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CD Rates Summary August 15, 2017


CD Rates Summary August 15, 2017

On Wednesday the Fed releases the minutes of its July FOMC meeting. That may provide clues on whether we should expect a December rate hike. One important thing to look for is more concerns that the recent low inflation may not just be a temporary condition. Last Friday, the Labor Department released its July CPI report, and as CNBC reported:

U.S. consumer prices rose less than expected in July, pointing to benign inflation that could make the Federal Reserve cautious about raising interest rates again this year.

There was some positive economic news today. As reported by Reuters, “U.S. retail sales recorded their biggest increase in seven months.”

Even though inflation news isn’t encouraging for a rate hike, New York Federal Reserve President William Dudley isn’t expressing concern. Economist Tim Duy in his Fed Watch blog post reviewed an extended interview that Dudley gave to the Associated Press, and Duy summed up the interview by saying:

Dudley continues to adhere to what amounts to the Fed's median forecast, and that means he thinks another rate hike this year is solidly in play.

We can see the effect of the mix economic news in both the Treasury yields and in the Fed funds futures. There were only small changes from last week.

Treasury yields mostly declined, but the declines were small. The 1-month Treasury bills had the largest yield decline from last week, falling 3 bps.

From last week, the odds of a December Fed rate hike went up slightly from 50.4% to 52.8% based on the Fed funds futures.

The following numbers are based on Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates and the CME Group FedWatch.

Treasury Yields:

  • 1-month: 0.97% down from 1.00% last week (0.52% on Jan 3)
  • 6-month: 1.16% same as last week (0.65% on Jan 3)
  • 2--year: 1.35% down from 1.36% last week (1.22% on Jan 3)
  • 5--year: 1.83% down from 1.84% last week (1.94% on Jan 3)
  • 10-year: 2.27% down from 2.29% last week (2.45% on Jan 3)
  • 30-year: 2.84% down from 2.86% last week (3.04% on Jan 3)

Fed funds futures' probabilities of future rate hikes by:

  • Sep 2017 - up by at least 25bps: 1.4% same as last week
  • Dec 2017 - up by at least 25bps: 52.8% up from 50.4% last week
  • Dec 2017 - up by at least 50bps: 3.6% up from 3.4% last week

Certificate of Deposit Rates

In the past, we’ve seen a trend of rising short-term rates and falling long-term rates. In the last two weeks, there was no clear trend of this rate movement. In fact, there wasn’t any clear trend. There was a mixture of rate cuts and rate hikes for both short- and long-term CDs.

One noteworthy CD promotion that became available in the last two weeks is at USALLIANCE Financial Credit Union. It launched an unadvertised CD promotion called the Cooperative Rewards CD Specials which include a 2.02% APY 24-month CD and a 2.28% APY 36-month CD (see blog post).

One thing that didn’t change in the last two weeks was the top two nationally available rate leaders for 1-year and 5-year CDs. We are still waiting for a nationally available 2% 1-year CD and a 3% 5-year CD, and we didn’t get any closer this week.

Advancial Credit Union and Crestmark Bank held as the top 1-year CD rates. However, one change is that the top Crestmark’s top rates now require a minimum deposit of $100k. The minimum used to be $25k. Advancial’s Jumbo 1-year CD (1.79% APY) remains the 1-year CD rate leader. This has a $50k minimum deposit. Crestmark’s 1-year CD with a $100k minimum (1.70%) remains in second place.

Advancial also remains the 5-year CD rate leader with a 2.67% APY for a $50k minimum deposit. Second place still goes to Mountain America Credit Union with a 2.60% APY for a $500 minimum deposit. Both CDs have an early withdrawal penalty of one year of interest.

Four banks and credit unions raised their 5-year CD rates in the last two weeks, and they now take the third, fourth, fifth and sixth place under Advancial and Mountain America.

Third place goes to GTE Financial Credit Union with a 2.58% APY 5-year CD. The minimum deposit is only $500, but this rate requires an active checking and banking relationship. The rate without this relationship is 25 bps lower. On the plus side, the early withdrawal penalty is only 180 days of interest.

Fourth place goes to MutualOne Bank which brought back its special 61-month CD with a 2.53% APY. Minimum deposit is only $5k, but the early withdrawal penalty is large at 540 days of interest.

United States Senate Federal Credit Union takes fifth place with a 2.50% APY 5-year CD that requires a $60k minimum deposit. The early withdrawal penalty is 360 days of interest.

Sixth place goes to State Bank of India in Chicago with a 2.48% APY 5-year CD. Minimum deposit is $50k. The rate is 10 bps lower for a $2.5k minimum. The early withdrawal penalty is only 180 days of interest, but the bank’s disclosure warns that the “principal amount of deposit cannot usually be withdrawn before the Certificate of Deposit matures, unless the Bank consents to the withdrawal as a special case.”

