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Identity Theft

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Well, my experience was the opposite of the reviews I read below. I recently discovered four deposit accounts opened in my name. I found out about this when I received a notice in the mail with my new pin number for a debit card. I don't bank with SunTrust, but a client of mine does. I have access to their online accounts, and ALL of my personal information was initially required to get me set up. After a thorough investigation, I found that nothing else was affected (so far), only these accounts being set up at SunTrust. So I strongly suspect this was someone inside SunTrust who did this, who had access to my information, and knew how to maneuver through their internal system, probably for the purpose of producing "sales." This same thing happened a few years ago at Wells Fargo, which is why I suspect this.

Tricked Into Thinking My Account Was Opened

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I went into the branch to open an account everything went smoothly and I thought I was good made my opening deposit of 100 and 3900 into my savings account. Woke up today to go deposit my work check and was told I couldn’t make any deposits to come inside and speak to a teller get inside to find out that my account is being closed and under investigation can’t get my money until after the investigation do anyone know how long that will be and what freaking investigation are they doing it makes no sense no one have any answers or know what is going on or why it was closed!!!! Has anyone received they’re funds bank from these people i feel like I’ve been robbed

Worst Experience(S) Ever!

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Things started off well with Suntrust until the COVID relief program was implemented. I decided to go into the forbearance program last year. They were to send me paperwork to sign off on, which I never received, and this is when everything started going downhill. I called and called trying to obtain this paperwork, but to no avail. To ensure I was safe, and under the direction of a representative, I began paying my mortgage again. Turns out, they do not know where those payments are ($10K worth of payments), and they also sent a letter, to my ex-wife, who is not on the deed to the house, stating that I was going into foreclosure. At this point I'm very upset (due to them giving private information to my ex) and worried (about going into foreclosure and the status/whereabouts of my payments). They would not tell me who gave them permission to change my address, or where they got the address from. I didn't even know my ex's address until they sent a letter to her. A representative I spoke to a few weeks ago said my money (the $10K) should be in a suspense account, but the money is not showing in the suspense account, and they also said that they must set me up on a new Forbearance plan (to stop foreclosure) in which I still haven't received the partial claim paperwork for. And guess where they continue to send my paperwork? To my ex's house, even after repeatedly trying to get that address off my account many times. This shouldn't be that hard! I'm at the address that I've been at for the past 4 years! I have spoken with them as recently as today. The first time I called today, the representative, Dominic Robinson, was incredibly rude from the get-go, and hung up on me after a couple of minutes. I called back, received a different rep, but there was still no resolution. None of the representatives know what is going on! Meanwhile, I am under a lot of stress due to all of this uncertainty. I foresee that I may end up having to get lawyers involved. This has been a complete disaster, the Suntrust staff have no idea what's going on, they don't respond to emails, it is clear they have no communication between each other, and nobody within the company is held accountable for how they deal with their customers and their accounts. They all just repeat the same things back to me, not willing to give me any new information, nor are they willing to take the time to fix the situation. Not to mention, most of the staff I've talked to have major attitude problems from the moment they say hello. If anyone from Suntrust is reading this... Please, please resolve this situation!

Scammers, Thief's, How Is This Legal!!!???

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Just like everyone else here, I literally made a made account and had two weeks if unemployment deposited into my account and they instantly closes my account, told me I was going to be investigated and sent a check with "any money that is owed to me." It's my money, so it's all owed to me!!! They literally take people's deposits and are steadily getting away with it. $789 stolen from me!!!! I needed that money because I lost my business, my home, my vehicle, my pets and now my sons biological dad's mother is trying to take custody of my son from me. I needed that money TOMORROW to pay my lawyer and my court date is coming up soon. I don't know what to do now and now I don't have enough money to pay this man, I'm so screwed. DO NOT TRUST SUN "TRUST". THEY ARE SCAMMERS, THIEVES AND TAKE PEOPLES MONEY, NEVER TO BE SEEN OR HEARD FROM AGAIN. SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS NEEDS OPENED. THIS IS RIDICULOUS HOW LONG THEY HAVE BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH THIS. Can't even understand their customer service, either, because they're all from third world countrys.

What I Hate

This is really about everything at SunTrust. According to many of my friends and colleagues, SunTrust closed all of their checking and savings accounts without notice despite being good customers and doing withdrawals and deposits. What worse, SunTrust uses credit reports to determine opening checking and savings accounts which even shouldn't be and shouldn't have been used. Deposit account should be opened for everyone whether you're unemmployed or employed. This is madness. We should take action against every company that uses credit reports as basis for opening deposit and investment accounts. Contact your elected officials, the media, and government agencies of every level.

Pathetic Orginization

I opened an account with Suntrust and two weeks later after receiving my debit card and checks my account was “locked”. I called their customer service and was informed my account was closed, no reason just closed. Their only excuse was “they reserve the right to terminate accounts”. I have a credit score in the 800’s, zero CC or auto debt and significant investments some of which would have gone their way, also pension and SS. 62 years and I’ve never heard of such a business practice. Crazy!

Stole My Taxes Liars Bad!

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it's true this bank is a scam. they catch you online and give you some kind of a lie about I didn't send it for signing up and then they turn around and take your money. don't do any business with this bank. if you value your money and if you have an emergency situation, you do not want this bank to have control of your money cuz I promise you you will be screwed,

Stay Away From FRAUD BANK - Do NOT Fall For Promos They Mail You

Worst Bank on the planet, Fraud bank, opened a new account, everything was approved 100%, and funds approved to move , $25,000, the same day they approved the funds, they said they want to close the account for "no reason" just because they feel like it, I only signed up because the sent me an promo offer , but now they are sitting on my $25000 and not paying interest and holding for 30 days, this is a true FRAUD and scam, google suntrust closed account and you see they are doing it to 1000s of people, this is how they fraud and make their money, they figured by time people file a lawsuit, it will be 30 days and money will be returned (after they sit on millions of fraud money), STAY AWAY from this fraud bank

Not That Bad

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So I've had SunTrust for almost a year. I had horrible experiences with BoA and WF so I decided to try a different bank. I have had no issues with Zelle. Only one instance of overdraft, but that was my fault, however, their overdraft fees are pretty crappy. $36 for the overdraft, $36 for an extended fee if you don't make a deposit during a certain period, and $36 for a return fee which is horrible. Luckily, I managed to get mine reversed, but all those fees for someone going overdraft $18 seems excessive and does not help the typical person. It should be illegal to charge someone over $100 because they overdrafted by less than the overdraft fee.

I've had good experiences with customer service, at their branches, and their ATMs so no complaints there.

Their mobile check deposits are crap. "Mobile check deposits within minutes" never happens. I deposit a check on the app and it doesn't show up until the next day and as pending so don't even have access to it. After 4 different mobile checks, all taking at least 36 hours, I just deposit it at an ATM. Much faster. Their ability to process deposits is also really slow. I can get a paycheck or tax refund a day or two early with other banks, but SunTrust holds on to the money longer. If I received a refund deposit on Monday, I'd get it on Wednesday with WF, but with SunTrust I'm lucky to get it by Friday.

This goes back to how some people can go overdraft, my biggest issue is that they do pending everything especially on weekends and some things don't show up as pending at all. So if you bought $250 worth of things on Friday at 11PM, sometimes it won't pop up until Monday midday, so your balance is never actually reflective of what you actually spent for 2-3 days. Because of this, I have to keep track of my spending (I literally have to carry around a small notebook and receipts) or add things to my cart to buy on a weekday instead of a Saturday to make sure I'm covering the costs.

Other than those issues and getting used to them, I have a simple checking account and I've managed to find ways around how slow SunTrust works. I'll be keeping them, however, I highly do not recommend for people who need more access/lots of transactions and those who need a more responsive bank in terms of processing transactions.

Penny With A Hole In It!!

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I banked with them a couple of years ago, and had an account closed because of an overdraft, fast forward I went on line because I couldn't access the local brick and mortar bc of covid-19, I assumed I wouldn't be able to access a business account however I was allowed to.I went through the process of submitting paper work, made my deposit to be meant with the old debt causing me not to proceed, I asked the branch manager what to do,so after back and forth with account services, I was told my initial $100 ,would be applied to my old debt and I could just pay off the remainder to settle it, and I was glad, fast forward again, not even a whole month since our discussion, I received a notice saying my account was closed because they couldn't find my business on the Secretary of state website!! They returned the check but now I'd have to find a new bank and wait on a 20 day hold on the check, I would have been ok if it was closed to satisfy the old debt, but they lied and said my LLC didn't exist, I went to another bank that found my LLC with no problem, I see my end of things but they just gave me the run around and the branch manager was very condescending from the get go.

Horrible Banking

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I just became a new SunTrust customer around on 03/ 01/2021, meet all qualifications and requirements however was taking forever to get debit card in mail. When into location on 03/15/2021 in Gainesville Fl to do withdrawal was then told my account was under investigation, funds was being held and account was also in process of being closed with no explanation given from branch and/ or corporate. Asked how can I get my funds, was told I would have to wait until investigation is complete but was not able to offer a timeframe. What in the HELL is going on?

Worst Bank On Planet Earth

Absolutely the worst bank on planet earth. I have been a customer for 44 years (God help me, I don't know how I did it). They have continually pissed me off and now after the merger they have completely ruined my life with their incompetence. I have changed banks finally and have escaped their lackluster or should I say nonexistent service. It would take 5 pages to explain everything that they have done to us over the years. I should have my butt kicked and my head examined for not leaving sooner but I try to be a loyal customer. These people do not give a crap about you or their mistakes. Stay far, far away from this bank. God help their clients!!!

Suntrust Bank Refused Closing My Checking Account

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Hello guys please is there any reason why suntrust bank would keep my account under review for over 2 months now without proper account closure, anytime i call them they claim it is under review and once my account finally gets closed they will mail me a letter and a check containing my ending balance... please is there any reason why takes so much time to get closed? other finacial institutions dont act like this shitty ass bank...........................!!!!


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Opened checking account took almost 3 wks to get atm card. $29.95 for 50 checks, on 3/4/2021 went to a Holiday Fl US19 Branch to get $500 out of atm, gave card back no cash box came up not available to withdraw while I had $1000.00 + change in acct, went to next bank on 19 cashed a check for $1000.00 Today 3/5 I look at my checking acct & it's negative $500 at the holiday atm in front of the bank. I HATE THIS BANK & COME MONDAY MORNING IM CLOSING IT B4 something else happens from this LOWSY BANK.

