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EmigrantDirect Updating Website


One advantage ING Direct has compared with other online banks is a fancy website. EmigrantDirect may soon follow. According to Flexo at Consumerism Commentary, Emigrant Direct is sending out letters with news of a website upgrade:
Our new website and "state of the art" new security system will be activated in June. The enhanced site reflects comments received from our customers and sets a new industry standard combining ease of use and expanded capability as well as enhanced security and protection for you and all our customers.

I haven't received this letter yet. I suppose I'll receive it later this week.

An important note for current customers is that they'll be mailing customers a secure access code which will be needed to gain access to the new site. So be sure Emigrant has your latest address.

One of the new features reported is the ability to link additional external accounts. This will be a nice enhancement. Also, I hope they increase the number of external accounts that can be linked. Currently, the limit is only 2.

Now that EmigrantDirect may start looking like ING Direct, I hope their rates don't also start to look like them. Unlike last year, Emigrant Direct has lagged many other online banks this year in rates.