Sharonview FCU's Adds 64-Month Certificate Special


UPDATE: 3/10/2018 - As stated on Sharonview FCU's website, "Limited Time Offer Has Expired (As of 5:00 p.m. ET, March 9, 2018)"

Deal Summary: 64-month Certificate Special, 4.00% APY, $500 minimum deposit of new money, per member deposit limit of $250k new money and $100k existing money.

Availability: Easy membership requirement (EMR) for residents of NC, SC, GA, TN, or VA through Carolina Consumer Council. Nationwide EMR possible (see details in the Availability section below).

4.00% APY. Do I have your attention?

South Carolina-based Sharonview Federal Credit Union (SFCU) is offering a 64-month Certificate Special earning the first 4.00% APY we’ve seen for a CD in quite a while. The minimum opening deposit is $500 of new money.

The 64-month Certificate is also available as an IRA (Traditional, Roth, and CESA), earning the same 4.00% APY and with the same funding requirements.

According to the fine print on the Savings Rates page,

For the 64-month certificate, Per Member deposit limit
of $250,000 new funds and $100,000 existing funds.

As stated on Savings Rates page, the Early Withdrawal Penalty reads as follows:

Penalty for early withdrawal is 365 days dividends on the amount withdrawn.

I want to thank DA reader, jrich444, for posting this great deal in the Forum. And many thanks to all who commented.


Headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina, Sharonview Federal Credit Union offers membership through a variety of ways.

Easy Membership: According to SFCU’s Eligibility page, “Anyone, anywhere in the Carolinas, GA, TN or VA has the opportunity to join Sharonview through the Carolina Consumer Council.” Using promo code, SFCU, when joining waives the membership dues.

Two other EMR organizations are the Hobby Farmers Association of America ($20 annual fee) and the Charlotte Folk Society (dues ranging from $20-$40). Descriptions of these organizations are listed on the Eligibility page, including links.

The comments from DA readers on jrich444’s Forum post provide a lot of good information concerning the EMR.

Residency: Individuals who live, work, attend school, volunteer regularly, or worship in the North Carolina counties of Bladen, Cleveland, Gaston, and Robeson; the North Carolina cities of Charlotte, Salisbury, and Wilmington; and the South Carolina counties of Florence, Greenville, and Spartanburg are eligible to join. There are some Zip Code restrictions, which are listed on SFCU’s online application.

Employment: Employees and retirees of more than 800 North Carolina, South Carolina, and New Jersey SEGs are eligible for membership.

Membership: Members of nearly 30 organizations, including several churches and HOAs, are eligible to join.

Relationship: Immediate family and household members of current SFCU members are welcome to apply.

Complete details concerning membership eligibility can be found on the first screen of SFCU’s online application.

Joining Sharonview FCU and/or opening a Certificate Special can be done online, or at any of the 11 North Carolina branches located in Charlotte (5), Fayetteville, Gastonia, Salisbury, Shelby, Tar Heel, and Wilmington, or at any of the six South Carolina branches located in Florence, Fort Mill, Greenville, Greer, Simpsonville, and Spartanburg. Since I last wrote about SFCU, a single branch location has been opened in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

The membership application is also available as a download, which can be completed and then mailed or dropped off at any branch location.

Credit Union Overview

Sharonview Federal Credit Union has an overall health grade of "A" at, with a Texas Ratio of 5.56% (excellent), based on September 30, 2017 data. In the past year, SFCU has increased its total non-brokered deposits by $59.36 million, an excellent annual growth rate of 7.03%. Please refer to our financial overview of Sharonview Federal Credit Union (NCUA Charter # 22548) for more details.

Sharonview Federal Credit Union was founded in 1955 with $11k in assets, after 20 Celanese factory workers met with a North Carolina Credit Union League representative. The rather unusual name comes from two neighboring roads in Charlotte: Sharon Road and Fairview Road. After 60 years of growth and FOM expansion, Sharonview FCU has more than 73,500 members and assets in excess of $1.4 billion.

How the Certificate Special Compares

Allow me to state the obvious: Sharonview Federal Credit Union’s 64-month Certificate Special APY simply has no competition. I’ve chosen nationally available 5-year CDs for this comparison, given the SFCU’s easy membership requirement.

The above rates are accurate as of 3/2/2017.

To look for the best CD rates, both nationwide and state specific, please refer to our CD Rates Table page.

Related Pages: Savannah CD rates, Charlotte CD rates, Wilmington CD rates, Raleigh CD rates, Greenville CD rates, Florence CD rates, 5-year CD rates, nationwide deals

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This place is going to get creamed. Let's see how many complaints are posted.
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This issue is many DA readers have noticed their/favorite CU of these rates since the rates are available nation-wide? Perhaps their could be local "movement."
  |     |   Comment #61
They probably needed few millions to finance a project, what they will do with the rest of the "billion" they are being offered to them by the savers?
This NEEDS to be post up HERE
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When you join via the Carolina chapter's website, you will wind up with an American Consumer Council certificate. My understanding is that's fine with Sharonview, if you live in NC, SC, GA, TN or VA.
But if you live elsewhere and join the Consumer Council via the Carolina chapter, and then apply for Sharonview membership: you may wind up with a Sharonview member number using the certificate, but it seems they'll eventually catch the error -- you'd then have to join Hobby Farmers or Charlotte Folk Society to get the CD.

So, unless you live in one of the specified states, I suggest that you don't try to join via the Carolina chapter.
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knowledgeable well spoken customer service complete with southern accent. MAGA!
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Agreed. Very nice people and competent. They also seem to have their ducks lined up on the technical side, which is a HUGE help when e-mailing them documents, requesting application status, and so forth. This is not some tiny little hole-in-the-wall credit union. Sharonview is the "real deal".
  |     |   Comment #4
In-branch CSR couldn't say when this would be over, but "likely until at least summertime, unless they just get slammed". She threw out the possibility of a rate cut if that happened, but this was all "unofficial, of course."
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Credit to Ricochet who posted this first in the forum but was questioned. I can now confirm that Sharonview does accept the ACC as your association. Existing ACC members, of which there are many, have no need to do Hobby Farmers or use any ot the others. ACC membership works. I sent them a copy of my certificate yesterday. Just learned they liked and accepted it without question or issue.

Here is my best suggestion:  When filling out the application online, select the CCC as your association.  Then e-mail Sharonview a copy of your ACC certificate.  That should work.

Incidentally, ACC membership gets you into quite a few credit unions all around the country.  If you are not already a member, it costs only $8 to join. 
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Kaight, I was told the ACC would not be accepted. So I ended up with the Hobby Farmers $20. I even gave them my ACC acct #, & no go. Wish I had read your notice before I jumped at HF. Oh well win a few & lose some. To late to complain now.
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#9 is a valuable post in my view. Despite the experience of Ricochet and myself, perhaps not everyone at Sharonview is aware the ACC is acceptable. The rep with whom I spoke was not a front line person. She was, instead, in the department that actually works on new memberships. And there was no lack of clarity or uncertainty in her acceptance of the ACC.
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Kaight -- Can you e-mail the certificate as part of the application, or is it a separate thing? If it's separate, should it be done as soon as the application is submitted, or is it better to wait to hear from the CU?
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Here is what happened to me:

At the conclusion of the online application I received a message saying they needed to see a copy of my driver's license. They provided me an e-mail address for that purpose, so I had the address to which I could send documents generally. Obviously in the body of the e-mail accompanying any document you must include your Application number.  I e-mailed the copy of my driver's license immediately.

Anyway, despite not having used the CCC as my association initially, I thereafter started to noodle around the CCC website, poking here and there. Lo and behold their membership application was virtually identical to the one for the ACC! So I was like, why not try?!  I used that same e-mail address I had used for my driver's license to e-mail them a copy of my ACC certificate, without really knowing for certain it would be accepted. Bottom line: it worked.

FWIW, the ACC is the parent organization of the CCC.  So the two are VERY closely linked.
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Kaight, thanks for the information.
Can you confirm if it is a hard credit inquiry to become a member of Sharonview FCU?
Can you fund the certificate with a credit card?
  |     |   Comment #14
Unable to confirm. Not an issue for me.

No CC funding but they will do an ACH pull for the savings account funding.

Myself? I funded my accounts by check, mailed in yesterday via USPS.
  |     |   Comment #15
Someone else at has already indicated that it's a hard pull for membership.

Also, I asked a CSR that question earlier today. After checking with a supervisor, she said yes. I asked "even if I indicate when applying that I do NOT want a loan, a credit card, or even a debit card attached to my checking account"? She replied that the answer was still yes.
  |     |   Comment #79
The vast majority of credit unions do a hard pull when you first become a member, for everyone.
  |     |   Comment #16
Kaight - You applied for the ACC membership but did you also apply separately for a CCC membership? TIA
  |     |   Comment #17

My ACC membership was pre-existing. I have been an ACC member for a while. I did not apply for CCC membership. Instead, noting the commonality between the two after perusing the CCC website, I took a shot that Sharonview might accept my ACC membership. They did.
  |     |   Comment #21
Thanks, Kaight....I've been a member of ACC for a while also. I think I first became a member when I applied for a CD at Andrews.
  |     |   Comment #184
After filling out the online application, I sent a copy of my ACC certificate along with my driver's license as email attachments, when I was asked for my driver's license. But when I talked to one of the service reps, she emphatically told me that ACC is NOT acceptable to join the credit union. I mentioned to her that the two organizations were related and that someone posted on an internet forum that he joined using the ACC certificate. However, she was from the LOAN department (my bad luck!)---I was on hold for over 20 minutes and she answered the phone. Anyway, I joined Hobby Farmers of America as she suggested and was accepted as a new member several hours later. She told me the promotion will probably continue for a week or so, depending on how soon the credit union reaches its funding needs. The credit union is very busy! It does not matter which branch you choose when you apply for membership. ALL the branches are being swamped with applicants. Looks like you have to speak to a rep at the branch you chose, because you can't fund your CD on the website when you log into your account. So, tomorrow I'm preparing to wait a long time to speak to a rep at the Carmel (my choice) branch.
  |     |   Comment #7
In the comparison table it says "60-Month CD Special ($500 min)".
Shouldn't that be "64-Month CD Special ($500 min)"?
  |     |   Comment #8
is sharonview federal credit union a member of the "SHARED BRANCH" COOP??

  |     |   Comment #18
Seeing report this hour, another website, saying this 4% deal could be dead and gone middle of next week. Nothing like this is for certain. Nobody knows for sure. But cannot say I would be shocked.

Time is of the essence.  I did inquire earlier today and can report as follows:

The Sharonview "back office" does not operate over the weekend.  They do have "front line" reps available weekends to answer the phone for routine matters, existing account inquiries, that sort of thing.  But the pivotal folks who open new memberships and accounts do not work weekends.  They will be back, but not until Monday morning.
  |     |   Comment #19
Just curious - which other website? Thanks.
Fan of this website
  |     |   Comment #20
My complements to jrich444 for finding this deal, to Ken for posting it, and to Kaight for being the "Knight" of the hour and presenting such helpful information.
  |     |   Comment #22
4%! I simply adore it
  |     |   Comment #23
With the $250,000 limitation, the advantage over other 3% CDs is $2,500 a year or $208 a month. That's good but not incredible. I would have to terminate an existing CD at another institution that has an EWP to take advantage of this one.

I wonder if you can send them $350,000 and open two CDs, one for $250,000 and the other for $100,000. The $100,000 would be existing money, assuming you waited a few days before opening the CD.
  |     |   Comment #24
I'll describe my application experience, which has left me confused. I applied as a Carolina Consumer Council member. (Even though I'm already an ACC member, I decided to go to the Carolina chapter's website and join the ACC via the Carolina chapter.)

I was able to apply for credit union membership and for the required savings account, using the Sharonview application. I was not able to apply for the 4% CD. When I completed the application and clicked "submit", the website congratulated me for "becoming a member of Sharonview Federal Credit Union", said my "account has been created", and gave me my membership number. I was informed I'll receive a welcome packet in the mail, and a Welcome Call from a CU representative

I received 2 automated e-mails. The first ("Your Account Application has been received") read, in part:

"We have received your application. Reviews are usually completed within one to two business days (though periods of higher volume can result in longer wait times). We will be in touch shortly if more information is needed. Approved applicants will be contacted within the next few days."

The second ("Account Application Acceptance Notification") was sent five minutes later, thanked me for my "interest in Sharonview" and continued:

"We have received your application. Reviews are usually completed within one to two business days (though periods of higher volume can result in longer wait times). We will be in touch shortly if more information is needed. Approved applicants will be contacted within the next few days."

