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As I mentioned last Wednesday, Bank Deals Blog will be moving off of blogger onto a new, self-hosted website. We are not ready yet to move the Bank Deals Blog, however, we have moved to the new website

The nationwide reward checking accounts are now located here. Use the Select-Your-State box on the top right to choose reward checking accounts available in your state. You can also use this box to get back to the nationwide accounts. Note, the US map to the left of the bank's name indicates that the account is available nationwide.

In addition to reward checking accounts, includes tables of all types of deposit accounts including savings accounts, CDs and IRA CDs. The major types of accounts are listed on the top menu. For each major account type, you can select more specific types of accounts. For example, for checking accounts, you can select reward checking, business checking or classic checking.

Most of the rates are automatically updated daily so you'll no longer have to wait for my Saturday updates to see the latest rates.

We plan to continue to make improvements and updates so feel free to leave a comment if you find an issue or if you have suggestions.

Update 12/01/09: I just wanted to point out that this blog and commentary will not be going away. I'll be doing the same blog postings that I've always done. Right now the only change is that will be replacing In a few weeks the Bank Deals Blog will be moved from blogger to The content of the blog will remain the same. The only change is the addition of the new rate tables. We plan to keep adding to these tables so they will include all the best banks and credit union deals.

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Anonymous   |     |   Comment #1
I don't really like the new website , hope u keep the blog going
Virginia   |     |   Comment #2
I'm glad that you're growing - it's a testament to all the great work you've done over the years - but don't lose the personal touch. Bankrate already has rate tables - you offer a different, more human perspective. We come here for information, but also to hear from you and read all your little notes about the banks/rates and the comments that others leave behind. Don't get too corporate on us as you expand!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #3
The one thing that I like about your website versus the others is that you get a more comprehensive list of available banking products than with other websites. Many of the other sites have abbreviated information and often omit rates that should be listed. Also, some of them don't timely update their information as well. If you end up copying their format and style, then I think the uniqueness of your current blog will be gone.
Duck   |     |   Comment #4
Hey BankingGuy looked at the new site first off Viel Erfolg! . I also read the comments left by others of this new site I for one like growth it shows that you want bigger and better things and you deserve them. From what I saw at the NewSite and took from the comments is that they liked the site but it just did not have the simplification and homeyness feeling of the current blog and maybe felt a little detached by the change. You can look anywhere/everywhere else if all you want to see is the rate. You give people somewhere to come where they can gather and share information, discuss and sometimes debate what you and or they find at the institutions we all deal with in search of the Almighty Dollar. I only have one thing left to add Long Live The BankingGuy
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #5
One of the more valuable features of the present site is the commentary left by readers concerning their experience with the customer service at various banks and credit unions. It would be nice if that could be easily accessible.
Duck   |     |   Comment #6
Tried to leave a comment on new site BankingGuy here is what happened after submit was clicked

will not allow
Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: DIV

how can I send the error to you thanks
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #7
Not being picky, but could the "star" ratings be incorporated next to the bank names? Maybe at first glance at the new site, I just missed where the ratings could be found.

Regardless, you are great, Banking Guy, for providing a really valuable and useful service for all of us who follow your blog site. Keep up the excellent work.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #8
It's nice that you have made a new website that gives additional information to users. I was on it briefly to see what I thought of it.

I agree with some of the others that I like the uniqueness of the present blog, especially user comments. Sometimes it takes the info from you plus what is learned from some of the comments to help me make a good decision about what product and what bank or credit union to select for deposit of my funds. Sometimes I will even go back a year or so to see what insituations were offering in terms of rates and for those insitutions where you had no recent post I would just go to their website via the archives and check it out for myself.

One of the advantages I see with the current format is that you highlight a new offer by a financial insitution, which won't necessarily happen on the new website.

I do hope you will figure out a way to maintain the blog even if it is at a different website and even if it is not as comprehensive as the new one because I,for one, prefer its format to the other formats.