Con Artists.

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this is a organization that is robbing Peter to pay Paul. I opened a account and 2-3 days later after I deposited over $1000 im not able to access my account. Says to call them. They closed my account wouldn't tell me why. I went to a branch to get my money. They contacted fraud services and they said there was some pending charges that I had to wait for a check. I didn't even have my debit card or made one purchase just deposits. They need to shut these mf,s down for some shady bank robbing the people sh$t. They don't deserve a star at all.

No Thanks And BYE, Suntrust

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Sarasota/Whitfield branch: Banking officer is rude and obnoxious, financial advisor doesn't pay attention, doesn't answer emails or respond to calls so money just sits. Debit card got compromised and they sent me a new one WITH THE SAME NUMBER but new security code and expiration and it got compromised AGAIN immediately. When I called to ask how that could happen, they told me the retailers just "push it through." Here's a crazy suggestion, SunTrust: Maybe you want to replace a compromised card with one that has a different number! What a concept.

My God !! What Is Going On?

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Well, just like some others that begin to do business with Sun Trust due to their promotion, I opened an account 2 months ago, setup direct deposit, and then realized that not all banks are the same.

Sorry, didn't realize how long the story gets until I look back. Be patient reading and hope you enjoy the story :-).

The first issue happened when I first tried to transfer money using Zelle. My account was put on hold immediately and ask me to "call to verify my identity". That's fine, new account, first attempt to transfer money, reasonable. So I made the phone call. It turned out that the rep on the phone will not verify my identity, nothing he can do to clear the situation. He can only submit a request to a mysterious back office he can not talk to to release the hold on my account. That will take several days. For Zelle? Seriously?

There is no reasonable explanation of what happened either. I called 3 times, 3 reps gave me 3 different stories, one blamed Zelle, one said it's combined issues with both Sun Trust and Zelle, one told me it's due to their internal rules that they don't have access to, so he even don't know what the rules are.

So my account was locked for several days with no explanation and no progress, no one knows what's going on. I finally took the hassle of leaving my home and went in a local branch to remove the hold.

After this incident, I was very cautious about the business practice of this bank.

Rolling forward, I am "happy" that I made several transfers using Zelle. But still got canceled couple times with no explanations. I finally ended up with going into a local branch again to withdraw thousands of dollars cash and go across the street to deposit into my other bank account and make Zelle transfers from that bank.

And today, same thing happened again. When I tried to make a Zelle transfer, my account was put on hold immediately and ask me to call to verify my identity. It's the same Zelle account I have been making transfers to for several times. Why?

Same story when I call the customer service. No explanation from the rep. He give me 2 options. 1. submit a request to remove the hold and it will be removed between 0 min and 48 hours (and it for sure will take longer than that from my previous experience). 2. cancel the transfer and the hold will be removed immediately so I can make another Zelle transfer again.

Ok, I told him to cancel. When I make another Zelle payment, my account was locked immediately again. Then he changed his story saying that if I just keep doing the Zelle transfer, it will not get me anywhere. So apparently this is not working. Then he asked me what I would like to do. I asked him what can he do to make the transaction to go thru. Then he repeated that I have 2 options, blah blah blah, and it's my choice if I want to keep coming back to square one by canceling the transfer and make another Zelle transfer and get my account locked, or, I can ask him to submit a request to remove the hold on my account....... I am totally speechless by his logic. It's not working and you told your customer it's an option? Why can someone like this work in banking business ???

I understand that security is the most important concern in banking. But you should be able to identify if it's a real concern quickly, especially you instruct your customer to call to verify identity. Instead, no explanation, no solution, no one knows what's going on, and it takes days to resolve when your customer need to transfer the money. It's not a security concern, but annoyance and hassle for your customers.

My gut feeling is, this bank is making efforts to prevent customers from transfer the money out. And their reps are either poorly trained, or they really don't have access to information they need to face their customers. So they just make up stories to hide the fact that they don't know, or not allowed to know, what is really going on. Or, they are so well trained to play dumb.....

I am really shocked by how Sun Trust conduct business and how their customer support reps respond to customer needs. Kind of scary.

And by searching the web, I read more scary stories. I feel lucky that my account are still open, not closed by Sun Trust. Now I take my direct deposit money out immediately after it's deposited and don't keep too much money in the account, just in case they close my account and hold my money hostage.

Expect To Spend A Lot Of Time Calling Customer Service

Immediately after I opened a personal checking account with SunTrust (now Truist), I made a couple of purchases online that the bank blocked, and I contacted customer service to resolve the issue. Not a big deal, I thought: it's a new account. The next month I pay my rent with the debit card issued by the bank and it doesn't go through. SunTrust makes no effort to contact me and when I call the about the problem they blame it on the merchant processing the payment. When I ask the representative how to avoid this, I am told that writing a check is best. So next month I write a check and SunTrust reverses the charge, making my rent late, ostensibly because they couldn't verify my signature, but I literally used a check from the new checking account packet they sent me. In this case, their fraud department did call, but didn't return my call back. When I discovered the reversal and contacted them, they offered no apology, told me to write another check, and said that they wouldn't reimburse me for fees from my landlord. I opened this account for a promotional offer and will be closing it immediately after receiving my bonus. I have to be on the phone with customer service at least once a month over routine transactions that haven't been a problem with any other bank I've had a checking account with.

Horrible Bank

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I opened an account with Suntrust checking and had my direct deposit changed to the account with them. Well, they decided to close my bank account (still have yet to tell me why) after they received my direct deposit. So now I have to wait nearly a month to receive my paycheck. They gave ZERO notice of account being closed. They also can't reverse my direct deposit and say I must wait until the account is "fully closed" (whatever that means, they don't even know) for them to send me my money, which then takes 7 days in the mail. Their customer support was completely worthless and said they can't tell me anything more nor the reason behind the closure of my account. Worst bank I have ever been with, and I was only with them for a couple days. Stay away!

Close My 2 Wk Old Business Account Because Of Their Error With Paperwork

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Avoid SunTrust Bank at all costs! Two weeks ago, I went into the Ashburn, VA Branch and opened a business checking account with a deposit. Since that time, they closed the account because my account set up was missing a "document". I contacted the SunTrust agent at the Ashburn Branch and she said she made a mistake. I asked why I wasn't given advance notice so I can arrange my schedule to come over. She said it was because of the main office rules. I am shocked with the incompetency and poor customer service from this bank. Suffice to say I went over to the competing bank and opened a Business checking account with 30 minutes. What is wrong with you Suntrust? Get your house in order.

Worst Bank In America

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I had a loan car with SunTrust / 60 months for $13,800 / 10% interest. I finally paid $19,760 in 48 months. SunTrust reported my account to Expirian as a "delinquent". When I disputed they answer was "it was our mistake". They haven't removed this issue yet. My credit score went down. I opened a checking account to monitor my loan payments in a better way. It was a nightmare I I couldn't believe how this people steal money from their customers. I made the last payment loan last week. In 8 months I use two time the checkin account and I notaticed that I had multiple pending charges that were held for 4 days, and each day they lowered my available balance appearing as though I had a negative balance. I was charged hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees and SunTrust only reversed $36. I don't recommend this bank to any person... IT'S a nightmare...

Suntrust Destroyed My Life Because Of Incompetency

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I reported a fraudulent deposit made into my account. Suntrust reacted by deciding they no longer wanted to do business with me. They denied me access to visibility of my remaining funds, stopped payment on previous authorized items, denied me any access to any other funds that was there to survive. My credit card companies are closing my accounts because their payments were returned after posting to my accounts. They are also charging me late fees and charges for the returns to make accounts over the limit.

My arrangements for vehicle payments have been reneged on and collectors are calling. My rent is past due and I am facing eviction. I do not have gas money to even get to work or money to buy food for my family. Did I mention I have money that is mine in the bank. They told me they may send me a check for the balance in about 15 days. That won’t undo the distress I am going through with my family or the damaged relationship with my creditors that will cost me for years to come.

Worst Bank Since Merger

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This is post to warn people to not do business with SunTrust Bank ( Now Turist ) the will take your money for erronious fees. Get this I had $1755.00 in my account and a $212.00 and they hit me for an $36.00 overdraft fee and if you subtract all the items going through my account including the overdraft fee the remaining balance was $19.41, that including them taking the overdraft fee on $36.00 and all my withdrawls for bills. And trying to get them to remove it is impossible they said that I had a negitive balance even though after subtracting all debits the remain balance was $19.41 so you have been warned, do not Bank with Suntrust now Truist or you will regret it. And this started right after the merger, I have been a customer for 10 years never had a problem, And also they are re-ordering you debits to your account,

Suntrust Sneaky Overdraft Fees

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The day before my Stimulus check was deposited, I had a fraud charge on my account, which put my account overdrawn and a overdraft fee. Called the morning I noticed the fraud, same day my Stimulus check was deposited. Suntrust took out the fraud charge amount, and the overdraft charge. They credited me the amount they took out to bring my Stimulus check deposit back to $1200. 2 days later Suntrust refunded the amount for the fraud charge, and the amount for the overdraft fee... But mistankenly forgot to take out the amount they credited me, for a fraud charge that was not my fault... Never received a letter in the mail or email, stating this and now my account is overdrawn because of the credit Suntrust forgot to take out, that I never knew they credited. I will be leaving this bank, and hope BB&T operate better than this bs and the merger isn't a huge mistake. Suntrust is no better than Wells Fargo.

Fraudulent Activity

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Three fraudulent accounts were opened in my wife's name and SunTrust's response was to blame the victim, not the criminal. I would never open an account with this FI.

Fraud Overdrafts!!!! Save Yourself!!!!

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My account for charges $74 dollar overdraft for something they claim was 15 cents overdraft. I had way more than 15 cents available in my account. I've seen Suntrust play around with my account. When viewing the app I can see how the take transactions off and put them back on as credit and then wait until your account has a certain amount to take it back off again and create an overdraft. There was an authorization No Charge showing on my account and they charged me an overdraft for that even though nothing was taking out. There is a $38 overdraft a $36 extended overdraft fee after a week. This is a horrible bank. Do your research and see how they were on the NEWS for finding a way to legally commit a fraudulent crime. Suntrust will leave you in financial distress. They will close soon everywhere. Nothing like this will ever prosper. They are unethical and immoral!

Worst Bank!!!