I'll try to get through to them Monday. I'm not clear on my status and do not know how to apply for a Certificate of Deposit.

And congratulations to those who've managed to open CDs at Sharonview.
  |     |   Comment #26
Apologies -- I messe dup on the two e-mails I received and can't edit my error.
The first e-mail, "Your Accont Application has been received", said:

All membership applications are subject to verification of primary identifcation and other information you submitted in your application. A Sharonview representative will contact you during business hours to verify your application and discuss any details with you.

The second, "Account Application Acceptance Notification" read:

We have received your application. Reviews are usually completed within one to two business days (though periods of higher volume can result in longer wait times). We will be in touch shortly if more information is needed. Approved applicants will be contacted within the next few days.

Entirely my fault. I apologize again. And, please bring back the edit function, or at least explain why it's been terminated.
  |     |   Comment #28
Hi alan1

I do not have the answer to your dilemma. Your process was somewhat different than mine. I can tell you when I sent (e-mailed) Sharonview a copy of my driver's license and a copy of my ACC certificate it appeared to make them happy and satisfy their concerns. Were I in your situation I would do that today, since there is no real downside and it might help facilitate things for you. Here is the e-mail address I used:

[email protected]

It is essential, in the body of your e-mail, to provide them your application number or your member number, or both, and include your documents as attachments.
  |     |   Comment #29

One other question -- how does one apply for and fund the CD? It wasn't part of my application process.
  |     |   Comment #30
Mine either, alan1. I found no way to apply for the CD while completing the online application. But I'm old fashioned, so:

After going through the online process completely, following which (unlike with yourself) they requested a copy of my driver's license, I immediately snail mailed Sharonview a (paper) check for my CD. In my (paper) letter of instruction accompanying the check, I explained the funds were intended to open a new 64 month CD at 4% APY.

And BTW, when I wrote "immediately" above that is what I meant.  My mail had already been delivered.  I had to drive ten miles down and back to the post office to post that letter to them.  But I have no regrets whatsoever.  I did not want to wait for the next day's mail.  With deals of this sort, if you snooze you lose.
  |     |   Comment #31
Kaight, thanks for listing the e-mail address.

I decided to resend my Hobby Farmers of America $20 receipt. I faxed it yesterday & the rep said she couldn't find the fax. She said to call back Monday, but as you have said previously, "better safe" to double than wait.
  |     |   Comment #25
Don't know if this was posted - but in their schedule of fees there's this" - Inactivity Fee (after 12 months without activity) $20.00 / Month". Quite a hefty fee.
  |     |   Comment #27
Excellent catch, Francis. I saw that, too. We do not know into which class Sharonview falls. At some financial institutions, if you have a CD you are exempted from any activity requirement. At other financial institutions, whether you have a CD or not, periodic account activity is required.

We also do not know whether or not Sharonview will send out a no-activity warning message before imposing any possible fee. All of these details will become known in the fullness of time.


For anyone interested, here is a link to the Sharonview fees page:
  |     |   Comment #32
Not clear: on the EWP, is it 365 days of interested on the ENTIRE AMOUNT of the CD, or 365 days of interest on the amount you have to take out early?

Also, note that they charge for incoming wires ($$ $$)
  |     |   Comment #33
Sorry, just saw that it's for the amount withdrawn here on DA, though didn't see it on the Sharonview website (wish there was an edit function here)
  |     |   Comment #34
Does anyone know if you can elect to have the dividends/interest paid monthly by check? Nothing on their site at all regarding this.
Anna Log
  |     |   Comment #35
Does anybody know if dividends are posted monthly? I can't find detailed account information on their website. Thanks
  |     |   Comment #37
Told that monthly checks are fine.....
minor typo
  |     |   Comment #40
minor typo in the post: Charter # is 22458, not 22548. Yes, it's good to always make sure the financial institution is not a shell overnight look-alike webpage for another bank: so I normally double check web address with NCUA to make sure it's legit.
  |     |   Comment #42
I wouldn't jump all over this. Everyone here is so conditioned by the scorched earth CD landscape over the past decade that 4% seems like manna in the desert, if not an outright hallucinatory mirage. But wait. While 4% for whoever's able to score it may be a coup for some relatively short period, we're about to see the disastrous effects of Trump economic policies (initiating a trade war being only the latest) begin to manifest themselves, - one component of which is likely to be a huge increase in interest rates (yes, good for us, but horrible for the economy as a whole) as the drama unfolds of a bond market absorbing up to 600 billion of Fed balance sheet unloading and 1.2 trillion of deficit financing needs in fiscal year 2019. Who's going to buy such massive amounts of paper at the current paltry rates, with imminent inflation now rearing its head, and rising doubts about just how safe a haven US Treasury debt really is in such unprecedentally enormous aggregate quantities? We could easily see 10 year Treasuries up over 4% sometime in 2019 (and rising), with longer term CD's in the 6%+ range again. That 5 year 4% commitment could well become an albatross in such a rapidly changed circumstance, rather than the salvation you all think it is at present.
Fan of this website
  |     |   Comment #45
gregk brings up a valid point, but it also possible that we may hit a recession a couple years from now and rates go through a period of decline.

It is worth noting that the Fed currently considers the neutral Fed funds rate to be in the range of 2.5 - 3%. During the past 9 recessions, the average decrease in the Fed funds rate was about 4.2% or 420 basis points. Even excluding the 1982 recession, which led to a decline of 10+ %, the average rate decrease was 3.4% or 340 basis points. I would therefore suggest that it is likely that when our next recession hits, the Fed funds rate will return back to the 0 - 0.25% or 0.50% range. In that context, 3% or 4% CDs will be a good investment to have.

Yes, rates may and will probably increase over the next 18 months to 2 years (barring a recession). This is why there is value in setting up a CD ladder over time to stabilize your return and retain flexibility. Is putting all of your money into a 5-year 4% CD a good option? Probably not, but allocating a portion of available funds will represent a useful part of a CD ladder strategy. I think a good rule of thumb is when a new "deal" is 100 or more basis points above the next closest competitor, as Sharonview is (4% vs. 3%) it is worth adding to your ladder.
deplorable 1
  |     |   Comment #83
@Fan of this website: Good observations. I would suggest that the FED needs to alter their dot plot in view of recent events though. It would not surprise me at all if they raised that neutral rate a bit higher at the very next meeting. I always thought the neutral rate should be 4.5-5%. When 5 year CD's hit 5-6% I will start to lock up some cash long term again. These MMA's, high yield savings and short term CD's are looking pretty good right now.
Fan of this website
  |     |   Comment #135
Deplorable, I hope you are right and that we do end up seeing 5-6% CDs during this economic cycle. It is true that Fed members have expressed concern about a lack of ammunition to address the next recession. I believe that some would like to raise the neutral rate if they feel that is feasible, but at this point we do not know if that will happen.

The current dot plot plan is to raise the Fed Funds rate to the neutral rate range by the end of 2019, so the best CD rates may appear in the Fall of 2019 or early to mid 2020. That said, we may see a surprise to the downside (recession) or a surprise to the upside (higher inflation) that alters this trajectory.

In light of this, I would lean towards the idea of a "barbell" CD ladder, with an emphasis on short-term rates (maturing within the next 2 years) to be ready for better deals in that time frame, but also some allocation to longer securities (5 year CDs with 3% or higher rates) to hedge against the "downside" possibility. I would avoid options that currently run between 2 and 5 years and are still in the 2% range, i.e., 3 or 4 year CDs.
  |     |   Comment #58
If will be a refreshing change if 4% becomes the floor my CD ladder.
  |     |   Comment #73
While it's very possible we could lose control of the long end of the curve, I have brokered CD's at 3.3 I can sell at par to fund this.
Those don't contain the put provision, which, while seemingly costly, would be very valuable if CD's went to 6%
deplorable 1
  |     |   Comment #82
@Gregk comment #42: While I agree with you on interest rate predictions your misguided belief that Trump is going to crash the economy shows you either have a very strong political bias or a bad understanding of basic economics most likely the former. You wanted higher interest rates yet you seem to be diametrically opposed to the very policies that would cause rates to rise. Next you will be complaining about the national debt rising due to the higher interest rates when it wasn't Trump who put 20 trillion on the national tab.
  |     |   Comment #44
Sharonview charges $10 for each incoming domestic wire (most CUs don't charge anything for incoming wires).
  |     |   Comment #47
Just use ACH.
  |     |   Comment #46
How confident are gung-ho posters here that by this time next weekend their 5 year Sharonview CD's will be firmly established in the Sharonview books? I intend a 100K investment, but am wary of complications arising, either in establishing Sharonview membership, or the offer itself being quickly terminated, or at least closed off to those outside the typical Sharonview membership field. Once this CU gets hit with many thousands of apps from all over the country in the coming days they may quite readily rethink just how much funds they're prepared to absorb and from whom. I'm reserving some excitement for now till I'm further along in the rush to consummation. It just may not pan out for many of us.
  |     |   Comment #48
If they are offering 4%, certainly they believe they are going to be able to offset that in fees from the CD holders, and/or lending that money back out. Maybe they are receiving lots of applications from members for car loans at 7%?

However, at this time next year, 4% may be very common for 4 and 5 year CDs.
  |     |   Comment #49
I have been debating with myself whether or not I want to go through the brain damage to open this CD. I have come to the conclusion that I am probably going to pass. For a 100K investment, you will be getting an additional $1,000 a year over the other 3% CDs in the marketplace. In California, after taxes, it will amount to approx $650 or $55 a month. Is this enough to go through the effort of becoming a member and opening the CD?

I would normally answer the question affirmatively, particularly in a declining interest rate environment, but since rates do seem to be climbing at least in the short term, I think I will wait patiently for other opportunities. It's possible we might never see a 4% CD again, but even if we don't there should be more attractive CDs down the road.
  |     |   Comment #50
Lou--I am also in California and am of the same mindset as you. Sounds like a "workload" to open the account (for those that is was easy for--I congratulate them).
Its interesting that this relatively small Credit Union wants deposits. Remember, deposits are "liabilities" on the balance sheet --and for a Credit Union , they must balance with assets (LOANS). So, a crude conclusion is that they have made too many loans and upset the balance--this is prominent due to their "outstanding" 4% offer versus the other Credit Union rates for the same term.
Nevertheless, thanks to Ken for the alert on this opportunity.
Lou, I would watch Navy Federal (branches and easy opening in California) and wish you good luck.
  |     |   Comment #51
Like you, I have a hunch Navy Fed will pleasantly surprise us before the year is over.
  |     |   Comment #59
I sure hope so, they are my primary place for CD's right now.

I was just at the local branch Friday asking about this, the rep I know said he was also wondering why the rates haven't gone up yet, He said he would talk to the manager this week about it and let me know. I have one coming due the 6th that needs a home.

In my case I do not run all over the country for a few more basis points, I want a place I can physically walk in the door and look someone in the face if things aren't right than emails or phone calls with "some rep" "somewhere".
  |     |   Comment #52
I know that everything's bigger in California, but they're a pretty good size -- they're the third largest credit union in South Carolina, with 74,000 members, 18 locations and $1.46 Billion in assets.
  |     |   Comment #53
I am not worried about the health and safety of this credit union. My reasons for forgoing this deal are enumerated in my previous posts.
  |     |   Comment #74
Lou/UCLA, have you sent the offering to your "local" CUs to see when/if they are going to move? (As you note it is a national offering) Competition is one driver and if they know, in effect, you are going to (consider) sending money back east what do you think some may be inclined to do in California?
  |     |   Comment #75
Dunmovin, I have a number of credit unions outside the state in which I own CDs. I don't have any objections to using credit unions anywhere in the US if the deal makes sense to me.

I can certainly understand why some posters are interested in this deal, as I might be too if I didn't have to close another CD or sell some other investment in order to take advantage of it. I just think the amount of interest I would gain, since the maximum amount of the CD is capped, is not worth the all the work I would have to endure to get through the process with this credit union. I also think it's quite clear that interest rates are continuing their upward climb for the foreseeable future and there will be other opportunities in the future.