I do wish you best of luck with your new endeavors and thank you for all your efforts on your and our behalfs.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #9
Ditto on all the positive comments thanking you for all you do and also noting what will be missed from your blog. I notice the new site is not as complete in its listings - i.e. Alliant Credit Union's great savings, checking and CD rates aren't included? Any reason for the omission?
Virginia   |     |   Comment #10
I spent a little more time at the new site last night and I noticed that most of the articles seem to be written by some woman named Debbie Dragon. I looked her up and she appears to be a professional ghostwriter, someone who just writes about whatever she's paid to. The articles were fine in terms of grammar, spelling, and professionalism, but there was no personal warmth or feeling there. The site seems very commercial and impersonal. I'm not interested in reading fluff pieces by some ghostwriter - I want to continue hearing from you. Get rid of Debbie Dragon and post your own entries, or at least link to reputable, well known economics and finance sources!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #11
Banking Guy, I like your new web site and would like to add if possible to include from the home page a drop down field for Specials, one time deals or deals that are about to expire. That way we will not have to search trough all of the menu for such deals, since your web site will grow in complexities and size.
Virginia   |     |   Comment #12
Question - Will you be able to move the blog archives, or will they just remain here indefinitely? There are lots of posts that refer back to older posts and it would be a shame to lose that continuity.
JCE   |     |   Comment #13
I am interested in opening a 12 month CD with a decent rate, I took a quick look at the new site, under Certificate of Deposit it lists Charter Bank as nationwide with a 12 month CD APY of 2.25 updated on 12/1/09. Interested I went to the banks website and found branches are only in New Mexico, a branch visit is required and the 12 month CD APY is 1.50 as of 11/23/09. I have found your original blog to be very useful and accurate with the latest information available but it appears the new site is not being updated as promptly and accurately.
joesph   |     |   Comment #14
the site you have now is the best i've seen, your new site is the same as other sites such as banking my way , money generic,outdated information, i can visit your old site several times daily and always find something new, keep the old site, have an idea run both sites and run a poll
anonymous77   |     |   Comment #15
Please clarify what 'qualifying' and 'non-qualifying' refer to on the "High Yield Reward Checking Accounts Rates" webpage. Thanks.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #16
qualifying- when u meet all the monthly requirements (ie. debit transactions , etc.)that qualifys you for the high interest rate .
Bozo   |     |   Comment #17
To: Banking Guy
Re: New Site

In all candor, it's not on a par with your current site. I, too, immediately noticed the omission of Alliant in the "leader board", as well as USAA (e.g., their 7-year jumbo CD at 4.16%). Perhaps the data here and the data there have not been fully incorporated. I also agree with others' comments regarding "community input" and feedback. That's one of the things that makes this site so unique.

Just my $.02.
Mike H.
Mike H.   |     |   Comment #18
I have read your blog daily for many years.

I just checked out

I am very impressed with the professional look. But, at the same time, very disappointed with the feel of the site. Basically, the same feelings expressed by others before me.

I hope you can somehow change the new website to resemble the original blog. Simple is the best approach. Maybe you could start with the blog like it appears now, and then offer to click and see the charts in a the professional way it looks at