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This is the worst bank ever! They love to put holds for an entire week whenever you deposit a check. I deposited my Christmas bonus yesterday with a teller and I was told I would have my funds available in 24 hours. Today I checked online and they put a hold until December 24. Seriously??? This is a Christmas bonus!!! I will close my account as soon as possible. This was a tremendous bad decision.

Suntrust Does NOT Care About Customers

I have been a customer with Suntrust a couple of years. Through the years, I have transitioned to other big banks and quickly realized how terrible Suntrust is.

One major downfall is the limited access to bank locations. Most are over 5 miles away and or inside publix, which closes earlier.

A few months ago, my account went overdraft and I caught it early enough, So i went to the atm after 9 pm and attempted depositing. However, the bank ATM was down, So then I drove across town to find another one, with same "temporary unavailable message" . At this time,I became very frustrated and drove to third ATM, with same message. Now, I spent over 1 hour traveling with no success. I then went home, and woke up with over draft fees. I called Sun trust and had to fight to get my fees reversed (had to ask for a manager to do so).

This was the turning point (transferred most of money to different banks)

Just a few days ago, Similar situation where I had one automatic payment go through and didn't realized it too late. I got off work at about 11pm and got to the atm with cash at 1 am. Deposited money, and then even know, shows pending) -- They charged a over draft fee- Less than 24 hours- So i proceeded to call and find out why i got charged a fee (since i deposited cash)-- and their explanation was that I had to deposit before 9pm est. Which blew my mind. I went over draft at 5 am Friday morning, and before 24 hours, i deposited cash. The manager then told me, since I had a courtesy reversal few months back, they couldn't reverse the fee this time. What kind of BS is that

Folks, go to a different bank or credit union.

I Created This Account Just So I Could Write A Review

When i first opened an account with Suntrust i deposited a check and they held it a full month after it cleared. I was respectfull at first with my calls but they lied to me and i caught them lieing twice, then they target you specifically until it upsets you, they will make you feel cornered like they are stiffing you and there is nothing you can do about couldnt pay my rent because they withheld that check, i ended up homless and broke, i struggled for about 2 weeks getting back on my feet during that time it was winter and i was in Tennessee, a mix of the cold and malnutrition caused me to have a stroke, thankfully i only ended up with prickly numb feeling in my arms instead of disfigurement. Later i got on my feet and i just recently finally made a break through financially, i feposited a check woth Suntrust and immediatly after i deposited the check suntrust closed my account for a reason they wont tell me and i have to wait for them to send me a new check of my balance. They stole my money again and are just holding it. Do not trust them. They lie, ive spoken to approximately 10 different employees they all lie, they target their customers, strong arm their customers, make you feel like its okay to just take your money. They are a criminal organization and im just waiting for a lawsuit to open up becuse i cant afford it myself. Altogether their actions led to life long problems for me that i have yo endure through. Do NOT use this bank i promise yhey will hurt you financially and then not care or show any sign of remorse. Farewell.

Fraudulent Charges



Opened a new account and Deposited a paycheck. They closed the account after 3 days and held my funds going over a month now for no apparent reason whatsoever. Which is illegal btw!! Now they are saying my employer has to send them a notarized letter that the check was meant for me. A check that has my name on it!! I feel like they are a failing bank that’s using consumer funds to stay a float. I already filed a complaint with the FDIC!! I’m behind on bills and accusing late fees. If this matter isn’t resolved soon a lawsuit is in the cards.

STAY AWAY, you have been warned!!

Never Again

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For starters, $25.95 for 50 checks?!?!?!
Slowest service on Earth. Fees on ALL sides. Better off keeping money under your pillow--you will earn more that way!

After 28 Years I Closed My Account Nobody Asked Why..Enough Said

I just closed my account at Mclean VA Suntrust after 28 years. I had to wait 20 minutes for the only available rep to finish talking about her vacation while I sat and watched. The "rep" didn't know the length nor even ask why?..enough said.

Worst Bank Ever

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Suntrust is the worst bank ever with very poor customer service they also should be more respectful with clients and stop holding people hard earned money with no apparent reason at all , do not deposit checks for more that 10000 they will target u for no reason n no explanation as to why their closing their accounts n holding money I filed a claim if if this proceeds after 30 days I will file a lawsuit

Horrible Little League Bank

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Just horrible plain horrible bank I’ve wasted too much time with them


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I am a brand new customer and almost immediately they messed up my account and when they finally fixed the ridiculous overdraft fees DUE TO THEIR ERRORS, they closed my checking account without my knowledge and moved my balance to savings and allowed the EXACT same overdraft error to happen, only this time to my savings account! They are just a bunch of idiotic thieves who care NOTHING about treating their customers with any reapect! Don't bother calling customer service or visiting a branch for help, you'll just be even more furious and still left with a huge mess! If I could give them zero stars I would! Adios SunTrust, you guys are absolutely the architects of your own destruction and when you go out of business, you have only yourselves to blame for your greedy and horrendous business practices!

Customer Abuse

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Subject: Suntrust Bank/ customer abuse Suntrust close my accounts business and personal on Oct 2018. The reason is I deposit 3 checks from a company and checks were made from their closed account. As soon as I Realized it, I contact to company and they send me a new check included full total payment $4,200 however next day, after I deposit the check ( which is it cleared) they closed my account and put a hold on my balance. Because they have to investigate the situation. 3 months, an other months and an other 3 months. Finally investigation time is over but now they have been asking for proof of ownership of the fund. Now, last 3 weeks I have been running around everyday because everyday it’s new document. Yesterday they reply to my email and they want me to go to Bank of America (checks were made from someone else’s BOA account) and pull the check back and ask them to wire the money! How can I do that ?
It is more than 10 months now. So if you see Suntrust Run Away ! I don’t even want to give 1 Star .

Suntrust Account Management

I called Suntrust to see if I could add a beneficiary(my son/ 38 years old) to my checking account. First it took me forever to get to the person who told me that I had the wrong person! After a while, I finally did speak with the right person. I was told that since the account is in my wife’s and my name we both had to come to the local branch office to sign the Pay on Death form and to provide the bank with information on my son. That’s not what I call convenience. Convenience is the Online Capital One Bank. I have several accounts with them. You can add beneficiaries to all your accounts “online” without having to drive 10 miles to a branch office. And guess what, when you call them you get a person on the phone. Try any of the online banks if you want convenience in setting up and managing your accounts. Suntrust just lost my business.

Worst Experience Ever.

Suntrust has held everything I have deposited for 6 to 10 days causing me lost business and 100's in late fees. I have had me Wells Fargo account since the 80's with no problem, great credit, cleared by homeland security to work in schools and prisons in 3 days but suntrust feels the need to hold all of my checks for 6 to 10 days! They're answer to me is 'they have been doing this to everyone lately'. Sounds like the desperate attempt of a failing company to generate additional funds from its customers.

Horrible Experience

Dont waste your time. 3 weeks and I have yet to receive debit card. This is after many phone calls. Contact the treasury dept for check scanner, guess what, no call back after 5 days. I have heard one excuse after another about what is going on. So now guess what SunTrust, my money goes elsewhere. My monthly average deposits total 200000.00 guess my business banking goes to your competitor.

Still Waiting On My Debit Card After More Than Two Weeks.

I opened my bank account March 23, 2019 and it is now April 11 and my debit card is still not here. I'm waiting until 9am to go in and withdraw my money and close my account with them. Never been so disappointed in my life, I will never again use Suntrust.

Banks Business Model Is Broken!

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You can start by verifying first with your customers on whether or not you would be reversing a check in the customers account! Shame on Suntrust for being so rude on the phone, bad connections and having 30 minute delays in connecting customers with bank employees. Your banking business model is broken and needs immediate attention to details with customer accounts starting with picking up the phone! Oh well its off to Wells Fargo I go!

Absolute WORST Bank EVER!!!

I have only had this account less than 6 months. We have had nothing but issues with Suntrust since day one! They locked my husbands card because they suspected fraud, never called, texted or emailed us to let us know and then argued with us that’s they left a voicemail which is also not true and then said we just received your phone number which is also not true the phone number was the one given when opened the account and how the verify it’s you when you call when they ask. We only found out when we went to use our debit card and it was declined and knowing we had more than enough money in our account. The charges they locked his card for were actually transactions. Onto a week later we had several charges from another city 3 hours away from us that were not ours we caught it and called customer service, Mary said they’d reverse the charges by end of business that day and there were also other charges they also saw coming in and also said they would take care of those as well. Next day they allowed the charges to go through knowing it was fraud and when calling the bank Saturday morning we were told it’s been submitted for review to refund.. this set me off! I said so you’re backing the thieves and f*ck the customer and I was told ( after being cut off several times as I was talking by Patience) no it’s the weekend and they have to wait until Monday. Perfect so any crook can rack up my account because it’s the weekend ?! So now we the “customer” just have to deal with having no money because it’s the weekend when this was told to them Friday morning. I will never bank with this worthless bank again and will for sure let everyone I cross paths with know the same. The incompent customer service you get with anyone your talk with every time we call is ridiculous! A “real” bank backs their customer refunds the fraudulent charges then researches the charges until the investigation is complete. Never leave a customer without when they count on you to the consumer to protect them from these situations not make it harder!

Horrible Deposit Accounts

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worst ever. on 1/14/19 I had an ach debit on my savings account for $2,000.00 thankfully I caught it in time before it posted to my account. I went into the branch opened a new savings account and requested that NO ach debit or credits be allowed on this savings account. On 2/25/19 again my new savings account has hit again with an ach debit for $4,999.99. This time it posted to my account and funds were taken.How could this happen again. I have a case # and also a police report #. This better be resolved. ASAP. Negative publicity goes a long way. I was assured this wouldn't happen again and it did. Where is the customer service and how am I supposed to feel safe with you as my financial institution. Once my money is returned I am taking my business elsewhere. Sad I have been with SunTrust for 17 years. This is unacceptable!

Will Close Your Account For Nothing

Do not use this back. They will allow you to go thru the entire process of opening an account and depositing money then 3 days later will close it leaving your money tied up for weeks. Their customer service and IT is terrible anyways. You have been warned.

Worst Bank, Ever!

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For businesses, this is the worst bank I have ever worked with. Fragmented bank systems, you have to log out on line cash manager before you can make a wire transfer in a separate on line treasury system. You can not make repayment to your Suntrust credit card and it's on a entirely different platform. Business relationship manager is arrogant and not caring. Think it over before you walk in SunTrust (or No Trust) world.

