Competitive Mid-Term CDs at Village Bank in Virginia - Local Only


Village Bank is offering a few competitive mid-term CD rates. The best ones include a 2.07% APY 15-month CD, a 2.12% APY 18-month CD and a 2.28% APY 24-month CD. Minimum deposit is $500. These rates are listed in the bank's rates page as of 1/28/2010.

The bank also offers a high-yield reward checking account (see review).

It appears that a branch visit is required to open accounts. Branches are located in Richmond, Virginia and in its metro area.

The bank's ratings for safety and soundness are a little weak: 3 stars (adequate) at BauerFinancial and 2 stars (below peer group) at Both ratings are based on 9/30/09 financial data. The bank has been a FDIC member since 1999 (FDIC Certificate # 35111).

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Unique High-Yield Reward Checking Account at Village Bank in Virginia - Local Only

Village Bank is offering a high-yield reward checking account called Village eRewards Plus. It has the following rates as of 1/28/2010 which don't appear to be dependent on monthly requirements:

  • 3.04% APY up to $25,000
  • 0.50% APY on portion of balance over $25,000

However, there are still monthly requirements, and if you don't meet them, there's a $40 per month service charge. The monthly requirements include:

  • 10 ATM or debit card transactions (note ATM transactions are included)
  • one ACH debit or credit
  • Receive e-statements

Other features of the account include:

  • $50.00 minimum opening deposit
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • 1st box...
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4.34% 12-Month CD at a Virginia Bank - Add-On/Penalty-Free (River City).
Update 8/10/08: The 12-month CD yield has fallen to 3.82% APY. Please check the bank's website for the latest rates.

River City Bank has two attractive CDs: a 4.19% APY 6-month CD and a 4.34% APY 12-month CD. The minimum deposit is $500. For a $10,000 minimum, the 12-month term qualifies for the River City Certificate. This gives you the option to add to your balance once a month and the option to make one penalty-free withdrawal each quarter.

A branch visit appears to be required to open an account. Branches are...

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