There have been a number of deals on in the last year where we have seen mass hysteria by posters. Guess what, most of these deals don't seem all that great right now. In the past, when we were experiencing a zero interest environment, it was understandable for posters to get excited when a good deal revealed itself on these boards. But the marketplace has now fundamentally changed and the current posters don't seem to recognize this reality. Today, it is advantageous to be patient, just the opposite of the way it use to be. Of course, many of us have been traumatized by the last 8 years, so it's understandable if they are still fighting the last war.
  |     |   Comment #77
agree with lou
if i could just fill online forms,email my qualifying membership in acc, wire $250k and get it succesfullyndone in time to get the 4% inwould do it in a california minute
i get the idea from several posts it,s a week of axiety with chanevthe deal ends before my “entry” gets done and i have $250k hanging out in space
if the credit union said the deal is good as stated thru march, i would be on the phone monday
its a great deal even if rates reach 4% during next two years,, cause by then my cd with this credit union will only have two years to go
but, alas (to quote shakespear) to be or not to be that is the question
Where to thaw credit freeze?
  |     |   Comment #54
For those of us with security credit freezes, does anyone know which credit agency needs to be temporarily unfrozen (aside from Chexsystems) for this CU application?
  |     |   Comment #55
usually goes by region of domicile , TransUnion here
  |     |   Comment #56
I asked a rep that very question, he checked and I was told TransUnion.
Where to thaw credit freeze?
  |     |   Comment #57
Thank you, #55, #56 !
  |     |   Comment #62
I submitted an online application this AM and, at the end of the process, a page popped up and congratulated me on becoming a member, assigned me a member number(not an application number) and stated I would be receiving a new member welcome package in a few days. Then, I received two emails stating, in effect, that my application would be reviewed in a few days and then I would be notified if my application was approved. So, at the moment, I have no idea as to where I actually stand with them and do not look forward to the 'wait time' when I try to call them tomorrow. lol Anyone else in a similar situation?
  |     |   Comment #63
Amos -- You are not alone. I am in the same situation. I described it in Comment #24, with corrections in Comment #26. Kaight posted a suggestion in Comment #28.

Perhaps things will be clearer on Monday. Perhaps not.

If you learn anymore tomorrow, please post about it. Thanks.
  |     |   Comment #64
Good info, Alan 1 and Kaight. - thanks.
  |     |   Comment #65
Yeah, the advantage I had over you guys, the difference for me, is that they told me straightaway, online at the conclusion of my application, what they wanted and gave me their e-mail address . . . which I posted above.  No telephone calls.  What they want is a copy of your driver's license and a copy of the document that proves the association you are claiming in order to qualify for membership. These are very reasonable demands. Only problem is that if you wait for a telephone call from them so they can tell you what I just did, it might come too late for you to get the deal.

That's why I suggested you just go ahead and e-mail them what they need. Be certain to include, in the body of your e-mail, either your application number or your member number if you have it, or both.  Attach copies of your documents.  They do a good job processing those e-mails, capturing your documentation, and adding it to your new membership data.  Once your profile is complete and has been accepted you are good to go.

Now is it possible they might want more documentation from you guys than from me?  Sure, anything is possible.  But I still think they are gonna want at least to see license and association documentation.
  |     |   Comment #67
Thanks. How did you find out that they had processed your e-mail and you were "good to go"? Did they phone you, send you an e-mail, or did you learn by contacting them? Or something else?

Their communications to me have not only been contradictory, but rather cryptic. No info as to process for signing up for online banking, no info about how to open additional accounts, such as CDs. More in the nature of "you're a member"; nope, "you're an applicant"; someone will contact you to welcome you; nope, someone will contact you if they want more info.
  |     |   Comment #69
I called them. But only AFTER I had submitted, via e-mail, the documents I am suggesting you forward to them ASAP. I actually called the next day, and they were just getting to my documents at that time. Course that was Friday. I'm guessing that tomorrow, Monday, they are gonna be swamped!!
  |     |   Comment #66
I got the same emails and the membership number, and I can log in into my account online.
  |     |   Comment #68
Thank you, mariafalter. I had been reluctant to even try to enroll in onlne banking, due to the contradictory messages from Sharonvew. I was afraid any attempt to enroll/log in would create additional problems.

Based on your message, I think I'll give it a shot. Thanks,again (though I'm a getting a sinking feeling that, with my luck, I'll wind up being locked out of everything.)
  |     |   Comment #70
has anyone outside of NC and SC successfully opened this cd yet? Did anyone figure out if just an ACC account number enough to join. I have an ACC number from years ago when I joined. Can I use that without joining the SC or NC branch?
  |     |   Comment #71
I'm basing my response on my memory of the comments. Kaight has reported that he joined the credit union through his existing ACC membership, without going through the Carolina chapter.

I don't think anyone has reported actually having obtained a CD with an account number.
  |     |   Comment #193
I used my existing ACC membership I had obtained in CA.
  |     |   Comment #78
I filled out online membership application and got the welcome message and a membership #. I used the hobby farmers of America $20 membership to be eligible to join. I also was able to sign up for on-line banking and log into my account. Sharonview online system appears to only allow savings account initially with options to get checking or a money market. CD purchases don't appear to be an option online. Once I obtained a membership #, I mailed in a check with instructions to purchase the 4% CD along with proof of eligibility. This occurred over the weekend so haven't yet had opportunity to contact a CSR.
  |     |   Comment #76
I'm thinking more and more like Lou now in wondering if I really want to take the trouble with this. A likely outcome is that I do nothing until the frenzy subsides (just read about the anxiety and turmoil the rest of you have been willing to endure). Then when the dust settles and I understand exactly how the joining up and account opening process is structured and unfolds, I'll move in on it with relaxed demeanor and absent all the anxieties. And should the offer have meanwhile been withdrawn so be it. I've just tired over the pell mell rush with these deals, - like some herd of cattle making a furious (if lumbering) dash for the feeding trough. It's become too unseemly for me to participate in.
  |     |   Comment #80
Yeah, Monday at 8am, this credit union will be inudated with people and phone calls. All these people so desperate for yields will have you waiting on the phone for probably a few hours. After the stampede subsides, pretty sure the credit union will have more deposits than they would expect. Then they have to cut off the deal abruptly.
  |     |   Comment #85
from Sharonview's fee schedule:

External Transfer: Incoming & Outgoing ($2,500) – Standard delivery No Charge
External Transfer: Outgoing (over $2,500) – Standard delivery $3.00
External Transfer: Incoming & Outgoing – Next business day $5.00 / Item

My _guess_ is that this applies to transfers initiated via Sharonview's online banking system, not to transfers initiated at another institution's website.

Yours for uncertainty and doubt (but not fear)
  |     |   Comment #86
correction: the first listing above, with no charge, is for "2500".
  |     |   Comment #87
next correction: it's _less than_ $2500. Perhaps depositaccounts,com does not recognize the symbol.
  |     |   Comment #125
Yes, many comment sites filter out the greater than / less than symbols because they are also used to make HTML codes.
  |     |   Comment #92
I was advised in an email from Sharonview this AM that membership in ACC/CCC does not qualify for membership in the credit union unless you actually reside in one of those specific named states/areas.
  |     |   Comment #93
Well gee, that is what Sharonview actually states in black-and-white right here in one of the links that Ken provided, is it not?

The very first sentence in the section that deals with Carolina Consumer Council states: "Anyone, anywhere in the Carolinas, GA, TN or VA has the opportunity to join Sharonview through the Carolina Consumer Council."

  |     |   Comment #95
111 - Your post reminds me of - "a good deed never goes unpunished". lol and have a super great day.
  |     |   Comment #96
I just got off the phone with a rep and they are swamped as most of us thought based on the 4% rate. He stated that he had more than 40 people on hold although my hold time was not bad at 10 minutes or so. I am still in "limbo" regarding my application which was submitted on 3/1 last week. The are waiting for the e-commerce department to approve a lot of applications from last week which typically take a "few" business days per the rep. No telling at this point how this all plays out. He recommended calling in every day to check on the status of the application. Have to say that the 2 CSR's that I spoke with were very cordial and helpful regarding the status of things. We will see how things go.
  |     |   Comment #99
Avoid the hassle of calling them....once I got through last week I now have the CSR call me back at a scheduled time each day until this lovely process concludes. I scheduled today at 8:00am and my phone rang at exactly 8:00am. Their service seems fairly solid so far.
  |     |   Comment #101
I also just got off the phone talking to a rep. The wait was not so long as I expected. They have all my documents & I must wait for a call or e-mail.
I wonder how others have received their membership # right away.
Anna Log
  |     |   Comment #109
I applied last night and received a membership # within 5 minutes via email. Rather than wait for a call or email from them, I just called them this morning. The front line rep I spoke with was able to pull up all my info including my recent Hobby Farmers of America Membership purchase. I didn't have to email or fax anything else. Just did their application on line and funded the Membership savings account with 50 dollars --ACH. Will be sending them a Fedex today with a CD funding check with specific instructions. If you do overnight, it's best to send it to their headquarters location on Red Ventures Dr in Fort Mill, SC.
Was able to log into online banking this morning and initiate a ping for an external, local account. You can have up to 5 linked accounts.
Spoke with Christle x2665...a great help!
  |     |   Comment #100
Regarding the 4% 64 mo certificate, among others, see the smaaler print footnote:
* Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 11/13/2017. These rates may change any time without prior notice. After your account is opened, the dividend rate may change
  |     |   Comment #102
  |     |   Comment #106
LOL Retroactive rate changes.....sounds like, Valor I mean.....What happens when the stock market crashes in a few years and Sharonview retroactively cut rates on this 4% deal? They are goiung to say: "Did you read all the fine print disclosures?".
  |     |   Comment #108
Wow! I didn't see this on the main page. The wording is different. I would definitely want clarification before opening a share certificate. Good catch.
  |     |   Comment #110
You are correct, according to a supervisor, the current 3.922% may change at any time along the 64 months time, it could be tomorrow or some time in the future, nobody can rely on almost variable rate CD. Once you are locked in, one year of early withdrawal penalty is their money maker, should you decide to bail out, you will lose a lot.
  |     |   Comment #118
RichReg says it was misinformation, but Mike you said you actually spoke to the supervisor. So, who is correct?
  |     |   Comment #112
Hence the word CERTIFICATE (derived from the word CERTIFIED).

The small asterisk * you reference in the fine print isn't referring to the CD accounts, but to
SharonView's Savings accounts. If you read further down that page they also refer to what are called 'non-term' accounts and APYs.
  |     |   Comment #113
(above was cut off)
I think there's some misinformation here.
CD rates are locked in until their term has expired and /or matured.
  |     |   Comment #103
Was going to do this but don't want any hassles. I have enough credit unions to deal with.
  |     |   Comment #104
At this point in time everything's clear as mud.

No regrets I'm sitting out the ruckus.
  |     |   Comment #105
What is clearer than mud is how to leverage this rate/term with "your" nearby CUs!
APY may change after opening?
  |     |   Comment #111
Post #100 noted the language on the webpage saying APY may change after the CD account is open. I can't seem to find disclosures online - do they clarify this in any way?
  |     |   Comment #114
Their main promotion page cites "guaranteed rate of return" follows:
If you have extra money you can keep on deposit for several years, you'll get a stronger, stable return when you open this Share Certificate. Unlike the stock market where funds are not insured and are at risk, this Share Certificate earns a guaranteed rate of return, and credit union accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA**.
  |     |   Comment #117
I just opened the CD, and was very pleased. Here's a summary of what happened.

First of all, Sharonview has Excellent Customer Service! Besides the CD, I may very well stay with them for other products as well, as EVERYONE I spoke to along the way went out of their way to be helpful, even while I'm sure they're being swamped. Very good experience all around.

Early Friday, I filled out their on-line application, and received an automated email telling me I'd need to email them copies of my ID. At this point though, I may have been lucky, for when I called on Friday with some questions, the helpful CSR then transferred me to some department or branch somewhere (not the normal CSR dept) where a very helpful lady answered my questions, told me her name, and what she needed from me. Friday evening I emailed the requested documents.

Monday morning after getting thru to the main CSR line (not too bad, about 10 mins) I asked to be transferred to the lady I'd spoken to before. Then everything went silent, and I waited for 40 minutes until hanging up (no hold music, no voicemail, just silence). I called back, spoke to another CSR (who apologized profusely, very friendly) and she tried again. Same thing: only silence (no hold music, voicemail, or anything). This time I waited only about 15 mins before calling back, because I think it's their phone system going buggy because so many people are calling (I certainly don't mind holding, but it was apparent that the transfers weren't going through). When I spoke to the 3rd CSR this morning, like all the others, he was apologetic and extremely helpful, offering to message the lady I was trying to reach and had spoken to on Friday. The lady messaged back that she was on the phone with someone else, but would call me back. She did so within the hour -- and by the time she called back, she had already created my account! She gave me my Acct #, and said that with this account number I could go into any shared branch and make my deposit. There was one more set of forms I needed to sign -- with her on the phone, she emailed them to me, and I "signed" them online with the document signging service they use. Then I told her I'd be ready to create the CD by the end of the day, and she offered to call me back a little before the close of the business day. I then drove to a shared branch credit union that's about 20 mins away from me (the closest that's a shared branch CU), made my deposit to the account number she gave me, then called her back (she had given me an extention to try to reach her or her co-workers at if I wanted to reach her before the end of the day, but if she hadn't heard from me by the end of the day, she'd call me back). I reached her, she verified that the deposit I'd made at the shared branch CU had already shown up, and within 10 seconds she created my CD. In the mail, I requested she send me a "real" signagure card (as the online one just uses computer fonts -- and I think I'll be staying with these guys in the coming years, so I want a real signature card), as well as a beneficiary request form. For those interested, she said on the beneficiary request form you can either select just for one particular account, or all (global) non-IRA accounts for the same beneficiaries. She also said an ATM would be forthcoming within 7-10 business days.