Bad Bank For Forgetful Elderly

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My elderly parents had about $200,000 in SunTrust. The last year of my father's life was very stressful on my mother and she forgot to renew the CD's.

When she went to settle my father's estate and put everything in her name, she found out that SunTrust had renewed the CD's for 3 years at less than 0.1% instead of the previous rate of about 2.0% (I can't remember the exact rate).

They would have charged her $150 on each CD to close the CD's so she could open them at a higher rate. The only reason they did not was because one of the account holders died.

I checked the fine print on CD's at other banks. Those renewed at the same rate as the expired CD.

SunTrust just wanted that extra profit to themselves.

Not Worth The Hassle; Choose A Different Bank

The customer service has really gotten worse over the years. For one, filing disputes is very difficult as the claims team fails to communicate with the customer about the claim. I've had this issue twice with Suntrust. Secondly, most branches are only open from 9 am to 4 pm. This is inconvenient for most working people. Thirdly, I've banked at places with lower fees. Fourth, the website and app are frequently down. The college I attended had a Suntrust account on campus which made it convenient at the time. So I signed up and stayed loyal years after graduating. However, I have finally decided to close my account with them because there are many better options out there. Save yourself the hassle and go with a better bank.

Suntrust Bank Don’T Use Them

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Worst bank I ever had I will cancel my account. I had to make 3 phone calls to the same bank back to back because each rep keep putting me on hold then disconnect. Finally I go one that didn’t hang up but was very rude. I pride myself in being nice so I was super pleasant, sadly not a good experience.

Better Off Keeping Your Money In A Jar!!!

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I have been with SunTrust for years. I still have personal accounts with them. (Not much longer, though!) I also opened my business account with them. I fully regret doing any business with them now! They are incompetent, rude and pretend that it is customer first. What a joke. They are one of the worst banks I have ever dealt with. It was not like that until about 1 year ago. Do not do business with them!!! I would give them zeros on the survey if possible. Avoid the WestChase branch and the Ehrlich Road branch at any costs!(Both in Tampa,FL)

This Bank Is Getting Worse!

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I have three accounts and a mortgage with suntrust. The amount of money they have in my accounts is well into the 5 figures AND they earn interest on my mortgage. The bank makes it extremely difficult to pay your mortgage off early and even though I have so much money in their bank they continually charge me a monthly analysis fee. If they do this to a million customers around the country they are making a killing. The customer service providers are not helpful. I can't wait to switch banks.

Suntrust Online Banking

I do majority of my banking thru the SunTrust online banking app. I am very disappointed in the fact that it is NEVER working. Seems to always be under maintenance. Just ridiculous. Please fix this issue and soon before I close my accounts and go elsewhere.

Suntrust Is THE WORST

Suntrust is THE WORST banking institution ever! My account will be in the negatives from multiple overdraft fees of charges that have already been posted (makes no sense right). When I call to speak to a representative I receive absolutely NO answer about why my account has been charged insufficient funds when I had a reasonable amount in my account. I am constantly talked in circles about the issue. Sometimes when I have a large amount of money in my account I am charged twice for items. When I speak this issue to the customer service again, they are no help. I reported fraudulent activity that money was taken out of my account after a mobile check deposit for a bill, the company who was supposed to get the money did not receive the money and Subtrust has no way of tracing where the money was taken from. Isn’t that BS?!
Again, stay away from Suntrust! If I could give this a negative amount i literally would!!!!

Avoid This Bank

Hello, I have been banking with Suntrust for many years, a few weeks ago I deposited a check for 4,000 cad from my grandparents, I had been told that it would be held for over a month from the 13th of July to August 25th I was like okay fine because it’s a Canadian check. When I went into my bank this morning I saw that Suntrust deposited the conversion over to us which is about 3,000 US dollars then they proceeded to put a 4 thousand dollar hold putting my account into the negative. I asked if they could reset the hold to the correct amount deposited so I could have back the money I already had in there as I have many bills to pay. They refused and stated to me we can’t remove the hold without contacting corporate office which will be on Monday. And most likely I won’t be getting a return call. I will post an update Monday but they will be refunding me back for this inconvenience and I will be taking my business elsewhere

Frozen Accounts

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This company is super conservative when it comes to fraud. I signed up for what I thought was a secret shopper program which sent me a check that I deposited. Apparently, SunTrust detected that the check was a fraud at which point they denied me access to ALL (why all of them?) of my accounts with no warning. This happened while I was on a business trip leaving me with no access to any of my funds since I do not use credit cards. SunTrust says my funds will be released in 5 to 15 days. I talked to someone in their Client First Solutions department. Apparently, that is a misnomer since my concerns certainly were not first!

Please Save Yourself The Frustration

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Suntrust was my first bank account, and as I got older and financially independent, I realized it was one of the worst mistakes of my life, however i stuck with it out of complacency. yes, this bank is extremely greedy and won't hesitate to charge you countless fees without notification or reaching out to see if you were even aware of transactions leading to these charges. the customer service is a complete joke, especially through calling. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES ARE LITERALLY THE SAME TWO PEOPLE THEY SWITCH BETWEEN, and they always conveniently don't understand you when you get down to your issue. Its extremely frustrating and the fact that this bank can toy with the money of consumers so freely as if it isn't what we use to pay our bills and feed our families is terrible. they've taken so much money from me but wont even close my account, I've given up even fighting for what i've lost at this point. please save yourself the exhaustion and try a different bank.

My History with SunTrust Bank

When I moved away to college at Florida State University, just like every other student, I was automatically enrolled for a Checking Account with SunTrust. SunTrust bank has a location on campus and works closely with the university. This was my first bank account (I was 18); previously, I had only had a Savings Account in my parents' credit union.
All of my money went through that SunTrust Checking Account; I had no active Savings Account again until I was 23. I primarily used my Checking Account via my debit card, and infrequently by writing checks or withdrawing cash from the on-campus SunTrust ATMs, which were extremely convenient. It certainly benefited me to have my primary bank account so easily accessible all around a large college campus.
My only real source of income throughout most of college was my scholarships/student loans, which were deposited to my SunTrust Checking Account, as well as a $70 weekly allowance from my parents. In my Senior year I began working at Jimmy John's and finally began also utilizing my Checking Account for direct deposit for payroll.
Another primary reason having the SunTrust account was extremely convenient for me is that it is linked to my parents' SunTrust bank account, from which they can easily transfer money to and from my account. In fact, despite moving a thousand miles away, where there are no SunTrust banks even remotely near me, I still have this account open so that I can quickly and easily transfer money to or from my parents.
This is no longer my main bank account, but it has served and continues to serve my needs incredibly well.

Great history and satisfied

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We have been with suntrust for many years. Our experience has always been great. We have had several random issues than have come up over the years. They have always been quick to fix any issues. I have been impressed with how we where treated during those times. In our time with suntrust, we have had a little and then alot in their bank. We where always treated the same way, no matter how much we had or did not have. They have been there for us to help us grow and prosper throughout our time with them. I think the mobile app is top notch, first class. Never had an glitches or anything. I use it daily and have been glad to have the easy access to our accounts. I think they are on the cutting edge of tech and security. We plan to stay with them throughout our financial journey through life.

Service is Unavailable

This institution is known for their lack of compassion with their customers. On multiple occasions I have reached out to them on bogus charges concerning my checking account. If they are available they offer an explanation of "we will refund" and never a reason as to why this issue is occurring repeatedly.
I often use their on line banking product. As I expect many of their members check their accounts at least once a day it is very inconvenient to use. This is mostly due to the hours they choose to service their on line banking. Without exaggeration I must admit nine times out of ten when I go to check they are offline doing "scheduled maintenance." This has been going on for years and not once have I seen a notice telling me when the site would be down. This happens at all hours of the day and tends to last for hours at a time. This is especially frustrating when their telephone customer support line is also closed for the evening. I expect to have access to my account unless they give me warning for maintenance times.

Superb Customer Service With a Caveat

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When working with SunTrust over the phone, I have always found the representatives cordial and knowledgeable. Extremely polite to a fault. Wait times are never excessive, and you rarely get either the 'run around' or get asked to be put on hold while they check on something. They appear well trained and can casually facilitate the call and multi-task while reviewing your account with you. That's the key phrase, with you. This was a time that I had to call them when I was travelling. I used my debit card in another State which fraud flagged it. Instead of me calling them, they called me. I appreciated that policy as it prevented a very awkward moment if I tried to use the card again. I appreciate the additional security with my checking account and savings accounts.

The local branch is another story, as it is fairly run down and not big enough to handle the amount of volume it receives, especially on Monday's and Friday's. I tend to use their notary public service and the wait time can be up to 30 minutes just to speak with someone. When you do speak with someone, the are definitely genial and efficient. A signed notary form or deposit takes under two minutes total time when you are there. As I am in there often making deposits, inside or at the drive through, I can at least credit them for that. Cost and fees are fairly typical for a regional bank, so nothing excessive and nothing overly generous. Minimum deposits may be an issue for some people on the better savings accounts

Their website is also poorly designed and developed, and looks more like a glorified brochure. The account management section is perhaps the worst I've used as it routinely logs you out. It does not use two-factor-authentication properly and should immediately detect a new IP and require a text or email to complete the log-in.

Overall not a bad financial institution, though they could work on some things.

Worst Bank In The World

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Horrible bank, I have never had so many problems with a bank in my life. They have taken money from me and my fiance. I would never recommend this bank to anyone. If anyone has an account with this bank they should cancel the account. Unless you want money taken from you.

Online banking experience

I use two online banking systems when it comes to the accounts I have with them. I decided to go online about year and half ago, because I was tired of paying for the interest when I go my bank statements in the mail. I thought it was a waste of money and time, when all I could do is just deposit my checks right into my bank account. It was extremely helpful, using Suntrust and Nationwide online banking was easy, fast, and efficient. I would highly recommend anyone to use online banking because of how easy it is. Its also helpful to those who are low on time quite often (such as myself). Overall, I highly recommend any bank account you have to have it online.

Horrible Experience

DEPOSITED MY DIVORCE SETTLEMENT CHECK 2DAYS AGO Now they are closing my account trying to get answers why is terrible call get cut off. Now my kids are not going to have anything to eat until I get this money back. Terrible stay AWAY. I will be complaining to higher places about this bank !!!

