does not mean I have anything to hide.

Good Online Banking for Frequent Travelers

I am very pleased with my online banking experience with my Capital One 360 checking/savings account. I originally signed up for this online bank account because I needed a reliable and easy way to access my money when I was traveling overseas for 3 months. The Capital One 360 account doesn't charge any international fees, which was one of the main reasons why I chose to bank with them. It was easy to log into my online account to keep updated with the status of my account and how much money I had left. I found the website itself easy to use with a good interface. They also do not charge a monthly fee, though there is an overdraft fee if you overdraw (something that I make sure never to do). I liked that I could also easily transfer money to my online account from other sources.

Nice experience

Banking with Capital One 360 has been an exercise in patience and a joy. So concerned with security are they that often your online purchases will be blocked despite disabling that feature. Even if you have called and informed them of your pending trip out of the state. However to benefit of banking with Capital one 360 is the lack of fees. I am a former employee of Wells Fargo and I have seen the ugliness of overdraft fees. The bank will not honor or charge you should something try to enter your account- and that makes life way easier. Customers with decent credit can choose to have an overdraw credit and pay interest alone on it, which is remarkably low. So this bank will not attempt to take away money you don't have. Overall I have found the normal daily banking to be exceptional with a few hitches at times with security and communication.

Online Banking For The Busy Person

Capital One 360 (Formerly ING) is a solid online bank. I have a checking, savings, money market account, and a CD through Capital One 360. (I was pleasantly surprised that opening a CD did not cost a lot of money and every 6 months, I can roll it over with interest into another CD. There are so many options - it is a PLUS).
However, I was skeptical when they merged with ING, but I have been pleasantly surprised! I am able to navigate my backing options easily and transfer money as needed. The platform/website is easy to navigate and I have been able to contact customer service when I needed to. I even opened an IRA and it was very easy and painless. The great thing about Capital One 360 is that I can make mobile deposits - it is super easy and very convenient. If you are a busy person like I am and don't have time to go to the bank - Capital One is a great bank to have. From the customer care representative who helped me when I had a merchant over charge me to the ease of navigating the website and controlling my money, Capital One is a great way to bank and also to save.

SCAM - False Advertisement

I opened my 360 money market Account with capital one on June 8, 2017 because of a promotion that was going on online that said if I opened it with a $10,000 deposit and entered the 4 letter code they sent me, I would be accredited a bonus of $300 in a month. Well it just happens to be that that month was finally up and I still had not been credited that bonus so I called customer service and they mentioned that unless I received a letter in the mail inviting me to open the account that the bonus didn't really count. I asked why they were promoting false advertisement online and they mentioned that In the smallest fine print it read that the bonus only applied to people who received the invitation by mail. My question is WHY ARE YOU ADVERTISING THIS ONLINE IF IT ONLY APPLIES BY MAIL AND INVITATION. This is one of the biggest scams I've ever been involved in by a credit company.

Innovative and Easy to Use

I have been extremely satisfied as a customer of CapitalOne online banking for the past three years. I first opened an account with capital one as a way to cut down on fees that my traditional brick and mortar bank was charging me. Due to the efficiency of online systems, CapitalOne has some of the lowest rates available for opening a checking and savings account. My card arrived within days of setting up my account and all of my banking can be accomplished easily online through my browser. They also have great functionality through mobile app usage. The app I use on my iphone was simple to install and is very user friendly. Making deposits, transferring money and checking my balances can all be accomplished within minutes. I have also been very pleased with the customer service offered. I have only had to contact my bank once for assistance, and the staff on the phone were very friendly and handled my issue promptly and left me satisfied with the experience.

Great online bank experience

I have been a customer with Capital One 360 for about 4 years now. I have yet to have a bad experience with this bank in my time with them. I moved from a regular bank to an online bank initially because it offered higher interest rates on savings accounts than traditional banks. I have found that beyond the interest rates, there are other conveniences to online banking. I can deposit checks without leaving my house using my mobile phone app. It is easy to go online any time and move money between accounts. I have created multiple savings accounts, each having different purposes, making it easier to manage my finances. There are also convenient ATM's that I can use (without being charged an ATM fee) if I need to withdraw money.

I have had no issues with Capital One since opening the account. The only challenge that I have not yet been able to work around is depositing cash. The ATM's I have access to have not allowed me to deposit cash directly into that account. I still have an account with a traditional account for depositing cash that can then be transferred to my online account. This is my only frustration to this point.

Excessive Holding Times For Deposits

I opened an account with Capital One thinking would be a good idea since they have a good customer service on the credit card.
Be aware of excessive holding time for deposits, they will hold your money for 4 business for the checking account and 5 business days for savings accounts.
That messed up a lot with my finances.

Simply The Best No-Hassle Deposit Account

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I have been a deposit account holder with Capital One since its purchase of the U.S.-based online operations of ING Direct in 2011. After the switch I retained my free online deposit account because, just like ING Direct previously, there is no minimum account balance requirement, no fees, plus the account earns interest (currently 0.75% APY.)

Online banking via desktop/laptop is always quick and painless and now there is also a mobile app so you can do your banking on the go. The latter also includes the ability to deposit checks via your phone which, as a small business owner, is something that I find incredibly useful especially at trade shows.

The online interface retains many of the old ING features including a section for estatements and tax forms along with new features like tracking your credit score and your savings goals. All in all this is one of the best no-hassle deposit accounts around.

I love Capital One

I bank with Capital One online. My fiance and I shared a joint bank account through this bank. We shared a joint checking that we used for misc items that we share together. We both have our main bank accounts linked to our Capital one 360 account so we can transfer money in and out of the joint account to pay for things shared. The things I liked about 360 was the user friendly interface. We both had the app on our phones and can easily transfer money in and out. One of the downfalls I found was that transferring money to/from an outside bank, it took about 2-3 days. If you transfer intra-bank, the money is there instantly. I did not mind not having a physical bank as we never needed to withdraw physical money from the bank, we both used our debit cards to pay for shared purchases. One thing I did not like is that the app never saved your login information. In addition, CapitalOne 360 required you to have a special pin to login, along with username and password. I like apps that save this information as I can never remember it. We never had customer service issues.

My experience with an online bank.

I originally opened an account with Capital One a few years ago. It was fairly new at the time and they were offering a $25 cash bonus if you opened and maintained an account for x amount of time and they were also offering referral bonuses. I was able to open up myself and my two children bank accounts with the bonuses. It was a great deal but it was making a deposit into the account at the time was inconvenient. I had great plans of using the accounts for savings for my kids but it became too much of a hassle. The accounts are still there and I really need start using them again. I am sure it is much easier making a deposit now and accessing our funds.

Awesome on-line banking!

I love using Capital One 360's online savings accounts! Not only are they easy to use, but I actually save money. I set up an auto-transfer through my checking account to go into my savings account with Capital One. I have the ease of moving money back-and-forth with just a few clicks of the mouse. The best part is that there are no fees! Not only that, but there's no minimum needed to get started and I'm earning interest. The customer service is great as well. Any questions I've ever had have been quickly and thoroughly answered. I give this five stars across the board for being so user-friendly and helping me save money!

Capital One Online Banking

My overall experience banking with Capital One has been great. The website is very easy to use, with mobile apps making checking my balance on the go and depositing checks from home extremely easy. Recently, my debit card number was stolen and used by someone several states away. The bank called to notify me of this charge and immediately locked my account after I informed them that this was not me. The charge was quickly removed from my account and I was sent a new card in the mail very quickly. The customer service was very responsive and seemed to put my needs above anything else. I have banked with Capital One for many years and will continue to do so due to their helpful customer service and cutting edge technology employed.

My Favorite Bank

I have been banking with Capital One 360 online banking for years now. It has been the best checking account that I have ever had, plus everything is free and they will even send you more checks for free. If there are any problems that come up, their staff is the best. It's happened twice now that online hackers somehow got my debit card information and they did not get anything because of Capital One 360. Also, when you first get your account there are a few different ways to make $50 for doing very little, you would just have to research that because I forget what I did. Capital One 360 is my favorite online bank and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


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I am totally satisfied with my capital one savings and checking accounts. I also have a investment account with them. Coming from traditional banks like Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo ect.... It was refreshing to actually get paid interest above .01% witch should be an insult by the way and not be charged monthly fees just for the privilege of banking with them. The customer service at capital one has been the best I have ever experienced. Several time when bogus charges were attempted to be withdrawn from my checking account the resolved the problems immediately. Also I love their mobile app and website very user friendly and easy to use. Other banks should be taking notes on how to treat a customer. Thumbs up.

Capital one experience

I've been using Capital One as primary bank provider for my checking/savings account, and for credit and loan transactions for several years now. I have had pleasant experience with Capital One since they were able to met my needs all the time. Transactions are good with reasonable interest in some instance. I will consider Capital One as a bank of choice and I would be glad to stay with them until the future.

CapitalOne360 is great

I have checking and savings accounts with CapitalOne360. I have been with them for three years and I have never had any issues. Their interest rates for savings accounts are competitive and higher than many other institutions. I love the Person2Person payments which allow me to pay other people with just a phone number or email address. I also like the Creditwise function which lets me monitor my credit score, factors affecting my score, and my open accounts. I almost exclusively use the smartphone app which lets me view all my accounts, transfer funds, make P2P payments, make check deposits, and view Creditwise. On the website, you can set up savings plans with a saving account and view your progress to specific goals. I also love that their checking and saving accounts are fee-free. As long as you withdraw cash from an Allpoint ATM (or get cashback on a purchase from a grocery store), you never pay any ATM fees. Overall, I have been very pleased with my CapitalOne360 experience.

I love capital one 360!

I have banked with capital one 360 for over 10 years. They were previously ING Bank and at some point Capital One took over, as an internet/online only branch of their banking services. I had a great experience with both ING and Capital One 360 and do not have a physical bank nor do I want one. Cap One 360 has a easy to use online interface and an app. I am not charged any fees for anything unless I use a an ATM out of their list of providers, even then Cap One does not charge me a fee, I only pay a fee the other provider charges. My checking and savings accounts both earn interest each month and I pay no fees for that. I have an overdraft line that charges me interest on any overdrafts that occur, but no other fees are charged for over drafting. I can seamlessly transfer money between various savings and checking accounts as well as my wife's accounts with Capital One 360. I have also set up a retirement IRA account and a capital one credit card that is linked to my Capital One 360 accounts and make for easy transactions and all my information (banking, retirement, credit) can be viewed on a single page. I use bill pay services and online checks frequently. They are incredibly easy and efficient. I do have a physical checkbook when needed. I have also had nothing but great customer service if I have run into any issues. My debit card was recently compromised. I was able to go online and immediately deactivate the card. I was able to quickly get through to customer service to report the situation, and once the fraudulent charge had cleared, i was able to go online and easily submit a claim. It was processed within a few days and the money was returned to my account and new card issued within 2 days of the event. Great Bank, cannot recommend them enough.

Capitalone 360

I recently signed up for a CapitalOne 360 checking account. The account was very easy to set up. It has no fees associated with the account. It has an interest rate of .2%, which is better that many other banking accounts. The debit card came in three days, shipped FedEx. I haven't had the account for very long, so I can only guess at the level of customer service, but based on my experience with them as my credit card carrier, I would imagine in to be about average. They also offer an overdraft line of credit with a fairly modest APR, which could come in very handy. I am excited to try out this new service, as I have never had a strictly online bank account.

Decent for what it is.

Capital one 360 is a decent overall bank. They have competitive products versus my local bank and has a big advantage in that they have no fees for their online checking accounts. Transferring money isn't a big hassle but it does take 1 or 2 business days to receive money from different accounts. It is an overall good experience however and I would recommend it to others.

Bring Back Trust Accounts

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Cap 1 will no longer open trust accounts.
Most other bank will open trust accounts without any problems.
Saving account pays only 0.74% interest .

They are great bank

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Capital One 360 is way better than any other bank! I have banked with small hometown banks, Bank Of America, BB&T, RBC Bank, none of these come close to the caring for customer the way Capital One 360 does. Setting up a personal and business checking was simple. No FEES at all on either account. Free Debit Cards for each account. And my personal checking is interest-bearing! You cannot beat that anywhere. The online BillPay is free, whether you are using the BillPay online or sending a check in the mail. You can transfer between other banks if need be. Example, I have another account with Capital One, and I am able to do transfers free with Capital One 360. I also needed a Wire-Transfer done when purchasing a home, and they helped me the whole way through over the phone. They have such superior customer service care. I have been with them since 2015 and will be staying with them! Capital One 360 is the BEST!

Capital One's 360 saving account is easy to use.

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I have had a Capital One 360 saving account for over 15 years I started it back when it was ING. It's very easy to transfer funds from my normal checking into the Capital One 360 saving account using the internet. I almost forget I even have it until I get my statement. I can also use the model app to make a deposit. The interest rate use to be very high but that has come down over the last couple of years due to the economy, but it is still a very good entity to deal with. Every week they take a set amount from my checking to add to my savings I don't even notice it. I have never had the need to speak to then via the phone or email, the website has everything I have needed to manage my finances.

A Little Mad

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I thought it'd be cool to open up an account since i have credit cards with them, but I'm disappointed that i get paid on Saturdays but can't get my direct deposit till Monday. I researched it first and didnt think to call to make sure. I'll stick to my traditional bank for that. I always get my deposit on Saturday with them.


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Always friendly and fast service. Coffee provided for free, always nice when tired and busy. Clean and professional location. My banker is always friendly and helpful. Just want to show my gratitude to my banker. Thank you!

Capital One 360 is Amazing!

I signed up for an ING Savings Account more than a decade ago. I was a little worried when Capital One took over, I have heard negative things about the company regarding their credit card practices. However, my experience since they took over from ING has been nothing but positive. There are no fees associated with my accounts, I have a debit card connected to my checking and several savings accounts. There are no fees to make transfers between accounts or to one of my linked accounts at other banking institutions.
The additional savings accounts are no charge and this allows me to keep money ear marked for different things in different accounts so it is easy to visualize what money I have saved for what things. For all of these reasons, I can say that I would highly recommend a capital one 360 account to anyone interested in online banking.

The Interest and Services Were Great, but Accessibility Was a Problem

I used Capital One 360's banking for about 6 months. I was drawn to them because my friends had accounts there, and I'd read that they offered competitive interest rates. I decided to move my savings and two checking accounts over to them. The savings account had a .75% interest rate with no minimum, which was extremely attractive, compared to other bank's .05%. The website was well designed, and I liked that the app integrated with my credit card. The biggest issue I had that ultimately led me to transfer back to a brick and mortar bank was the lack of ATMs in my area. There was only 1 Capital One ATM in my area, and it was in a store with odd hours. I save in cash for some goals, so this was frustrating. Capital One restricted me to 3 separate accounts, and if I want to meet my savings goals, I prefer to separate these accounts out.Overall, Capital One was a great bank and I could see their model working for many people, it just wasn't right for me.

Great online bank

Capital One 360 is the best bank I have ever dealt with. Just look up the bonuses that you can get just for signing up. I think I made about $200 just for signing up. Their service is great and there are no fees. One time my account got hacked and they took care of it fast and I got all my money back. Doing online transactions are a breeze with them. They are my favorite and I plan on staying with them a long time.