Note that I will not post the extention of the person I dealt with (because then thousands of people will be trying to reach just her. Don't bother asking, I won't post it), but I wanted to relate this experience to everyone to let them know that while they're swamped, they ARE trying -- and they all want to help as much as they can. It might take a couple days under normal circumstances for whoever deals with the applications to deal with the deluge they're getting... my suggestion is to give them a bit of time, and maybe check back every day or two. It may seem like nothing's happening, but know that that from everyone I spoke to, they really are trying their best. Once your account is created, you can get right to it.. and if you're worried about the timeframe, consider that once you have your account, you can use a Shared Branch CU to get your funds to Sharonview instantly.

Keep in mind also that Shared Branch is an option to get funds there if you don't want to deal with the US Mail, ACH, or a Wire. Just use google to find a Shared Branch CU in your area (you don't have to be a member of it) and once you have your Sharonview Savings Account #, that's all you need (plus ID). Note that with some "Shared Branch" CUs, only CERTAIN BRANCHES are "Shared Branch" -- call to verify which branches are, before you drive there.

They're swamped... but excellent Customer Service!
  |     |   Comment #119
I received an email at 10 am that my application had been approved. At 11:30am I received an email that my application had been denied. Anyone else have this experience?
  |     |   Comment #137
Thank you for a great write up. Did you deposit at Shared Branch using a check or something else? If by check, just to double check, they opened the CD without waiting for the check to clear? Thanks!
  |     |   Comment #139
Used a personal check. They opened the CD up without waiting for the check to clear.
  |     |   Comment #121
For what's it's worth, I'll describe what I was told by two Sharonview frontline customer service representatives. First, here's my situation. I had joined the American Consumer Council via the Carolina chapter, using Sharonview's promo code. On Friday, I applied for credit union membership online. After clicking "submit" I immediately received a congratulatory message welcoming me to the Credit Union, along with my membership number. I then received 2 e-mails that indicated that I was an applicant whose application was being reviewed, and that I would be contacted by a CU representative. Based on a suggestion posted here, I e-mailed my ID and new ACC certificate to Sharonview over the weekend.

I called today since no one has contacted me. Both times I was told that I am a member, and that my account was open. I was told I could get a CD by:
a) going to a branch;
b) going to a shared credit union to deposit funds to Sharonview and then calling Sharonview to open the CD;
c) sending a check, with letter of instruction to open the CD, to their corporate headquarters in South Carolina or to the branch I had selected at the beginning of the online application process.
(Getting the 4% CD is contingent on Sharonview receiving the check before the offer ends.)

I'm going to wait until Sharonview pulls the $5 to open the required savings account, as per the online application process. If that delay causes me to miss out on the promotion, no big deal. Based on my experience, and on what I've read here, I'd prefer to wait until I'm more confident that I am actually a member.

Thanks to all who have posted comments describing their experiences with Sharonview.
  |     |   Comment #122
They hadn't pulled the $5 by the time the rep created my account and my CD today. When I was at the Shared Branch today making my deposit (to fund the CD), I decided to deposit an extra $5 to the Sharonview savings account, as at the Shared Branch the Sharonview balance was showing "-$5.00" (because the $5 hadn't been pulled yet). So I deposited an extra $5 (plus the amount I wanted to for the CD) at the Shared Branch just to be on the safe side. When I spoke to the lady creating my CD shortly afterwards, I didn't even mention it. If they still pull the $5 I originally typed in to have them do (which they probably will) not a big deal, I'll just have an extra $5 in my savings account. If it's done manually and someone sees it doesn't need to be done anymore, that's good too.
  |     |   Comment #123
I was also able to create an online banking account, log in, and see both my savings account (which now shows "$0.00 available" (instead of -$5.00 available"), as I deposited an extra $5 at the Shared Branch to cover the initial $5 (again, if they still pull $5 more like originally requested, no big deal). I was also able to see the 64mo CD created, though the online system just shows the amount, none of the details (% rate, terms, maturity date, etc). I guess they'll send that in the mail. Still, at least I know it's been created. Again, I really liked Sharonview's reps -- they must be deluged like crazy, but not one of them was rushed or unfriendly -- every single one was courteous and extremely helpful.
  |     |   Comment #124
thanks, anon4567. When doing the shared branch deposit, what do you use for the account number? Is it Sharonview member number (mine is 6 digits), or is it the member number follwed by 0000, which is what shows up online for my savings account? Thanks.
  |     |   Comment #127
The default destination for deposits to a credit union account specified by just the member number is the 'base share' savings account, in my experience. If you also had a checking account on the same CU membership, I think they will typically even send to that account instead of the savings account if you select a 'checking' checkbox on the deposit/transfer form instead of selecting the 'savings' checkbox, when just using the member number.
  |     |   Comment #130
I did a wire at cost of $10 and just used the 6 digit and it worked fine. Money deposited within last 30 minutes and CD is now open. Was able verify on-line. Between Friday and today, maybe 2 hours of total effort to get through the process. Well worth the effort. There is no question either about the is locked for the period of the CD. What they do the rate can charge at any minute if you open the main share account but don't get the actual CD opened in time. Good luck to all who decide to go through the process.......Lastly, if you require a follow-up interaction they are HAPPY to call you back at a scheduled time. Works real well.
  |     |   Comment #136
2 hours to much time for me. I'll pass. Something else will come along
  |     |   Comment #131
I just used the 6 digits.
  |     |   Comment #132
Tip: with all the people calling, their phones lines are acting weird.
When calling their 800 number, and pressing "0" then "1", if you then don't get hold music/a recording within 15 seconds, hang up and call back again (you'll be hanging on the line for nothing). You might have to do this a number of times. But, if, after pressing "0" then "1", you start hearing their hold recording, just hang on the line, and someone will indeed come on the line when they get to you.
  |     |   Comment #133
Further to Comment #100: Once Fort Knox increased the EWP (on existing Depositors) – they said they had the right. DA readers disagreed. The NCUA agreed with Fort Knox – although there was no explicit language in the CU agreement warning depositors that Fort Knox reserved the right to do this, the NCUA felt that various language in the Agreement gave Fort Knox the right to make changes. Stoneview explicitly warns that “These rates may change any time without prior notice. After your account is opened, the dividend rate may change.” How do you read “after your account is opened your dividend rate may change? Maybe the EWP penalty is worth a gamble following a rate change. I would want a written statement from Sharonview that the 4% rate in your Certificate of deposit cannot or will be changed during the term of your Certificate.
Snowflake Tears
  |     |   Comment #134
The written statement is the Disclosure Statement.

I am sure the fine folk here receive, and read, the Disclosure Statement before opening any CD.
  |     |   Comment #138
I'm always amazed when a decent CD pops up. True, many of us rush in & then worry when the application doesn't finalized as quickly as we wish.
So early this morning I posted, like others I was told I must wait for an e-mail or phone call from a rep to obtain a membership #.

So, I followed Kaight's advice after I knew all my documents were in Sharonview FCU hands. I called & waited for a time for a rep. Finally someone answered, I told this rep that other folks were receiving their Membership #'s. So she passed my call to someone who could finish my application & give me a Mem #. He was very competent.

I drove to the PO with my check & the correct address for posting. All & All, this deal cost me $20 for the Hobby Farmer & $7 for Priority Mail. The mail should be in NC by Wednesday. Hopefully done deal by the end of this week.
  |     |   Comment #141
I hope this works out for you, pattyb53, better than it has worked out for me. It should. But keep a very close eye on your tracking.

My own error, and this does impact you as well, was total failure last week of geographical awareness regarding Fort Mill, SC. My mind was like: Oh, OK, South Carolina. Should be fine.  What an idiot.

I have just checked, a little late, the Wikipedia page for USPS sectional centers. Here it is:

It was not until my conversation yesterday with a Sharonview rep, and this came as an aside not as anything I thought was important at the time, that I began to realize the mailing jeopardy into which I had placed myself. I looked at a map and I still did not get it. But this morning, after learning my mail did not reach Ft. Mill as I had anticipated, I finally put two and two together. The sectional center for Ft. Mill, South Carolina is actually in Charlotte, NC.  Charlotte is a big city with big city postal service.

I'd like to think that, in my younger days, I would have picked this up in time. Sharonview members have the option of sending their deposits via USPS to their chosen branch, instead of to Ft. Mill. My chosen branch is Greenville, SC. If I had had the foresight to send my deposit there it would by now most likely be in my account . . . instead of still in the mail! If I miss the deal because of this error the penalty will be well deserved. When one does stupid things one cannot anticipate good outcomes. I'm hoping for the best.

As for you, pattyb53, your use of Priority Mail most likely will save you from my fate, and I hope it does.  I did not use Priority Mail.  But I did post my deposit back on March first, blissfully unaware USPS routing would take my letter through Charlotte.


For anyone going forward wanting to have a better handle on this sort of thing, here is a link to the USPS sectional center facility (SCF) chart:

Using my own error as an example, you can readily see from the chart the difference between a zip prefix of 297 (Ft. Mill) and 296 (Greenville).  Greenville actually is its own sectional center for goodness sake!  Oh, well.
  |     |   Comment #143
Thanks for the post. Chalk it down as a lesson learned. Wiring funds instead of snail mail is the best way to go on important time sensitive deposits.
  |     |   Comment #144
I have wired funds, ACHed funds, and overnighted funds in the past. In this instance I calculated there was enough time to use USPS First Class Mail, and I was right. My real mess up was failure to check routing. I should have sent my deposit to Greenville.
  |     |   Comment #148
You know Kaight, as I read your post earlier, I noticed you mailed to SC. I thought, Kaight must know what he is doing. I'm so sorry about this & the delay it is causing you. Things like this happen to all of us. My mail did go to Charlotte, NC 28226.

I will be closely checking my tracking today.
  |     |   Comment #149
In the future, remember to check if the Credit Union does Shared Branch. Sharonview does, and even though my local credit union is not shared branch, I was able to drive 20 mins away to a shared branch, make my deposit there, and instantly create the CD. This saved on both mail time and cost, or the double cost of a wire (as Sharonview charges for incoming wires, as well as the cost to send the wire from the other institution), and was faster (instantly) than the time it would take a wire (let alone ACH) to arrive. Hopefully it'll still work out for you, but in the future, even though only some credit unions are shared branch, it pays to ask just in case, as that's by far the fastest/cheapest way to move money (including large sums -- you could just deposit a personal check that will clear after your CD is created).
  |     |   Comment #140
I just want to point out something that _may_ indicate a change in Sharonview's implementation of its eligibility criteria. When I used the online application last week, I clicked on "I qualify for membership because... Association." The first association listed in the drop-down menu was "Carolina Consumer Council"

The first entry is now "Carolina Consumer Council (North or South Carolina, GA, TN, VA)"
  |     |   Comment #142
Id like to buy one of these but I'm not in one of the free states and I don't want to pay $20 to join.

So I bought another 2.25% at Nasa yesterday.
  |     |   Comment #151
So, - to avoid a $20 fee you sacrificed 1.75% in yield. I suppose if your investment is under 1K you'll come out ahead.
  |     |   Comment #179
Not necessarily. I believe the NASA certificate is for 11 months. Rates then may be higher then. But if if were me I'd lock in the 4% CD.
  |     |   Comment #145
Just opened my share certificate over the phone. I received my welcome pack yesterday. On the second last page it states "for fixed rate share certificate and fixed rate ira share certificate accounts the dividend rate and annual percentage yield are fixed and will be in effect for the term of the account" . No need to worry about the rate changing!
  |     |   Comment #147
Dave...don’t forget to read the entire agreement as a does what you state trump (real trump, not fake) the other provision...only prospective or from the get-go? Do you think one should confirm in writing?
  |     |   Comment #153
The rate may change after you have opened your cd at 4% apy. Tomorrow this cd offer may go to 5% or down to 3%, but you are locked in at 4% for the entire term of the maturity date. Yes, I have read the entire member agreement and disclosures pamphlet that I received in the mail via usps yesterday!
  |     |   Comment #154
"The rate may change after you have opened your cd at 4% apy. ... but you are locked in at 4% for the entire term of the maturity date." Really?
  |     |   Comment #156
DUH!!!? Call the credit union and ask if you do not believe I can read!
  |     |   Comment #157
The rate for FUTURE APPLICANTS will be different than when you applied. Unless you expect a bank/credit union to never change their rates ever again, this is normal behavior.
  |     |   Comment #146
UNCLE!!!...I am out after the FCU continually requested more and more documentation given I'm not in one of their "preferred" states. First it was the drivers license, then SS Card (of which there was no substitute), a utility bill and so on. I called the SS office to get a replacement card but they stated it would take 4-6 weeks so that was the last straw. I applied at Navy FCU back in December of 2017 and had no issues whatsoever. Oh of luck to the rest of you all...good to see that some have been getting in on this deal.
M Brown
  |     |   Comment #150
Having a hard time with this one. I applied on Friday and received a message that they would be in touch with me soon. I have tried to call them three times, and they say to wait for someone to call me back. Still waiting...