Sallie Mae Bank still has a 5-year CD with a 2.35% APY and a $2,500 minimum deposit. This rate is lower than the six CDs I mentioned above, but the early withdrawal penalty is only 180 days of interest. In addition, it’s easy to open, to fund and to manage. This can be done all online. You can see how Sallie Mae Bank’s CD compares to Mountain America’s CD with our CD Early Withdrawal Penalty Calculator.

One interesting thing to note about Sallie Mae Bank is that its 5-year direct CD APY (2.35%) equals the rate of its 5-year brokered CD that is available at both Fidelity and Vanguard. In most other cases, banks’ brokered CD rates are higher than what they offer on their online direct CDs. The reverse condition existed in the past, especially on short-term CDs. One example of a bank paying more on their brokered CDs is Discover Bank which has brokered CDs from terms of 1- to 10-years with rates 10 to 35 bps higher than what’s available directly from Discover Bank.

Below is my standard explanation of the strategy of using long-term CDs with mild early withdrawal penalties and how I include these effective yields in the tables below.

An alternative to short-term CDs is long-term CDs that have mild early withdrawal penalties. I include the effective yields of a few long-term CDs when closed early in the tables below. All of these have competitive long-term CD rates and an early withdrawal penalty of 6 months of interest or less. The combination of a high long-term CD rate combined with a mild early withdrawal penalty makes these CDs pretty good deals even when closed early. If you want to compare the effective yields of other CDs after the early withdrawal penalties, please refer to our CD Early Withdrawal Penalty calculator.

The risks of planning for early withdrawals of long-term CDs were highlighted by the deposit agreement change at Ally. The risks have also been seen at credit unions which have raised the early withdrawal penalties on existing CDs. I have more details in this blog post.

Savings & Checking Account Rates

In the past I’ve covered savings and checking account rate changes in another weekly summary post. Each week I would publish one post with a recap of savings and checking account rate changes and another post with a recap of CD rate changes. Since there aren’t a lot of rate changes, I’m now alternating these posts. This week I’ll just publish this CD summary. Next week I’ll just publish the savings/checking summary. For both summaries I’ll include the same economic overview. Here's the link to last week's savings/checking account summary. You can always get the latest rates for savings/checking accounts and CDs by using our rate tables, available via the navigational menu on top.

Yields Accurate as of August 15, 2017

Under 1-Year CD Rates

Navy Federal Credit Union3.00% ($10k max) 5-month Certificate SpecialMilitary relationship Account review
Advancial1.67% ($50k) 6-month Jumbo CertificateEasy membership Account review
Veridian Credit Union1.61% 9-month Jumbo CD ($100k)Easy membership Account review
Crestmark Bank1.55% ($100k), 1.30% ($25k) 9-month CDAccount review
Veridian Credit Union1.51% 9-month CD SpecialEasy membership Account review
Ally Bank1.50% ($25k), 1.25% ($5k) 11-month No Penalty CD Internet bank See review
Crestmark Bank1.50% ($100k), 1.25% ($25k) 6-month CDAccount review
The Vanguard Group Brokered CD1.45% 9-month non-callable CDIssued by BotW, BBVAC*
Fidelity Brokered CD1.45% 9-month non-callable CDIssued by BBVAC, BotW*
First Internet Bank1.37% 6-month CDEasy membership See review
Fidelity Brokered CD1.35% 6-month non-callable CDIssued by BBVAC, BotW, SYN*
The Vanguard Group Brokered CD1.35% 6-month non-callable CDIssued by BH, BoC*
The Palladian PrivateBank1.30% Savings Account promo 6-month rate ($10K min/$500K max)See review
HSCB1.25% Promo Premier Savings (rate guaranteed through 8/31/17)See review
Salem Five Direct1.25% eOne Savings (rate guarantee through 7/1/18) See review
EverBank1.21% (1yr intro rate, up to $250k) 0.71% ongoing rateMMA/Checking - Account review

Noteworthy Local Deals - Under 1-Year CDs

Five Star Bank2.00% 8-month CD (checking relationship)18 western New York counties See review
Citizens Community Credit Union1.55% 280 to 912 Days Lifestyle CDNE North Dakota See review
Maine Highlands Credit Union1.51% 6-month IRA CertificatePiscataquis County and 12 central Maine communities See review
Blue Gate Bank1.51% ($25k) MMA (rate guarantee through 1/31/2018Southern California See review
Bankers Trust Company1.50% (base rate) 9-21 month Pick-A-Term CD PromoCedar Rapids/Des Moines, IA and Phoenix, AZ See review
Wright-Patt Credit Union1.32%($100k) 6-22 month Share Certificate 10 Ohio counties See review
Triangle Credit Union1.30% 9-month CD Special5 NH and 4 MA counties See review
EastBank1.25% 7-month Special CDNYC See review
Providence Bank1.25% 9-month CD SpecialMissouri and southwest Illinois See review
Coastal Heritage Bank1.25% 9-month CDMassachusetts' South Shore
Synergy Bank, SSB1.20% 10-month CD Special ($10kDallas/Fort Worth area