CapitalOne 360 Beats the Crowd

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I opened a savings and checking account with CapitalOne 360 in 2007. I was tired of being charged frequent fees by my bank (Bank of America), as well as getting paid 0.1% interest. CapitalOne 360 pays 0.75% interest and has absolutely no fees. If my account is overdrawn, they charge interest on the past-due amount only, but there is an instant email notification so that funds can be transferred to avoid any interest fees at all. There is no minimum balance needed in order to earn 0.75% interest. Setting up multiple savings accounts for budgeting is as easy as several clicks. I have about 10 savings accounts with a nickname so I can put money into each fund as I save for a future expense. CapitalOne 360 is customer-oriented and has a quality of service that is matched by none.

Great bank!

When I moved to the city in which I currently live, I was in need of a bank but wanted to try an online one for a change. I decided on Capital 360 because I had heard from several friends that they were a good place to start. The application process was really simple and painless. I just needed a checking account, so I only had to fill out a single form. I heard back within minutes and was able to use it that day. I have only needed to contact them once to reset my password. The gentleman on the phone was really nice and rest my account within a few minutes. I would imagine I would open up a savings account with them in the future.

Deposit convenience

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CapitalOne 360 is the online banking branch of Capital One -- formerly ING Direct. I have been a customer of theirs since the ING days. I like the convenience of online banking. I especially like being able to make mobile deposits. When Capital One took over ING I initially found their mobile deposit app clunky. I often had to take pictures of my checks multiple times in order to deposit them. Recent updates (and perhaps also due to the fact that I have a new phone with a better camera) have made the mobile deposit app much easier to use. Now I simply focus the phone's camera on my check, the program focuses in and snaps the picture, I turn the check over and repeat. To make the deposit, I enter the amount and slide my finger across the app. Instant deposit. It's fast and much more secure than sending a signed check through the mail -- the old way of making deposits before the advent of the mobile app. My only annoyance with this app is that even though I ask it to remember my password, it often doesn't -- or it does, but asks me to confirm my identity by entering a security code that they email to me. So I have to wait for the email (Or text --that's another option) enter the code and then proceed to my deposit. I'm usually in a hurry -- sometimes getting ready to walk out the door -- and waiting for this extra step is a big annoyance. I do wish they would fix this. Other than that annoyance, however, I'm very happy with CapitalOne 360. I can go online (or on my phone) and check my balances any time, and it's very easy to transfer money between my accounts or to non-CapitalOne accounts. I can have as many accounts as I want -- separate accounts for things like savings for a car or vacation. There's no extra charge for multiple accounts, and the accounts earn interest (admittedly a very tiny amount of interest, but still, it's something.)

Capital One 360 - Effective for what it is.

I'll start being blunt: I'm not in love with Capital One 360's product but it serves its need. My main bank will not allow me to transfer from the Venmo app, so I started Cap One 360 as a secondary account and I do like it. The website and app are easy to use and user-friendly, no real burdensome fees either. I got my bank card quickly and setting it up with customer service was easy. However, I would say that some of the transfer times to other banking institutions are a bit slow and the sign-up process is a bit burdensome, having to transfer money back and forth between their bank and your primary bank. I'd recommend it if you need it for specific reasons.

Capital One 360

Capital One 360 used to go by another name. I became a client two decades ago since at the time the interest rate on their savings was higher than any other bank I had seen. I worked at a bank at the time and a customer recommended the website to me. They are strictly online and I never had any issues with doing a name change, or transferring money. Any question I had were answered on a timely manner via their messaging platform. Opening up additional accounts was extremely easy. Closing one of my accounts was also just as easy. I only held savings accounts with them. I started with one, and then opened up two more. I had to close out one of my accounts when I reached my savings goal for that account. I liked how I was able to nickname my accounts so I knew exactly what the money was for. I loved that everything was done online, which is the best way for me to save.

On line banking

I have recently looked into online banking. I've read some reviews and most were very positive. I finally decided to try online banking and because I've dealt with Capital One before,I decided to try them. I moved my personal checking account over to Capital Ones online banking and I could not be happier. The ease of my online banking is a big hit with me. I can do everything online as well or better than a traditional bank. They offer very competitive rates and the fees are reasonable and inline with traditional banks. They also,offer CDs,savings,iras and college accounts as well as several others. I've already looked into a personal savings account as well as college savings accounts for my grandchildren. I couldn't be happier with the customer service department and the very professional help I've received. I,highly recommend online banking for anyone thinking about it.

Great no hassle checking

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I open my account over a year ago and I love it. It's free to use there is no monthly fees. The APY on the checking account is 0.2% which is more than my local bank savings. The app is great you can transfer money easy between banks and also deposit checks. Deposit clear next business day to. There are also plenty of free ATM in my city. Overall I'm extremely happy with my account

Online only checking

I had banked with Capital One 360 checking because I liked the fact that you could take your checking account and divvy it up into different categories. We are following the Dave Ramsey plan, and and assigning a specific sub category for all of our money was especially helpful. The biggest drawback was that it took so long for money to transfer in order to pay bills. The customer service wasn't great either when I called to try to resolve the issues. In the end we just went back to a basic checking account and did subcategories on paper on our own. It was too difficult to get cash out since there were no ATMs or local branches. We had also tried another online banking called PerkStreet that had awesome returns, but they closed unexpectedly and when I called to withdraw my funds it took weeks to get them to send me a check overall, we prefer brick-and-mortar building so that we can go on and talk to actual bankers and set of having to call customer service all the time. We bank now with a rather large bank instead of smaller banks that are just starting out.

Online banking that is dependable

Overall, I would say that my experience thus far with capital one 360 online banking has been incredibly convenient. I have never had a issue with payments and all transactions go through in about a day's time. The site is simple to use and everything is laid out very simply. I primarily use the mobile app and everything I need is easily located on my dashboard. When making a payment, such as for my credit card, it is easy to simply click on my account on the dashboard and see the details of each transaction that has been made. I also have a savings account with the bank and it is easy to set up a scheduled deposit time. I have it set up as a weekly deposit and it really does reduce the worry of how much I need to deposit each week. With the fast transaction time, convenience of use and lack of any fees, it is a wonderful online banking experience.

Great Online Banking

Capital One 360 was suggested to me by a friend years ago. At first, I was very hesitant because it's solely an online bank and I wasn't sure if I felt compfortable with that. However, after using it consistently, I have been very pleased with their service, both online and on the phone. I have honestly had no issues with them at all! Being someone who has had to switch banking institutions many times, this is nothing but helpful! They've answered phone calls, helped me with any questions I've had. I use the institution for more than ten accounts these days.

Smooth banking experience

I first signed up for a Capital One checking and savings account years ago because they offered a $50 bonus. Since then, I have continued to use those accounts for online purchases and for savings. Their savings rates are much better than my brick-and-mortar bank. When I have had questions about my account, they have always been happy to answer them. I never have to wait for a long time on hold to talk to someone. They actually have cafes in my city, so I can get half-price drinks if I pay with my Capital One debit card. I can also talk to someone in person, but I rarely do. My accounts have been so easy to manage that I mostly just login. The only thing I don't like it is that it takes a long time to transfer money -- 5 to 7 business days. I'm not sure if that is because it's an online bank or that is the industry standard, though.

Capitol One 360 is a Great On-line banking option.

After carefully shopping around for a new bank in my new state, I decided to go with Capitol One 360. We live a in rural area and do not get to town often. I do most of my bill paying online and I run a small business from my home. I needed a secure, convenient way to do my banking whenever I needed to. I opened my account and could not be happier. I can deposit checks through my smartphone. I can pay bill online. I can transfer monies through my paypal account and other payment accounts directly to my Capitol One account. If I need to deposit cash, there is a ATM nearby where I can do this. My only reservation is not being able to go into a branch office if needed. So far, that hasn't been a problem. Once I needed to talk with someone and I called their customer service and they were prompt and very helpful. They have overdraft options and in one of them they don't charge an overdraft fee, which is something I have never seen before. The account is completely free. This is the best option for someone like me.

Great Savings Plan, Not The Best a Customer Service

I have had a small savings account, it began as ING and changed to Capital One several years ago. I don't actually remember being asked or gave permission for my money to stay with the new company but my account seemed to stay the same, five dollars set aside each week with a small amount of interest accrued. Ever since the change, I get credit card offers at least twice a month from Capital One. I had my password stored in my old computer and when I could not reset it online, I had to call customer service. They would not give me a password reset sent to my email, they told me they had to send it in the mail. I did not understand why since they use my email for notifications, that they had to send the new password via snail mail. Once I got the password though, account worked fine.

I Love the Auto-transfer Feature

I signed up for an online savings account to fund a yearly vacation. I initially signed up due to easy access and friendly online appearance. I set up a weekly auto transfer from my primary bank checking account. The auto save program has been better than the savings account connected to my bank, as I don't see the balance every time I check my balances. Since I see the account less often, I tend not to withdraw money as often. It really has been "out of sight, out of mind" money, and I have been pleased with the ease of deposits and access. When I gave needed money from the account, I simply transfer the funds directly to my primary bank checking account. I have never had an issue that required I call customer service, but I suspect they would be helpful and professional.

Fantastic online-only bank

I originally signed up with Capital One 360 back when it was owned by ING. They offer a savings rate that is exponentially higher than what you would receive from a traditional bank. Usually when I check savings rates, only Ally Bank's is higher. However, I stick with Capital One 360 because they have an excellent website interface. The also offer a mobile app that is very easy to use. It allows me to make transfers between bank accounts while I'm on the go and it only takes a few seconds. I receive email notifications for any activity made through my account, so I feel safer knowing that this would alert me to any fraudulent activity immediately. I also have several CDs with Capital One 360 and the process of opening them and maintaining them is so simple that it makes me want to create as many as possible. Overall I have had a great experience with Capital One 360 and would reccomend it to anyone.

High Interest Savings Account

I opened this account a few years ago when they were advertising a great savings interest rate. It was very easy to open the account and link an external bank for transfers. I also opened a checking account so I could immediately transfer funds from my 360 Savings to my 360 Checking and use the debit card ASAP in case I needed access to funds. They shipped my debit cars and checks in a very timely manner. The entire process was very straightforward and in the years that I've had the accounts I have no had any problems.

The one issue I see is that I don't get much feedback from the company about new technology such as issuance of chip cards and security concerns. They have also lowered their advertised APR which has driven me to open an account with a local credit union with a higher interest rate. If Capital One 360 decides to once again offer competitive interest rates, I would not hesitate to put the majority of my savings and/or CD investments with the bank.

Great service, no fees

I have been banking with this bank since 2006 and I have nothing but good things to say. I was worried when the bank was initially aquired by Capital One but service has greatly improved in that time. I called recently to get my name updated after getting married. I had tried to do this with the previous bank (ING) and it was a complicated process and I decided not to pursue it further. With one simple, easy 5 minute phone call I was able to get the name change completed. I love that I have no fees and receive interest even on my checking account. I appreciate being able to easily open multiple savings accounts. I wish it was possible to have more than one checking account with them though. The one drawback that I have found is that I also have to maintain an external banking account to be able to deposit larger checks or cash. Overall though I have recommended this bank to multiple people.

My Online Bank

I had always used the traditional form of banking meaning local branch,in person etc. I had read a lot about online banking and the ease and convenience of it so I decided to look into it. I decided to try capital one online banking. I was pleasantly surprised. What I found was competitive rates and fees and many products offered. I switched my personal checking and personal savings accounts to capital one. I love its convenience and its customer service is outstanding. I recently inquired about CDs and iras and have just opened up a Roth IRA. I am also opening a college fund for my granddaughter and am looking into more services they have to offer. I highly recommend capital one online banking for all your personal banking.

No store front

I have been banking with ING Direct (now Capital One Bank) since 2007. I am not very good at managing my money when I was younger, and never really learned how to keep track/balance a ledger so I would go overdraft a lot. I would incur these ridiculous fees for minor purchases that would put me below a zero balance. I would always joke with my friends that my $2 purchase at Taco Bell cost me $37. I was involved in a vicious cycle with the storefront banks, and somehow discovered ING no fee banking. They promoted saving, and if I went over by a couple of dollars here and there I was allowed to with a small line of credit attached to the account. I have never been happier, and I am not wasting money on fees. My only issue with them is there is no place to deposit cash. It hasn't been an issue in the last ten years, but I was working independently for a while and accepted a lot of cash payments. I looked and looked for a place I would be able to go to deposit my cash so I could pay my bills online, to no avail. Other than that small issue, I love having a non-storefront bank, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Capital One 360 online banking

I have been using Capital One Bank for about a year now and while the general Capital One brand is not associated with an online only bank, this particular subset of it is. Capital One Bank is an online only, saving/checking debit account with no minimum upfront deposit fee, no annual charges and earns a small amount of interest every month. The card can be used pretty much anywhere Mastercard is accepted and is used internationally as well. Every transaction is easily recorded online and can be accessed through their site. You can also request a free checking book through their site, which also has free delivery. They offer great customer service and are happy to assist with any problems you may have, resolving card issues quite promptly. I highly recommend them and plan to use them far into the future.

Love Capital One!

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My favorite bank and the one I having been using for years is Capital One Bank. They are a great free online bank. There is no fees for anything and they will even give you $50 three different times for doing things like using your debit card three times for any purchases. They even have free withdrawls as long as you go to there ATM's and they are everywhere. The customer service is great, my account was hacked and I had over $300 taking from me. I contacted them and they found my money and got it back to me.I never had a problem since, my account password was most likely weak and now O have a very long complicated password and I am not worried about getting hacked at all. Deposits are fast just like everything else about service. I really recommend Capital One 360 and plan to stay with them a long time.

A Bank without Walls

My quest for an emergency account led me to ING, now Capital One Bank. An interest bearing checking account with no required minimums were two main factors. A debit card gives me access to my funds when needed. I have had nothing but great service. You see, I do not require a smile or a thank you, I merely require the service that is promised. Capital One meets that requirement. I have opened a second account, a savings that I auto-deposit to each paycheck to cover my periodic large payments on auto and house insurance, plus real estate taxes. This account functions as my own interest earning escrow account, and I am able to pay those bills with a bank draft, quickly and easily. I am a happy customer.

Best Interest Rate!

We have our savings account with Capital One Bank because they have the best interest rate that we could find anywhere. We have had no problems with the bank at all. Fees are non-existent. It is always accessible. I can access my money from any location through ATMs, online banking, and the mobile app. I've never had a problem where I needed real customer service help, so I can't really give an example of that. Overall, we are very pleased with this bank.

Formerly ING Direct

I first got this bank account about ten years ago, under the business name ING Direct. It was a simple savings account that was difficult for me to withdraw from; it takes several days to transfer to another bank account, as it cannot be accessed or withdrawn directly. There are no fees for the account, which I enjoy, and setting up my direct deposit from work to submit a mere portion of my check was rather simple. Capitalone bought out ING several years ago, and after they did, I had trouble logging in, and had to call support. You can't simply email and request info, you must speak with a person. The guy I spoke with was nice, and solved my problem pretty easy, and also figured out why I wasn't able to log in - I was using the wrong username. The mobile app is pretty nice, simple, and easy to use.

