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411 Theodore Fremd Ave, Suite 350
Rye, NY 10580-1426

USALLIANCE Financial began in 1966 as a credit union for IBM employees. Today, from its branch locations in the Northeast United States and through convenient and secure online and mobile banking options, USALLIANCE Financial serves over 90,000 members around the world.

The credit union provides a range of financial products and services, including the following personal depository banking products: checking accounts, savings accounts, health savings accounts (HSAs), money market accounts, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

USALLIANCE Financial’s checking accounts include a special account option for teenagers. There is also a savings account option for children. The credit union’s money market account yields tiered interest rates, with higher rates for larger account balances. CD terms range from 3 to 60 months. USALLIANCE Financial offers Traditional, Roth, and Coverdell Education Savings Account IRA products.

In addition to the depository products mentioned above, USALLIANCE Financial also offers loans, lines of credit, and insurance options to its members.

Field of Membership Restrictions

Membership in USALLIANCE Financial is open to anyone through membership in any of four associations, including the American Consumer Council. Membership is open to those who live, work, or worship in the Massachusetts counties of Barnstable, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk, or Worcester; the City of West Haven, Connecticut; or qualifying districts in Manhattan, Mount Vernon, and The Bronx. State or local government employees/retirees of the NY counties of Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, Westchester are also eligible to join, as are employees of more than 175 SEGs. Complete membership requirements are listed on the Credit Union's online application.
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USALLIANCE Financial (easy membership) has boosted the rate on its 6-month Certificate APY by 475 bps. $500 minimum opening deposit, with no stated balance cap.

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Our 6-Month Certificate Rate Increased! 6 Month Certificate Special: 5.75% APY*