1-Year CD Rates

Advancial1.79% ($50k) 1-year Jumbo CertificateEasy membership Account review
Crestmark Bank1.70%($100k), 1.45 ($25k) 12-month CDAccount review
Pacific National Bank1.60% 12-month CD See review
BankDirect1.60% ($10k) 12-month CDAccount review
TIAA Direct1.56% 12-month CDInternet bank See review
EverBank1.56% 1-year Yield Pledge CD Internet bank See review
Popular Direct1.55% ($10k) 1-year Popular Direct CDInternet bank See review
KS StateBank1.55% ($100k) 1-year Jumbo CD Internet Only Special See review
State Bank of Texas1.55% ($100k) 1.45% ($25k) 12-month CD See review
My e-BAnC by BAC Florida Bank1.55% ($100k) 12-month Jumbo Time Deposit See review
First Internet Bank1.52% 12-month CDInternet bank See review
Amboy Direct1.51% ($10k min/$250k max) 12-month eSavings CD See review
Northwest Federal Credit Union1.51% ($250k), 1.41% ($100k) 1-year CDEasy membership See review
Service Credit Union1.50% 11-month Certificate Special Limited membership See review
SallieMae Bank1.50% 12-month CDAccount review
Ally Bank1.50% ($25k), 1.25% ($5k) 11-month No Penalty CD Internet bank See review
Connexus Credit Union1.50% 12-month Share CertificateEasy membership See review
UNIFY Financial Credit Union1.50% (2.00% 60-month Share Certificate closed after 1 year)Easy membership
The Vanguard Group Brokered CD1.50% 1-year non-callable CDIssued by SB*
Fidelity Brokered CD1.45% 1-year non-callable CDIssued by BoH, CTB, DIS, GSB, MBC, SANT, SB, SNB, TCF *

Noteworthy Local Deals - 1-Year CDs

Red Rocks Credit Union2.00% ($100k), 1.75% ($50k), 1.50% ($10k) 12-month Share Certificate Colorado See review
Island Federal Credit Union1.75% 11-month Certificate Special Long Island, NY See review
First Bank & Trust1.73% ($100k) 14-month Jumbo CD SpecialChicago See review
Texas Exchange Bank1.66% ($10k) 12-month New Money CD Texas See review
P1FCU1.61% 12-month Share Certificate Special11 Idaho and 2 Washington counties
Frankenmuth Credit Union1.60% 13-month CD SpecialMichigan See review
Pioneer Federal Credit Union1.55% 13-month CD Special13 SW Idaho counties See review
AmeriCU1.55% ($100k) 12-month Jumbo Partner Certificate9 Upstate New York Counties See review
General Electric Credit Union1.55% ($100k) 1-year Jumbo CDSouthwest Ohio
Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union1.51% 12-23 month Share Certificate Portions of OH, SC, WV; Bayer Corporation employees See review
Seasons Federal Credit Union1.51% 14-month Featured Certificate Middlesex County, CT See review
West Town Bank & Trust1.50% Personal Classic Checking (rate guarantee for one year)Chicago metro area and Eastern North Carolina See review

18-month CD Rates

Advancial1.93% ($50k) 18-month Jumbo CertificateEasy membership Account review
Veridian Credit Union1.86% 15-month Jumbo CD ($100k)Easy membership See review
Veridian Credit Union1.76% 15-month CD SpecialEasy membership See review
Crestmark Bank1.75% ($100k), 1.50% ($25k) 18-month CDAccount review
Atlantic Stewardship Bank1.70% Special 20-month Power CD Account review
Popular Direct1.70% ($10k) 18-month Popular Direct CDInternet bank
TIAA Direct1.67% 18-month CDInternet bank See review
EverBank1.67% 1.5-year Yield Pledge CDInternet bank See review
First Internet Bank1.66% 18-month CDEasy membership See review
Fidelity Brokered CD1.65% 18-month non-callable CDIssued by FBPR*
Ally Bank1.64% (2.25% High Yield 5-Year CD closed after 18 months)See review
EBSB Direct1.61% 19-month CD Internet bank See review
NASA Federal Credit Union1.60% 15-month CD Special Easy membership See review
Northpointe Bank1.60% 15-month CD Special See review
KS StateBank1.60% ($100k) 18-month Jumbo CD Internet Only Special See review
The Vanguard Group Brokered CD1.60% 18-month non-callable CDIssued by AMEX CB, BMW, GS*
SallieMae Bank1.58% (60-month CD closed after 18 months)Account review
UNIFY Financial Credit Union1.58% (2.00% 60-month Share Certificate closed after 18 months)Easy membership requirements

