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My Bank My Town

Posted by: Jamie1 | Oct 16, 2015

I have been a customer of Talmer Bank & Trust for a very long time in the sense that Talmer is the most recent buyer for my local bank through which I have done all my banking business for over the last 40 years. My local bank started as a small-town local bank and fulfilled all customer needs with regards to all types of standard and business loans, savings & checking accounts. This small bank was and still is a wonderful place to do all my banking. The workers in this bank are people who live in the same town and I know them and their families and they know me and my family.

Over the years, this local bank was acquired by bigger banks. It's original name was changed and with each acquirer, changed names as well, but, the workers still remained local townspeople. So, the switch to a bigger known banking name was immaterial as the people did not change. I have been a loyal customer and will not change my loyalty because of these factors.

Horrible Customer Service

The Birmingham Branch, specifically its Managers Suzanne Forier and Neena are rude, unprofessional, and lack the courtsesy, people and customer service skills needed to be in a banking environment. Closibg all my accounts and taking my business where I feel valued and appreciated as a customer!


Posted by: jimw | Mar 27, 2015

Horrible experience and very difficult to get your money without penalties even when the cd's are at full maturity. Had three cd's come due and only way to transfer without penalty was for them to mail them to my new banking institution. "KEEP IN MIND NO TRACKING OR USPS PRIOIRTY MAIL SHIPPING, NO FED EX OR UPS JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE US MAIL. MY MONEY WITH NO TRACKING OR PAPER TRAIL OR FOLLOW UP AND REFUSED TO WIRE MONEY not able". Wow this bank is still in the stone age . Well its been a full week and no one at the bank can tell me where the checks are the account is closed and funds sent----Is this how you want your money secured! Have zero trust in this bank and would never recommend for any banking needs! Not to mention very poor customer service Birmingham Branch!

Unhappy Customer

Very unsatisfactory service since the sale of the bank to State Bank of the Lakes. Talmer is not providing customers with proper service on accounts still existing in their company. When customers call the answer to all questions is "I don't know" and or The sale of the bank has been hard for all our customers and us to. Talmer bank needs to work with your customers better and to stop replying as your reps have in the past. Would not recommend your bank to anyone.


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Sorry, but we do not have location data for Talmer Bank and Trust. Its headquarters is located at 2301 West Big Beaver Road - Troy, MI 48084