I only have a savings account with them, as I did not qualify for the checking account when the bank was ING. I haven't attempted to create a checking account with capitalone, because I already have one with another bank. I am content for the moment in having just the savings account.

Great Online Bank

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I have been with Capital One since the ING days. IMO, it is the best. I do as much of my banking as I can. I deposit checks through their app, transfer money and use bill pay. Customer service is easy to contact and very friendly and helpful.

Can't Access Websites

Can't access my online banking. Too many web pages that go round and round. Google App doesn't work.

Respected name, modern structure

I opened a checking and savings account with ING a few years back before they were purchased/merged with Capital One. The first impressive part about the company was how they managed the transition from one company to the other. It was seamless and very little was needed in terms of communication initiated by me because I knew what was happening and why and when.

In terms of the products, Capital One institutes a couple of no brainer services that make so much sense for anyone who would open an internet only account. First, there is an access code you can generate if you want to use services like Mint or Personal capital. This way you don't have to share your account log ins. Also I feel like the fee structure (which is basically non-existent) is pretty straight forward. In this day in age, not many people believe in paying for a checking account to cover a bunch of features that they aren't going to use, so removing those fees and investing in the things like not charging an ATM fee ever is much more beneficial to the consumers.

Deposit Delays

My first check was held for a week.
Customer "service" assured me that a check deposit is never less than 3 days. I was assured that direct deposit would be immediate. That means two days.

I put my money back into my normal bank and paid bills there where I can get a check cashed in two days. If I can't get quicker transfers, I'll let it go.

Great experience!

I have to admit when I first thought of using an online only bank I was skeptical. No tellers? No brick and mortar office? Not sure this will work for me. But, I kept hearing the name Capital One Bank over and over. When I was looking for a separate bank account for only myself (separate from my husband) I decided to give it a try! Wow, was I surprised! Great products, very reasonable fees, wonderful customer service and just a great overall web/mobile experience! I HIGHLY recommend trying them out. I mean, really, who really wants to stand in another teller line!?

Great Bank

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I have been a Capital One customer for 2 years. I have had no problems with transfers and have always been able to get prompt, courteous service. They seem to have competitive rates and have some great bonuses. I would definitely recommend them.

Love this bank

If anyone is looking for an online/internet bank, Capital One Bank is the one I'd recommend. It's easy to sign up and there are NO monthly fees. I have an online checking account with direct deposit. The direct deposit is fast and secure. They even have a cash back with most stores you shop at. They also have a savings account. It's a bank that I am so pleased with and have even had many friends sign up as well.

Does the Basics Right.

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Capital One has been the first bank I used after college and I love it. They offer multiple free ATMs in my hometown. I love their mobile app and the ability to cash a check just by taking a picture of it. This was a feature I wasn't aware was a deal breaker until I had to cash a check and had no idea what I would do since my bank was an online bank. I was pleasantly suprised that depositing it was as easy as snapping a picture. Their customer service agents are some of the friendliness people I've talked to as well. I had one agent who help me determine whether or not I could open an another account as a payee for my son. He stayed patient and walked me through multiple options. Also appreciate that if you lose your debit card, it's always free to get another (I've lost my twice this year). They offer all the features one wants in a basic checking account and their customer service agents go above and beyond.

Capital One Bank Exceeds Expectations

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I have been a customer with Capital One Bank since 2007. I have multiple checking and savings accounts with them and receive stellar service. They pay great interest no matter what balance I carry. I have called to resolve issues regarding transfers, PIN updates and balances, and I always receive prompt, courteous service. My daughter turned 18 and is now eligible for an adult MONEY checking account. I called Capital One Bank last night to receive help with setting up her account. Both my daughter and I talked to the representative and received specific instructions as to how to set up the account profile. I highly recommend Capital One Bank to anyone who likes to bank online and wants to talk to a live person when there are any questions or issues. Also, investment banking is available through ShareBuilder which allows customers to invest online with minimal costs and no hassles. Capital One Bank is committed to making saving money easy, and I look forward to being a Capital One Bank customer for years to come.

Great online only checking acount!

A little over I year ago I was looking for a new checking account with several key features. I wanted a free account, a chipped debit card, no minimums to worry about, and most important Apple Pay support. Much to my surprise there were NO banks in my community that had all of these options combined in one account. I then began to look at the internet and came across Capital One 360 checking. It looked like they offered what I wanted, but I had never used on online only before. I decided to give them a call and was put through to a live rep right away and he was GREAT! He answered all my questions and even told me about his personal experiences with the 360 checking account. I decided to open an account and I could not have been more happy. Everything has been perfectly smooth, I've had no issues with depositing or withdrawing money. My card works everywhere and the Apple Pay support was easy to set up. I could not recommend this account more to anyone looking for an account with a lot of good features at an unbeatable price of FREE!

Free withdrawals Globally!

I've had an account here since before they were bought by Capital One - was called ING Direct when I first opened my checking and savings accounts. What I like most about the account is that I can make cash withdrawals with my debit card almost anywhere, and for free. In the US any ATM with Allpoint service provides free withdrawals. I typically find these in any 7-11, or the ATMs that Citibank deploys in places like Target. But the best part yet: I was posted to China for a year, and found that I could withdraw RMB from my USD Capital One Account, and there was no fee associated. Moreover, I found the exchange rate to be very reasonable at the time. Thus, it turned out to be a great solution to 'cash access' while travelling throughout China.

Call Centers

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Not happy with call centers - If you need customer service, forget it. Otherwise, better rates than walk-in banks by far.

Much to Like

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I banked with IngDirect for several years and they were bought out by Capital One Bank. People weren't sure what to expect from this major change. I think overall, there are benefits and deficits that I've seen. My deposits to my account tend to be deposited right away. The practice that doesn't work for me with the deposits is, if I have a check to deposit it will need to be mailed in. It can't be added to an ATM deposit, not clear why. The checking accounts are free at this time, this is a convenience. I also like that you can generate your own checks and cashiers checks from your checking account free while online. So far fees have been fine.

Okay if you direct deposit

I signed up for this bank after being tired of the well known brick-and-mortar bank I have been using for the last couple of years. I wanted a bank that would not charge me so much in overdraft fees or service fees. As far as fees go this bank is one of the best. They do not charge a monthly service fee and their overdraft fees are one of the lowest. The customer service is excellent, I did not have to talk to an automated voice for very long and did not have any hold time. The one drawback is that if you deposit money into the account that is not direct deposit, there is a hold of five days. This hold time was too long for me and I didn't use the account for very long before closing it.

Capital One360 is a great online bank

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I have used CapitalOne360 checking since it was ING. It is definitely a different kind of experience and geared towards the younger, millennial crowd. ING was a little different, funny in their approach and customer service, similar to how Southwest airlines is a little different. They maintained this style and brand even after being acquired by Capital One. You do not feel like you are dealing with a large faceless corporate bank. They are always quick to respond and very helpful. The fee structure is extremely reasonable and they offer cash back rewards for large dollar deposits. I'm able to now link my CapitalOne360 with my investment accounts (also formerly ING) and Capital One Credit cards making it very easy to use and transfer between accounts. They offer bill pay and mobile deposit. They offer check-writing and a debit card. While not having access to a physical branch can pose a problem sometimes, and the deposit hold times seem a little long, I would highly recommend CapitalOne360 if you're looking for an online checking account.

I Am Very Unhappy About Account Registration.

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I have two accounts. a checking account about 5 years old and a CD about one year old. The checking is registered in my trust. The bank will not register my CD in a trust. After complaining for about one year about the CD a manager told me not only I can't register my CD in my trust but there is no way to add a beneficiary or PAY on DEATH because the bank has no way of doing it and the employees have no idea if and when the bank will be able to register the account in any of the three choices(trust, beneficiary, or POD beneficiary).

Not Happy

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Overall, I am not happy about my Capital One 360 bank anymore. When the bank was ING Direct I used to have a big interest rate. That was the only reason I moved my savings there. Now, since the rates are low, there are almost no benefits of keeping my money there. In fact, it's more of an inconvenience to move money in and out of this bank. It takes days to transfer to my local branch, and even when I have to take cash out, I have to move it to another internal Capital one account to get my money. Some transactions don't even complete, so I end up paying penalties.

Mobile Check Deposit

Never use this to deposit checks. It takes a week. They process it but hold your money. That is wrong. If you need to make a deposit cash it then make a deposit. Still waiting.

Capital 360 blunder

I opened a Capital One 360 savings account. This was my first experience with internet/online banking. I've always used a brick and mortar bank, but Capital One offers much better interest rates than any of my local banks do so I thought it would be a good move. I tried to transfer $1000 from my local bank to this savings account. Capital One said they had to verify my account before I could transfer money. They would make two small deposits and I was supposed to report how much those deposits were. This would take 2-7 days. They deposited the money, I reported how much the deposits were, but the $1000 wasn't transferred right away. So I got the brilliant idea that maybe they needed a check to transfer the money from my local bank to Capital One. So I wrote myself a $1000 check. As most of you probably can guess, this resulted in $2000 being shown as a deposit. Except I only had $1000 in my bank account. So I called Capital One, and they said not to worry. I called my local bank and they said the check would be rejected, and there would be a charge for that, but otherwise it would be okay. So it worked out with only a $25 stupid tax, but I've learned how to deposit money and now I'm a 360 fan.

Great Experience

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I have been using Capital One 360 online banking for a few years now. I have nothing but good things to say and share about them. I've used both their online support as well as phone support and have gotten simple, easy to understand answers within reasonable time limits. I really like that you can have multiple accounts; I have about 10 currently, and all are linked together for easy access and transfers both within the company and with other banking institutions. I highly recommend Capital One 360 to anyone looking into online banking.

Just what I needed.

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My experience with Capital One 360 has been exactly what I've been looking for. It's difficult to nearly impossible to live nowadays without some form of digital payment. Whether you're buying something on Amazon, or need to pay your bills in a pinch, having a checking account is a must. Unfortunately, many banks charge fees. Sure, they can be waived when you meet certain requirements, but not everyone has that option. For someone without direct deposit, nor the luxury of having a minimum amount of money set aside to keep in the account, online banking is a great option. Capital One 360 was my first choice, and likely the only one I'll ever need. I can check my balance whenever I need to, the checks I deposit with my mobile phone go through relatively quickly, and best of all, no fees!

Just what I needed

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I never knew what 360 was when it came to Capital One. When I learned what it was, it ended up being just what I needed. I don't have any branches of my normal bank close to me now so this was a life saver. Before I moved in, I knew I would have to find a bank there that had a branch close to where I was moving. That ended up being hard and, luckily, I found 360. They make it very easy to deposit checks and money orders when it comes to their app. They even have a limit on the amount you can deposit each month that is way more than I will ever use, but is is nice to know that limits and other things on the app and site are easy to read and understand. Even though I do miss going to a branch sometimes, this company just makes it more stress free and easier to handle my banking needs in one spot.

Great online experience

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I was able to open multiple savings accounts for free with this online banking system. My children were able to start saving using an online account. We were given bonuses for opening each account for my family members. The bank did not ever charge any fees nor have an hidden costs. I have been very pleased with the bank. It is very easy to access 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Transactions have been smooth and I have no complaints. I receive paperless options which is great for the environment. Each year it is very easy to access my bank account in order to prepare my taxes. Statements are very clearly provided and easy to access as well. No minimum balance has ever been required as well. The bank is FDIC insured which guarantees I don't lose my money. The bank has been a great online option for me and my family.

Easy banking

I have been banking with CapitalOne360 since 2008. I opened my account online while I was sitting in class while attending college. At that time, the bank was known as ING Direct. My experience with this bank has mainly been on the positive side. I have had no major issues with them and the customer care associates are very friendly when speaking to them. The only issue I have is there are not enough ATMs available in my area that allow customers to make a deposit. I always use a money order to make deposits by mailing them directly to the banking center. It is very inconvenient having to do this. Overall, a great experience.

360 Accounts Offer Excellent No Fee Services!

Capital One 360 is an online-only bank that does not have any physical branches. Since the bank only functions online, it saves money on overhead and passes those savings on to you. I proudly have a savings account and a checking account with them and am very pleased with the service. I pay absolutely no fees and the interest rate for the savings account is rather good. I use this account as my primary account to transfer money to and from various sources like PayPal and my gym membership and am very pleased with the speed of the transfers. In addition, I have used their debit card all over the country from Arizona to Hawaii and have never encountered any problems.

The one issue that I have with this bank is that it cuts back too much with its customer service and forces you to call them up and wait for a considerable amount of time to get your questions clarified. It would also be nice if they partnered up with other institutions like credit unions or convenience stores so that I could make cash deposits.

Other than the slight lack of customer service, it is a fee free bank that lets you relax knowing that your money is safe.

Capital One 360 Savings

I started a Capital One 360 Savings account last year after a friend recommended it, and I couldn't be happier with it. It is incredibly easy to use, and signing up took less than a half hour. It was very simple to set up automatic monthly deposits from an existing checking account. The interest rate is amazing for a savings account, and I love that there are no fees. The website is very user friendly, and makes setting up transfers (both within and outside of the bank) or deposits a breeze. Mobile check deposits are also very simple, and again, don't have a fee attached (different than my traditional brick and mortar bank).

I have only had to speak with customer service once, and when I did they were friendly and helpful. Definitely no complaints with this bank, and I would highly recommend it.

Capital One 360 is my favorite bank

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Capital one 360 is my favorite bank ever. There are no fees or any type of charges. Even better, when you first open up a bank account with them if you make three simple debit card purchases in thirty days they give you fifty dollars. What a deal that is. If I ever had a problem, their customer service is great and they solve all of the problems. I have had this account for years and it is the account that I use the most. They also give you interest payments of a checking account. I really do not no how they even make any money from this. 

No fees? Awesome!

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I love love love this bank! I occasionally do overdraft, and not having ANY overdraft fees is nice! I've read that you'll incur an overdraft fee in the form of interest, but I've yet to see this. And even if so, it might be what... $1? I'm totally fine with that. If you go to an approved ATM there's also no fees there. I live in a fairly rural area and there's one in town that's very accessible inside Target. I only deal with direct deposit, and if I have cash I just spend it, so I have no need for a brick and mortar location. This place is great! Thanks!

CapitolOne360 is the best experience for saving money

My wife and I started a CapitalOne360 savings account many years ago- it was intended to divert funds for our wedding without the hassle of going to the bank. The easiest thing for us was opening the account and then every payday, deposit funds directly into the savings account. The best part of the account for us was the ability to transfer the money into our personal checking right from our living room. This was great because it takes a few days to hit your account without making an impulse buy if you want access the money right away.
We also had a very nice experience with their customer service department when there was a possible unauthorized attempt to login from a foreign computer. CapitalOne360 noticed that something was suspicious of the attempted login and immediately notified us as the threat. The best part was that our money was safe and sound right where it should be.
CapitalOne360 is an amazing bank- 10/10 would recommend

Capital One 360 Savings Account

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The Capital One 360 Online Savings account is overall a satisfactory account. I have thought about changing to a different bank recently because the interest rate, while still at an acceptable rate of .75%, is not as high as it once was. I know banks often entice you with a high introductory rate but in this case, I'm not sure the current rather pedestrian interest rate is worth the inconvenience of having no physical bank locations and a 5-day freeze on money transferred to other accounts. However, the user interface is quite nice, and it's easy enough to transfer money to other accounts, find my statements, and locate tax documents. They have also recently added the ability to check and track your credit score over time for free, which is a feature that the bank I use for checking does not offer.