Noteworthy Local Deals - 18-Month CDs

Horizon Credit Union2.02% 15-month Special Certificate w/checkingWashington, Idaho, Montana See review
University of Iowa Community Credit Union2.00% ($250k), 1.90% ($100k), 1.80k ($1k) 16-month CD Special All of Iowa and 4 Illinois counties, University of Iowa relationship See review
Cedar Falls Community Credit Union1.96% 15-month Jumbo Certificate7 Iowa counties See review
Wright-Patt Credit Union1.83%($100k),1.72% ($500) 19-month Share Certificate Exclusive 10 Ohio counties See review
First United Credit Union1.80% 18-month CD Special (checking relationship)23 West Michigan counties See review
Members Choice Credit Union1.80% ($50k),1.70% ($500) 18-month CD Special Houston, Texas area See review
Washington Trust1.80% 18-month CD w/checkingRhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts See review
Horizon Credit Union1.76% 15-month Special Certificate w/o checkingWashington, Idaho, Montana See review
Red River Credit Union1.76% 18-month CD13 Texas and 11 Arkansas counties See review
TEXAR Federal Credit Union1.76% 18-month Share CertificateTexas and Arkansas See review
Teachers Federal Credit Union1.75% 15-month CD SpecialNassau and Suffolk Counties, New York See review
National Bank of New York City1.75% 18-23 month CDNYC, Long Island, Westchester See review
Institution for Savings1.75% 18-month CDMassachusetts' North Shore
Ion Bank1.75% 19-month CD Special w/checkingConnecticut See review
ConnectOne Bank1.71% 15-month Personal CD Special New Jersey and New York See review
Collins Community Credit Union1.71% ($250k), 1.66% ($100k), 1.61% ($50k) 15-month CD Special 38 eastern Iowa counties See review
CenterBank1.70% 17-month Anniversary Special CD Greater Cincinnati area See review
Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union1.70% 18-month CD Michigan's Lower Peninsula See review
First United Credit Union1.70% 18-month CD Special 23 West Michigan counties See review
Winter Hill Bank1.70% 20-month CD SpecialMassachusetts and New Hampshire See review

2-Year CD Rates

Advancial2.07% ($50k) 2-year Jumbo CertificateEasy membership Account review
USAlliance Financial2.02% 24-month Cooperative Rewards CDEasy membership Account review
Veridian Credit Union1.90% 25-month Jumbo CD ($100k min)Easy membership
InsBank1.85% 23-month CD See review
Crestmark Bank1.85% ($100k), 1.60% ($25k) 24-month CDAccount review
First Internet Bank1.81% 24-month CDEasy membership See review
TIAA Direct1.81% 24-month CDInternet bank See review
EverBank1.81% 2-year Yield Pledge CDInternet bank See review
Popular Direct1.80% ($10k) 2-year Popular Direct CDInternet bank See review
Veridian Credit Union1.80% 25-month Special CDEasy membership
Ally Bank1.79% (2.25% High Yield 5-Year CD closed after 2 years)See review
KS StateBank1.78% ($100k) 2-year Jumbo CD Internet Only Special See review
SallieMae Bank1.77% (60-month CD closed after 2 years)Account review
UNIFY Financial Credit Union1.76% (2.00% 60-month Share Certificate closed after 2 years)Easy membership
Northwest Federal Credit Union1.76% ($250k), 1.66% ($100k) 2-year CDEasy membership See review
Bethpage Federal Credit Union1.75% 25-month CertificateEasy membership See review
Fidelity Brokered CD1.75% 2-year non-callable CDIssued by FBPR*
Nationwide Bank1.75% ($100k), 1.70% ($500) 24-month CD Internet bankSee review
Hughes Federal Credit Union1.71% ($99k) 29-month CD Easy membership See review
Hope Federal Credit Union1.71% ($95k) 24-month Jumbo Share Certificate
M.Y. Safra Bank1.71% 2-year CD Special See review
The Vanguard Group Brokered CD1.70% 2-year non-callable CDIssued by AMEX CB, BMW, COBNA, COBUSA, DIS, GS*