False Advertising Crappy Hours

I saw a suntrust in Wal Mart on US27 , N of !92, (Cagan;s Crossing?) , they had a sign outside of it in dayglo writing; ""$100 sign on bonus when opening acct. I opened an acct., 6 mo. later still no $100 deposit to my acct. I asked about it ,new people were there, as I rarely stepped in , and they didn't know anything about the bonus. Seems to me a Mgr. had a ploy to get his ""new client "" bonus by making false promises.
I opened 2 more accts. w/ suntrust based on internet ads. still saw no sign on bonus after meeting the $2000 minimum.(wtf).
The branch on US 98 in Lakeland closed @ 430, I could barely make it there after getting off @ 330. What happened to staying open until 5??

Suntrust Bank Is A Scam

The positive reviews for this bank appeared nice to me so I decided to use this bank for my new business. Huge mistake! I did all the paperwork online submitted requested documentation and sent electronic deposit from my personal bank account. I received confirmation email that account was open. Then received a call from Karrie Miller stating my account would not be opened and funds were being returned to me via PAPER CHECK. This was my first problem. Why am I being sent a paper check when funds were sent electronically. Ok whatever I had to wait 10 days. Waited the 10 days no check. Called Karrie back now I’m being told I have to wait 14 days. So I wait 14 more days still no check. This time I called the 800 number since they actually sent me paper checks with my company name printed on the front of them and an actual bank statement!! I spoke with an agent who told me the account was open but would be closed in five days so guess what I did? Wrote two checks for bills I needed to pay and SUNTRUST refused to pay the checks! I feel scammed discriminated against mislead and taken advantage of! I have never been treated so badly by a bank and am so upset over the additional fees I’ve accumulated by trusting this business please beware! I am hoping this bank has a Duns& Bradstreet Account because I am reporting this and I have receipts of proof and also looking into filing discrimination suit against Karrie and this bank for allowing this to go on!

Sun Trust is nice

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Sun Trust Bank serves me well with my financial needs. I am able to open as as many accounts as I want with them with no monthly fees or limits. When I have fraud problems they fix this issue right away and they give me over draft allowances. I also like that I receive prompt service when I go to the physical location. My checking account has a minimum of 10 transactions a month limit to avoid a fee and i think this is okay. I don't have cds or ira with this bank.

When you need to find a bank ASAP!

I was in need of finding a local bank as soon as possible. It was after 5pm so I got on the internet and started looking for a local bank I could visit the next day. While searching I came across SunTrust Bank and couldn't believe what I was reading, "Apply online for a checking account with SunTrust Bank". In a few minutes I had successfully opened a checking account with SunTrust. The next day I was able to go to the physical bank here in town, sign one document and then make a deposit. I was told it would take up to 10 days to receive my debit card, it was here in 6. I also received a few checks should I need them. Since opening the account I couldn't be more pleased. I use the mobile app almost daily, it's easy to read and navigate. I've been pleasantly surprised with my new bank and would recommend their services to anyone.

Avoid. Poor Customer Service.

I have what should be a simple question about how to handle a credit dispute for an account I closed in 2012. This is now 2017. I was given two numbers to call and transferred three times in the process. It's clear they do not have a mechanism for handling questions that aren't related to opening accounts or processing late payments. I spoke with five different representatives, none of whom could direct me to a supervisor or anyone who might know the process well enough to help. And the Suntrust website does not have a way to receive emailed questions for someone more knowledgeable to handle over time, which suggests their management has no intention to answer questions.
This bank has no good remote means (phone, online) of customer service.

SunTrust is a bank you can trust

I retired and moved south six years ago for various reasons and am so very glad I did. Right outside the gates of my new community is a very small branch of a bank called SunTrust. I had never heard of this bank before and was a bit skeptical of using a bank I was unfamiliar with for all of my banking, but I started with a small checking account and a small savings account to test them out. This began as a matter of convenience and has grown into being my bank of choice for all my products.I know that my accounts are handled professionally and their advice is always sound. This small branch offers services I had to pay for before. I get things notarized, and documents requiring more official verification are done there as well. They know me by name and I'm always greeted warmly. I have checking, savings, safe deposit box, money market accounts, home equity line of credit with SunTrust and know that I can get service and help whenever its needed from my friends at this little branch.

Satisfied Customer

I have had the best banking experience with Suntrust. I love their low fees of $7 a month. It can even be waived if I have a balance of $500 in my account or make the minimum amount of transactions. Anytime I've had a problem, I can always call and speak to a representative or send them an email. Any phone conversation with the representatives were always very professional and I was more than satisfied with the service and expertise of the employees. They always respond quickly to my questions and concerns. I never had to wait more than 2 days to get a response from them. I would advise people to see for themselves what I'm talking about. You'll be glad that you did so.

Double Charge

SunTrust is ALWAYS charging me twice! Even though they refund the second charge within 24 hours because they claim it's only pending to protect the seller, it makes my account go below the $500 limit which freaks me out every time! (By the way, the $500 limit is for my student checking account & once you go below the $500 limit, you automatically get charged!!!!! This new rule is STUPID!) I hate that they do this! I NEVER USE to have this problem until this past month, June!!!!! Secondly, whenever I need help and call their 1-800 number, I ALWAYS need to be transferred to a representative because their automatic system is COMPLETELY AWFUL!!!!!!!

Suntrust Thinks Its Okay To CRIMINALLY Steal Money!

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I have $11,600+ being held by Suntrust bank for nearly a month now. The funds were sent in via wire transfers and should have been made available immediately. They closed the account on April 28, 2017 and still have not given me my funds. I called this morning and spoke to 2 different individuals, one a manager and was told that they had no intent to send me my money. They said I needed to contact the financial institutions that initially sent the money. I asked what I was supposed to say as of course I had no account information and wasn't their client. I asked where the money was that was received, NO ANSWER. I asked if she was insinuating they had returned the funds to the originator and if that is why she was asking me to call those banks and she said she had no information regarding such. I had a customer contact Suntrust 3 days after paying for an order and say they did not initiate the wire. I provided 30 or so pages of documentation and communication for over a month with 4 different employees from that company - AMPLE PROOF they did in fact send the wire - an email directly from the owner confirming that and could not get ANYONE in the fraud department to review the paperwork. The customer wanted to cancel the order which was fine but they lied and said the wire was not authorized. I will be happy to provide ALL of this documentation. A suntrust Branch manager told me concretely MULTIPLE times that any funds coming in would be disbursed at the time of closing the account. She said I would have a bank certified check within 5 - 10 business days. That money is contractually obligated. I must fulfill those contracts by May 25, 2017 and they require a 4 week production time. Any and all Liability is now on Suntrust Bank. They are putting me out of business and CRIMINALLY STEALING MONEY.

Decent Bank

a I've had suntrust for 10 years. No issues. if you're savings account goes down to 0 funds, it will automatically close, so look out for that. I have no complaints about the bank though.

Very Few Branches Open On Saturday

I waited in line for about 40 min getting to cash a check from my own acct Saturday morning. There were 3 tellers and branch manager was sitting at her desk while there are 50 people in line. Yes, 50 people!! All local branches close to me are closed Sat. Had to drive 8 miles to stand in this line. Big waste of time!!!!

Outstanding Financial Institution

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I am fortunate enough to be able to say I have been a customer of Suntrust Bank since my days at Ft. Lee Army base in Virginia. That goes back to 1991 and many things have taken place in my financial life since I first opened an checking and savings account at Suntrust.

My wife at the time attempted to clean out my checking and savings account at Suntrust so she could run off with her boyfriend back in 1993. Before the bank would give her the funds she was trying to take, I received a call from my banker letting me know what was in the process of taking place. I immediately headed to the bank and stopped the transactions she was attempting to make. Had I not gotten that call, I would of had about $125 to my name but, thanks to the concern of my local banker, my funds were intact. Suntrust helped me make an arrangement with my then about to be ex wife to get the funds she was authorized to have.

In 2007, I was in Lake Tahoe, California on vacation. I headed across the border to Billy's Casino in Stateline Nevada. I attempted to get $300 out of my checking account and when I saw the cashier, I was told it was going to cost me $39.95 to access my own money. I told them to cancel the transaction. A few days later, I did a check online and discovered that the casino put the charge through and it was removed out of my checking account without my signature. I contacted the bank, they put the funds back into my account and went back to Billy's Casino to resolve the matter. Without their help, I would probably have lost $300.00.

I rate Suntrust outstanding and I hope the above helps support my rating. Thank you.

You Can Trust SunTrust

I have never had a problem with SunTrust, and they replace your lost debit cards for free. I am giving four stars because I cannot say this is the best bank of all time without ever having set foot in other local banking institutions. However, I can say that their employees are courteous and always make sure to take care of the customer. Although the interest on their saving accounts are low, and there are no extra rewards for banking with them, their savings and checking accounts are easily accessible online or at a local branch. The only thing I can think about to improve is the speed of their transactions - sometimes it actually takes 2-3 days before funds deposited via mobile app appear on a checking account, and sometimes it takes 3-4 days to pay an external bill. Never had a problem with security. Great app and photo-deposit option.

Suntrust Is On The Ball

Someone was using my ITunes account, purchasing high dollar items. The account was linked to my SunTrust debit card. SunTrust recognized the changes as unusual for me and called. They stopped any additional charges, worked with ITunes and reimbursed my account. I am so thankful they are on top of things!

Decent bank

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This bank is pretty good and it isn't too hard to get free checking if you have a job and direct deposit. Check deposits are timely and ATM usage is easy. Regionally there are enough ATMs to service me in this area. The bank workers are friendly and helpful and a variety of loan options and credit options are available, as well as CDs, regular savings, and checking accounts. Fraud protection is very good as well. The one and only issue I have is the website and more specifically, the mobile site, which simply doesn't work all the time. The website is occasionally down for maintenance, but the mobile site is worse and sometimes you just cannot get on! I like that the bank will link easily with Mint. Still, better than most banks in this area and quite easy to use.

Watch Out For ATM Machines Suntrust

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Money got stuck in Suntrust ATM machine and i am still waiting on a Dispute. I was told by the ATM owner that alot of ATM machine are being tampered with making the money jammed. So i am out of money this month until a dispute claim is filled. Still waiting. 7 days later. Bills due. I am a very upset person.i am not a Suntrust customer but i have a ssi debit card. I would like to switch over to Suntrust but never using any ATM machines again.