360 Review

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I signed up with Capital One 360 when they had a special, and have a checking and savings account with them. They have no fees for both those accounts, which is amazing, and surprising nowadays. Likewise, there is no minimum balance for either the checking or the savings account. Transfers to and from this bank to my brick and mortar bank have gone through without a problem, and I haven't had any problems using the debit card.

The only issues I have had, is that when I forgot my password, it was a little bit hard to reset, as the site was being glitchy, and when I lost my card, it took quite a while to be mailed to me. Overall, I am very pleased with the bank, and intend to keep my account open.

Capital One 360 IS A Good Online Bank

I have a checking and savings account with Capital One 360, a fully online bank. Opening accounts there was a very easy process - it was all done online. The bank makes it easy to link accounts at other institutions to transfer money into and out of accounts. Money is typically transferred within one day. Their website is easy to navigate. Their interest rates, while not the highest among online banks, are decent and better than traditional brick and mortar banking institutions. Their accounts typically have no minimum balances and no fees. They provide e-statements and the ability to deposit checks using their mobile app, making them a truly paperless banking platform. Although I did not use it, they do offer online bill pay. Checking account provide overdraft protection and accounts are insured by the government. In short, they offer all the same features as traditional banks, but higher interest rates and fewer fees. They are definitely worth checking out.

Capitol One 360 Online Banking Review

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I have a checking, savings, and money market account with Capitol One 360. Everything from opening an account to making deposits and even sending a check is done online. I've never had an issue with them. Their phone app is also easy to navigate and can be used for practically any kind of transaction.

In particular, I like their P2P payments, where I can send payments to people all via email with their phone app or online website. They also provide a better interest rate than the brick-and-mortar type of banks. The bank does not require a minimum amount of funds to be in your account and there are no fees involved in having an account open.

Their customer service is great as well and can answer questions quickly.

So Far, So Good

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I've been doing my checking and savings with Capital One 360 for about 4 months now, and so far it's been very good. Just like with traditional banks, transferring funds from checking to savings is instantaneous. Direct deposits are processed quickly. Typically by 6:30am on the day I get paid, my funds are available. I have yet to use the mobile check deposit feature as I do not deal with paper checks very often.

The mobile app is very good. It works quickly and fluidly. It allows me to see my checking, savings, and credit card account overviews right on the first screen of the app, then a breakdown of transactions by selecting the account that I want. It does a nice job specifically of showing both current balance and available balance, accounting for pending transactions. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of my budget.

Capital One 360 - Great service!

I have had a great experience with Capital One 360 banking. I have a checking account with them and I have been very satisfied with it. The fees are very reasonable and I received a $350 bonus just for opening the account and setting up my direct deposit from work to it. A couple of times I have had to call customer service for various charges or questions and they have been incredibly helpful and were able to resolve my problems very quickly. My purse was stolen last year and the person tried to use my debit card with Capital One at multiple places and as soon as I called customer service, they reversed all of the charges, sent me a new debit card and signed me up for credit monitoring for free. I would absolutely recommend this bank.

Generally positive experiences with Capital One 360

Generally I have had positive experiences with Capital One 360 online only banking. This bank satisfies my banking needs for paying bills and other expenses. Whenever I have needed to contact customer service, I have never had to wait long on the line. I had been a member with Capital One 360 since they acquired ING Direct, of which I was previously a member, and I have not noticed any major changing in banking since the change. I am able to deposit money into my accounts in several convenient ways including direct deposit of a paycheck, transfer of funds from one of my other bank accounts, submission of image of received check, and transfer through PayPal. When I first started banking with ING-Direct, they offered really good interest rates in savings accounts, much better than any non-online bank, however, current interest rates with Capital One 360 are so low that they're not even worth mentioning. Capital One 360 did not introduce the low interest rates, however. This change happened under ING-Direct. It is really disgraceful that banks could charge such high interest rates to consumers on credit cards, but not offer higher interest rates for consumers who save, in return. So I use other investment vehicles that offer much better interest rates. One feature of Capital One 360 that I really like is the overdraft protection. While the amount is somewhat low (25.00$), the bank does not charge you a big fee, like other banks do, if you go over your limit. Instead they charge you reasonable interest rates until your balance is returned to positive. This feature is a big plus.

Terrible Customer Service

I have had an account with Capitalone 360 for approaching 10 years. I have had no issues until recently when my accounts were frozen. I received a call from Cap360 with a callback number. I called back five times. I either cannot get through, get transferred then dropped, get transferred and wait but no one ever answers. All I know is that both my accounts are frozen and I cannot speak to anyone to find out the problem and how to resolve it. It is a good bank as long as you do not have any issues. Once you have an issue, pray you do not need your money any time soon. I will try one more time by visiting a cafe. If that does not work, I am going to the regulators.

My capital one 360 experience

Capital One 360 online banking is the best in the business as far as I'm concerned. it is the most easy and convenient way to bank. It offers CDs,Ira,savings,checking and personal loans all at very competitive rates. I opened it up online and do all my transactions online. I write out a check for deposit,take a picture of it and download it into my account online. The online experience and customer service is top of the line. I highly recommend Capital One 360 online banking.

Satisfied Cap One 360 Customer

I recently switched from Capital One to their online-only offshoot, Capital One 360, and I couldn't be happier.

Initially, I just wanted to create a Capital One 360 Savings Account, as they offer a very competitive interest rate and were, at the time, running a promotion where you could get a bonus for leaving your money in the account for at least 90 days. Making the switch was easy, and mostly could be done online. I only had to call Capital One to close my other savings account once my money was transferred over.

A few months after this, I moved, and the new city in which I live does not have any Capital One ATM locations near my home or office, so I was looking for a new bank for my checking account. Since I'd had such a great experience with savings, I looked into Capital One 360. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they offered a better interest rate than my existing checking account, and offered ATM access at all AllPoints ATMS (more than 40,000 locations nationwide, and several close to my home). Once again, making the switch was simple and I'm very happy with my new checking account!

The only downside is that Capital One 360 does not have it's own mobile app, and it's a little confusing to access your 360 accounts from the Capital One mobile app. But the online banking interface is easy to use otherwise.

Good option with decent yield

I have banked at Capital One 360 for about 2 years now. When I initially got the account, I was looking for a bank that I would be able to have a long term relationship with. Capital One caught my eye with a .9% rate on savings, and .2% on checking. I have the one checking account with them (which is the maximum per SSN), and about 15 different savings accounts. The max on savings accounts is 25, and are all visible from the main page. I use scheduled recurring transactions to help with budgeting, and having separate accounts like envelopes helps in the budgeting process. I also use share-builder which is capital one's investing platform. The balance there is visible below my FDIC insured accounts on the main account page.

Great online bank- amazing rates and great customer service

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I was skeptical when Capital One took ING over. I called on numerous occasions during the initial merge. The customer service was so nice and helpful and willing to go the extra mile. What drew me to this bank was the higher interest rates compared to traditional banks. I have stayed a loyal customer through the merger, and have been with them for more than 10 years.

360 Degrees of Awesome

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I have been using Capital One 360 for about 10 years now going back to the time when it was known as ING Direct. At first, I only used it for a savings account since they had a higher than average interest rate. However, about 5 years ago, I also opened up a checking account with them. I still used my traditional bank checking account; however, this past year I grew very unsatisfied with my bank and moved all of my assets to Cap One 360. Since then, I have been extremely happy. I have been living as a visitor in Canada and my old bank was charging me international use fees - not the case with Cap One 360. Also, their no-overdraft charge policy has been fantastic and very useful for me (I cut it close sometimes in my travels).

On the few occasions that I've had to call customer service I have always dealt with pleasant, easy to understand and very helpful representatives. Talking to them has actually been pain-free and pleasant as opposed to a real pain in the butt like other banks have been. I closed each call feeling like I accomplished what I intended and dealt with an understanding person as opposed to a large bank/employee just saying the company line. I will continue to use Cap One 360 checking/savings for the foreseeable future as I have remained very satisfied so far.

A Great Online-Only Bank

I have a checking account through Capital One 360. I had felt some reluctance to start banking with an internet only bank, but it's gone very well. Setting up the account was quick and painless, and they were able to get me my debit card and checks in a timely manner. Direct deposit was set up through my work, just like any other bank. Their network of ATM affiliates was extensive and really made me feel like I might as well have had a local bank. I really don't go into a bank branch location anyway, so not having a person I could physically talk with didn't affect me much. As national banks start to go away from employing tellers, I believe banks like this will become more prominent.

Satisfied Customer

I have a checking account and savings account with Capital One 360. Originally, my account was through ING Direct, and I'm pretty sure it was still the 90s when I signed up. I was a loyal customer with ING, but mostly used that account as my emergency funds. Since the changeover to Capital One 360, though, they've become more of a primary sort of bank.

Their check depositing system is fantastic - take pictures of the front and back of the check and whoosh them across the internet and within a few days the money is in the account. Sometimes faster than with typical brick-and-mortar type bank locations, even. Once it is deposited, they'll send an email telling you to destroy the check.

I have not had occasion to need their customer service in many years, but the one time I did need the help of an ING service agent, they were helpful enough and the situation was resolved quickly.

My Favorite Bank

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Capital One 360 is a great bank. There's no fees and it extremely easy to use online. After your first 3 purchases they give you $50. How can you beat those deals. And there customer service is easy and great. I will always use Capital One 360.

Easy to Join, Not a Great Bank

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I had a less than stellar credit score, so banking options were limited to me, and Capital One 360 was an available option. I had a Capital One credit card when I was younger, and it was decent enough, so I decided to give their service another shot. Let's just say, it wasn't anything home to write about. Occasional downtime on their service, combined with a rather poor web design, and banking terms that I just didn't have time to really wrap my head around, made for an overall pretty poor experience. That being said, whenever I had to contact them about issues, I generally got a polite enough agent who was willing to assist with my problems, so there's that. I've since changed to a better banking service, but I wouldn't highly recommend Capital One 360. There's probably better options out there for you.

No Longer Doing Living Trusts/ Not According To Disclosures

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I was originally an INGDirect customer who became a CapitalOne360 customer because of the merger. The transition was smooth and their customer service has been great. I love the fact that they don't charge international ATM fees, which almost every other bank does! However, I just went to add another account and gave them a call to have it added/titled in our living trust. Monica told me that effective June 2016, they no longer will hold accounts with that type of title. WHAT? What bank doesn't allow accounts to be held in a living trust? Well I just read their updated disclosures (7/20/2016) and they have Living Trust as a type of account ownership, so I don't think Monica knows what she is talking about. Just wanted to let everyone know in case they get the same mis-information

A reliable and positive banking experience

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I have been a member of Capital One 360 since before it was Capital One 360. I originally signed up with ING Direct at least 8 years ago. It was changed into Capital One 360 since then. I have always experienced a high levels of service and a great variety of products from them. The best thing about this online bank account is the very high savings rate. Currently it is 0.75%, which is magnitudes better than the return you would get from any brick and mortar bank. Its ridiculous how much interest I am able to accrue each month. I sometimes have to double check my statement to see that the interest payment is actually correct because it seems so foreign to see such a high return from a basic savings account. The only downside to this account is that it takes a few days to do a transfer to a brick and mortar bank. However, just keep in mind that online savings account should not be treated as an immediately liquid account. It is more of a semi-liquid account due to the transfer delay. All in all, I love my Capital One 360 savings account!

Changed P2P Now It Sucks

Because they changed the P2P service to the same one as chase, I can't use the feature. My email and phone number are already in the system with chase, so I can't get anything sent to my 360 account unless I get a new phone number or email. I liked that they were different, but it won't let me have an email with both accounts.

CapitalOne360 is great for mobile users

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I have been a customer of CapitalOne360 since the beginning. They have no minimum balance requirements, extremely low fees, and offer over 40,000 free ATMs in their network. In fact, if you are charged an ATM fee by a host bank, CapitalOne360 will reimburse the fee. They also offer check deposit via the internet or via their mobile app... just snap a picture of the check and upload it. It's very simple and easy to use. No trip to the bank necessary. I have also found their customer service to be very responsive and always available by phone or chat with almost no wait time. I have used them since they were ING Direct, which was later acquired by CapitalOne. The service has only improved. Another nice feature is that you can additional checking and savings accounts at will right online and give them unique names and purposes, such as Vacation or Christmas account. Transferring funds between accounts is quick and effortless.

Everything in One Place

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I've been banking with Capital One 360 for about a year. The main perk, for me, is that I can manage all of my finances in one app. I have my credit cards and my auto loans with Capital One, as well as my checking account, so it makes it easy. Sometimes it's difficult because there are no physical locations, but I've found that mostly everything I need to do is within the app. Plus, I hardly ever have to go on the website because everything I need is on the app. I've had to call customer service a few times, but I'm never on hold for very long and the reps are super friendly. I also LOVE that there are no fees for having an account, because that was my major issue with my last bank. Overall, I've had a great experience with 360 checking and I'd recommend it to anyone who has credit with Capital One.

Always Available

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I have had a Capital 360 checking account for several years now. I regularly transfer money from this account. I have never had a single instance of the website not being available when I needed it. All transactions have been processed timely and accurately. The interest rate is among the highest available for a checking account.

Capital One 360 is Convenient

I have been using Capital One 360 for over a year now. It is great! I can easily check my account from my computer or phone at any time. I really like this account because I like to invest, and I have my 360 account linked to my Capital One Investment account. It makes it very easy to transfer money, so I don't miss out on anything. They have great customer service and are very quick and friendly whenever I have a question. I have used other online bank accounts in the past, but Capital One 360 is by far the best.

Captial One 360 Pulls Out All the Stops

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Capital One 360 is a great online bank to have. I currently have a checking and savings account with them since around 2010 and have been very pleased. Interest rates are the highest on both checking and savings accounts. Opening up an account is a breeze, and the online portal is efficient and easy to navigate. Frequently they provide bonuses for customers opening up new accounts. In addition, you can refer a friend for an additional $25 per friend that joins. Fees are minimal and appropriate. For example, overdrafts are billed on a percentage of the overdraft amount, not a flat rate of $35 plus the overdraft amount like other banks. I have contacted customer support a few times and was helped immediately, resolving my issues quickly. Overall, I recommend Capital One 360 to anyone interested in looking for an online bank.

Great Bank For Basic Accounts

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I love my bank. I have a checking and savings with them. I have never had a problem with my money. I have only been with them for a few months now. Overall I trust this company with my money. I plan to use them for a very long time. They have other products, but I have only looked and haven't opened any accounts other than my checking/savings. One thing I must say that I LOVE about Capital One 360 is that there are no fees on their checking account. There are thousands of ATM's you can use. Also, you can deposit your checks into your account by simply taking a picture, but it takes a few days to clear.