Meantime, I bought a Hobby Farmer membership on Friday with PayPal. That purchase is still "on hold," even though I paid through my available paypala balance and they received it immediately. So still waiting for a member number from them, too.

Tough deal so far. Those sitting on the sidelines may be the winners here. Eating a hard pull, spending $20, and phone run around is frustrating for an extra 1% over what's available from more reasonable institutions.
  |     |   Comment #152
Like you, M Brown, I paid for my Hobby Farmer membership with Paypal and have not yet received a member number either, even though I specifically requested one from them. I guess they are out somewhere enjoying their new-found wealth. I wonder if anyone else has received a proof of membership from them?
  |     |   Comment #155
Funny thing! I ordered Hobby Farmer, using my Paypal acct. I received the acct # immediately, actually at the same time as Paypal went through. Proof of membership!
  |     |   Comment #159
Thanks, patty, but to be clear, did you receive a member# or an order#? Thanks again.
  |     |   Comment #162
I think it's the order# because they only asked for 'proof of purchase' I just send them a screenshot of the last page.
  |     |   Comment #163
It worked. They just needed 'proof of purchase' not 'proof of membership'. They will be sending the CU member documents to sign. Hope this helps.
  |     |   Comment #160
Hmm, my state did not qualify for the ACC membership, so the rep directed me to Hobby Farmers too. $20 1 year membership.....looks like a website created by a personal web creator or something, especially if they only takes Paypal only. Maybe it's only one person running the site and the memberships and he or she is getting flooded. If that is the case, then it will be a while for that person to go through the memberships.

I did like the picture of this lady with all the prized hens around her.
  |     |   Comment #164
I don't know why they needed a copy of your SS card to be honest. I just send in my DL and copy of utility bill, then proof of purchase for Hobby Farmers and they are sending me membership documents to sign.
  |     |   Comment #161
It sounds like some of us are having an easier time than others getting an application approved and then having the CD opened. My experience was painless...
1. I applied for membership on Friday and received an application (not member #).
2. Before they even asked, I emailed them a copy of my driver's license and proof of association. My credit report accounts are frozen so I temporarily unfroze transunion and received an access code which I also emailed before they even asked. I used the ACC as I don't live anywhere near the Carolinas.
3. I called today (Tuesday) first thing in the morning and asked about the status of my application. The representative verified who I was and said someone from the branch location I picked on the app would be contacting me today. An hour later I received a call from a representative and confirmed I was approved and just needed to Docusign some forms. I received them within five minutes after i got off the phone with him.
4. I signed the forms via Docusign and five minutes later the representative emailed me confirming he got the signed forms and I was good to go. I now had a member #.
5. I went online and signed up for an online account.
6. I then went to a shared co-op branch and dropped off my check.
7. Came back home and logged in. My deposit showed in my account.
8. I emailed the representative stating I made the deposit to fund the CD.
9. The representative emailed me 10 minutes later and informed me he transferred the deposit into a new CD.
10. I immediately checked my account and the CD was opened just as he said.

I'm thinking what branch they have listed that you pick and who looks at your app makes a difference. I just picked Spartanburg for no particular reason and I have no complaints. The representative that helped me was great on the phone, answered all my questions and responded to my emails very quickly.
  |     |   Comment #165
When you dropped of the check they were able to fund right away?
  |     |   Comment #166
i was told by 2 reps that a personal check will be put on hold for 5-7 bus. days before it can be used to set up the CD. which by that time the offer might be over already.
  |     |   Comment #169
Yes. I went to a shared branch (I'm in Arizona) then I drove home a few minutes later and logged into my account at which point my deposit showed up. I emailed the representative that was helping me, notified him of my deposit and then a few minutes later he opened up a CD.
  |     |   Comment #168
My experience of the process differs from Ariz; however, the result and conclusion are similar.

1. Applied over the weekend and received a member number (but that was onscreen at the end of the application; it did not come over email).
2. I also emailed a driver's license scan and ACC membership.
3. I received a call today and was told that because I'm not in NC, SC, GA, TN, or NJ that I can't join based on ACC; however, the CSR suggested without my prompting that I could join the Hobby Farmers of America. During the call, I asked about using a shared branch to make a deposit to fund the CD special offering and was told that I could not.
4. However, a few minutes later, I received an email message from the same CSR stating that I could use the shared branch deposit (and was also given the instructions on how to do so in the email). The CSR also asked me for what amount I would want to open the CD. The CSR used that information to set up the CD in advance, awaiting the funding. That email message was helpful, because it then gave me a direct way to contact the same CSR with any additional documentation.
5. I then joined the HFA and took a screenshot of the receipt indicating payment, emailing it to the CSR.
6. Went to the shared branch and deposited the check.
7. Sent an email stating that I had deposited the check and asked the CSR to use the deposit to fund the CD.
8. Received a scanned copy of the receipt indicating that was done (and have confirmed the same online).

I agree with Ariz that experiences will likely vary somewhat based on the branch, but like so many others, have had a good experience. I'm also impressed that the different branches seem to have enough instruction to get things done reasonably quickly. (I compare this experience favorably to a couple of the other hot deals from the past year.)
  |     |   Comment #170
Guess for future reference the shared co-op way is better than paying for wires saves some $$ but no big deal.
  |     |   Comment #175
thowelllll - you indicated that the CSR gave you instructions on how to make the shared branch deposit. Would you mind telling us what those instructions were? The deposit procedures may, or may not, vary among the various CU's so it could be very useful to know how they want it to be done in this particular case. TIA
  |     |   Comment #183
The instructions were fairly simple (and were based on an email message that was sent to the various locations). The account first needs to be set up (in other words, get confirmation that the account is set up and accepted) and then make the deposit using the name of the credit union and your account number (which I had already, but the CSR also provided to me).

The funds go into the basic savings account and then you can contact the CSR to have the funds put into the CD.
  |     |   Comment #172
Ariz - The check you brought to the shared co-op branch you used in Arizona - was it a personal check, or an "official" check like a cashier's or bank check? Thanks in advance.
  |     |   Comment #177
Personal check.
  |     |   Comment #167
My experience - applied online Friday. Last evening I called and confirmed my account membership was established. Today, shared branch deposit was painless for me. Transfer of funds is immediate. When I got home from town, checked online, $ were in my new savings account and I contacted Sharonview to set up the certificate. The Sharonview rep I spoke with was from the HQ call center. As a side, Rep told me there might be a 5 day hold on my deposit as I am a new account, however, would not affect the opening of the CD and I would be immediately accruing interest. I asked about inactivity fees on the savings acct; was advised to have one transaction a year to avoid inactivity fees, ($20) so I just set up online, an external pull semiannually for $10 (minimum required for external pull) while I was thinking about it, so in case I forgot in the future I wouldn't get a bad surprise. Good luck everyone, and may rising rates continue to bless us all.
  |     |   Comment #171
follow up to my previous comment #78 about mailing in check and proof of eligibility this past weekend. I tried a couple of times to call and check status but never got through. But the good news is that I just logged into my acct and the CD balance is showing.
  |     |   Comment #181
FYI - Sharonview requires $5.00 min. per account holder. A CSR called after posting the above and informed me that I needed $10 in the savings acct because I have a joint acct.
  |     |   Comment #173
I need to amend my post (#5) from last Friday. At that time, on the telephone with a rep, I was told ACC membership was acceptable. I had already e-mailed my ACC certificate and, after retrieving it, the rep promptly granted me a member number and literally welcomed me into Sharonview. Swell. Easy peasy. I was happily able to log into my new Sharonview account straightaway. Great! But that was then. This is now:

Today a different rep told me ACC was NG. Unacceptable. "But, but" I stammered, explaining the above. "Hobby Farmers or you cannot move forward with funding your accounts" she insisted. What was I to do? Join Hobby Farmers, that's what I did, and immediately, too. Oh, well. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.

Despite the above wrinkle I am very happy with Sharonview and would recommend this 4% CD to others. Thank you, Ken, for a great CD deal!!
  |     |   Comment #178
Live & Learn Kaight! I was told "right off the bat" Friday that ACC would not work. Join the group of Hobby Farmers $20.

Early this morning, tracking my mail, it had only progressed to Sacramento CA. Hope it makes a big jump later & lands in Charlotte, NC tomorrow.
I never thought about the co-op route for moving my check faster. Anyway we will see what happens next. Actually I don't even see my $5 in the Savings yet. It still shows --$5.00

Yes, it's still a good deal & the reps are quite competent. It's actually only been a few days since we started this adventure.

  |     |   Comment #174
As of last Friday evening I am a proud member of the Charlotte Folk Society. Who knows, I may even lean to play the dulcimer!
  |     |   Comment #176
Never, ever heard of the Hobby Farmers before this but now, guess what, I'm one of 'em. So, where do we go from here? lol
  |     |   Comment #180
No offense to farmers, but had I looked closer and noticed the Charlotte Folk Society, I probably would've joined them instead of the Hobby Farmers of America. Good on you.
  |     |   Comment #182
To echo comments #117, #161, #168, my process has beep very smooth and I've been quite impressed with customer service professionalism and helpfulness!

Some finer points:
- I had to temporarily unfreeze Transunion and Chexsystems (thanks to folks on this site)
- I had tried joining via ACC but was told I cannot due to residing outside of the ACC states they support; so I joined Hobby Farmers. While it directed me to Paypal, on the paypal page, I just used a credit card option from there and paid with a credit card directly.
- The Hobby Farmers page, when I looked closely, has a small section saying that if you are joining them for this credit union, you can just send the email of payment as proof and it will be sufficient. Hobby Farmers clearly noticed the inflow :-) Anyway, that's what I sent the CSR that's been helping me and it sufficed. I had also emailed DL copy.
- Thanks to anon4567, I used Shared Branch for the first time and was very pleased. I deposited a couple personal checks and they appeared in their system right away. When I shortly called my CSR to ask to open the CD, she said she cannot be cause money from the checks will be on hold for a week. I insisted and after she checked with supervisor, they agreed to open the CD and have the CD funds on hold - fine by me :-) ... The CD got open right away then.
- Shared branch just needed by DL and account number at the credit union. I deposited some cash as well - that one was available right away.
- I am told different beneficiaries can be setup on different CD accounts. I have some more money on the way and will setup different beneficiaries so as to be under $250max limit. Note that I want both the original 250k + all the interest that accumulates over then next 5 years to be insured, so I need at least 2 beneficiaries for that.
- Everything has been done via electronically.
  |     |   Comment #185
Apologies if this shows up twice.
Has anyone else had a problem receiving the DocuSign e-mail from Sharonview? I had forgotten that I was supposed to get it. I called yesterday afternoon; the Sharonview representative said she would promptly contact the branch i had selected to get them to send me the DocuSign material. I still have not received anything.
  |     |   Comment #189
Mine came through without drama. Do not forget to check your junk e-mail folder.
  |     |   Comment #186
After further review I'm considering a second bite of the Sharonview 4% apple, prompted by a maturing CD tomorrow at another institution. This really is an amazing deal. Has anyone been given indication by a Sharonview rep as to how much longer this deal might last? Friday seems to be a cutoff day for these things, fairly often anyway. It'll be a squeeze moving funds so quickly. Probably will need to wire.


Going back to the Andrews deal, I remember thinking their 3% CD offering back then was merely the first of a LONG string of CD opportunities just as good or better coming very shortly thereafter. Well, I certainly got that wrong!