No matter what you do, I want to thank you for all your hard work.
Mary   |     |   Comment #19
Thank you including Health Savings Account rates on your new website. Is there a “Blog Hub” to make comments on your new site, DepositAccounts, or do we continue to send the information to BankDeals?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #20
I agree with some of the others, the new website is no where near as personal as this blog. Please keep the current format.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #21
I totally dislike the new site.It is not comprehensive and I miss the reader's comments.Please change it back to the way it was. Also, some of the info is not accurate. Please, please don't try to fix a good thing.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #22
Most of the content on the new site ( is
unreadable by either Firefox or Netscape 7.1. It looks
like yet another Microsoft-only Web site.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #23
Firefox and Netscape 7.1? Both of those browsers are no longer supported and should not be used since they could have serious software holes in them. Netscape (the old venerable browser of the 1990s) was taken over by AOL which killed it a couple of years ago. Anything below Firefox version 3 is obsolete and out of date. I know some people use very old programs. But, you should seriously consider replacing them unless you are using a XT, AT, 286, 386, or 486 based Intel microprocessor PC.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #24
An additional note. I am reading this site using Firefox 3.0.15 with no problems. I was a fan of Netscape Navigator 2.02 and 3.08 which were very light and easy to use. But those versions will not display most webpages correctly since they were based on old software code from the 1990s.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #25
note: on, the rewards checking account for williamstown bank, wv is not listed with a state search for west virginia.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #26
Like so many people on the internet, you are chasing big bucks and ****ing up something good. Still to this blog. You are doing a great job with it.
Mary   |     |   Comment #27
I try to spend a few minutes each day with the new website. Really enjoy how fast the click from the specific deposit account on a rate page, to all the products offered by the institution, to your reviews of the organization, and then on to the specific website for the institution. “Very cool!”
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #28
I was trying to find a good HYCA, and of course I went to your site. Unfortunately, I count not find things nearly as well on the new site, and had to give up. Make sure you have ALL THE OLD FUNCTIONALITY before you pull a switch on your readers. Some specific suggestions:

1. Sorting by "Max" should handle the "N/A" entries properly. There's no way to get the biggest max cap account to come out on top! They should be at the end of any list I think.

2. You need an option to search all the states, not just nationwide or one state. Looking for the best rate across the country is valuable, since you never know if you might qualify for some local deal

3. Take a look for a good example of how to make a simple listing of Jumbo accounts.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #29
To Anonymous who posted on 11:16 AM, December 06, 2009

I must not be reading your item 2 correctly. If you are doing a nationwide search, isn't that the same as searching through all of the states in the US? The only types of searches that I have seen on other sites are 1) nationwide (50 states); 2) state specific; or 3) region (several states). How does finding a good rate at the other end of the country be considered a "local" deal?
anonymous77   |     |   Comment #30
<<< qualifying- when u meet all the monthly requirements (ie. debit transactions , etc.)that qualifys you for the high interest rate. >>>

That's not quite what I meant. The list of financial institutions on the webpage at the new site contains the term 'qualifying' (or sometimes 'qualified') next to most of the listed institutions. It's that that I was asking about.

Maybe it means that the ones that don't include the term offer rewards accounts without any qualifying requirements (?)

BankGuy, can you confirm?
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #31
@Anonymous 11:16 AM, December 06, 2009

We've made some improvements to #1 (the N/A sort issue). We have a few more fixes to go.

For #2, would you want a table listing the best rates regardless of state? I guess this could be useful for cases like credit unions in which you may quailify via family or employer even if you don't live in their area.

For #3, we'll look into a jumbo table.


The term 'qualifying' in the reward checking tables is intended to indicate that the rates depend on meeting the monthly qualifications.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #32
LOTS of banks missing, you were much more complete. Please reconsider opening yours back up. I am left hanging now.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #33
For #2, YES, this is what I'd like to see. (As I find some neighboring states' banks may allow you to open an account in-person. And, seeing the entire list like you had in highyieldcheck blogspot was a great tool.) ALSO, you need to check and correct incorrect entries, duplicates with wrong information of rates, name of checking, rates, links, and names of accounts in the overview table. e.g. provident. connexus. ALSO, if possible, to add the following info in table: # credit-debit transactions required, ATM max reimbursement, Y/N monthly online access required, rates for above the maximum,.

The financial institution, product, and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) data displayed on this website is gathered from various sources and may not reflect all of the offers available in your region. Although we strive to provide the most accurate data possible, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The content displayed is for general information purposes only; always verify account details and availability with the financial institution before opening an account. Contact to report inaccurate info or to request offers be included in this website. We are not affiliated with the financial institutions included in this website.