Suntrust Is Full Of Thieves

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So, I went to deposit My husbands Check at the ATM, and as I inserted the check into the ATM, it rebooted and literally ate my check. I immediately called Suntrust and explained what happened. Long story short, after a month, the bank decided that they had "lost" his check. and were going to take 460.00 of our hard earned money. I don't know about you but we live pay check to pay check. After multiple attempts to resolve the issue. All they could do was shift the blame onto the payroll company. But only after a month of associates saying that the claim was closed and that everything was resolved, all of a sudden they decide that they "lost the check" WTF is that. I mean We have the pay stub, the atm location, the time of the transaction, blah blah blah. Extremely disappointed , changing banks tomorrow morning. Beware ALL, Stay Away

DO NOT Bank At Suntrust

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Long story short......Do not bank at Suntrust. They will hit you with overdraft fees by manipulating your account to show as a negative, when it actually had a positive balance. I had a remaining balance of 10.00, Suntrust did an overdraft fee of 36.00 that put me in the negative, which then created a trickle down affect. That caused me 108.00 in fees. Do not trust this bank!!!

This Bank Is A Joke

We switched over from Bank of America b/c we had issues with the customer service. I had banked here before and it was good. But since opening this new account we have had nothing but trouble. They put double charges on our account then say it is the merchants fault we call the merchants and they show only one. So the bank says they will refund us. Then they I over draft my account a month later saying oh it was just a hold. Bs.... so we are going back to Bank of America.

How I Feel About Suntrust

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Suntrust is a fairly local bank with its own mobile app and easy-to-use deposit system. Each time I go grocery shopping, I just open the Suntrust mobile app and check my balance to ensure I have enough to spend at the grocery store. Although its deposit/withdrawal system is easy to understand and use, there are not many Suntrust banks, as they keep closing due to mobile access--which forces many to use the app, which isn't bad--but it's hard to adjust to.

Suntrust Is Untrust

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I had $7,646 stolen out of my IRA by SunTrust. They admitted that they put it back in my IRA. However when I checked to find the balance, it was not there. Apparently, they created a new IRA and put it there. Why? They are being sued left and right. I have asked for documentation on the transaction, as it can only be done at the branch. The branch is refusing to give it to me. I do have proof, however, that they forged my name on 2 other documents. Their real name is UNTrust and the "S" stands fill it in.

Great Customer NO-Service

I have 2 bank accounts. 1 with BofA that I opened when I worked for them in 1999 and last year I opened an account with SunTrust thinking that I may eventually change banks (a real pain in the ass because of BillPay/Automatic BillPay.) and move away from BofA all together. I move money back and forth between the accounts as needed... Mostly to SunTrust since my plan was to eventually make them my only bank. Without fail SunTrust will hold my funds for 3 days before I have full access to them, which has caused me so overdraw a couple of times (at a $35 charge from SunTrust), or had online BillPay refused for insufficient funds, causing me more fees and late fees from those I am trying to pay. Yes, I know that banking laws say that it "could take up to 3 days" for funds to move between banks. Using electronic transfer I can push money from BofA to SunTrust or can pull from BofA from SunTrust. It doesn't matter which way I do it, SunTrust doesn't make the funds available for 3 days. HOWEVER, BofA shows the funds as gone the day of the transfer. To get around this I have found that I get faster access to my money (or at least part of it) if I actually write a check to myself from BofA and deposit it into SunTrust. Even with that, SunTrust puts a hold on part of my funds, even though BofA has already sent the funds to SunTrust. How do I know? The electronic image of my check is available online at BofA the very next day. If I do the reverse and move money from SunTrust to BofA, SunTrust does not release the funds for 3 days but BofA (after verifying the funds are there) makes the money available to me same day. What do I pay for this wonderful service? At SunTrust - $7.50/month unless I run 10 transactions through the account. At BofA? $0.00 with no stipulations. Totally FREE checking.

I understand exactly what SunTrust is doing from a "business" standpoint. They are using my money, free of charge, for the legal limit. However, from a "customer service" standpoint, they suck. A prime example of the bottom line taking precedence over your customers. This is why I will never keep more then the minimum amount necessary in SunTrust. I may even look for someone else for my second account. Hey SunTrust... Way to take care of your customers!!

Suntrust is a good balance of local bank with national features

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I've been with Suntrust for over 15 years, now, and I continue to be reasonably pleased with their service. I enjoy having the national bank features such as mobile banking, bill pay, and mobile deposit, but while still being able to go into a local branch and deal with friendly tellers and loan officers if needed.

I find Suntrust's rates to be reasonably competitive, though it would always be nice to be able to earn a little more interest on my money. I also find Suntrust branches to be conveniently located -- I never have to drive terribly far to find a branch or an ATM if I need one. It's easy to open a new account if needed, and Suntrust offers a variety of savings accounts, CDs, money market plans, etc. to choose from.

I have received many offers to switch banks, but I stick with Suntrust. I've been pleased with my service and I know I can trust Suntrust not to nickel and dime me with hidden fees and new charges.

A below average bank

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I would say that sun trust isn't the best bank they are below average from my experiences they are a little too pricey with transactions and such and the costumer service could be better. Awhile ago someone had got a hold of my bank account info so that made me feel that they are not that secure so I decided on my own to quit using their service it would also take them forever to accept my direct deposit.

Not So Great

I have had too many problems with this bank. When I call about my charge card I must speak to a supervisor to get anywhere. When I get a credit on my account, I see the bank lists it as a debit. I have gotten the run around too many times. And if you withdraw cash from your own bank's atm and accidentally use your credit card instead of your debit card…they charge you 25% fee! A nice supervisor did place a refund, but the bank listed it as a debit.

Great bank to be associated with

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I have had many experiences with Suntrust and it is always a pleasure. They have always helped me in a time of need and will answer any and all questions that I have in regards to banking with them. I have a student account with Suntrust and this means that as long as I have a minimum of $300 in the bank, I will not be charged any fees. This is really great because I use my debit card for many different reasons and I would really hate to have unnecessary fees. If I happen to fall below the $300 minimum, they only take a $4 fee for that month! I have asked them to review a fee and explain to me why I was charged and what I could do to prevent this from happening in the future. The bank teller told me of many different types of accounts that I can have set up to avoid fees. Personally, the student account is my best option. I have had to go there for help on establishing my financial aid (paper work and a notary) which I got situated at the bank then later brought to the school. They are always nice and friendly and they are the best for my financial needs.

Satisfied Customer for over 10 years!

My current bank is Suntrust. When I first opened my account with them, they were under a different name - CCB. I was 18 years old, and this was my first checking account. I've been with them ever since, and have never had any problems or complaints.

There is one teller in particular who always calls us by name and asks specific personal questions. You can tell she takes an interest in their customers. She is awesome! Once, our debit card info. was stolen, and I was telling her about it. She happened to remember another customer from earlier in the day have the same thing happen and asked us to mention a few places we used that card. We told her, and one restaurant in particular stuck out. The other customer that was a victim went there also! We were able to alert the restaurant owner, and they tracked down the employee and fired him. It was all because of the teller that took a genuine interest in her customers.

I'll never forget, one time, around Christmas, a charge went through that I wasn't expecting. This caused almost $200 in overdraft fees alone. I was so stressed out. I called their CS to see if there was anything they could do. They told me that as a one time courtesy, they could waive those fees. Talk about an answered prayer!

Also, every time there has been suspicious activity on my account, they've alerted me. We were almost a victim of ID theft 2-3 times, and their monitoring caught it before it was too late.

I have nothing but good things to say about them. I'll continue to be a loyal customer as long as they're in business!

Why Would Anyone Bank Here

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Worst experience ever with a bank. An Elder gentleman who lived through the depression told me you can't trust banks. Little did I know that Suntrust would prove him right. The Recession brought out the worst in Suntrust. I never made a late payment, as far as I know I was a perfect customer. I had to pay off my loans immediately because suntrust needed to raise cash. Thank god for our local banks.

Suntrust Bank is Helpful

I have been with Suntrust for a little over two years, and I don't have any plans of changing banks. They offer everything I need and do it for free as well. My experience with Suntrust is a good one. I haven't had any issues that they didn't warn me about or I wasn't informed of. Their ATMs are super user friendly and very intuitive, and I have never had an issue with putting money in the bank or resolving my issues. The only problem I have ever had is when their website goes down for maintenance and I cannot check my balance. They also have great customer service and are very friendly people. It doesn't matter which branch I go to, I never have any problems and I can expect to be helped efficiently.

The great bank

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Sun Trust Bank is really a great bank, they offer free checking accounts as well as free savings accounts as long as you have direct deposit. They have their own credit cards. The staff is very professional and very friendly.They treat you like family and always respect you. They call and check to see if there is anything they can do for you.If you have questions about anything they are there to help you.Sun Trust banking hours are great, they are open until 4 pm on the weekends, which is great, it really makes life a little less hectic.You can even pay your bills on line with their on line banking, i really love this because i do not have to leave my home to pay my bills.

Excellent Customer Service

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I have been banking with Suntrust for six years and have always been very satisfied. They helped me to apply for and recieve a secure credit card to help build my credit score. Later, they provided me with a small loan so that I could purchase a new car. Even though my credit score was poor, they approved me for a low interest loan due to the fact that I had been a loyal customer in the past. Their loan specialists are very skilled and professional, and seem to have a real affinity for helping the customer. About two years ago, I had my debit card stolen. Suntrust put a hold on the card immediately, and I wasn't responsible for any of the fraudulent charges that had been made up until that point, I was very relieved by the actions that they took to resolve the situation. Suntrust charges a very reasonable fee to maintain a checking account, and if you also open a savings account with them, they will waive the maintenance fee. Friendly staff and numerous locations in the area, Suntrust represents everything I want in an easy and dependable banking service.

Worst Bank Ever!

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BEWARE!!! I've been dealing with Suntrust for 10 years and they havent got any better. The bank use to cash my payroll check, all of a sudden they stopped and wanted to put a hold on the checks fror days at a time. Ive never over drafted in 10 years yet they wont even cash half and hold half like some other banks. The worst customer service EVER! Completely useless people that work there that just brush you off. And to top it off I logged onto my online banking to find out my account had been closed without my permission or acknowledgment and the money disappeared. No phone calls or emails offering an explanation. Of course it happened on a weekend and they arent open sundays to answer my questions.

Great customer service!

I had opened up an employee checking account with SunTrust and with that account the fees were waived for me. I later left that job and the fees were supposed to start after I left that particular job, but the person I was working with at my local branch extended an offer to continue to waive the fees so I didn't have to bank elsewhere. The customer service at my local branch has always been extremely helpful and friendly. I didn't want to leave this bank so I was very glad I had the opportunity presented to me to stay without the checking fees.