Great Choice For Online Banking

After reading reviews of the several online banks that are out there, I went with Capital One 360. The customer service by phone is excellent. My only complaint is that I have had a problem on several occasions with accessing my account online. This problem was easily fixed when calling customer service. Overall, Capital One 360 is a great institution.

Cap 1 Three-Sixty

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I've been using Capital One 360 as one of my primary banks for a long time. In was ING bank back when I first started using it. Through out all the changes and up till now it's probably been at least 10 years. When it first became Capital One 360 I was a little bit worried. I didn't believe at the time that the Capital One credit cards had the best reputation. But...the bank has exceeded my expectations. I still have a very active checking and savings account, but I primarily only use the checking account. The interest I get on money in the checking account kind of makes the savings account a moot point. Aside from the dependability of the bank the bill paying section is one of the best. It's quick, easy, and after many years...completely dependable. never had a problem with it. It is easy to sign up. It's been so long since I signed up I can't remember for sure but I don't think there is a minimum to get started. I recommend Capital One 360 to all my family and friends. In soon as my son get's home I'll have him sign up first thing. Then take him looking for a job!

360 Degrees Of Savings

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I've used Capital One 360 for several years now, since before they were owned by Capital One.(it used to be ingdirect) I loved INGDirect and was worried when Capital One bought them out that they would ruin it. However, my fears were for nothing. Capital One 360 has continued to be my online bank of choice. Its super easy to sign up, they don't ask you a million questions. The web interface is one of the easiest I've used. Other banks have too may options and it takes forever for me to find just simple things like sending them an email. It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to email Wells Fargo. With Capital One 360 they keep it easy, I was able to find and send them an email in 30 seconds. They also are very quick to reply. Their rates on the savings accounts are better than the big brick and mortar banks as well. I am very happy with Capital One 360 and will continue to use them as my go to online bank.

Capital One Rocks!!

I really can't say enough good things about Capital One 360, but I want to highlight a couple of positive experiences I've had.

About a month or so ago, I was looking for a bank for a small home business that I was starting. I checked the brick and mortar business I use for my personal accounts and I was disappointed at the amount of fees I would have to pay for a relatively small average balance. Since I already have a savings account with Capital One 360, I decided to call to see what my options were. I was delighted when I heard there would be no fees and no minimum balances that I would have to maintain. The gentleman I talked with was patient and very nice and answered all my questions. Because of the great experience I had with customer service, I opened up an account for my small business.

A few times over the past few years, I've had to call customer service; once because I couldn't get into my account and another time because I wanted to make some changes to my existing accounts. One again, customer service was excellent and helped me resolve all my issues.

I've been very happy with Capital One 360 and will continue to use them for the foreseeable future.

capital one 360

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I recently switched to capital one 360 on the recommendation from a friend due to their ease of use and secure cards that work everywhere in the world. So far I'm very pleased with the service. There are no fees, the card is secure and doesn't get skimmed (a big problem where I live), and I can get someone on the phone to help me within a reasonable amount of time. The phone service is actually useful and helpful, a large departure from my last bank.

The Captain

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I bank with Capitol One 360. The bank is great because it is online, and the site is very easy to maneuver around . The only problems that I have with this bank is that the hold time is insane. I called customer service many times, and it never fails I stay on the phone for at least 20-30 minutes for just a simple question. I do like that I am not charged any fees and that the customer service is very polite when I do reach them. I like that this site monitors my credit as well with a credit tracker. Other banks that I had in the past never did this for me for Free. Overall, I would recommend this bank because they have been around for quite sometime, and once again they're not ridiculous with their fees.

Capital One 360 still strong

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When ING changed to Capital One 360, we were worried. ING had terrific service, great rates, no fees, no hassle and was online-only. We were worried about a big bank "takeover" from Capital One. Well, that happened quite a few years ago and the change has been seamless. We still have no fees, great ATM access, and helpful customer service. We were eligible for free checks, didn't use them, and when we switched our address, it said we were no longer eligible for those free checks anymore. I called up customer service, and they addressed the issue right then & there and mailed us our free checks. We are loyal customers and even though interest rates from other online-only banks seem to spike up there, it hasn't caught our interest because we are treated well.

Simple and valuable.

I have a Checking and Savings account with Cap360. I love the generous savings rate for the savings account compared to other banks (with no max limit). I use the external transfer feature to move money when needed and it is secure and reliable. I have used the bill pay system and had no errors. I use the ATM at my local Target store and it has been free. I am careful to avoid fees and would not stay with a bank that had them. It was easy to work with a banker by telephone when I had to get help with my PIN. I have never had a problem with this Cap360 and I really appreciate that.

Still Suspicious Of Capital One

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I used this bank back when it was ING Direct. I loved ING so much, I think I even told a customer service rep once that I would have the bank's babies. A couple of years ago Capital One bought out ING. I was worried things were going to change, but so far not much has. The interest rates keep dropping, but that was happening (along with the rest of the banking world) when ING was still in control. It's still very much an online-only bank. You can't go to Capital One bank branches, but you can use their ATMs. I like being able to have bunches of external accounts linked to my Capital One 360 accounts as it makes doing my household banking a bit easier until I get around to consolidating everything.

Multiple Savings Accounts

I have been with this bank since it was Orange, then ING, and now Capitol One. I love how I can make use of multiple savings accounts to categorize my different savings. It is super simple to setup and allows me to make sure I have enough money for a down payment on a car, or enough for a vacation to Mexico! The web interface is very intuitive and the saving rates are reasonable. I would always like to earn more interest but I'm not paying any fees so I guess I can't complain. I also used the debit card for overseas ATM usage since there were no foreign transaction fees. This was very helpful and allowed me to enjoy my trip to the fullest! Overall I would highly recommend using this online bank!

Capital One 360 Holding Money Since April 8

I deposited a check that was 3rd party Treasury signed over to myself capitalone360 deposited the check into my account and it's currently still holding my funds that are available to check is not fraudulent and they did speak to the check owner and they tried to verify her identity and they said because they can't issue any relation between me and the check owner that they can't make my funds available they've been holding my funds since April 8th 2016 my name is Maria

Average But Nothing Special

To start, I did not originally use capital one 360. Capital one bought out my investment bank. The transition to capital one 360 was quite smooth. I found their mobile app especially useful and easy to navigate, and as a frequent visitor to my money market investment account, this makes my life a lot easier. I have made several investments into money market accounts over time with capital 360, especially in the last two years. I always find their customer service excellence, though their rates are nothing special, and their overall bank is nothing but average. I enjoy their service, but I am able to find better rates elsewhere, and likely will change accounts soon.

Good Place For Emergency Savings

I have had two Capital One 360 savings accounts open since 2006, one for generalized savings and the other earmarked as an emergency fund. Having an account separate from my local bank is great because I can put my emergency fund money there. It only takes a couple days to transfer between banks, so my money is always available if I need it, and that few day transfer time can be a deterrent to keep me from buying something I don't actually need. The interest rate at Capital One 360 is not the best of all of the internet banks at 0.75% at the time I opened the account, but it is better than any local offering. I have enjoyed working with this bank over the past ten years and look forward to working with them for years to come.

Bad Tax Mistake On Mortgage

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Bought a new house in Sept 2015, (it was built for me from scratch), got their 15 year ARM. In Jan, got a notice that my escrow account was too low, and that they paid over 7K in county taxes. Taxes should be around $2500. Tax authority sent the money back. After days and hours on the phone, they told me that they outsourced the escrow to CoreLogic, who determined that the tax liability was over 7K. The land was part of a bigger piece before the builder bought it, sliced it up and started building houses, hence the discrepancy. But it took months for them to fix it. They gave me a false 2015 1098, messing up my taxes. I told them to issue me a new one, and they said no, the 2016 will show a refund of 7K (making whatever I pay in 2016 not deductible..) so it effectively screwed up my income taxes for 2 years. I asked for a copy of the recordings of our phone conversations, they said no: those are 'privileged.' Customer service is legalistic and hapless from the bottom up, wasted hours of my time, and just kept blaming CoreLogic, but would not provide me with any means to contact CoreLogic. I also asked to be exempt from escrow, as I only owe about $110K on a 300K house (the original loan was for about 150K. They said no, because I haven’t had the account for a full year, never mind the 800 credit score, less than 50% LTV, and 100K income… I went with these guys b/c they were cheap, and it has cost me more time and stress than it saved me in $.

Convenient Online Bank

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I hadn't had a bank account in so long that I didn't know where to start to look for one. I did a minor search and saw Capital One 360 mentioned more than just a few times. This was perfect for me as I didn't have a reliable means of transportation. I didn't have to gather up information that I already knew off the top of my head. It was easy to sign up on their website and in moments I had a checking and savings account. About a week later I had my debit card, some days after that I got checks. Yes they still exist, and you get the first book for free. I'm able to make deposits online through Paypal or Amazon Payments. I can even deposit check through their app, and it actually works. I would recommend them to anyone who wants fast and convenient service. I'm impressed and happy with the service so far.

Life Saver

At a time when I was low on funds and needed an account without any fees or minimum balances this bank account was ideal! The customer service is excellent, I've never had an issue with getting things taken care of. I do dislike how hard it is to put money into the account, with no branches or ATMs with cash deposit capabilities in my network within 75 miles of my home, it makes this account a little trickier. If you have direct deposit, then you have no problems, but if you deal with a lot of cash and will need to deposit it into your account, I would double check available locations in your area.

Worst Customer Service Ever

I disputed a transaction, they supposedly reviewed and then took my money anyway. When I asked for the documents that were provided to them as proof of my purchase, they would not provide them. I was charged for services not received by a 3rd party and Capital One 360 did nothing about it. Don't bank with them!

Easy To Use

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When I decided to join Capital One 360 I was looking to start my savings account for an Emergency Fund and I knew that online rates were way better than any of the local banks. One of my best friends had recommended them to me as he had been a user for a few years prior. I started banking with them 3 years ago and started with an automatic 360 savings account. It was so easy to set up and took less than 48 hours for me to get started. I have been working on my budget and getting debt free and thought how nice it would be to have a vacation fund so I didn't have to charge my trip. I started 8 months ago, an automatic savings plan each week, to start saving up for my family's trip to Disney this fall. I now have 4 different savings accounts and a 360 Checking account but they are all easily accessible from my same account and login. After I opened my savings account there was a holiday special that when you signed up for a 360 checking account you get a $75 bonus so I took advantage of the offer and like promised we received the bonus. To this day we still use the checking account for our gas money and when we go on vacations we just use this card instead of our local debit card. It is so convenient in case we need to transfer money from another account it is there immediately!!! It is so easy to transfer between accounts and at any time I need to adjust the amount going in or to transfer between accounts it is so quick and takes just a couple steps. I plan to continue to use capital one 360 from now on. I highly recommend this bank to anyone!!!

Capital One 360 Savings

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I originally set up a savings account with an online bank called ING Direct, which was subsequently bought out by Capital One 360. Comparatively, the customer service with Capital One has been far better, particularly because I'm one of those people who tends to lose their pin number or login information. That said, some of the things I really like about this kind of savings account may not be appealing to all consumers. I set up this savings account to limit my access, in the sense that it takes several days for money to transfer out of the account and into my checking account. As someone who has struggled with financial responsibility in the past, the inaccessibility of my money means that I really get to decide if something is an "emergency" or not. Admittedly, this can be kind of annoying if you are trying to meet a quick expense, but good if you have a tendency to dip into savings for things that you could figure out other ways to pay for. I also like the interest rate--0.75%--and I like that you can set up automatic withdrawals every month from your checking account. For example, if you want to start saving $50/month, you can set that up with Capital One 360. You can also cancel that feature any time. Finally, I like the fact that I can quickly set up accounts for different things ("Germany 2017 Fund") and then close them when that need has passed.

Great Service

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My experience with Capital One 360 has been great not only because it has not only because it offers zero fees but also they helped me to dispute a charge to my account that I didn't authorize. They too have great customer service as well. I lost my card in the process of moving, and because my replacement card did not arrive on the last day that they told me it should take, they actually sent a replacement for the replacement card via FedEx and waived the fee for doing such a thing.

Free And Quick Transfers!

I've been banking with Capital One 360 for a couple years now. I originally opened the account purely for a sign up bonus, which they offer year round. However, I have since used the account much more than I originally intended! Capital One 360 allows you to create as many savings accounts tied to your main account as you want; I use this functionality to create separate savings buckets with different goals. It really helps me save when I can see how much money I have saved for each project.

By far the best part about this bank is the fast and free ACH transfers. I have another account at a local bank, but they try to charge me fees to initiate an ACH transfer, along with the hassle of going down to the branch. Capital One 360 lets me do it online in minutes at no cost. There are also no fees involved at all with opening checking and savings accounts.

Capitalone 360 Has Lost Its Way

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CapitalOne 360 bank, which used to be known as ING Direct, is a great internet bank if you are looking for savings and checking accounts. However, ever since Capital One acquired ING Direct, the rates have fallen significantly, such that many other internet banks (like AmericanExpress Bank or Discover Bank) offer much higher interest yields on the savings, CD, and checking accounts. While I am not sure as to the reason, I believe the cause of this is because Capital One has a high operating cost that prevents them from offering the higher rates to consumers, whereas ING Direct used to have very low physical presences.

The benefit of CapitalOne 360 is that they do offer online checking accounts, which many other online banks do not. Thus, there is no need to order checks for paying bills, since CapitalOne 360 will allow you to write and send e-checks to your landlord or anyone you seek to pay. CapitalOne 360 will take your request and mail a check on your behalf, which is much easier than paying for your checks every year. Also, you can access your cash through an ATM network, but it is limited to the STAR network. If you use any ATM not in that network, you will be charged handsomely (and these ATMs are not easy to find since they are not prominently labeled).

Good For Savings And Kid's Savings

Originally had my account with ING, and was one of the accounts taken over by Capital One during the purchase. Checking was good with them. Nothing super great, but not bad either. They would charge strange fees, like $5 for a small book of checks. I will say that customer service was great when I had my paypal account hacked. They were easily able to prevent paypal transactions simply by blocking the vendor and then quickly set up a new account for me, transferred my money.
I like that you can easily set-up multiple savings accounts (for different saving goals etc). Some banks make you jump through hoops to open accounts, but it's very easy with Capital One. It was also very easy to set-up savings accounts for my kids so I have a safe place with a decent interest rate to keep their money.

Great bank for saving

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I have had my Capital One 360 savings account for several years now. I fell in love with the idea of the online bank because it just made sense to me. Because it's an online bank, the bank itself has less overhead which means the cost savings get trickled down to me in the form of better savings interest rates and lower fees. I love my savings account because it has absolutely no fees. I can link all of my outside banking accounts to it for easy transferring of money between my accounts. Every time I've had to call the bank (for example to change my name on the account after getting married), their customer service has been excellent. I would recommend this bank to anyone in a heartbeat.

Great place for online banking

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Capital One 360 is a great choice if you're looking for an online bank. I don't have a car, so it can be a huge hassle for me to go in to a bank branch every time I need to deposit a check or transact some sort of business on my bank account. I love that Capital One lets you do every aspect of banking from your own home. You can deposit checks simply by taking pictures of the front and back of your check and uploading them to the website. It's simple, quick, and painless. And I loved that I didn't actually have to go into a branch to open the accounts, and that I don't have to worry about being required to go to a branch to make changes to my accounts. It can be such a hassle when a bank requires you to handle these things in person when it can so easily be done online. I'd definitely recommend Capital One 360 if you're looking for a convenient online bank.