4% is an outstanding CD interest rate today, right now, and I'm concerned about making the same mistake twice. While I believe rates are ascending, most remain a goodly distance away from 4%. The interest rate future could not be more uncertain, and a 4% bird in hand is better than a 5% or 6% bird in flight off in the distance and unable clearly to be seen.  So if I'm able I'm gonna open another Sharonview CD . . . if I can get the money there in time.
  |     |   Comment #187
I called Sharonview yesterday (Comment #185). I asked the representative about how long the deal might last. (My check is in the mail.) She made it very clear that she did not now. But she expressed the opinion that it would still be available on Friday.

I too have the impression that these types of deals often terminate upon close of business Friday.
  |     |   Comment #188
Coerection: "She made it very cleat she did not _know_. But..."
  |     |   Comment #191
Thanks, alan1. That is a help.
  |     |   Comment #194
@Kaight...might want to consider a wire. I had a couple of complications which set my timeline back but decided to this morning ask to speak to a loan officer to get to the bottom of why my application was not going through. I was told there was an issue on my credit report regarding confirming residency but they stated that they would accept a copy of a utility bill as confirmation which I submitted (they did not need a SS card after all). So to make a long story short I am thinking I better do a wire which will cost me about $35....$25 outgoing and $10 incoming from Sharonview to fund the account. Like you I am nervous that this great deal might end over the weekend.
  |     |   Comment #198
quoted from anon4567

Keep in mind also that Shared Branch is an option to get funds there if you don't want to deal with the US Mail, ACH, or a Wire. Just use google to find a Shared Branch CU in your area (you don't have to be a member of it) and once you have your Sharonview Savings Account #, that's all you need (plus ID). Note that with some "Shared Branch" CUs, only CERTAIN BRANCHES are "Shared Branch" -- call to verify which branches are, before you drive there.

They're swamped... but excellent Customer Service!
  |     |   Comment #201
Thank you for the suggestion of using a shared branch. I appreciate it.

I used Google to locate the nearest such facility. It would be a 60 mile round trip for me, to a location where I have no other business. There actually is a small city closer to me than that, a place to which I must travel anyway, for other reasons. But there are no shared branches in that entire city, or anywhere NEAR to that city. I guess it is fair to say shared branches work for many people, but not for everyone.
  |     |   Comment #195
I was thinking about opening a Sharonview CD but don't want the hassle. I think with rates going up we will see CD rates increase into the 4% + range. This is a different environment compared to the time Andrews offered their 3% rate. If the 4% was from an institution that I already had a relationship with or a bank with an easy open process I would jump on it. I saw that someone spent 2 hours just to open a CD.
  |     |   Comment #196
ATT yeah but always helps to hedge your bets some especially when a rate such as this one is well ahead of current market rates building in a bit of buffer. That stated I have a couple of 5 year Synchrony CD's that mature in mid 2019 that could be in the sweet spot around that time barring something unforseen.
  |     |   Comment #197
Att..."If the 4% was from an institution that I already had a relationship with...." Did you tell them about it (it is a national offer) and see what your locals will do? If they know that you are thinking about "doing something," do you think they are more apt to move or stay pat on rates?
  |     |   Comment #202
Great rate but I prefer not chasing may tail any jumping through hoops. I'll wait and see for any future offers. Their is even a slight chance this small CU could fail possibly nulling the 4% rate. With the market down today I'm going to put some money into mutual funds and my kids 529s.
  |     |   Comment #199
I understand your hesitation, Att, and am wondering if I should move forward as well. They had a problem verifying me and asked for me to send them a copy of my State ID which I did right away. Well, now they tell me that the Consumer Council is not valid for me to obtain membership, and I have to pay $20 for Hobby Farmers. I said that I wanted to be sure I was fully verified before I went ahead and paid $20, but they said they would not move ahead with my application until I paid the money and there is no one they can transfer me to in order for me to ask about my verification. I find this very strange. I only have a small amount of money to invest at this time anyway, as I locked up money with Harris last week, and may just wait since we do seem to finally be in an environment where rates may rise rapidly. I have already spent quite a lot of time on this with potentially a lot more time involved and hitting brick walls.
  |     |   Comment #217
This 4% is just a part of my ladder. As my other CDs will be expiring later and next year, I will roll them into either a higher or lower rate CD....but I have at least 4% added to my current ladder which is better than everything currently available.
  |     |   Comment #210
I had my bank ACH money to them (they apparently could do this without 2 deposits). The money posted the next day and I opened the CD within 24 hours.
  |     |   Comment #228
Hi Knight....its funny I was debating the 2nd bite too this morning.....the 100 basis point premium is very compelling and I have plenty of other liquidity to take advantage of other attractive options that might arise in the coming months. I just wired funds for CD #2 and will open tomorrow. Just could not pass it up. We have waited so long for such an opportunity. The indifference and/or lack of ambition by some to spend an hour or two of hassle is dumbfounding to me. For me....I could use the extra earnings. It's time well spent and years in the making. My best to all !!
  |     |   Comment #190
I had good experience with account opening process. I was given member number in a few minutes via email after I submitted application via web. I was able to login after that.

Next I had to setup ACH to send funds. Today the funds were sent and I was able to open the CD.

I had very very positive experience with the customer service representatives. I liked the information they gave and liked their accent even more! In CA I don't get to hear that sort of accent often.
  |     |   Comment #192
I found the name Sharonview a little unusual. I am wondering what's the story behind that.
  |     |   Comment #200
On September 7, 1955, 20 employees of Celanese met with a North Carolina Credit Union League representative to start a new credit union. They decided to name it after two neighboring roads in Charlotte —Sharon Road and Fairview Road — and Sharonview Federal Credit Union was organized with only $11,000 in assets
  |     |   Comment #206
For ACH i found that their max was only 5K to pull were you able to get more or did you send money from your institution to them?
  |     |   Comment #207
I used other financial institute to send ACH. I could've sent wire, but the process for that a long/complicated.

You're right, the ACH initiated using Sharonview can support tiny amounts only. Maybe we all should encourage Sharonview to raise the permitted amount. After 64 months having larger amounts will be useful for several of us when the CDs we've opened will mature and we'll need to withdraw the funds.
  |     |   Comment #203
All my CDs have now been funded, thanks to the wonders of Co-Op Shared Branching and the Charlotte Folk Society. The Sharonview employees I spoke with or emailed, especially at the bank branch level, were uniformly excellent. (I joined the Spartanburg branch.) To get the funds to Sharonview I used a personal check yesterday and another today, at a local Co-Op branch. First time doing that, but I'm sure it won't be the last. Sharonview had no problem with my request to parse the funds out into several smaller CDs. Online I saw that an initial hold was put on each check, but this caused no problems when I asked the Spartanburg employee to cut the CDs - the hold was simply transferred to the CDs.

One detail to share, which initially caused me a little concern but was answered this morning. Initially, on Monday several CDs were "created" but with a zero balance - I was in the process of sending funds. I could see those CDs in my Sharonview account online. Late yesterday afternoon, however, they disappeared. At that time I thought this could either be a normal systems procedure, by which empty CDs were removed after a day or so, or it could be a sign that Sharonview was preparing to end the offer. When I called this morning to finish the process, I asked about that. Turns out it is simply part of their normal systems procedure. So, nothing to worry about in itself, although of course the offer could still end at any time.

Like everyone else, I asked this morning about when they might end it, as I asked Monday. My rep. said "even upper management is not sure", and then said his understanding is that they have a certain dollar limit to reach, then they will stop. He did not know what that limit was, or how close they were to it.
  |     |   Comment #204
Dosen't make sense. They say "even upper management is not sure" but then says they have a certain dollar limit. Wouldn't "upper management" set the dollar limit?
  |     |   Comment #205
Sure it makes sense. The question everyone has been asking them is, "WHEN will the offer be cut off?". Upper management probably has set that dollar limit, but even they do not know exactly WHEN (meaning, what date) it will be reached.

Very possibly they do not want to release that exact dollar limit, or say how close they currently are to it, for competitive reasons.
  |     |   Comment #209
I opened a CD with XCEL and the reps were at least able to tell me the limit. Not wasting my time with this one. People go nuts like a run on the supermarket before a snow storm

Also, you must be a mind reader as you state "The question everyone ...".

If you got the 4% and your happy great. My time is valuable and the more hours I bill the more I get paid.
  |     |   Comment #211
Hey, my time's valuable too. But it took some pretty simple math to show how much more the funds will be making in those CDs than where they were before, and even simpler math to divide this number by the fairly short amount of time I spent on this process. That "hourly rate" makes me a happy camper. Thanks again to Ken and his team.

Plus, I educated myself regarding the usefulness of Co-Op Shared Branching, which I'm pretty sure I'll use again.

Plus, as a member of the Charlotte Folk Society, I now "receive discounts at The Violin Shoppe, Wax Museum, and Woody’s (Rock Hill and York)". So there!.
  |     |   Comment #218
I spend $20 and wasted 3 hours Monday and 3 hours Tuesday and I have everything's work, but I don't find it too time consuming. If rates goes even higher than 4%, then I have my other CDs maturing soon.
  |     |   Comment #208
This afternoon I received my 4% cd. ....I applied online Sunday evening, got a confirmation back in a few minutes stating they need our DL#'s & I then emailed my DL# along with my new Hobby farmers membership. I called Tuesday morning & they said membership would be approved & emailed back to me on Wednesday It was complete & to sign the E doc's. Wednesday I set up their online banking to get a mandatory saving account. I then went to my Alley account & wired my funds back to my sharonview savings account. The funds showed up about 1 hour later & then I called a sharonview Rep to setup the CD.That took about 5 mins to do ........during the setup the rep told me that if I had other funds later to open another CD he would do that for Me , so I asked how long the 4% would last & he said they expected at least 1 month . It took a few days but I feel it was worth the time......I'm from Calif. & thanks to everyone that left comments to help others with the setup of the CD
  |     |   Comment #213
Great experience! No issue. Late last night, I applied for Hobby Farmers membership and credit union membership. Got the membership number instantly and enrolled online based on the member id. Got a call this morning (6:30 am PST), called her back at 9:30 am PST and she asked me to email her the copy of my DL. She emailed me the signature card to sign electronically and opened 3 CDs for me while on the phone. She asked me to call her back after I deposit funds. I used shared branch and deposited the funds. Called her back and she transferred the funds in the CDs. Everything setup in less than a day. I would say if someone wants this rate, don't be discouraged and apply.
  |     |   Comment #215
If it lasts for 1 month, then I guess they will gather up lots of deposits.

It takes just 4 depositors with 250k to make 1 million.

If they are getting 100 depositors then in a months time we are talking about some real money.
  |     |   Comment #216
I mean 100 depositor per day.
  |     |   Comment #212
Hey guys I read the disclosures and EWP language, and it said you can't elect to have the interest payment paid to you if you didn't elect it at the time of the opening. So if you ever think you're going to need the interest payments, do it now.
Sharonview EWP
  |     |   Comment #220
Are you referring to the disclosure statement for this particular CD, or the general Membership Agreement & Disclosures?

The general statement does say when dividends are credited, they become principal. Which is fine as long as alternative rates are low. But, the inability to withdraw dividends does extend the duration. Normally the best financial option is to allow dividends to accrue and withdraw them without penalty if rates increase.
  |     |   Comment #241
Yeah, I was referring to the general Membership agreement. Does the CD disclosure statement say something different.
Sharonview EWP
  |     |   Comment #244
I haven't been sent a copy of the CD disclosure statement. The employee told me no one had asked for it before getting the CD and was not able to send it. I called and sent a secure email through the customer portal. No document yet.
  |     |   Comment #242
Maybe I read it wrong but I thought it said if you elect to reinvest the dividends at the opening of the CD, you can't change your mind and elect to have the interest paid out down the road.
  |     |   Comment #214
It also said the Credit Union does not have to consent to an early withdrawal of the CD even if you elect to pay the penalty.
Sharonview EWP
  |     |   Comment #219
Ken's comment about the early withdrawal penalty "365 days" no longer appears on the Savings Rate page. The text has been removed. The standard disclosure statement states the penalty for CDs over 1 year is 180 days unless "otherwise" stated. Has anyone who opened the CD bothered to read the disclosure statement?