Not happy with their Tarpon Springs branch

I lived in St Petersburg Florida and used the wonderful branches in that area,but I moved to Tarpon Springs and its like night and day. I love their bank, its all over my area,but it still has that small bank feel to it. I noticed as soon as I moved that the closest branch to my area was not in the best area, and although that is okay, with in the confinements of my car, its not okay when I am walking around with business accounts cash flow, which is sometimes over five thousand dollars. I love their tellers and the down to earth feeling of the branch, even though the building was kind of old, its okay because its in a historical district and has history. I do not however like the homeless that hang out in that area and pan handle in front of the bank. I may have caught it at a bad time,but I feel like its always like that in that area. I recently stopped going to that branch and although I have other accounts at different institutions, I find myself traveling just a bit further to do business with the older branch of this bank. I have no other issues with this bank except for the Tarpon Branch

Don't Trust Suntrust

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I'm currently waiting to hear why SunTrust Bank decided to send my COBRA payments to a different company and address than I set up the account for with online bill pay and without telling me. I was on the phone nearly an hour with the farmed-out HR department just to confirm I had the right address. And I'm a SunTrust retiree (I could no longer take the hostile work environment) who didn't even get an exit interview.

Worst Bank On The Planet

While traveling from my home in Texas to California, I lost my wallet on the train on Thursday. I immediately called Suntrust and agreed to pay $25 to have a new debit card overnighted to me, as I was scheduled to fly back to my home in Texas just 3 days later on Saturday evening. I was very happy to pay the $25 for overnight shipping to my hotel in California. The debit card didn't arrive on Friday though as it was supposed to. I called suntrust to see what happened and was told that they don't even offer overnight shipping on cards. Only 2 to 3 BUSINESS days. Which means that myy card was on it's way to california scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, which my flight back home to Texas is three days PRIOR on Saturday. Obviously I was livid, and demanded a refund of the $25 and to talk to a manager. I was told there were no managers there and that one would call me the next day. Of course, nobody from suntrust called me the next day. So i called back on Sunday from my home in texas and spoke to a manager finally. This manager tells me that it is going to be delivered to my hotel in California on tuesday. She refused to listen to the recorded phone call where i was lied to about the overnight shipping and she refused to give me a refund. She said I would need to call back again on Monday to talk to customer service and have them refund the fee. She also wanted to charge me $25 AGAIN to have yet another sent to me in texas at my home, since I'm back from vacation now. I told them to keep the damn card and withdrew all my money and switched financial institutions for good. This was the worst experience of my life in dealing with a bank. The people who answer their calls are like robots that could care less about the customer experience.

On Line Service Rarely Works

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It is a nightmare to try to get on the SunTrust web site. I don't have this problem with any of the other banks I deal with.

The one thing you can trust with SunTrust is that there will be problems with the web site.

Suntrust Confiscated All Money In Checking Account

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In Dec of 2013, my father opened a checking
account, using their web site. He asked for checks & a debit card. My father is over 80 yrs old. I was going to be beneficiary, on the account. SunTrust called my father on the phone and asked him several questions. He apparently got confused, and give them different info than we had discussed. They then closed the account, claiming fraud and will not return the money. Only one transaction took place in the account. A deposit of over $10,000. We have gone in and talked with the branch mgr, who passed the buck, saying we had to call an 800 #. That # would just put us on hold, or refer us back to the branch. We were also told the money was still at another bank. Which Wells Fargo says is not true. My elderly father has just given up at this point. So, I'm wondering what to do now. Any suggestions?

Suntrust Confiscated All Money In Checking Account

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In Dec of 2013, my father opened a checking
account, using their web site. He asked for checks & a debit card. My father is over 80 yrs old. I was going to be beneficiary, on the account. SunTrust called my father on the phone and asked him several questions. He apparently got confused, and give them different info than we had discussed. They then closed the account, claiming fraud and will not return the money. Only one transaction took place in the account. A deposit of over $10,000. We have gone in and talked with the branch mgr, who passed the buck, saying we had to call an 800 #. That # would just put us on hold, or refer us back to the branch. We were also told the money was still at another bank. Which Wells Fargo says is not true. My elderly father has just given up at this point. So, I'm wondering what to do now. Any suggestions?

All Around Good

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My experience with this bank has been all-around good. I rarely have an issue getting checks in the mail, depositing checks, direct deposit, or anything like that. There are a lot of interesting and good products that they give, and the fees that I've been charged have been very reasonable from my experience. The only thing that I can say is that the web and mobile products are okay. The website itself sometimes takes several moments to load, and the phone app gave me so much trouble that I was forced to delete it for simply being nigh unusable.

Unhappy Customer After Over 8 Years Of Banking.

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I was charged over 500 in overdraft fees by suntrust for a teller crediting a bad check to my account.To my understanding other banks have automatic check scan machines up front to scan all customer checks before deposit.Why don't suntrust have this machine too?They deposit a bad check to a customer account and confirm it is credited then call them four days later to say the check came back and the account is overdrawn.They now send me collection letters for a check they confirmed was credited to my account.Please don't bank with suntrust,they intentionally credits a bad check to your account and expects you to pay fees.

Suntrust Is Not For The Average Earner

Having been a client and share holder of Suntrust for years, I was shocked to learn they charge my employee's $7.50 to cash a payroll check even though the payroll is drawn on my business accounts with Suntrust.When I brought this to the attention and questioned the local manager, he told me "your employee's can go to walmart and cash their payroll checks for less money" wow what a stupid answer from a "manager" really then maybe I should just do my banking with WalMart being I bring hundreds of thousands per year to Suntrust maybe the Walton family should open banks~

Today moving all my accounts to the local credit union now that they are set up for businesss banking,no more Suntrust-bye bye silly man~

SUNTRUST Overdraft Fee, Even After I Disabled That Option!!!

Even after I disabled the option for overdraft fees, Suntrust still let small payments go through and then charged me $36 per item which then became $109 and 2 weeks ago they did the same thing.

When I called my branch manager he had no expanation and said that the regional manager would call me on Monday morning and he never did!  I called back and left a message with a teller. Did not hear back at all!

Suntrust is a bunch of crooks and I am pulling out of there.  

Overdraft Questions

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So my wife and I have been living pretty tight for a few years. Every now and then we will overdraft our account and suntrust obviouslly charges us a $36 overdraft fee. I have called several times to speak with them b/c in back a few years ago when the banks were required to ask if their customer if they accepted or declined overdraft coverages, I DECLINED IT. I was told that was not the case and I have not really put up a big fight about it. Well tonight we got hit with a fee and it just didnt seem right on how the debits were arranged to cause this account to overdraft more than once.

I am quite frustrated with this and I decieded to research my decision to decline the service. Well I found the setting in my account that shows if you are enrolled or not and all my accounts have DECLINED checked and it gives a date as to when this decision was made and the date is 8/13/2010.

My question is now what. They have covered atleast 15 overdrafts over the past 2 years and I never agreed to this service. Infact I declined it b/c my thought was I would rather be declined then charged $36 per transaction. Should I go after all these charges b/c I declined this service and will I have a good case with them.

I dont know where to start but if I can stick it to them for doing this I would love to. We are talking about over $500 worth of fees that I didnt authorize. Any suggestions?

Why Not A Negative Star Option?

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I have been with Suntrust for the past 12 years.  We've had our ups and downs, but lately it has gotten to the point where I have opened an account at another bank.  When I opened the account, I had a $3000 minimum balance, free checks, free incoming wires, free cashier's checks, free ATM use anywhere in any network, and funds were generally released the next business day.  It was one of the better accounts at the time as far as services go.  In addition, I still received paper statements as well as my actual cancelled checks.

Shortly after opening the account, I quit receiving statements in the mail.  For over a year, I had no statements, no online visibility of my account, and had to go to Suntrust every month to get them to print a statement.  Since I was not signed up for image checks, there was no way to get copies of the cancelled checks.  Because of that, I was essentially forced to enroll in image checks, which I did.  It wasn't the end of the world and I knew eventually that would be the only option.  Finally, I had visibility of my account online as well as the ability to print statements. But, still no image checks visible online.  I would still have to go to the bank each month to get them to print my image check pages out.  After a few months, they decided they wanted to start charging me $5/month to get my image checks from them.  Well, if they actually mailed them or made them visible online, there would be no need for me to go into the bank and get copies.  I went rounds with them for several months and they finally told me they would continue to do it for free as long as I kept a minimum $5000 balance.  So, I did that.  

Eventually they added Bill Pay online, which was great.......except every check they mailed out on my behalf had the wrong checking account number on it, so all of those checks the first month bounced all over town as a "closed account."  I spent 2 days picking up bad checks and paying fees and paying cash to keep from getting utilities cut off.  All of this because Suntrust printed the wrong checking account number on the checks they themselves mailed out on my behalf.  They profusely apologized and refunded the fees I had to pay to various people.  Of course, I was still out my time and missed work.  Finally, after enrolling in Bill Pay, I miraculously started receiving copies of image checks both in the mail and online.  Apparently whatever the problem was got corrected at the same time they corrected the account number on the checks they were mailing out.  Nobody could ever explain why I wasn't receiving anything online or in the mail in the past, because everytime they checked the account, all appropriate boxes were checked.  At this point, I didn't care - I was just happy to receive image statements.

Things were fine for a few years and I even went so far as to recommending them to other people.

But about a year ago, things started going downhill again.  The first thing I noticed was the normal 24 hour hold on funds had changed to 3-day.  It then changed to 5-day and on some items even 7-day.  Then, they instituted a 2-day hold on cash deposits.  Cash?  Ok, I can deal with that as I never ever get close to the minimum balance required in the account.  However, I did question them at one time over the new hold policy on checks and they lied to me and said it had always been that way.  Apparently I'm an idiot who has no clue what has been going on in their bank account the past 10 years or so.  

They have since made additional changes to the terms and have instituted additional fees with no notification.  Just in the past few months, I've been hit with a check printing fee, numerous ATM fees while on vacation and using a non-Suntrust ATM (something that had never been a problem in the past), and an in-coming wire fee.

Enough is enough.  