Very convenient, good website, fair interest rates

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I have had a Capital One 360 checking and savings account (formerly ING Direct accounts) for approximately 8 years. To be honest, I don't use the checking account very much because my spending is almost all on credit cards, but the savings account has been very helpful. They don't pay the best interest in the market, but they always pay a fair rate that is higher than Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, etc. Even more importantly, the website is well-designed and always works, and they don't change it all the time or take it down for maintenance. The ACH transfers work quickly and I never have to call for customer support because everything is online and easy to use. I also appreciate that they don't play games like giving you a nice rate when you sign up and then lowering it. Finally, I have never been charged a fee and I don't have to churn money through to avoid fees or maintain the interest rate. You can find internet banks with higher rates or promises of additional services, but Capital One delivers effective basic banking and doesn't take advantage of customers. I haven't noticed any changes since they took over from ING, and that is good because they have retained a satisfied customer.

best online banking experinence

I have had Capitol One 360 for 3 years for both checking and savings. I love the interest rate on the savings since they are at the top of the market. The interest on the checking and the ease of use is very good experience as well. I love the app available for mobile since it makes it super easy to manage my money on the go. The checking is free so that is more money in my pocket and when there have been fees it is very minimal. I have only ever had to call customer service a couple of times but every time has been a pleasant experience with very helpful people. I highly recommended capitol one 360 checking and savings over a traditional bank.

Capital One 360 - Online Banking Made Easy

I chose Capital One 360 when searching for a non brick and mortar bank 2 years ago. I found that it was an easy to use and understand, offered great rates, and the lack of monthly fees, no minimum balances and no additional requirements to earn interest was exactly what I needed out of an online bank.

Capital One takes over ING direct

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As a very happy customer of ING Direct, I was really dismayed when it was announced that Capital One was taking over. The familiar ORANGE website left first, the passwords were changed and that homey, grassroots feeling was gone. I expected to lose many functions and expected tighter policies - but they didn't come. The interest rate remains competitive, the communication remains clear and the transfers are accurate and timely. Capital One 360 encourages you to save and your former share builder account, the stock purchase program for small investors, can be linked with your Cap One savings and/or checking account. This convenience gives you a snapshot of your financial kingdom on one website and you can make it a part of your morning routine. To accomplish your life dream, reviewing your goals and current financial condition every day is one of the best suggestions given by the success guru, Napoleon Hill. While that warm fuzzy feeling on the website seems gone, the attributes of a better way to bank still remains.

Needed an online bank! Great find for me!

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I recently moved away from my credit union's area of operations, so I needed an online bank I could trust. After speaking with a few people, I was under the impression that CapitalOne360 would be a great start. They were not wrong! I was able to easily open an account linked to my existing bank account with the credit union. Not only was I able to create an account quickly, I was able to borrow from it if the needed arose. When I did borrow from it, a few times, the interest rate was really competitive and I felt like I was not getting taken advantage of. I have had to call their customer support line a few times to reset my passwords and all of the times the agents were really nice and friendly.

CapitalOne360: Highly Recommended

I've banked with several traditional institutions before, and can confidently say that Capital One 360 compares favorably to all of them - and might offer a better experience. Once I overdrew my savings account and wasn't aware of the mistake for a couple of weeks. I contacted the customer service and they were able to remove some of the related fees. The people there are very helpful and the banking works just as well as a traditional provider. I would strongly recommend this service.

A great, easy to use, bank

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I opened a checking account with the Capital One 360 online banking company, and so far it has been very simple and easy to use. So far I haven't once experienced an out of place fee or erroneous charge. Every time I check my account online, the service is up and running, and I can access my account very quickly. It also helps that there are a lot of ATM's nationwide that work with my service, without instituting annoying and hefty convenience fees. Another really cool feature I found was that I could take a picture of checks I want to deposit and upload them using a feature called "checkmate", which is a downloadable app. The only time I have had to use their customer service was when I forgot my password, but the associate that handled my request was friendly and got me my password within minutes. I would definitely recommend this site to others, especially first timers.

Review of Capital One 360

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I have been banking with Capital One 360 internet banking for quite a while now. I've shopped around with the other banks from time to time and have yet to feel compelled enough to move my funds to another bank. Their service has been above average and I haven't had any major issues with them. The interest rates that they offer are usually competitive. They aren't always the highest rates being offered, but rates fluctuate so much that I'm not sure any bank is ever offering the highest at all times. Also, the customer service is great. Any time I've had a reason to contact them they have resolved my problem in a timely fashion and in such a way that it didn't seem like a problem for them. They were always friendly and polite on the phone with me. You know it's good customer service when they act like you're doing them the favor by calling! I would recommend looking into Capital One 360 if shopping around for banks.

Wonderful online bank, great for travel

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I was actually pretty surprised about my experience with Capital One 360, since online banks don't necessarily sound like they would be the most convenient. However, it's pretty great. I can deposit checks online, and if I ever have cash to deposit, I can do so at al all-point ATM sans-fee. Not only that, but they charge very very low foreign transaction fees. Overall, this is an ideal account for travel. The transaction fees, coupled with low to no ATM fees, makes this account affordable. I especially appreciate that although Capital One 360 isn't a big bank like Chase or Wells Fargo, they are fairly prompt and speedy about making funds available and the speed at which money gets transferred between external accounts. Overall, I've had a really solid experience with this bank.

Capital One 360 is the bank for you!

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Capital One 360 is a great bank to use if you are looking for one. They will help you out with any problems that you have. Signing up is very easy and quick. There are no fee or minimums on their checking or savings accounts. I was skeptical at first because a lot of banks say this then have fees hidden away. That's not the case with Capital One 360. They are very helpful and are upfront with you about everything that they offer. I really wish I would have listened to my friends earlier and opened an account with them sooner. You never know what you are missing out on until you give it a try. Who know, you may just be as surprised as I was. If you are looking for a bank that is easy, quick, and hassle free, this is the bank for you.

A Solid Internet Bank

I opened a checking account because of a promotion that offered a bonus for opening the account. Unfortunately, I had some problems online so I had to call in and was met by a very enthusiastic and helpful man who sorted through my problems and allowed me to open the account without trying to up-sell me on other services I wouldn't be interested in. The only downside to this is that I was sent a survey request regarding this contact and it was far more time consuming than I'd have liked.

The bank's online interface was very easy to use. I could easily see my balance and set up transfers as needed. The checking account pays a very minimal interest rate that varies based on the amount of money you have in the account, but it's still better than what most banks provide. And I was happy to see that I received my bonus as expected, when expected without having to call or message the bank. Very happy with the service thus far. And the checking is free!

I don't usually use the debit card provided with the account but I used it once at the store without any problems whatsoever. I also only initiate online transfers (no checks, etc.) so I can't speak to that aspect of the bank.

Horrible Experience. The Stole My Money. Please Avoid At All Cost

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I opened a capital one 360 checking account online and after their security verification they told me the account is open now and I even received the debit card. Then I deposited a check in the account and the check cleared. After a few days, they contacted me saying that they couldn't verify my identity and they have closed the account. I was unable to get my money out of the account and I called them several times, they always tell me that I need to stop the check ( Do you believe that! Don't they know that cleared check cannot be stopped! Did they ever worked in a bank! ). It seems that they don't know what they are doing. I even filed a claim to Better Business Bureau but they ignored it. I think my only option is to go to court and file a small claim to get my money back. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this bank a all cost.

On point 360 degrees in every direction

I first joined Capital One 360 with a checking account because they had just bought out ING Direct. I was one of the accounts they acquired through the transaction and I had been very happy with ING, so I was very worried about this new bank that had taken over. I was completely convinced they would eventually start charging me fees for my checking account and I even tried to open a new checking account with another bank (wish I hadn't bothered now).

It turns out CapOne started out like ING, then, as the years passed, continued to be like ING! I'm still very pleased with this bank that has exceeded my expectations and not once charged me for my checking account. I did have to purchase checks, but only for $5 and I still have the checkbook because I rarely write checks anymore. I get a very low interest rate with the account and that's okay because the balance is usually low. I don't expect to make money from a checking account, anyway, and there isn't a lot of better rates out there.

I'm just happy the checking is free and there are some locations in my area where I can withdraw cash if I need to at no expense. This bank has some of the nicest people--American people--to call if you need any assistance. (Surely, I'm not the only one annoyed at foreign operators with such heavy accents that you can't understand them and are taking our jobs away in the U.S.A.!) I've only had to call once due to needing to obtain my PIN number for my debit card and my customer service rep. couldn't have been nicer. This is a fabulous bank!

Capital One 360? It's ok

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I've had my CapitalOne 360 account for over a year now, and it's an ok online bank. My biggest gripe about them is it was right at impossible to get someone the line to get my password reset, because their online tool for resetting the password wasn't working. After that everything was pretty good until they introduced the mobile deposit on their mobile app. I needed to deposit a check and it was supposed to be available the next day, so that wasn't a big issue. But immediately after depositing it, they put a 10 day hold on it, that was a great inconvenience because I needed the money the next day. Of course I know they do it for security reasons, but I had a pressing financial financial need and of course the check cleared. I wish they would be more direct about their mobile deposit process. Other than that it's been an "ok" experience.

Best Savings Bank

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A while ago, I wanted to find an online institution that would help me save. Saving was a huge problem of mine that I just couldn't do. I came across Capital One 360 and decided I would give it a try. The first thing that made me realize they were a good institution is I didn't need a bunch of money just to open up an account with them. That was a huge plus. I highly enjoyed that there was an option for them to automatically take out any amount I set up from my bank account. If I couldn't make the savings deposit, no problem! I was able to go in to their website and change the date or just have them skip a withdrawal! Their website is so easy to navigate. I absolutely loved dealing with them. I never needed to get a hold of customer service because any question I had I could easily find the answer to on their website.

The only down fall was if I needed to transfer the money back to bank account, I had to wait 3 business days for the funds to be transferred. But hey, that's why it's a savings account. They don't want to make it too easy for you to be able to pull money out of it!

All in all, my experience was a good one with Capital One 360.

Capital One 360 is WONDERFUL

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I have been a customer of Capital One 360 bank for several years (since it was ING). Their customer service is absolutely outstanding. I had a situation just yesterday where I needed to get in touch with them, but it was a Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised that their hours are 7 days a week from 8am-8pm. They answered on the first ring!! My issue was that I needed to get my direct deposit and some other draft items switched over from another bank's checking account. They were able to answer all of my questions and made me feel very happy that they are my bank. I use Capital One 360 for both checking and savings. Their savings account rate is VERY competitive, with no minimum balance. I believe there is no need to lock your money away in a CD when you can earn a rate that is almost that high and have access to your money at any time. I would definitely recommend this bank.

I love Capital One 360

I love Capital One 360 online bank as much as anyone can love a financial institution. I have been a customer of theirs for well over 10 years, beginning when they were ING Direct. I started with one savings account and that has grown into multiple accounts for specific savings goals that I currently have. To start with, their interest rate on regular savings is 5 times higher than the rate my local credit union pays. Deposits and withdrawals are simple online transactions that work directly with your local brick and mortar banks. I have mine set up to transfer money between 4 Capital One accounts and two checking accounts at different intuitions. This makes moving money for my rental house easy and allows me to earn a higher rate on money that is idle. The only downside to Capital One is that deposits take about two days to post. That is usually not as issue for me. The other drawback is that there is a five day deposit hold on all savings account deposits. Again, this is not as issue for me. For anyone needing quick access to their funds can open a checking account with them and have immediate access based on Federal Reserve policy. Again, I love them and will keep using them.

Capital One 360 Checking Account.

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I have had a Capital One 360 checking account for about three years. I love it and it has great features. I can use my ATM card at locations around the world without a fee. The website is very easy to use to transfer money, upload a check, or check your balance. I had to contact customer service to have a new ATM card sent to me and I received a quick response and my new card was sent without a cost to me. The only downsides to the bank are you can not deposit a check over $5000 online or deposit foreign checks. You can however deposit a check greater than $5000 at a Capital One ATM machine that accepts checks. Other than these small inconveniences the checking account is perfect.

Great online banking choice!!

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This bank is a great option for banking, if you don't need an actual branch to go to. I had great experiences with their customer service representatives. There were times I had complex questions and they were always answered correctly and pretty quickly. I've had very bad experiences with not getting the right answers from other banks that I would routinely call 3 or 4 times and ask the same question to see if I'd get the same answer twice. I don't feel the need to do that with Capital One 360! The best feature of their accounts is the Mobile check deposits. Being able to snap a picture of my check to deposit and submit it is truly awesome and such a time saver. One thing that was frustrating to me was how long it took to get my debit card. It seemed to take 3 weeks. The other thing was the hold time on deposits. It was typically 5 days. The first time it happened it made me upset. But now that I know I plan accordingly, and this is just a second account for me so fund availability isn't always urgent.

Too Much Red Tape

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Where other banks will take a fax, they don't. When they finally get the money for a CD IRA that was transferred they have to hold it for 5 days.??? By the time all this is done, the rates may change and your back looking for the best rate. If they would lock the rate for you before the hold period it might not seem as bad. One ira maintenance fees and no transfer fees.

Be Alert And Careful

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1) CPO 360 tried to charge me $5 for the checks, even though very first check book is supposed to be free when you open an account, if I didn't know better I would have been charged.
2) Delay showing my direct deposit by 2 days, if there's a holiday by 3 days later than my previous and current banks did. It has never showed once, even after 3 days, I called and was told that they did not have any record of it, I yelled at the top of my lung, well, It appeared miraculously.
3) CPO 360 doesn't pay interest for CD at the end of month like any other banks do, they pay one month after the opening of CD. Even though, this is very unusual practice, they never mentioned it anywhere. CPO 360 is a division not a bank.
4) They manipulate my website to their advantage, they block me to enter certain information. They deleted the check information my husband entered.
5) CPO 360 sends bills at the end of day recently, not beginning of the day like any other banks do.

Just be careful and alert. CPO 360 is not a bank, it is a division of Capital One NA. Bank should be honest and transparent. I had the urge to write this, so that someone can benefit from my experience like many times I benefited from others' writing.

Capital One 360 - Automatic Savings and Higher Yield

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Capital One 360 was a choice that had been recommended to me since the days it was formerly known as ING Direct Orange Savings account during my time in college. Worried about support options, and ability to have money be more easily liquid, I wasn't too convinced of using a savings account from an online-only bank. Still, considering many of us mostly do our banking online and rarely if ever interact with a bank teller, I became open to the idea and opened an account at Capital One 360. My main motivation was the interest rate of 0.75%, which today is a rarity among mainstream savings accounts, and which Capital One 360 is able to do due to its virtual versus brick and mortar presence.