I called and emailed Sharonview, requesting a copy of the statement for this CD. The representative told me no one had asked for a copy prior to purchasing the CD, which is sad, but not a surprise. I can't comprehend how consumers can buy a CD without reading the terms.
  |     |   Comment #221
- On this website (Ken's), the "Details" drop-down for the regular (non-IRA) CD lists: "Early Withdrawal Penalty (Days) 365"

- Following is what Sharonview lists in the "MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT & DISCLOSURES" document, under the section titled "TERM SHARE CERTIFICATE ACCOUNTS (Share Certificate and IRA Certificate Accounts)" - "Item 8.Early Withdrawal Penalties - All Certificate Accounts."
"You have agreed to leave the principal of this account on deposit for the full term stated in your Certificate. If all or part of the principal is withdrawn before the maturity date, the Credit Union may charge you a penalty. Withdrawal of the principal amount of your Certificate may be made only with the consent of the Credit Union. Unless stated otherwise, owners of accounts with a stated term of one year or less shall forfeit an amount equal to up to 90 days dividends on the amount withdrawn, or the length of the term, whichever is less, when any withdrawal is allowed. Unless stated otherwise, owners of accounts with a stated term of more than one year shall forfeit an amount equal to up to 180 days dividends on the amount withdrawn, or the length of the term, whichever is less, when any withdrawal is allowed. The penalty may be calculated at the rate paid on the deposit at the time of the withdrawal. The penalty will, if necessary, be taken from the principal amount of the deposit. The Credit Union may grant a premature withdrawal request without penalty or with a reduced penalty in the event of the owner’s death or legal incompetence; or if your account is an IRA account and the account is revoked within seven (7) days after the IRA Disclosure Statement is received; or when the account is an IRA account and the owner qualifies pursuant to applicable law."

Note the "Unless stated otherwise," clauses.
Sharonview EWP
  |     |   Comment #222
Yes, except as I wrote, the 365 day comment no longer appears on the website.
  |     |   Comment #223
So I also received and read the Membership Agreement and Disclosures document and as noted above it clearly indicates only 180 days EWP for a certificate greater than 1 year. So is it the 365 days EWP indicated earlier by Ken, etc. or only 180 days for this Sharonview 64 month 4% special CD?
  |     |   Comment #224
It's 365 days. The CSR mentioned it when you are planning to set up the CD as a reminder. The CSR will also email you a Rate Sheet which you have to acknowledge because it shows the penalty for early withdrawal (EW), which again is 365 days.

If you are worried that Sharonview will deny your EW, then don't put all your money in it. I only put in part of my savings as a part of my CD adder and will ride the term out until maturity.
  |     |   Comment #225
Anybody know if once you are able to open this you can get a monthly check and if does that change your apy? Also do you have to have a checking account too. Thanks
  |     |   Comment #226
According to comment #37 (replying to comment #35), a Sharonview representative said you can get monthly checks. Receiving monthly checks will reduce your annual percentage yield. (The dividend rate for the CD is 3.922%.

I have seen nothing that leads me to believe that a checking account is required to open the CD -- just the $5 savings account.
  |     |   Comment #227
I went to an actual Sharonview branch and although the CSR referenced the 365 days EWP the rate sheet they provided me shows nothing about EWP. Perhaps when I get the documents in the regular mail it will outline this.
Sharonview EWP
  |     |   Comment #229
So did both Edward and deeMatrix see the rate sheet? Or only deeMatrix? And I can't imagine a rate sheet would supersede a disclosure statement.

I requested a copy of the disclosure by phone, and then sent a secure message through the customer portal. No response after 1-2 days.
  |     |   Comment #230
The rate sheet does show a 365-day EWP on this CD in footnote 4. The rate sheet is a supplemental disclosure that you sign-off on - it seems pretty straightforward to me. The rep who opened my CD told me that I can withdraw accumulated interest at any time without penalty. I now wonder if that was correct advice but either way I would have chosen to let the interest compound into the CD.
  |     |   Comment #231
I went into an actual branch in NJ and perhaps got a different rate sheet as mine indicates the CD rate and maturity, etc. but nothing about EWP. So I'll see what actual docs that come in the mail indicate.
  |     |   Comment #232
The rep who opened my CD sent the rate sheet to me by email through their DocuSign system. Footnote 4, which is attached to the 64-month CD listing, says: "Penalty for early withdrawal is 365 days dividends on the amount withdrawn. The penalty will, if necessary, be taken from the principal amount of the deposit." I had to electronically sign it.
  |     |   Comment #233
So the NJ branch must not be in sync with Carolina branches as I again spoke to them and they emailed me all the documents I signed, as well as the rate sheet, and no where does it indicate anything about the EWP. I didn't have to sign the rate sheet. The rep I worked with in opening the account did indicate there being a 365 day EWP but nothing reflects that from what they have provided me and all I have is the Membership Agreement & Disclosure document that outlines the 180 days but my sense is they would come up with something at some point regarding the 365 days if I ever did request an early withdrawal.
Sharonview EWP
  |     |   Comment #236
I think the 365 day penalty would be logical, but the membership book states 180 days is the regular penalty.

I saw the website last week and earlier this week, and I have a strong recollection it stated 365 days. So, if it is 365 days, why would the company remove the language from the website? No rational reason.
  |     |   Comment #234
Many, many comments, including mine on the wonderful 4% CD.
I thought my story would be over by now with this funded 4% CD in hand. But unfortunately not yet. I could log into my account several days ago but no CD there. I mailed my check by Priority mail 3/5 promised arrival Wed 3/7. Tracking closely, the mail has only arrived in Fayettville (sp), not yet in Charlotte NC. I traveled over to my PO to ask what is the holdup. Probably weather, anyway perhaps arrival tomorrow 3/9.
I'm beginning to wonder if this was a big hoax. lol So next time I would have tried the Co-op route.

So Kaight, you are going to try adding another CD with Sharonview? You should know all the procedures & answers by now. I still agree that their agents are very competent. Mine still is watching the mail & will get back to me if my check arrives tomorrow.
  |     |   Comment #235
Good luck Patty on getting that squared away these things can be difficult at times. After a week of mostly frustration I finally got my CD funded today by doing a wire transfer this morning and showing up in my account this afternoon. The key for me was to request to speak to a loan officer about my specific situation which was yesterday and she got the ball rolling after numerous requests for documentation regarding my place of residence.

Now after going through all of this and getting the account open and squared away I am thinking about breaking another CD I have with several years left to maturity that is only paying 2.3% and doing another wire transfer but I think I will only take that on if the rate is still 4% on Monday. BTW the CSR I spoke to stated that if your transfer/mail was initiated/postmarked before any rate change and you made your intention known in advance they would still honor the 4% rate even after the special ends. Not sure too many other institutions would do that these days.
  |     |   Comment #239
#235. Your end result shows why wiring funds are the best route to take for this type of a deposit.
  |     |   Comment #256
@DOA Yes for the $35 total in wire fees it cost me it was well worth it having the peace of mind of getting the CD funded in short order. I was frankly surprised to see a 4% rate which was about 100 basis points better than the best rates out there currently so you knew it couldn't last long. Every CSR I spoke to stated how busy they were this week. Very top notch customer service versus some banks I've dealt with.
  |     |   Comment #248
If worse comes to worse and your check doesn't arrive before they stop the special (but you can show that you mailed it early with what should have been enough time for it to arrive beforehand), you can try asking them to let you open it at that rate anyway. They of course do not have to do so, but a year or so ago there was another credit union having a special here, I called on the weekends where the weekend call center couldn't help much, so I didn't do anything, I called back on Monday and the special had ended, but I asked (nicely) to speak to a supervisor, and they made an exception, and let me open the CD on Monday at the old higher special rate, and everything was fine. The CU doesn't have to, of course, but it never hurts to ask, especially if you had already opened your account, and was just waiting for funding to arrive. The Sharonview reps seem very helpful, worth a shot, anyway.
  |     |   Comment #237
CAUTION - The membership disclosure states:" The credit union, in its sole discretion may change ANY term or condition of this Agreement, including the method for determining dividends, at any time without notice except as expressly required by applicable law".
Be careful! Also make sure you are a member (not only an order #) for the Folk or Farmer group to have the NCUA insurance protection in place. Insurance companies look for reasons not to pay out.
  |     |   Comment #240
theyr talking about beneficiary added or joint owner or dividends at month or quarter periods
  |     |   Comment #238
I just noticed on that not only 365 penalty language is gone as comments above discuss but also the confusing language earlier about possible dividend changes after "account is open".
Mike B
  |     |   Comment #243
I thought I joined the Carolina Consumer Council but when I filled out the application it gave a membership certificate to the American Consumer Council (I already had that membership). I am assuming Sharonview will take this?
Sharonview EWP
  |     |   Comment #245
I don't think the Carolina Consumer Council exists. I think it did exist at one time, but was taken over by the ACC. Just a guess based on the weird website linked to by Sharonview.
  |     |   Comment #246
When you join via the Carolina chapter's website, you will wind up with an American Consumer Council certificate. My understanding is that's fine with Sharonview, if you live in NC, SC, GA, TN or VA.
But if you live elsewhere and join the Consumer Council via the Carolina chapter, and then apply for Sharonview membership: you may wind up with a Sharonview member number using the certificate, but it seems they'll eventually catch the error -- you'd then have to join Hobby Farmers or Charlotte Folk Society to get the CD.

So, unless you live in one of the specified states, I suggest that you don't try to join via the Carolina chapter.
  |     |   Comment #249
Received a phone call that my Carolina Consumer Council membership is invalid since I do not live in the states they require. So the bank manager said to join hobby farmers of America and email the receipt to him. Even though my account was set up and cd was funded, I had to join in order to keep my membership at Sharonview FCU according to the branch manager.
  |     |   Comment #247
Has anyone received in the mail yet, a paper that shows that the CD was opened, along with the terms (amt deposited, interest rate, months, etc)?

I received a generic "Welcome" packet yesterday, but not nothing showing a CD was opened, or the other documents I requested (like a beneficiary form) -- though those may arrive today. However, I'm asking if anyone has received such printed acknowledgement of the CD in the mail, as looking at your accounts online will only show you have a 64mo CD and the amount deposited -- but not any of the terms (such as the interest rate or EWP).

Someone mentioned signing a rate sheet with DocuSign. For what it's worth, I never signed a rate sheet or any documents with the EWP or terms of the CD. I had another look at the documents I signed with DocuSign, and the DocuSign summary lists: "Document Pages: 3, Certificate Pages: 4, Signatures: 2" and the documents signed were only "Account Service Enrollment Designation" and "Membership Acct Application".
  |     |   Comment #250
There was speculation that this deal will end on Friday ... Looks like it has not ended.
  |     |   Comment #252
I can't call them. Are they closed on Fridays?
  |     |   Comment #253
Experiencing same problem here. Appears the customer service line is down today. :(
  |     |   Comment #258
Their website has a message on the main page "High Call Volume Notice: We are currently experiencing a much higher call volume than normal, and you may experience long wait times. We apologize for the inconvenience."

However, their website itself still seems fairly speedy.
  |     |   Comment #254
Was just informed by a branch CSR in NJ deal ends today at 5pm.
  |     |   Comment #255
If true, that would make it about a 10-day-open deal - about the same as the AgFed deal last fall (although those were no-penalty CDs at 1.85%).
  |     |   Comment #257
i too was told the same by a CSR a few minutes ago.
  |     |   Comment #259
Just FYI, I moved some funds there Tues. and the rest Wed. (both personal checks, via CoOp shared branching), and had CDs cut Wed. The rep. I went through had told me on Monday that Sharonview would honor any funds that were at in their accounts at the time the offer closed (meaning, they would use those funds to cut CDs according to the offer.)

Hopefully that promise will also be valid for funds reaching them Thursday and today.
CC in CA
  |     |   Comment #261
I was just informed by a CSR about 20 minutes ago (3:30pm Eastern Time, Friday, March 9) that this special ends at 5pm today (March 9, Eastern Time). Only about one hour left. I can imagine all of the scrambling that is going on right now as people try to get in on this. I barely got the CDs set up today and yesterday. Not much money to put in, but at least I did get some in at 4%. I'd imagine there will be more 4% offers coming soon from other credit unions or banks... hopefully. Best to everyone still trying to get this offer before it ends.
  |     |   Comment #262
I called then to let them know that some of my funds will be arriving via ACH on Monday. The representative told me that she will make notes on account and that they will honor the 4% rate on Monday in this case.