Noteworthy Local Deals - 2-Year CDs

Red Rocks Credit Union2.25% ($100k), 2.00% ($50k), 1.75% ($10k) 24-month Share Certificate Colorado See review
University of Iowa Community Credit Union2.20% ($250k), 2.10% ($100k), 2.00% ($1k) 26-month CD Special All of Iowa and 4 Illinois counties, University of Iowa relationship See review
Energy Credit Union2.02% 24-month CD SpecialNorfolk and Suffolk Counties, MA See review
Collins Community Credit Union2.01% ($250k), 1.96% ($100k), 1.91% ($50k) 28-month CD Special 38 eastern Iowa counties See review
Primary Bank2.00% 2-year Anniversary CD New England See review
Blue Hills Bank2.00% 23-month Bump Up CD PromoBoston area See review
Institution for Savings2.00% 24-month CDMassachusetts' North Shore
First Community Credit Union2.00% 24-month CD5 MO and 3 IL counties, City of St. Louis See review
Ferguson Federal Credit Union2.00% 24-month CD Special 12 southwest Mississippi counties See review
First Federal Credit Union2.00% 29-month CD SpecialLinn County, Iowa See review
Greater Iowa Credit Union1.81% 22-month CD Special33 Iowa counties See review
Hanover Community Bank1.80% 29-month CDNassau, Suffolk, Queens, and Kings Counties, New York See review
Westerra Credit Union1.80% ($10k) 25-month Bump-Up/Add-On CD7 Colorado counties See review
Pioneer Federal Credit Union1.80% 25-month CD Special13 SW Idaho counties See review
Sandy Spring Bank1.80% ($10k) 27-month Premier CD SpecialMaryland and Northern Virginia See review

3-Year CD Rates

USAlliance Financial2.28% 36-month Cooperative Rewards CDEasy membership Account review
Advancial2.23% ($50k) 3-year Jumbo CertificateEasy membership Account review
GTE Financial2.02% 36-month CertificateEasy membership Account review
Salem Five Direct2.00% 36-month eCD See review
Connexus Credit Union2.00% 36-month Share CertificateEasy membership (Added to Summary on 3/30) See review
Kinecta Credit Union2.00% ($100k) 30-month Jumbo Share Certificate Easy membership See review
Crestmark Bank2.00% ($100k), 1.75% ($25k) 36-month CDAccount review
TIAA Direct1.99% 36-month CDInternet bank See review
EverBank1.99% 3-year Yield Pledge CDInternet bank See review
KS StateBank1.98% ($100k) 3-year Jumbo CD Internet Only Special See review
SallieMae Bank1.97% (60-month CD closed after 3 years)Account review
M.Y. Safra Bank1.96% 36-month Online Promo CD See review
Hope Federal Credit Union1.96% ($95k) 36-month Jumbo Share Certificate
Ally Bank1.95% (2.25% High Yield 5-Year CD closed after 3 years)See review
First Internet Bank1.94% 36-month CDEasy membership See review
GS Bank1.90% 3-year CD
iGObanking1.90% 36-month iGOCD See review
The Vanguard Group Brokered CD1.90% 3-year non-callable CDIssued by AMEX CB, BMW, COBNA, COBUSA, DIS, GS, SMB*
Fidelity Brokered CD1.90% 3-year non-callable CDIssued by AMEX CB, BMW, COBNA, COBUSA, DIS, FBPR, GSB, SMB*
Popular Direct1.90% ($10k) 3-year Popular Direct CDInternet bank
Veridian Credit Union1.90% ($100k) 39-month Jumbo CD Easy membership See review
Hughes Federal Credit Union1.87% ($99k), 1.76% ($50k), 1.66% ($1k) 36-month CDEasy membership
UNIFY Financial Credit Union1.84% (2.00% 60-month Share Certificate closed after 3 years)Easy membership requirements

Noteworthy Local Deals - 3-Year CDs

University of Iowa Community Credit Union2.60% ($250k), 2.50% ($100k), 2.40% ($1k) 35-month CD Special All of Iowa and 4 Illinois counties, University of Iowa relationship See review
InvesTex Credit Union2.25% 3-year Promo Rate CDNorth Houston, Texas area See review
Triangle Credit Union2.25% 35-month CD Special5 NH and 4 MA counties See review
Primary Bank2.25% 3-year CDNew Hampshire See review
Farmers State Bank2.15% 39-month CD3 NE Iowa counties See review
Cornerstone Financial Credit Union2.11% ($50k) 36-month Super Jumbo CertificateEMR in Tennessee and Kentucky See review
BTH Bank2.10% 30-month Worry-Free CDTexas See review
Citadel2.10% 36-month CD Special 5 southeast Pennsylvania counties See review
Perpetual Federal Savings Bank2.07% 36-month CDCentral Ohio See review
Cornerstone Financial Credit Union2.06% ($25k) 36-month Jumbo CertificateEMR in Tennessee and Kentucky See review
1st Gateway Credit Union2.05% 40-month CD SpecialEastern Iowa, Western Illinois
Haverhill Bank2.02% 36-month CDNE Massachusetts and nearby New Hampshire See review
Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union2.02% 36-47 month Share Certificate Portions of OH, SC, WV; Bayer Corporation employees See review
VITAL Federal Credit Union2.01% 36-month CDSpartanburg County, South Carolina See review
American United Federal Credit Union2.00% 36-month Share Certificate (bump rate or 0.10% rate increase)Salt Lake and Tooele Counties, Utah See review
Grow Financial Federal Credit Union2.00% 30-36 month Share CertificateEMR in FL, NC, SC; military relationship See review
Vibrant Credit Union2.00% 33-month CD SpecialIowa, Illinois Quad Cities area
Fairport Savings Bank2.00% 35-month CD SpecialNew York State See review