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11/22 - USALLIANCE Financial No Penalty CD Has Pre-Black Friday Rate Boost
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8/26 - USALLIANCE High Dividend Savings Account Rate Increased - Again!
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7/14 - USALLIANCE Financial High Dividend Savings Increased To 1.75% APY
7/14 - Increase High Yield Savings To 1.75%
7/2 - USALLIANCE Financial Offers Rate Leading 18-Month Special Certificate At 2.50%APY
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5/27 - USAlliance: 2-Yr. CD: 3.00% APY; 3-Year APY: 3.25%
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4/2 - USALLIANCE Financial 48-Month CD Special Is A Rate Leader
3/22 - 18 Mo. Term Dropped From 1.50% To 1.25%
2/26 - USALLIANCE Financial 18-Month CD Special Is A Rate Leader
2/25 - USAlliance 18-Month CD; 1.50%
2/9 - USALLIANCE Financial Substantially Boosts 24-Month CD Special Rate
2/8 - USALLIANCE 24Month CD Now At 1.25% APY
1/17 - USALLIANCE Financial Boosts 18-Month CD Special Rate
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11/30/20 - USALLIANCE Financial Adds Two New Certificate Specials
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11/11/20 - USALLIANCE Financial Adds 35-Month Certificate Special
10/2/20 - USALLIANCE Financial Changes Certificate Special Rates
10/1/20 - USAlliance 1.05% APY, 12 & 18 Mth Cds, $500 Minimum
9/11/20 - USALLIANCE Financial Offers Four Certificate Specials
8/28/20 - USALLIANCE Financial Adds 11-Month No-Penalty CD
6/12/20 - US Alliance Has CD Rates Of 1.50% (36Mth);1.45% (18 Month) And 1.10% (12 Mth)
5/22/20 - USALLIANCE Financial Ups 18-Month CD Special Rate
3/19/20 - USALLIANCE Reduces Rate On Mylife Savings
2/1/20 - Usalliance Announces Rates, Effective 2/1/2020
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9/24/19 - UsAlliance Continues Rate Drop - 15 Month CD Special @ 2.70% is M.I.A.
9/9/19 - USALLIANCE Financial Ups CDs, 9-month 2.50% APY, 15-month 2.70% APY
7/1/19 - Usalliance Continues Rate Drops, Flattens Long End
6/14/19 - USALLIACE Correction
6/14/19 - 12 Month Promotion Gone
6/3/19 - USALLIANCE Financial Adds 12-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
6/1/19 - 12 Month 3% CD
5/8/19 - Usalliance Drops Out Of 3% Club Again
4/5/19 - USALLIANCE Financial Adds 18-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
4/1/19 - Usalliance Drops Out Of 3% Club
1/4/19 - USALLIANCE Financial Unveils High Dividend Savings, 2.30% APY
1/1/19 - Usalliance Increases Rates On 12- And 24-Month Certificates
10/20/18 - Updated, Correct, Info Re Usalliance 2-Yr & 3 Yr. Promotional Cds
10/19/18 - Usalliance Raises 3-Year Promotional Yield To 3.25%
9/22/18 - Usalliance Lowers 3-Yr. CD Yield To 2.80% (Was 3.25%)
8/24/18 - USALLIANCE Adds Promo Rate On 12-Month CD
8/7/18 - USALLIANCE Financial Raises 24-Month CD Rate
8/2/18 - Assorted CD Rate Changes At Usalliance
7/9/18 - USALLIANCE Financial Offers Special Rate 35-Month CD To Everyone
6/21/18 - 35 Month 3% CD 25 Month 2.85% Now for all
6/14/18 - USALLIANCE Financial Ups 25- And 35-Month CD Rates
6/13/18 - 25 Basis Point Rate Bump Ups
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3/31/18 - USALLIANCE Ups 18-Month CD Rate
3/31/18 - 18-Month CD Rate
12/22/17 - USALLIANCE Hikes Rate On 12-Month CD
12/22/17 - USALLIANCE CD Rate Changes. Quick Look.
11/10/17 - USALLIANCE Ups 24-Month Certificate Rate
11/10/17 - 24-Month CD Now 2.02% APY
10/27/17 - USALLIANCE Adds 35-Month Certificate
10/27/17 - USALLIANCE 35 Month CD 2.38% APY. Quick Look.
9/4/17 - USALLIANCE Financial Ups Long Term Certificate Account Rates
9/3/17 - 48- And 60-Month CD Rate Hikes
9/1/17 - 25-Month And 36-Month CD Rates
8/10/17 - USALLIANCE Adds Cooperative Rewards CD Specials
8/9/17 - 2.28% APY 36 Mth, 2.02% 24 Mth, 1.51% 15 Mth. $500 Minimum
6/29/17 - Rate Changes
5/15/17 - 2.20% APY 36-Month Special CD
4/26/17 - USALLIANCE Financial Adds 36-Month High Yield CD
4/25/17 - 2.2% APY 36-Month Special CD
3/4/17 - 15Mo CD Special No Longer Available
2/22/17 - USAlliance CD Specials Withdrawn. Quick Look.
11/29/16 - USALLIANCE Financial's MyChoice CD Option Adds 0.25%
8/3/16 - New Website
2/3/16 - USALLIANCE Financial Continues To Offer Top Rate 15-Month CD
11/6/15 - USALLIANCE Financial Adds 5-Month CD Special - New Members
9/21/15 - USALLIANCE Financial Revives 25-Month CD Special
9/18/15 - 25-Mo. CD Special Is Back
7/24/15 - USAlliance FCU's "Summer Blow Out" Rate On 25-Month CD Special
7/21/15 - USAlliance CD Specials; Clarification.
7/11/15 - 25 Month 2.01% CD
6/4/15 - Usalliance Fed CU Rates Go Up
5/28/15 - USAlliance Federal CU Raises Rate On 25-Month Fixed Certificate Again
5/4/15 - USAlliance Federal CU Has Top Rate 15-month and 25-month CD Specials
5/3/15 - Usalliance 15M/1.51%, 25M/2.01% (Hush-Hush?) CD's. Quick Look.
4/1/15 - USAlliance Federal CU Offers Two New CD Specials (Nationally Available)
11/7/14 - Win $3,000/$5,000 Cash From Usalliance FCU; CT, MA, NJ, NY Only.
10/31/14 - Usalliance Ends 13 Month CD Special
9/10/14 - USAlliance Federal CU's Competitive Rate 13-month CD Special: It's Back
9/9/14 - 1.30% APY, 13-Month CD Special
8/11/14 - USAlliance Federal CU New 25-Month CD Special (Nationally Available)
5/23/14 - USAlliance FCU Increases Rate of its 35-Month CD Special
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5/2/14 - Special CDs with Top Rates at USAlliance FCU - Easy Membership
5/1/14 - Usalliance Spring CD Special
5/1/14 - CD Specials From Usalliance Credit Union
6/28/13 - Special CD Rates at USAlliance FCU - Easy Membership
1/8/13 - Special 15-Month CD Rate at USAlliance FCU - Easy Membership
12/10/12 - Special 12-Month CD Rate at USAlliance FCU - Easy Membership
2/12/09 - 4.03% 18-Month CD at USAlliance FCU in NY, NJ & MA
2/12/09 - 3.46% 11-Month and 18-Month CD at USAlliance Federal Credit Union in MA, NY and NJ
3/15/07 - 5.60% 15-Month CD at a MA/NJ/NY Credit Union (US Alliance)
3/3/07 - 6.00% 7-Month CD at a Colorado CU (US Alliance).

Watch For The CD Specials

Posted by: |

I've been with them for many years. Great cd rates often, and they make it easy to open (or close) with friendly service on the phone, or online. I used to complain about getting money out when the cd matured until I realized I could open a free checking account. Now when I close a cd I have the money transferred to my checking. Write myself a check and the money is in my hands immediately!

