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Susquehanna Bank Offers New Promotional Money Market Account


A few days ago, Susquehanna Bank unveiled a new Promotional Money Market Account with a very attractive interest rate of 1.20% APY. This rate is guaranteed for a period of 4 months from account opening or account conversion. The minimum deposit for this Promotional MMA is $10K and there is no maximum balance cap. Interest is compounded and credited on a monthly basis, and if the account is closed before the interest is credited, you will receive the accrued interest.


Susquehanna Bank's market area covers 40 counties in 4 separate states (Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and New Jersey). Please refer to the Susquehanna Bank market area map for complete details.

This Promotional Money Market Account (and any other account) can be opened online at Susquehanna Bank's website or at any of more than 240 branch locations.

Bank Overview

Susquehanna Bank has an overall health grade of A+ at DepositAccounts.com, with a Texas Ratio of 4.52% (excellent) based on March 31, 2014 data. In the past year, Susquehanna Bank has increased its total deposits by $402.09 Million, a growth rate of 3.16%. Please refer to our financial overview of Susquehanna Bank for more details.

Susquehanna Bank (FDIC Certificate #7579) was originally founded in 1911 as the Farmers National Bank of Lititz (Pennsylvania). In the 1970s, the bank changed its name to Farmers First Bank and began to acquire other banks in the region. In 1982, Susquehanna Bancshares was established as its holding company and the bank began expanding its reach into other states. Today, Susquehanna Bank is a regional full-service bank with assets of approximately $18 Billion.

How this MMA Compares

When compared to other MMAs, Susquehanna Bank's Promotional MMA compares well:

  • 1.40% APY EverBank, Yield Pledge MMA (rate guaranteed for 6 months)
  • 1.26% APY First NBC Bank, Premier Investment MMA
  • 1.25% APY Investors Bank, Promo MMA (rate guaranteed for 1 year)
  • 1.20% APY Susquehanna Bank, Promo MMA (rate guaranteed for 4 months)

The above rates are accurate as of 8/22/2014.

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slimjimmy51   |     |   Comment #1
Where the heck did you find that rate for Investors Bank.  I went to their web page and their rates are very low, nowhere near the 1.25% you stated.  
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #2
The standard rate is very low, but here is the promotion:
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #3
I like the line, "Hurry, a rate like this won’t last forever."
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #4
Very true statement.  That rate will go up or down at some point in time.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #6
This link is to Investors Bank, not Susquehanna.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #7
The promotional rate lasts for 4 months at l.2% and then reverts to the premier mm account rate which is currently 0.10% for balances over $5,000, 0.20% for balances over $25,000, 0.40 for balances over $100,000.   With savings accounts paying around 0.90%, it is bot worth transferring for 4 months of (30 basis points) higher rate IMO.  That would amount to $25 if your balance was $100,000.