4-Year CD Rates

Hanscom Federal Credit Union2.50% 48-month Certificate w/Premier CheckingEasy membership See review
Advancial2.45% ($50k) 4-year Jumbo CertificateEasy membership Account review
GTE Financial2.27% 48-month CertificateEasy membership Account review
NASA Federal Credit Union2.25% 49-month CD Special
Northern Bank Direct2.15% 48-month CD Internet bank See review
Fidelity Brokered CD2.15% 4-year non-callable CDIssued by COBNA, COBUSA*
Third Federal Savings and Loan2.15% 49-month CD Special See review
TIAA Direct2.12% 48-month CDInternet bank See review
EverBank2.12% 4-year Yield Pledge CDInternet bank See review
Mountain America Credit Union2.10% 4-year Term DepositEasy membership
First Internet Bank2.07% 48-month CDInternet bank See review
Melrose Credit Union2.07% 4-year Share CertificateCurrently operating under an NCUA conservatorship
SallieMae Bank2.07% (60-month CD closed after 4 years)Account review
Crestmark Bank2.05% ($100k), 1.80% ($25k) 48-month CDAccount review
M.Y. Safra Bank2.05% 48-month Online Promo CD See review
Ally Bank2.03% (2.25% High Yield 5-Year CD closed after 4 years)See review
Synchrony Bank2.00% ($2k) 48-month CD Internet bank See review
Bay State Savings Bank2.00% 48-month CD
Popular Direct2.00% ($10k) 4-year Popular Direct CDInternet bank
Latino Credit Union2.00% 48-month CD Easy membership See review
UNIFY Financial Credit Union1.84% (2.00% 60-month Share Certificate closed after 4 years)Easy membership requirements

Noteworthy Local Deals - 4-Year CDs

InvesTex Credit Union2.50% 4-year Promo Rate CDNorth Houston, Texas area See review
Institution for Savings2.50% ($250k) 4-year Money Market CD (also requires $250K in MMA)Parts of Massachusetts
Tech Credit Union2.43% ($100k) 50-month Jumbo Compound CD4 NW Indiana and 2 NE Illinois counties See review
Pelican State Credit Union2.41% 48-month CDRapides Parish, LA; EMR in AR, LA, MS, TX See review
Jefferson Financial Credit Union2.38% ($10k) 48-month Share Certificate4 Louisiana Parishes See review
Deere Employees Credit Union2.35% 48-month Share CertificateEmployees and retirees of Deere & Company See review
IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union2.32% 48-month CD18 Illinois and 10 Iowa counties See review
Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union2.28% 48-59 month Share Certificate Portions of OH, SC, WV; Bayer Corporation employees See review
Perpetual Federal Savings Bank2.28% 48-month CDCentral Ohio See review
Pioneer Valley Credit Union2.27% 49-month Share Certificate SpecialEasy membership requirement in CT, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT See review
Tech Credit Union2.27% 50-month Premium Compound CD4 NW Indiana and 2 NE Illinois counties See review
ASI Federal Credit Union2.27% 48-month CDGreater New Orleans metro area See review

5-Year CD Rates

Advancial2.67% ($50k) 5-year Jumbo CertificateEasy membership Account review
Mountain America Credit Union2.60% 5-year Term DepositEasy membership
GTE Financial2.58% 60-month CertificateEasy membership Account review
MutualOne Bank2.53% 61-month CDSee review
United States Senate Federal Credit Union2.50% ($60k), 2.44% ($20k), 2.38% ($1k) 60-month CD Easy membership
State Bank of India (IL)2.48% ($50k) 5-year Senior CD
Hope Federal Credit Union2.43% ($95k) 60-month Jumbo Share Certificate
Melrose Credit Union2.42% 5-year Share CertificateCurrently operating under an NCUA conservatorship
Utah First Federal Credit Union2.40% 60-month CDEasy membership See review
State Bank of India (IL)2.38% 5-year CD
Michigan State University Federal Credit Union2.38% ($100k) 5-year Jumbo CDEasy membership Account review
SallieMae Bank2.35% 60-month CDAccount review
Fidelity Brokered CD2.35% 5-year non-callable CDIssued by AMEX CB, COBNA, COBUSA, GSB, SMB*
The Vanguard Group Brokered CD2.35% 5-year non-callable CDIssued by AMEX CB, COBNA, COBUSA, DIS, GS, SMB*
Synchrony Bank2.35% ($25k), 2.30% ($2k) 60-month CDInternet bank See review
Popular Direct2.35% ($10k) 5-year Popular Direct CDInternet bank
First Internet Bank2.30% 60-month CDEasy membership See review
Ally Bank2.25% 5-year High Yield CD Internet bank See review
TIAA Direct2.25% 60-month CDInternet bank See review
EverBank2.25% 5-year Yield Pledge CDInternet bank See review