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My mom and Dad have had checking, savings, CDs, and Money Market accounts with SunTrust for several years. About 5 years ago, after my Dad passed away and my mom's health began to decline I began handling their finances. I was so impressed with the employees at one of the branches in Florence, Alabama that I was seriously considering moving my personal finances to SunTrust. I found the employees to be helpful, efficient, and professional; however, on a few occasions, due to convenience, I had to visit another branch of SunTrust in Florence, AL and was amazed at the difference in the service. I was shocked to see individuals who work there with tattoos on their necks, unprofessional attire, and reputations in the community that are revoking. It was obvious that some of the male and female employees had relationships that went beyond the work setting. I felt so insulted that after my experiences, I moved most of my mom's affairs to other institutions or investments. She continues to have a few of accounts with SunTrust, but when the time is right, I will close those accounts as well. I will say however, that the original branch in Florence continues to exhibit a professional atmosphere; however, I'm sure it is just a matter of time that the standards will decline there as well, whether it is from a transfer from the neighboring branch, or poor judgment within management when interviewing and hiring personnel.

Trust My Ass!!!!!!!!!!!

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Suntrust has stole money out my account and it's not the first time. I tried talking to supervisors I spoke to three people before I got any results I'd rather go old fashion and use a damn piggy bank.


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OMG I concur!!! Suntrust is the worst bank ever. I opened an account for my then foster daughter to implement Independent Living and guide her in the right direction. To make a long story short, one of her so-called friends handed her a check from a closed account. Mind you, the check was clearly written out for One Hundred Fifty and No cents ($150) however, someone decided to write another (1) in front of the amount, making the total $1,150. Now if the teller took the time to "LOOK" at the check, she would've noticed the descrepancy. Not only that, my daughter barely had $100 in her account. Instead, the teller easily distributed the money no questions asked. The $1,150 was taken out of "MY" account and Suntrust Bank didn't want to hear a damn thing I had to say because they got their money. My foster daughter of course received an ear full, her checking account was closed shortly after and her so-called friends were not allowed to step foot in my driveway. I wouldnt recommend Suntrust Bank to ANYONE!!!!!. 

My Suntrust Experience

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I opened my account(s) with Sun Trust in August of 2010, and have never been more satisfied with a bank in my entire life. The only thing that I wish could be improved is the wait time to speak to a customer service representative on the phone, however my visit to a branch is always quick and refreshing in comparison to my other banks. I would encourage everyone to check out what SunTrust has to offer and keep in mind that things will happen no matter what bank you go to, no bank can be absolutely perfect.

No Help From Rude Customer Representatives

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Customer service reps need additional training, because after three calls, all three were extremely rude and offered no assistance at all. My experience would not even rate a half of a star on this rating system, however, in order to post this review I have to at least check one. Guess this is the way they get their stars.

Bank Review


I have a personal account and a business account at SunTrust Bank and have been extremely happy with the service.  The staff is friendly and most accomodating.  I use bill pay and am totally comfortable with the easy to use web site.  I also have my mortgage thru SunTrust and getting the mortgage was an easy call to the loan officer who was sharp and business smart - 15 year loan at a great rate.  I would recommend SunTrust to all my friends and family.

A Nightmare

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I went into Suntrust on December 29, 2011 to open a Checking Account. AThe Teller opened the account and took my payroll check as my first deposit. The Teller was very attentive and very helpful at that time. She explained to how to setup my online banking and also told me that I would be able to see the deposit online the following day Friday December 30, 2011, but the funds would not be available until Satuday morning December 31,2011.  Here's where it gets interesting! Keep in mind I deposited my paycheck. When I received the access code to setup my Online Banking on Friday morning, I was able to get into my account. However, the balance was 0 and the deposit I made the night before with my payroll check was not there. A little puzzled.... I contacted the bank and spoke with the Teller that opened my account and explained to her that the deposit from the previous night was not reflected in my account. The Teller was not as attentive and helpful as she was the night before. As a matter of fact, she rushed me off the phone and told me that I would not see the deposit unitl Saturday morning, even though she told me on Thursday that I would see it on Friday. On Saturday morning I tried logging into my Online Banking and received error messages after trying to login 5 times to no avail I contacted the 1-800# for the Onlne Banking Customer Service Dept and the Customer Support person told me that my account was closed on Friday because it did not pass the verification process????? I was perplexed and dismayed because I was never told by the teller that such a process existed and you would think that something like that would come up while your opening the account at the Branch, not 2 days later. Not to mention I never received a phone call or email stating that Suntrust had closed the account for whatever reason.  Okay peolple.... I'm now LIVID and BROKE on New Years Eve! I just wanted my paycheck back. So I went back to the Branch to get my check back. However, Suntrust gave me the finger once again. I was told that they COULD not release my paycheck or give me any of my money because the "Department" that release said funds was closed until Tuesday, January 2, 2012. I wonder if they will give me back my paycheck with interest.  It is now January 5th 2012 and I'm still waiting on Suntrust Bank to return my paycheck from 12/29/11. I received nothing...... I know one thing for certain, the 2 branches in Douglasville are in need of new management. The branch managers are incompite Their customer services skills are non-existing. The Arbor Place, Douglasville, Ga branch manager Andrea Woods is an absolute waste. My husband and I spent an hour in the bank pleading with the Service Rep. For help with our issue, to the point that I was in tears. She walked past us, stood next to us as she was discussing her holiday with one of the other workers. She could clearly hear everything we were saying to the Service Rep., she didn't even acknowledge our situation. Never even offered to assist us in any way. In other words she completey ignored us! Oh yeah! To this day... No letter, no phone call or an email from Suntrust telling me that they closed the account. BEWARE! THIS IS THE WORST BANK EVER!

Just Another Corporate Fat Cat

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So, I recently obtained an auto loan with Suntrust. When I contacted them to find out if I could pay this loan online (give them my money faster), they informed me that unless I opened additional accounts with them, I had to pay by paper coupon only or accept a $15.00 "convenience fee" per monthly payment. So they want to charge me $900 over the life of a 60 month loan for the convenience of giving them my money early.

This Bank Likes To Charge A Fee If You Get Under $5,000. For Even 15 Minutes During The Month.

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I Am Leaving Suntrust For Another Bank

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I am leaving Suntrust for another bank. I have been with SunTrust since the mid 70's and am a good customer. I do not overdraft and would love to stay with them, but because my husband and I cannot do direct deposit, and I may fall below $500.00 in my checking acct., they will be charging me $7.00 a month. I asked them why the big change and several branches said that it was to improve their relationship with the customer. How can taking advantage of me needing to use my own money by charging me and not considering my long term commitment with them make for a good relationship. NO WAY!!!! They just want to use my $500. And don't care that our jobs do not offer direct deposit. Well so be it. They are just a loan SHARK just like the rest of the big banks. I will go to a community bank and be treated with respect. The more customers allow big banks to take advantage of them the more they will do it. I hope more people will take a stand against big bank unjustified fees.

An Employee

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I dealt with an employee by the name of Jill L. on the telephone today. I just wanted you to know what a fine person she is. She was helpful and informed. I was upset and she put me at ease. She is a compliment to your company. I. Crossley

Customers Come LAST at SunTrust

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My mother recently went into long-term care and my siblings and I have had to go through a lengthy and onerous process to qualify her for Medicaid. Part of the process involves securing bank statements for the past five years. Since my mother has six bank accounts, we had the experience of dealing with six different banks. The customer service at most of these was friendly and accommodating. Two banks provided the statements for free and mailed them to us. In contrast, the customer service representative at SunTrust was officious and even rude. Moreover, SunTrust charges $5 for each back statement and, at this exploitative rate, requires that you return to the bank at a later date to retrieve them. I would not advise anyone to have anything to do with SunTrust.  Clearly, the bank's motto is "The customer comes last."


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Same Name Of The Bank....Suntrust...Think Again!

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I opened a custodian SunTrust account for my son while we were visiting Florida.  When I returned home to Georgia, I was told that SunTrust Bank in Florida was not authorized to do transactions with Georgia banks, at that time. However, they were the same bank.  Therefore, I opened another account in Georgia, so I would have access to his money when the bank receives authorization to do business in Georgia.  After I found out that they could do business in Georgia, I decided to keep both accounts separated.  When my son turned 18 years old, I went to the bank to find out how to avoid service fees.  The customer service representative suggested to do a monthly transaction to the account, and the representative set it up for me.  When my son started working, I went to convert the account to a checking account, and I found out my $200 account was -$200.  They charged me monthly insufficient fees for not maintaining the minimum balance and excessive withdrawal fees because the account had more than the maximum withdrawals allowed.  I showed the branch manager at three different locations in Georgia the paperwork where the customer service representative did it for me, and I was told that I have to get it settled with Florida SunTrust because my account was opened in Florida.  Moreover, my son's first chance to start an independent bank experience with SunTrust turned out to be to the worst bank experience.

New Customers

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We just opened accounts at Suntrust, and so far, I am not impressed. We were told that our first 100 checks would be free. Of course we were billed anyway, and we had to call ourselves to correct it. Seems like a pretty simple thing that they could do. Next, my husband has now received THREE (3) ATM cards....why we do not know.

Questionable Communication Among Sun Trust Bank Employees And Departments

I am very new to Sun Trust Bank. I bought a condo in Fla. and wanted to open a Bank Account with a local bank which happened to be Sun Trust.  At First it was a pleasure working with this bank as long as the banking does not become complicated and needs comunication between departments on policy proceedures concerning accounts, then it became a nightmare for me and it continues.  The communiction between bank customer representatives is totally unacceptable and has actually made me ill when I am told one thing by one Sun Trust Customer Representative and then it is totally contradicted by another Sun Trust Bank Customer representative.  I need a Bank that works well with its customers and so far I have not found that to be true with Sun Trust Bank. RC in Vermont  

Don't Trust Suntrust

Why is it that Suntrust is the only bank to ever put a hold on my paychecks?

After they continue to clear, zero have bounced, they still continue to needlessly put five day holds on my payroll checks.

The in branch staff are friendly, and do what they can, although they do not have the authority to unblock a check, even after it was cleared and payed out to Suntrust. It is their "Loss Prevention" department, who only work bankers hours.

A bank that holds on to your hard earned money for no reason is absolutely useless.

Suntrust Bank Is Friendly And Helpful

Our family has held Suntrust accounts for years, and we won't ever change as long as they continue the service they have provided us in those years.  Our local branch employees are extremely nice and helpful. They greet me by name when I come through the drive-through and always remember that my children like lollipops.  The 800 number personnel are always efficient and friendly and help in whatever way is needed.  I could go on and on about this bank.  They are clearly doing something right in a time when customer service seems to be an afterthought for many companies/businesses. 

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