The sign-up and approval process was very easy, no more difficult than opening any other bank account. As a psychotherapist, I know that maintaining good savings habits is as much psychology as it is having the resources, so I appreciate Capital One's ability to link my Bank of America savings account to make monthly automatic deposits on a set schedule of one's choosing (bi-weekly, monthly, etc.). When you have the ability to set it and leave it running in the background, it makes it much easier to develop a savings habit toward your goals. I particularly appreciated the ability to have "sub-accounts" for different goals. As an independent contractor, its helpful to set aside money for taxes.

I haven't had much experience with its customer services, but can't say I have run into glitches using it in the past two years. Like most modern banking, Capital One 360 includes a mobile app which allows for depositing checks by taking a snapshot and monitoring your account. Overall, I am pleased with Capital One 360.

Beware! Don't Invest In This Bank's CD's!

I recently took out a large Certificate of Deposit with this institution. After I had already taken out the CD, I found out that they would not let me assign a beneficiary to the CD account!!! The only options they offer are to go to the time and expense of setting up a Trust to put the account in, or I had to add the person to the account as a joint owner. Neither of these options are feasible for me. I should have checked into this before taking out the CD, but I have NEVER been told by ANY online or brick and mortar bank that I could not assign a beneficiary to a CD, so I didn't think it would be an issue. When I contacted upper management about this, they said that they would not consider changing this policy. They weren't even apologetic about it. Beware, CAPITAL ONE 360 IS NOT THE SAME INSTITUTION AS CAPITAL ONE. They each have their own separate policies regarding banking. My husband has a CD with Capital One, and they assigned a beneficiary to his account with no problem whatsoever. If you care about beneficiaries, do not take out a CD with Capital One 360!!!

Good, but not as vibrant as ING Direct

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Overall, I think Capital One 360 is really good and I have no real complaints. They acquired me as a customer when they purchased ING Direct. They changed colors and eventually simplified the log-in process. The basics are the same - easy transfers of money and better than average savings rates. I miss the personal touch of ING Direct and, possibly, better savings rates. With ING Direct, there were occasional fun and informative communications, offers and the savings rates changed. It was a unique experience and I thought they really valued me as a customer. Capital One is more formal, seems less personal and my rate hasn't changed. I would get a better rate if I switched to Discover, but I haven't. I'm used to the transfer process and haven't made the leap. Still, Capital One 360 rates are much better than typical bank rates!!

Everything you need for a startup account

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I chose this exclusively online bank because I needed a place to start my financial savings with my upcoming job. Opening an account is easy enough, it requires very little hand holding and no phone calls or wait times. This bank initially piqued my interest because it requires no initial deposit and no hidden annual fees of any kind. You even earn a set amount of interest, the more you have available, the more you earn. They also do not charge for simple protections and security protocols, such as for fraud or identity theft. You also get a free start up check book of 25 and it is sent in the mail in no time. So far my experience has been great, the customer service is their to help if you have any problems or questions, as I had a couple queries and had to wait for only about 2 minutes before receiving a real talking representative. I would highly recommend this bank to anyone who doesn't want to pay for a monthly upkeep fee for a great service.

The Overdraft Feature Is Cool

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Ive been with them since it was ING Direct and while their rates went down and I hate Cap One with a passion over a fraudulent late charge on a credit card 20 years ago, twice in the last year I accidentally over-drafted my account.

I have a $1000 overdraft. But the cool thing is both times I accidentally overdrew my account, I got an email telling me and both times I transferred money in from another bank and neither time was I charged ANY interest despite the 2-4 days it takes for the transfer.

I dont think they advertise that feature. And the amount they do charge for overdrafts is very reasonable but from my experience, as long as you transfer money in the same day of the overdraft, you wont pay ANY interest.

Their rates are not really competitive anymore so I dont keep much money with them. But for anyone that occasionally overdrafts, this account is hard to beat.

(I almost never overdraft but twice this year when dealing with paypal I messed up & had them take it from my capital one checking when I didnt have enough money there)

Not sure everyone will get a $1000 limit. I used to have 6 figures on deposit with them when their rates were good. I recall 6.25% savings rate.

Great All Around

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Originally, I was hesitant to work with an online bank. I always had the idea that a bank was a place where you go to see some stuffy suits, but I got tired of the terrible customer service of the traditional banks, so I decided to go the online route. After searching around, it appeared to me that Capital One had the best online banking terms around. Interest Rates are high, fees are low, as a matter of fact...I don't pay any fees for my savings accounts, transfers are quick, and the customer service is great. The nice part is that they give you a lot of online tools to help make your saving goals a success, and they make it very easy to manage all of your finances from one spot. I'll never search for another bank again, I'm a customer for life!

A solid banking experience

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I joined Capital One 360 a few years ago when they offered some money back if you opened a checking account. I was pretty wary of doing business with an online-only bank, but I thought I'd try it. Flash forward three years, and almost all of my accounts are with Capital One 360. Their online interface is very easy to use. I can easily transfer money and see my added interest. When I've had questions about my account, I have called customer service and gotten quick and easy answers. I have never had a problem with bank errors or secret fees like I have had at other banks.

There are only two downsides to Capital One 360 that I have had. First, it takes 5 days to transfer money outside of the Capital One 360. That is a really long time, especially if you need to access that money quickly. We are trying to buy a house right now, and we've been saving our downpayment on Capital One. Since we can't access it quickly, we had to transfer it out of the bank. Second, they do not offer checks. While I like their debit card, I need to have checks on hand to pay rent and some other expenses. Because of these two reasons, I don't do all of my banking with Capital One 360.

Savings account review

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I have had only positive experience with this online bank. The site is easy to navigate and provides a number of security measures. I can easily transfer money to and from the account and gain interest. I have been able to save a lot of money so far.

Capitol One 360 excels above all other online banks

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I have been using Capitol One 360 for seven years now and I have never experience one problem with any transactions. Their security level is above many other banking sites. The few times I had an issue (due to my own fault with my account) I called their service number and was immediately directed to someone who could help me. Capitol One 360 emails you with updates and offers. Their interest rates are much higher than my local banks and they have many features on their website to help you track saving goals. They also offer car and housing loans with rates that are competitive if not lower than other banks and retirement options with financial advisers to ensure you’re investing your money soundly.

Great internet bank

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I started using CapitalOne 360 when it was originally ING Direct. I first started using it due to the high interest rate and bonuses received for getting others to join. I continued using it because the site is quick and easy to use. I have never had any trouble transferring money in or out of the account. The auto withdrawal works great, I set up an amount to automatically be taken from my checking to be put into my CapitalOne 360 account, it worked great I never had any issues and took less than 5 min to set up, cancel, or change. While the interest rate has decrease from 2003 when I first started with them they are still competitive in the market with the interest rate they have. Recently they have merged all the accounts through all of their various business ventures so that you can see both your savings, credit cards, or share builder all at the same time. I have spoken to customer service and never had a problem. I would suggest them to anyone looking for an online savings account.

Capital One 360 is a nice on-line bank

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Capital One 360 is a nice on-line bank. They have a no fee checking account that only requires a small credit check to qualify as a member of the bank. I am an on-line guru and I spend a good period of my life on the web looking for banks and I wasn't able to find anywhere that had a good fee free checking account like Capital One 360. I have had emails from Capital One 360 on a few occasions and on every occasion they are really helpful and fix the bulk of each issue I have had. Capital One 360 makes things so easy for you when using your account. You can login on their web page and view your balance, which is nice and helpful.

Basic Banking w/o Fees

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When my brick-and-mortar bank started charging a hefty monthly fee that was hard to avoid in my financial situation, I went looking for an online bank with no fees. I signed up for an Orange checking account at this institution when it was ING Bank. When Capitol One bought ING, I was a little worried that there would be a degradation in service, but there has definitely been no change in my accounts and the way it works.

I have a checking and savings account and use both with ease to transfer money between all of my other online monetary accounts, be it to make a purchase, pay a bill or just put some money aside for emergencies. The user interface is relatively intuitive. I use Mint to track my finances, and Capital One 360 integrates seamlessly--unlike my brick-and-mortar bank, which tries hard but just can't figure it out.

Both accounts pay interest monthly. And, best of all, no fees.

Love Capital One

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What I really like about this on line bank is the fact that I can manage all my accounts on one page. When I log on to the account page I am able to view not only my checking account but also my Capital One Credit cards. It's a real help to me because sometimes I loose track of my monthly card balances. Capital One 360 checking paid off when my wife clicked on the "adds friend" offer, from her account and added me as a friend. Once I signed up through their email we both got a pretty decent bonus. Also I really do like my experience with their customer service department. I got locked out of my password and had to call in to reset it. They walked me through the process and were very patient with me. So I like their free checking and it is making my banking more pleasant. Easy to navigate web site. Sounds funny but I really like their red and white exclusive colors they use on the site. Great Bank all in all.

Great online banking experience

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I've been with Capitol One 360 since the beginning (and even before, when the bank used to be ING Direct), and all in all, I've been really satisfied with it. I have a joint checking account with my husband as well as multiple savings accounts. I really like being able to open new savings accounts when needed -- we use them to budget for bigger expenses. I also like the ease with which I can send payments to others and transfer money between accounts. I haven't had many issues, and when I do, the customer service is polite and knowledgeable. The app is quite useful, as well. One thing I like about the switch to Capitol One is that now I have a place to make deposits if I need to, as well as more ATMs to choose from.

Easy to use site with ability to categorize your funds for future goals

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I have been using CapitalOne360 (ING Direct) for over 10 years. Prior to the market crashing, it had some of the highest interest rates around. However, it no longer does. The interest rates are in line with every other bank.
Even though interest rates are low, CapitalOne360 is still a great place to keep your money. Here's why I like it:
1. I easily connected a bank account to download funds and can send funds up to 360 at anytime. Now they are out of my bank account and away from being spent as easily since it takes 2 or so days to get to the banks, then there is a few day hold, and then another few days to withdraw it into your bank. Now my funds are safe from me buying something without thinking
2. When you do need to withdraw funds you have them in about 2 days.
3. My favorite feature is that I can create sub accounts within that account with different nicknames. For example, I have a vacation account, a retirement one, and a new bathroom one. I can move funds or deposit funds into any of these accounts. It helps me keep track and keep focused on goals. Plus, I can change teenagers or delete accounts at anytime as my goals change.
4. The last one is auto deposits. I have it set up where 360 takes out a certain amount from my bank account at specified days. This way I don't have to remember to put away the funds into savings, it does it for me
There is virtually nothing I don't like about Capitalone360 except that I miss their amazingly high interest rates. However, at least they are in line with regular banking institutes and not lower.

Better Banking 360

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Capital One 360 checking account is a breath of fresh air when it comes to banking. I am a person easily frustrated with many of the banking institutions and all of their fees for whatever they can think to charge for. I enjoy the kind people that are always willing to help when I call the customer service line. Anytime I lock because of using the wrong pin my card, which has happened one to many times cause I have too many numbers on the bran, it is always such a quick and simple process over the phone to get it unlocked or when I have questions about how to change my pin number they are always super helpful and nice. The fee free checking with them is also nice. Unlike many banks who charge super high over draft fees or even monthly fees for having an account 360 checking does not. A really cool feature that I have not found any where else is the over draft credit line. You can apply for a credit line that is specifically attached to your account to help if you do not have enough to cover a purchase. Just last week I went over by $3 at the store and since I have $25 overdraft credit line my purchase still went threw. I love the features of online check deposit also which saves me a trip to the bank. With many good things they also have their down side. Luckily this band does not have many but one I have found is that sometimes I just need to cash my check and not just deposit it and I cant do that with an online bank. Beyond that I have not found many down sides to banking online and I really love Capital One 360. I feel like its finally a bank that cares about me as a customer and not fattening their pockets with fees and inconveniences of other banks.

Capital One 360 Rocks

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I just recently opened up several savings accounts with Capital One 360. The experience was very easy and took no time at all. The application process was quick and to the point. I was able to immediately link my current checking account to the 360 account to make my initial deposit. This did require a verification process where they first deposited small amounts into your account to verify the identity of the accounts. However, it took no time at all. I am trying to save so I like the idea of having a "hold" period on the funds before they will be released. Overall, I must say that I am completely satisfied with their service this far.

Great choice for an online bank.

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Capital One 360 is a great bank. I've been using it for years and they have a great online set up and mobile app. Their online setup is great and easy to understand. You can also use their mobile app to deposit checks with out having going to an ATM or step inside a bank. I haven't been inside a bank in years and do all of my banking online though Capitol One 360. This is a major convince as I don't want to worry about what time a bank is open or having to take off work to take care of my banking needs. Capital One 360 also has very few and low fees which means you keep more of your money. Having no minimum/set up fees make Capital One 360 a great choice for an online bank.

The ease and convenience of banking with Capital One 360.

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I have been banking with Capitol One 360 for four years and highly recommend them for online banking. I find the ease of use and the convenience of banking at any hour of the day or evening at my liking a big plus. The opening of the savings account was very easy and the terms explained in plain English easy to understand. The steps to link up the savings account to an existing checking account was simple. I really like the way multiple bank accounts can be linked up to the Capitol One 360 savings account to be very handy. I can easily transfer money to and from the savings account by clicking a couple of buttons. The interest rate paid on the savings account far exceeds that currently offered in any retail bank in my area. I also like the ability to operate an online brokerage account through Capitol One 360 and like the savings account directly with the brokerage account. The fees associated with the brokerage account are very reasonable. The multiple cash back offers to open various accounts in an added incentive to bank with this trust worthy online bank. I highly recommend Capitol One 360 and look forward to continuing my banking relationship for years to come.

Capital One 360 - Beyond the Orange

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I have been a Capital One 360 member since well before it was officially known as such, but they haven't skipped a beat since being acquired by Capital One (Formerly ING Direct). They offer a variety of accounts, but I utilize both their Checking and Savings account services. Fees are thankfully quite low, and their overdraft policies are quite reasonable. The lack of physical branches is hardly noticeable thanks to being able to do just about all of your banking from your phone or PC. In the rare instances that I get paid with a check, it is wonderfully easy to snap a picture and have it deposited with their mobile app. Interest rates are low at just about any financial institution right now, but Capital One 360 provides a competitive interest rate for your emergency funds as well. I couldn't be happier with Capital One 360, and I'll likely continue to use them in the years to come.

Capital One 360 - A m

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I have been a customer of Capital One 360 since Capital One purchased the account from ING direct. Overall, I remain satisfied with the online savings account but it is not perfect. The account has minimal fees and pays decent interest rates even though the rates are not the best available.

Excellent on-line banking

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When I started using this on-line banking, the company was called INGDirect. It was my first and only experience with strictly on-line banking and since CapitalOne took over, it has gotten even better. I have a checking account that I very rarely They are very interested in helping you save your money! I can access the account anytime I want from my laptop, IPad or IPhone. I can connect external bank accounts to my checking account so that I can transfer money. If I have a question or problem, their customer service is excellent and available 24/7. Their website is very easy to learn and use.

Like the mobile app

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We had capital one 360 checking and savings bank as our previous bank was purchased by them a few years ago. We were highly skeptical as we weren't sure of what our experience would be afterwards. They were very proactive in keeping us informed of what to expect and they did deliver on just that. the rates pretty much remained the same. We did gain a really cool mobile app that was so much better than our previous banks. It was pretty easy to use and had so many options. I found myself using that app more than I would go online to check my balance and do other necessary.