Noteworthy Local Deals - 5-Year CDs

InvesTex Credit Union2.75% 5-year Promo Rate CDNorth Houston, Texas area See review
First Bank of Tennessee2.62% 60-month Quarterly CODTennessee See review
Pelican State Credit Union2.61% 60-month CDRapides Parish, LA; EMR in AR, LA, MS, TX See review
Cyprus Credit Union2.60% 60-month CD and Dream CD Utah See review
Shell Federal Credit Union2.60% ($50k), 2.55% ($50) 60-month Share CertificateHarris County, Texas See review
Jefferson Financial Credit Union2.58% ($10k) 60-month Share Certificate4 Louisiana Parishes See review
Wasatch Peaks Credit Union2.55% 60-month CD3 Utah countiesSee review
America First Credit Union2.55% 60-month Regular Certificate 5 Utah, 2 Arizona, 2 Nevada counties See review
Achieva Credit Union2.55% ($75k) 60-month IRA Plus 10 Florida counties See review
Indiana Members Credit Union2.53% 60-month CDCentral Indiana Account review
Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union2.53% 60-month Share Certificate Portions of OH, SC, WV; Bayer Corporation employees See review
ASI Federal Credit Union2.53% 60-month CDGreater New Orleans metro area See review
SouthEast Bank2.51% 60-month CD Special East and Middle Tennessee See review
Blue Hills Bank2.50% 59-month Bump Up CD PromoBoston area See review
Idaho Central Credit Union2.50% 60-month Promo CD27 Idaho and 1 Nevada counties See review
University Federal Credit Union2.50% 60-month CDSalt Lake County, Utah See review
General Electric Credit Union2.50% 5-year CDSouthwest Ohio
Bank of Utica2.50% 5-year CDUtica, NY area
Utah Community Credit Union2.50% 60-month Regular CDJuan, Sanpete, Salt Lake, and Wasatch Counties, Utah See review
Granite Credit Union2.50% 60-month CertificateSalt Lake County, Utah See review
American United Federal Credit Union2.50% 60-month CD (includes 0.10% rate increase)Salt Lake and Tooele Counties, Utah See review

Over 5-Year CD Rates

The Vanguard Group Brokered CD2.70% 10-year non-callable CDIssued by DIS*
Fidelity Brokered CD2.70% 10-year non-callable CDIssued by DIS*
Apple Federal Credit Union2.60% 120-month CD
The Vanguard Group Brokered CD2.50% 7-year non-callable CDIssued by DIS, SMB*
Fidelity Brokered CD2.50% 7-year non-callable CDIssued by DIS, SMB*
KS StateBank2.40% 7-year CD See review
Discover Bank2.35% 10-year CD
Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union2.34% ($40k) 84-month Bonus Term CDEasy membership
GS Bank2.30% 6-year CD
Elements Financial2.30% 10-year CDEasy membership
Apple Federal Credit Union2.25% 84-month CD
Andrews Federal Credit Union2.20% 84-month Share Certificate See review
PenFed Credit Union2.17% 7-year Money Market CertificateEasy membership See review
Elements Financial2.15% 7-year CDEasy membership
Navy Federal Credit Union2.15% ($100k), 2.10% ($1k) 7-year CDMilitary relationship See review

Noteworthy Local Deals - Over 5-year CDs

Indiana Members Credit Union3.04% 84-month CDCentral Indiana Account review
PeoplesChoice Credit Union3.04% 120-month CDYork and Cumberland Counties, Maine
EFCU Financial2.75% 84-month Super 7 Variable Rate CD9 Louisiana parishes Account review
Black Hills Federal Credit Union2.70% ($200k) 7-8 year Ultimate CD (w/checking)South Dakota See review
Sharefax Credit Union2.68% ($15k) 80-month Gold Share CertificateSouthwestern Ohio
Credit Human (formerly San Antonio Federal Credit Union)2.60% 10-year Share CertificateSan Antonio, TX
Appalachian Community Credit Union2.57% 72-month Share Certificate5 TN, 3 VA, 4 KY counties See review
Indiana Members Credit Union2.53% 84-month CD17 Central Indiana counties See review
Citizens Bank Minnesota2.52% 96-month Share CertificateSouthern Minnesota
MidFirst Direct2.50% 84-month CDAZ, AR, CA, CO, FL, MO, NH, NV, NY, OK, TX, WY See review
Financial Center First Credit Union2.50% 84-month Share Certificate10 central Indiana Counties (greater Indianapolis)
Island Federal Credit Union2.50% 84-month CertificateNassau and Suffolk Counties, NY See review
First National Bank (PA)2.45% 10-year CD Special ($10k)PA, MD, OH, WV