Will write back on Monday with update about what happened.
  |     |   Comment #283
Writing back ... They honored 4% rate .... As I wrote below, Hats Off to Sharonview.
  |     |   Comment #260
4% CD CLOSES @ 5P TODAY. CSR said members that signed recently will have some time to get 4% cd funded. New members after 5P today will not have 4% available.
  |     |   Comment #263
Saw my account was finally approved late today. Called several times but couldn't get through. Finally, right before 5p got thru and I qualified for the 4% CD. Yay!! Said I could fund it within a reasonable time. Said Mon or Tues was fine. Should I use a wire, $20 initiation fee + $10 Sharonview fee, or just ACH.
  |     |   Comment #264
Shared Branch !!!!
  |     |   Comment #265
oh wait , you dont even have hobby farmers or entry qualification?
may need some real good luck .
you have mine
  |     |   Comment #266
The cost for wiring funds should be considered. The more you are going to be investing, the more it justifies to do the wire though.
Using a little Bozo logic:
Suppose you are mailing a $100K check and it is limbo in the mail and then it later arrives on someone's desk at the credit union waiting to be processed for 10 days. If you would have wired it and stayed on top of it, it would go in your account almost immediately and start earning interest at least within one day's time. Removing the worry that your funds will get there on time and at the right place is another added benefit of doing the wire. What is the extra cost for doing the wire versus the apx. extra 10 days of 4% interest that you would earn for wiring the funds versus the wait time by mailing? Well you do the math on that one.
  |     |   Comment #267
Francis -- there is no "$20 initiation fee." Perhaps you are referring to the membership fee for Hobby Farmers or the senior citizen membership fee for Charlotte Folk Society. Those fees are paid to those organizations when someone joins them. They are not paid to, or through, Sharonview. I am not aware of a "$10 Sharonview fee" -- to get a CD, you must open a savings account with a minimum amount of $5. (I think someone posted a comment that if an account has two owners, the minimum opening is $10. That may not be correct.)
  |     |   Comment #268
I applied for membership on Wed. 3/7 and once approved intend to fund it with a bank check at a share branch near. I called up today Friday for a status update and was informed that they have been swamped with applications and its taking about 3 to 5 days for a decision/membership # HOWEVER he also stated that the CU will honor the 4% CD rate if the application for membership was made before expiration of the 4% CD.
  |     |   Comment #269
Alan1 - no, Francis is correct. There is a $10 Sharonview fee for incoming wire transfers, as was mentioned earlier in this thread. A bit unusual but not too harsh, all things considered.
  |     |   Comment #271
Alan maybe I didn't phrase it correctly. Thr fees are to wire the money. The $20 is what Ally charges to send the wire. Sharonview charges $10 to receive it
  |     |   Comment #270
Francis - you ask "Should I use a wire, $20 initiation fee + $10 Sharonview fee, or just ACH?"

Since Sharonview participates in Co-Op Shared Branching I used that. I used plain old paper personal checks for the deposits. They worked fine. The rep. I dealt with simply transferred the hold on the checks, to the CDs that were cut.
  |     |   Comment #272
Looks like it's over. No mention on their website this morning.
  |     |   Comment #273
Looks like the 64-month CD is gone. I don't see it on their website any more, although their CSRs had assured me it would be in effect for a while. I hope they will honor the rate for funds that I mailed them before March 9. It is very hard to get anyone on the phone. Does anyone have an update?
  |     |   Comment #274
yesterday I was told by a csr that they'll honor the rate for everyone that submits an app prior to 5pm last night.
  |     |   Comment #275
I called them at 4:15 pm yesterday to ask a few questions and the CSR told me the 4% CD offer would end at 5 pm yesterday!! She said that the CU would honor the 4% rate for all who join as a member and fund the required savings account ($5) by the 5 pm deadline, even if opening and funding the actual CD would take a few days longer. I did notice that the 4% offer no longer appeared on their website shortly after 5 pm yesterday.
  |     |   Comment #276
There is a note on the Sharonview’s website about honoring 4%CDs for those who are waiting for the funds. Might be helpful to some.
  |     |   Comment #277
Wow! Hats Off to Sharonview.

1. Great rate
2. Great account opening process
3. Great customer service
4. Great notice to keep members well informed

All around great experience.

Waiting for their next special :-)
  |     |   Comment #278
Completely agree experience was first class all the way. Good CSR's, good policy to allow those in-flight to complete process. Clearly those decision makers leading this organization understand the importance of treating customers well and respectfully. I suspect this is how their employee base is treated too....... I bet their CSR's are likely long-term, committed employees which is why they are so strong.
  |     |   Comment #279
I had excellent service from CSR as well. She answered all the questions and didn't rush me off. Smooth and easy application process online. Called in b/c must open CD over the phone and that had a bit of a wait, but other than that everything was great.
  |     |   Comment #282
Had funds deposited into share savings on Sat (deposit made Thurs). Called today and they honored the 64 month rate and opened it as of today.
  |     |   Comment #280
After initially resisting this deal, I changed my mind and opened an account on Thursday night and funded the CDs on Friday. I agree with other posters regarding the excellent customer service. Did everything in less than 24 hrs.

I had to close a couple of CDs with 180-day interest penalties to take advantage of this deal. It will take 12 months to recoup the penalty. I might regret this if there are better deals in the next 12-24 months, but I long ago have ceased trying to forecast interest rates, an exercise in futility in which I am rarely right.
  |     |   Comment #281
Question for those who became Sharonview CU members. A poster either here or in Ken's "Forum" stated that his membership had involved a "hard credit pull", and he knew that because he checked Credit Karma (which as many of us know draws from Transunion and Equifax data). Does anyone know how long it takes Credit Karma to show a hard pull?

I was under the impression that it was close to immediate (as opposed to score calculation, which is more periodic), but my membership was finalized a week ago and I can find no recent hard pulls on Credit Karma. Thanks in advance.
  |     |   Comment #312
A year late, but for future reference, CreditKarma updates everything once a week.
  |     |   Comment #284
Am again impressed with Sharonview's excellent customer service.
Some misc info others may find useful:

(1) ATM cards: can be used to make WITHDRAWALS from any Co-Op ATM but NOT Deposits. Deposits are allowed at CoOp Shared Branches but not CoOp ATMs. The ATM card (when using a non-Sharonview CoOp ATM) is for withdrawals only. I tested this myself, and it wouldn't allow a deposit.
(2) Sharonview does not have a typical printout that most other CUs or banks will send you when you open your CD (showing full terms of the CD, penalties, date opened, maturity date, etc). The best they could offer was just the generic rate sheet (that shows 365 days interest on the amount withdrawn as the EWP) and the interest rate. I had to call to find out the exact maturity date, but don't have it printed anywhere. Oh well :)
(3) There is a 5 business day grace period after the CD matures (and many will find theirs matures around the July 4th holiday period).
  |     |   Comment #285
I had a great experience setting this up. Now I can borrow on my cars at 1.99% from them.
It's only at times like this I had a wife and children
  |     |   Comment #286
what you talking about Willis?
  |     |   Comment #288
you loan then money at 3.922 then borrow for 5 years on your cars at 1.99
  |     |   Comment #289
oK i follow that.
The wife and kids comment threw me.
  |     |   Comment #290
yeah, with wife and kids I could have loaned them more.
Then all I need is a $1 mill car loan
  |     |   Comment #287
Sharonview supposedly does a "hard pull" for membership, meaning a credit inquiry from 1 of the 3 major credit bureaus.

Does anyone know how long it takes Credit Karma to show a hard pull from TransUnin or Equifax (the 2 that they partner with)? Thanks.
  |     |   Comment #291
I applied for membership on March 9, the last day that this CD was available. It took them over a week to process the application, but I was promised that I could open the CD special since my application was received before the CD ended. I finally got an account number on the 26th and tried to establish a connection with Ally. Ally sent the two trial deposits but Sharonview did not allow them to get those funds back because the account was not funded. Apparently the $5 which should have come over from Ally to fund the account, did not come over, probably because they were overloaded with applications and the request did not go through for some reason. The $5 arrived today! I am sending them a check for the 4% CD special today. Customer service: Excellent!! I spoke with several people from the NJ branch and their corporate office all of which were very attentive and helpful. I am very pleased that they honored this special cd for all of us late arrivals!! As always, thank you, Ken!!
  |     |   Comment #293
In case anyone's still reading this thread:
Interested in this CD is COMPOUNDED MONTHLY
(For the record, since there's no documentation that states this).
  |     |   Comment #295
Daily = 3.92228% = 4%
Monthly = 3.92849 = 4%
Grateful for Sharonview
  |     |   Comment #297
Seeing this morning the first payment from Sharonview of interest on our CD opened during the 4% special. It is much more money than we receive on our 3% certificates. Funny this should be happening today. It is sort of an Easter gift and is much appreciated.

I want to thank Ken first and most of all. Without him we would not have known about this great CD. Thanks also to other posters here whose helpful posts supported our efforts to take advantage of this remarkable CD deal. Finally, thanks to President Trump. CD rates like this did not come along for many years until he assumed office.

We only hope Sharonview is not both the first and last such opportunity for us to invest at a higher interest rate. That would not be a good thing. We are hoping for the best, hoping more CDs like the one we have at Sharonview will become available as our existing certificates mature in the future.
Nice Deal
  |     |   Comment #298
It's now been about half a year since the Sharonview special, and even though interest rates have risen somewhat, we still haven't seen anything close to another 4% CD yet. Thankful for the deal, for Sharonview's excellent customer service, and Ken for the webpage here where we all found out about it.
  |     |   Comment #299
If only I had had better judgement. Back when Ken told us about Sharonview I was confident other such opportunities would present themselves in the ensuing months. I did participate at Sharonview, but realize now I went in too light. Today there are powerful forces at work in America which mitigate, on balance, in favor of lower interest rates, NOT higher longer term rates. We all pay for our mistakes, and I am paying for mine in the interest dollars I'm losing every day. Such is life. Sharonview was a very good deal.
  |     |   Comment #306
Wishing for 2009 et al again will not be rewarding either
  |     |   Comment #304

I received a INVOICE from HOBBY FARMERS that PayPal was going to debit my account for HF Dues. They did explain what I need to do to Cancel. This was not something I expected since I do not remember signing up for Auto Renewal. I plan to Cancel this as Soon as possible or ask for Refund if it has already processed.

My sincere apology to a DA poster who inquired about this and I said Do not worry about it.
PLease Check your method of payment when you applied for membership to SHARONVIEW FCU.
  |     |   Comment #308
The Sharonview Federal Credit Union Fayetteville Branch will be closed for the remainder of the day due to a robbery. No employees or members were physically harmed during the incident. The branch will reopen on Monday, December 24 at 9:00 a.m.
  |     |   Comment #309
this occurred 12. 21. 18
  |     |   Comment #310
I heard the robbers were ****ed they missed out on those 4% CDs.
  |     |   Comment #311
actually they may have reaped the benefits $$$$$$$$$$$$
  |     |   Comment #313
Ah, I wish they were still offering 4%...
Sharonview FCU (SC) Has Competitive 36-Month IRA Special
Availability: Residents of the NC Counties of Bladen, Cleveland, Gaston, and Robeson; NC Cities of Charlotte, Salisbury, and Wilmington; and Greenville, SC; hundreds of NC and SC SEGs.

South Carolina-based Sharonview Federal Credit Union (Sharonview FCU) is offering a 36-month IRA Special (2.00% APY). The minimum opening deposit is $500 of new money, with no maximum balance cap.

Unlike Sharonview FCU's other IRAs and CDs that have tiered APY rates, the 36-month IRA Special’s 2.00% APY applies to all deposit levels.

As stated in Sharonview FCU’s Membership Agreement and...

Continue Reading
2.50% 12-Month Jumbo CD at Sharonview FCU in NJ, SC & NC - Limited Membership

Sharonview Federal Credit Union is offering some very competitive CDs and IRA CDs especially for large deposits. The most competitive CDs for a $100K minimum include:

  • 2.25% APY 6 months
  • 2.50% APY 12 months
  • 2.75% APY 24 months
  • 3.00% APY 36 months

Rates are 25 basis points less for a $50K minimum deposit and 50 basis points less for a $10K deposit. Even for a $10K deposit, the 6- and 12-month CD rates are still competitive.

Unfortunately, membership appears primarily limited to select employer groups. There's not many details on the credit union's Join page....

Continue Reading
6.25% 60-Month Variable CD at a Carolina CU (part 2)
Sharonview Federal Credit Union is offering a 6.25% APY 60-month CD. It's a variable rate based on the Prime Lending Rate minus 1%. It changes according to that rate every January 1 and July 1. The minimum required deposit is $500. The early withdrawl penalty is 180 days of interest. Sharonview also has a 5.25% APY 36-month variable certificate of deposit. The rate of that CD is based on the Prime Lending Rate minus 2.5% on January 1 and July 1 of each year.

I first mentioned this CD in January....

Continue Reading
6.25% 60-Month Variable CD at a Carolina CU
Sharonview Federal Credit Union is offering a 6.25% APY 60-month CD. It's a variable rate based on the Prime Lending Rate minus 1%. It changes according to that rate every January 1 and July 1. The minimum required deposit is $500. The early withdrawl penalty is 180 days of interest.

Even though this is a variable rate certificate, it still seems like a good deal. The Prime Lending Rate will likely not go down any time soon. A history of the Prime Rate is available here.

Sharonview FCU also has some high...

Continue Reading

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