I did not seem to mind about the bank takeover. I still was a little concerned as it did not have a particular branch that we could go to, but we found that the customer service was still up to par. I did feel that the few that I worked with were confident in the skills and abilities to get me an answer quickly.

We also had a problem with a charge that we weren't sure we authorized on our account. I called up and they were able to get us more detail than our statement gave us.. All and all we would continue to work with this Capital One again

Liked it better when it was ING Direct

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Capitol One 360 bought ING Direct about 3 years ago and successfully merged ING Direct into the Capitol One family. Since ING was very successful Capitol One kept many of the same key features that made ING so great. They kept the no fees/no minimums and they keep a higher than average interest rate which is why I stayed with them. Some of the things that I dislike is the fact that their customer service is not as friendly as it used to be. I can not point my finger on an exact incident; however they just don't seem as friendly. The mobile application works well however Capitol One made some security improvements (I guess) which while improved security (I guess) also made it harder for log on. My wife and I use a unique sign in name and have signed up with many sites with the same name (gmail, yahoo, aol, etc..). What are the chances that on our Capitol One 360 accounts both user names we use for everything were already taken within 2 days of changing the way we logged in from a number to a user name? It makes it harder to log on and we commonly forget our user names and have to call often to reset our passwords. Other than these minor complaints I would still recommend Capitol One 360.

I Love My 360 Account

I have had a checking account with Capital One 360 for over 2 years now. The application process was so simple when I opened an account with them no minimum deposit. And I received a $50 bonus just for opening the account! Even with some credit problems in the past, and being turned down by other institutions, Capital One 360 allowed me to open a checking account. Customer service has always went above and beyond my expectations of helping me with any problem I have ever had. I have never had to pay any fees to open or maintain this checking account. I would recommend this institution to anyone, even if you have been turned down by other banks. It is amazing! I love my Capital One 360 account!

Happy to use CapitalOne360 as my Online Bank

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I have been a fan of online banking for several years. Originally, I had an account with IngDirect. They have had a long standing policy of not charging fees. This has carried over since they were bought out by Capital One about 2 years ago. I have a checking account with them, and get my social security check deposited directly there at the beginning of every month. I love it, because I can see the check within a few minutes of the electronic transfer taking place online.

I love that they have overdraft protection and that there are no fees associated with it. If you overdraft, they will give you credit to cover the amount. When money is deposited to get back to a positive balance they charge you only a small amount of interest for the days you were over. This usually amounts to only a few cents.

Recently, I got a call from them saying that there was some unusual activity going on with my account. I went online and saw that someone from the Netherlands had made some charges to my account. I called CapitalOne, and they agreed that someone had somehow gotten my credit card information from a transaction I made that may not have been secure. They immediately cancelled my card, and issued me a new card. I was able to dispute the charges online, and all of the money was credited back to my account. This all took place in the space of about 4 days including time to receive my new card. I could not have been more pleased.

I would highly recommend this bank to anyone. Being able to do everything online saves me time and money.

Best Middle of the Road

Overall, I have no problem with Capital One's online website. I can do most things I go in to do (mostly check balances and maybe transfer from checking to savings). I sometimes only have a problem with the integration of all of their products. The layout of the website and mobile app are very different, and since I am mostly on the mobile app, it can be confusing when I get on a computer. Individually, they are both fantastic, but I do not understand why they are not more comprehensive in their use. Customer Service is alright, but they will usually direct you to online to try and fix a problem.

Great Overall Bank/Experience

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I opened an account many years ago with Capital One 360 (when it was an ING Direct account). The savings rate interest was much better then, however, it is still competitive in today's economy. The interface is easy to use and offers some nice perks, like the ability to mail paper checks for free. They even pay the postage. My main complaint with Capital One 360 is the interest rate, as compared to other online banks like Barclay's which offers 1% and Capital One 360 is still at .75%. One of the best features of Capital One 360 is the ability to create savings accounts within your savings account. This is helpful if you have small savings goals like going on a vacation or purchasing a new vehicle. Overall, I am very satisfied with Capital One 360 and would recommend it.

Perfectly fine online banking

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I originally had an ING Direct account so naturally I was a little concerned when it turned into a Capitol One 360 account. But I am happy to say that it has been a smooth turnover and I have had absolutely no problems. It is easy to manage and the interest rate if fairly competitive. Customer service took care of me quickly and politely.

Just what I was looking for

I was looking for a bank account to transfer funds from my freelance work earnings and use a debit card. After some research online I came across capital one 360 and a few others. I wound up applying for capital one 360 and am very satisfied with their electronic transferring features. I have used the smart phone app to deposit checks into my account, the deposit method is very fluid and easy to use. I have the account linked up to my amazon payments and paypal accounts and money transfers always happen within a day or two, very fast and haven't had a problem with it. I would say the best part of the account is the interest rate I get on the checking account, it's something that really only online checking accounts do and it is one the biggest pros. I would recommend to anybody who is looking for an online checking account for money transfers.

One of the Greatest Banks!

I have been a customer of 'Capital one 360' back when it was 'ING'. My experience has been mostly all positive. When I opened my account they had one of the highest interest rate for the common bank it's not so great. I've had to contact them a few times by phone maybe about 10 times in the 9 years that I have been a customer. My on the phone customer service experience has usually be excellent, except one time I did get someone that was pretty rude. I really enjoy the fact that they are up to date with technology and have some features that have been truly helpful to me lately. One in particular is the ability to take a picture of a check and have it deposited into your account. Now it does take quite a while for that type of deposit to post to your account but that feature really saved me when I was out of the country and needed to deposit a check in the bank. There is no minimum balance for my type of account and this really reduces stress for me since many times my balance is low but others times it can be high. Another great feature is that they do not charge ATM withdrawal fees and that's even if you are in another country. I would sincerely recommend this bank to anyone looking for a saving and even checking account.

Been with them since ING Direct days

When I heard that Capital One was taking ING over, I was a little worried. But there was no reason to, because virtually everything stayed the same. The interface is the same and pretty easy to navigate. They need more ATMS, because there are none around me where I live. I like this bank. The ability to scan a check and deposit it is good, but their mobile interface could use some slight tweaking. Sometimes I will get to the end and it will tell me that I have to do the whole process over. I wish their interest rate was a little higher. I have never had to call them with any issues, so I can't tell you how good their customer service is. The only way I would switch banks is if I was lured with a higher APY and lots of cash.


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I've been using Capital One's 360 banking service for quite some time now. I have had no problems with this bank and it's great for students considering there's no fees and no minimum balance required. The nice thing about their website is that it's very intuitive and easy to navigate. Since it's an online service it's really easy to use and you don't have to drive to a bank. You can deposit your checks via direct deposit and it's a seamless process. I use an app on my phone to access my balance which is nice, I can easily see if I have enough money for something simply by going on my phone. If I need cash I can just find an ATM using their ATM locator on the website and get cash that way. I have had no problems with this bank so far and I can feel confident in saying I recommend them.

A bit too secure at times

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I went with 360 because of the name and the reputation. Their online banking is great, their apps are great. Can do all my banking easily from my phone. My last bank had an online banking platform that was horrible. My one issue is that the account gets frozen from time to time for "unusual activity" if I'm traveling, but they are quick to reinstate it when I call back. When I went to Italy I called ahead and had no problems.

Recommend it but there are pros and cons

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I have both a checking and a savings account with capital one's online bank, capital one 360. I don't get charged any fees for the basic accounts I have which is nice, and the option they have for direct deposit lets me get all of my earnings from my freelance work I do on various websites, which is very convenient. The access to accounts and account options that are available online are fantastic, and in my opinion, better (and more) options than I get from my regular non-online bank. The checking account is also great to have if you need to transfer money between two capital one accounts of any kind and the fact I have a debit card to access these funds makes life easier. The one complaint I have (which is a pretty big one) is that if I have cash I want to deposit, I can't just go to an ATM (or even a capital one branch for that matter). The ONLY options to add money to this online account are to get direct deposit or to upload a picture of a check and wait about 3-5 day's to access the money from the check. Though it's nice that both of those options exist, I really wish I could make a cash deposit somehow. That right there is why my review is 3 stars. If I could make a cash deposit, not only would I make this my only way of banking but I would also give it a 5 star review.

I am really happy with my bank

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I have been using Capital One 360 for years now. I have a checking and savings account with them. At first they were just an add on bank, that I used for my online transactions and supplemented my brick and mortar other bank. I had it set up to pull a small amount from my other bank each month to "pay myself first" that went directly into my savings account. This helped me build up a nice little savings account much quicker than I would have without it. It was so easy and user friendly to do. I am somewhat computer savy, so I thought it was a breeze. The checking account I seldom use for actually writing checks these days, but I do use it for my handy debit card almost daily. I love being able to jump online and transfer money between my checking and savings account INSTANTLY. This is a function none of my brick and mortar banks could match. I have since made this my main bank. The website is clearly laid out and great to get in and out of quickly to do my bank business without much fuss or muss. I have access on my smart phone as well, but I admit I do 99 percent of my bank transactions on my laptop. I have never stepped foot in this bank and have not missed it in the least bit. I feel that the only thing that would make this bank better is if it offered more global services, but as a domestic bank it ranks pretty close to top in my book. It does not hurt that my old brick and mortar banks were gouging me senseless with fees and this one has none. I really like my bank.

Great Online Savings Account!

I have used Capital One 360 as an online savings account for several years now. This account is so convenient and easy to use, but it also helps me save more money. The account connects directly to my regular checking and savings account for seamless and smooth transfers between them. I like the idea of having a savings account that is online because it is harder to access my money. When I request a transfer to my checking account, it takes several business days to show up and become available. This gives me time to really determine if I need to purchase the item I am transferring the money for! I could not recommend more this account to someone who struggles to keep their money in savings! It has done wonders for me and I’m certain it could for anyone else, too.

Sweet Sign Up Bonuses

To be honest, you should wait until Capitol One 360 runs another one of its sign-up bonus promotions to enroll. I got fifty dollars for opening a checking account and two hundred for opening a savings account. They usually run these deals around the 4th of July and possibly other major holidays. I also enjoy a higher interest rate in my savings account than the median, even though it's still a paltry 0.7% or something. It's not my primary bank, which is still a physical bank. But in this era of internet, mobile apps, and convenience I hardly go to the physical bank anyway, which is the only difference between Capitol One 360 and traditional banks. It has and app with mobile check deposit, checking your balance, etc.

Love Capitol One 360 Checking!

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I love using Capitol One 360 for my checking account! I have been with them for checking since it was ING Direct and have always been pleased. They offer a reasonable interest rate for their overdraft protection, which has come in handy more than once! I don't pay a monthly fee for my checking account and have never had any issues when writing a check or using my debit card for purchases. I will admit they are a bit limited in ATM locations (the nearest one to my home in a major city is probably five miles away) but I have learned to plan ahead when I will need to have cash on hand. Taking pictures of my checks for depositing is super convenient! There is a two day hold on deposited checks, but I think this is the norm for any financial institution. In the beginning I had reservations about banking with an online institution but have been nothing but happy with all aspects of my banking, much more so than when I banked at a local credit union. I am very satisfied with my experience with Capitol One 360 checking and highly recommend them to others!

C 1 360

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Not only does Capital One 360 offer interest for their checking accounts (you get to earn money for using your account!), but they have NO account minimums after the initial deposit and offer sweet overdraft protection. That alone is better than most traditional brick and mortar banks. Not only that, but since they are the best bank ever, if you refer friends to sign up as well you can earn some extra cash. To take it even a little further, whenever I have had to call them (only to check on my account when I wasn't around internet connection, not for any big problems) I was immediately connected to a real live human being that I could understand clearly and who was incredibly friendly and helpful. That just about did me in, and I submitted to only having this internet banking account for now on.

Oh yeah, you're also able to make free transfers to other bank accounts instead of writing out a check! Super convenient to send family and friends money if I need to. AND! their app actually works! I used to be signed up with a local bank... and a different online banking company and their apps never loaded. Capital One 360's does! I can do everything from the app if I want!

With direct deposit and the ability to upload checks with pictures from my tablet, I have almost everything I need. The only thing I have not figured out is if I get cash as a gift, I cannot deposit it... Still working on figuring out if I can snap photos of money orders or cashier checks in order to upload them... Either way, I am 200% pleased with this bank and would recommend them to everyone! Sounds too good to be true? Find out for yourself!

review of CapOne 360

I've been with CapitolOne 360 since it was Orange (then INg , and so on), several years, anyway. I've never had a reason to leave. I've got a checking, a savings and an IRA with them (though that's now part of ShareBuilder). If I could change anything, I'd have had them skip all these mergers and such, but as far as my day-to-day experiences - I think it's great!
I've moved around a lot in the last 10 years - 4 different states altogether. My online accounts have been a godsend because I've not had to worry about opening and closing accounts and hoping that there wouldn't be accidental overdrafts. I do keep one local account just in case I need to access cash in a hurry, run into a merchant or vendor who is uncomfortable taking an 'out of town check' , or as an alternative to my 360 debit card. What can I say, I like a backup plan. (I've noticed fewer and fewer merchants balking at the idea of an online bank without a brick and mortar address by the way.)

Transfers between accounts including my ShareBuilder accounts and my local brick and mortar bank are super easy and usually only take a day or so. At first, this was a little painful to get used to - moving money around doesn't happen instantly. But it's still easier than remembering to go to the bank before it closes!
The online payment center is one of the best I've used - and in the last decade, I've used several. It's actually one of the main reasons I made CapOne360 my main bank. There always seemed to be some payment lost or processed at the wrong time with other institutions I used. Like I said, I moved around a lot in the last several years, and in a couple of cases my local bank or credit union had no branches in the new city, so I'd have to switch anyway.
I like the bill reminders and especially getting my statements right in the Bill Pay Center when they are available.
I highly recommend this bank to anyone thinking of getting an online deposit account.

Capital One 360 gives you full visibility!

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I have had a Capital One 360 Checking account for over year now and I have been pleased. I have had a credit card with Capital One for over three years and decided to consider a checking account when fraudulent information had been discovered on my previous account and my bank was poor in their handling of the situation. Prior to signing up with Capital One 360, I spoke extensively with a customer service rep about my situation and their security policy. I asked so many questions and they answered every one in detail and never seemed to lose patience with me. The online banking feature is great. I can access my account on my computer or phone. The secured log in is strict but not inconvenient. I can transfer funds, pay bills, and deposit checks from my phone in seconds. The interest rate is on par with other accounts I have researched. Every time I have a question, support is available online or on the phone. I have had nothing but a positive experience with Capital One 360 and its Internet Banking.

Never drive to the bank again...

I first started with just a savings account because the interest rate was great. I then opened a few more savings accounts to keep different monies separate. Last year I opened a checking account and it was so easy. I have always done everything online. I deposit checks on my phone, which is so great and easy. I do have a local bank where I have my 360 account linked so I can transfer money easily. I get an email alert when a check has cashed and I can log in to get a detailed account of all activity on any of my accounts. I just recently called customer service to ask a question and the call was answered quickly, I spoke with a real person, and the conversation was pleasant. I would highly recommend Capitol One 360 as a great bank for both savings and checkings.