Transfer Upon Maturity

Posted by: |

I transfer the cd to my USAlliance free checking account, write myself one of the free checks they gave me, and immediately deposit it elsewhere. No fuss or bother. Customer service has always been friendly and generally efficient. They made some changes to the mobile app today that I'm unhappy about, but I can get around it. Have been with them for years and I'm a satisfied customer.

Beware Credit Hit!

Posted by: |

" Even if you are just interested in becoming a depositor member and not utilizing any of the great loans that we have here at USAlliance, yes, a hard credit pull must be run." PROMPT response after business hours the same day within 2 hours to my query. Good for responsive service, not for applicants. There ARE credit unions not whacking would-be depositors this way. Procedure is not any law or regulation.

Hard pull hazard is becoming omnipresent, for NO CLEAR REASON other than supercaution. It dings your credit score and prevents many credit cards with bonuses from being added to your financial life. Financial troublemakers can likely be screened out from a soft pull, or from further/later running hard pull on doubtful cases.

Worse EVER!!!!

Posted by: |

I wish I could post screen shots from my chats with customer service. After 5 chats and no resolution, I was still promised a call back! They basically hijack your money and make you pay to get it; either by totally inconveinencing you with a drive to a location or pay fees to get your own money out in a resonable time. I did a external transfer that took 7 whole days. Then did a wire transfer that I had to pay $35 for, which never went through. The customer service agents were worthless and had an attitude. I would not suggest using USAlliance unless you want to be in a ransome situation to get your own money!



Health Grade Components

NCUA #17587
Year Chartered1966
Primary Regulator
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD0.81%
Return on Equity - YTD12.16%
Annual Interest Income$69.7MM
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$2.95B$2.52B
LoansQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$2.62B$2.22B
DepositsQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$2.22B$1.94B
Equity CapitalQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$193.9MM$186.5MM
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$0$16.1MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$16.1MM$7.5MM
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$0$0
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* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

USALLIANCE Financial Savings Account Rates

4.65%$500-High Dividend Savings
2.00%*$1$500MyLife Savings
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $500+
2.00%*$1$500MyLife Kids Savings
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $500+
0.65%$1-Education Savings Account
0.40%$25-STAR Account (IRA)
0.25%$1-Club Account
0.10%*$2k*-Savings Plus Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.05% Up to $2k
0.05%*$2k*-Share Management Savings
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% Up to $2k
0.05%*$2k*-Kids Savings Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% Up to $2k
0.05%*$2k*-Teen Savings Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% Up to $2k
0.05%*$2k*-Health Savings Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% Up to $2k

USALLIANCE Financial Money Market Rates

0.60%*$1m*-MyLife Money Market
OTHER TIERS: 0.05% Up to $2k | 0.07% $2k - $10k | 0.10% $10k - $50k | 0.15% $50k - $100k | 0.25% $100k - $250k | 0.40% $250k - $500k | 0.50% $500k - $1m
0.30%*$75k*-Platinum Money Manager Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.05% Up to $75k
0.25%*$25k*-Super Savings Money Manager Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.05% Up to $25k
0.25%*$50k*-Diamond Money Manager Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.05% Up to $50k
0.20%*$5k*-Silver Money Manager Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.05% Up to $5k

USALLIANCE Financial CD Rates

5.75%$500-6 Month Certificate
5.50%$500-18 Month Certificate Special
5.20%$500-12 Month Certificate Special
5.00%$500-11 Month No Penalty CD Special
3.40%$500-48 Month Certificate
3.40%$500-60 Month Certificate
3.40%$500-36 Month Certificate Special
2.10%$500-36 Month Certificate
2.10%$500-24 Month Certificate Special
2.00%$500-12 Month Certificate
2.00%$500-9 Month Certificate Special
1.74%$500-9 Month Certificate
0.75%$500-3 Month Certificate
0.60%$500-24 Month Step-Up Certificate
0.50%$500-12 Month Step-Up Certificate

USALLIANCE Financial IRA Rates

5.75%$500-6 Month IRA Certificate
5.50%$500-18 Month IRA Certificate Special
5.20%$500-12 Month IRA Certificate Special
3.40%$500-36 Month IRA Certificate Special
3.40%$500-48 Month IRA Certificate
3.40%$500-60 Month IRA Certificate
2.10%$500-24 Month IRA Certificate Special
2.10%$500-36 Month IRA Certificate
2.00%$500-12 Month IRA Certificate
2.00%$500-9 Month IRA Certificate Special
1.74%$500-9 Month IRA Certificate
0.75%$500-3 Month IRA Certificate
0.60%$500-24 Month Step-Up IRA Certificate
0.50%$500-12 Month Step-Up IRA Certificate


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