*AMEX CB (American Express Centurion Bank), BBVAC (BBVA Compass), BMW (BMW Bank), BoH (Bank of Hope), BotW (Bank of the West), COBNA (Capital One Bank, NA), COBUSA (Capital One Bank, USA), CTB (Community Trust Bank), DIS (Discover Bank), FBPR (Firstbank Puerto Rico), GSB (GS Bank), MBC (Merrick Bank Corp), SANT (Santander Bank, NA), SB (Safra Bank), SMB (SallieMae Bank), SNB (Seacoast National Bank), SYN(Synchrony), TCF (TCF National Bank)

CDs Removed Due To Low Rates Or Expired Specials

CDs Removed, No Longer Available - Nationwide

McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union1.25% ($75k) Ascend Account MMA (rate guarantee through 8/31/17) See review

CDs Removed, No Longer Available - Local

Royal Bank1.30% 7-month CD SpecialChicago metro area See review
Adventure Credit Union2.00% 13-month CD Special11 SW Michigan counties See review
Evergreen Bank Group1.75% ($10k) 18-month CD Special Chicago metro area See review
Evergreen Bank Group1.70% ($10k) 17-month CD Special Chicago metro area See review
Space City Credit Union2.01% 2-year CDHouston metro area See review

CDs Removed, Rate Too Low - National

Synchrony Bank1.55% ($2k) 15-month CD SpecialInternet bank See review
Connexus Credit Union1.70% 24-month Share CertificateEasy membership (Added to Summary on 3/30) See review
Chevron Federal Credit Union1.70% ($250k) 2-year SuperShare 250 CD See review
Northern Bank Direct1.85% 36-month CD Internet bank See review
Synchrony Bank1.85% ($2k) 36-month CD Internet bank See review
RTN Federal Credit Union1.85% 37-month CD SpecialEasy membership See review
Andrews Federal Credit Union2.10% 72-month IRA Certificate See review

CDs Removed, Rate Too Low - Local

Global Bank1.40% 18-month CDNYC metro area See review
Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union1.77% 24-35 month Share Certificate Portions of OH, SC, WV; Bayer Corporation employees See review

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Bozo   |     |   Comment #1
Explain to me, in words a fifth-grader would understand, why the 1.93% Advancial 18-month CD is not the best "bang-for-the-buck". I'm the first to have trepidations about sending money out-of-state,, but I am willing to be convinced this is legit.
Luvcd   |     |   Comment #2
I bonds are currently better...rate and tax wise for a year...even losing 3 months if necessary/desirable to cash out
James iBond
James iBond   |     |   Comment #5
Based on the last 4 months of inflation data, iBonds won't even beat a savings account when the rates are reset in November.
Luvcd   |     |   Comment #6
That's why u don't wait
THIMK   |     |   Comment #12
If you will, One should always chase a better rate no matter where and play bank products as if they were stocks. The net allows this with ease, like day trading. As long as it is FDIC or NCUA protected, who cares, in the age of easy net access to any bank anywhere, as it were,,, Moral hazard?,,,,tish tosh,,,Understand that POINDEXTER?
CD Ladder
CD Ladder   |     |   Comment #4
The 50K 18 month one is 1.97%. And, the 50K 2 year is 2.07%. Not much difference there.
What do you think of the 50K 3 year for 2.23%? Or, the 50K 4 year for 2.45%?
Do you still think the annual delta is going to be 0.25% going forward?

I know the whole logic of CD ladders. But, with interest rates ACTUALLY going-up the last couple of years, that's debatable.
I've got some 3 year CD's from earlier in the year getting 2.0% that looked good back then. Now, not so much.
If I can match inflation with a shorter term, right now I don't like going-out 3, 4 or 5 years on CD's.
#7 - This comment has been removed for violating our comment policy.
Att   |     |   Comment #13
Agree good place if you have 25 to 50K Max but the Monday Morning QB will come out if one 3% CD comes out, You can't predict the future.
Bogie   |     |   Comment #14
That is where a good CD ladder fits the bill! In a rising rate environment, you can always catch the next higher rate with the next rung on the ladder. And in a declining rate environment, you are never stuck with the lowest rate.

Interest income averages out quite well without trying to guess the future of interest rate and no fuss trying to calculate the effect of EWPs. Once built, maintaining a CD ladder is very simple.
Att   |     |   Comment #15
Agreed. My ladder is weighted more for long term. This year I have 2 CDs that have or will mature. Next year I will have many maturing. I do have a cash position in savings and a decent sum I'm Ally 11 month no penalty. Those funds will take adbamtage if one of the good offers become available.
Bogie   |     |   Comment #19
Att, appears we are both in the CD and cash position accept I do not have an Acct. with Ally.
spraytanprez   |     |   Comment #18
Times change and shipping money out of state in the only game left. That is why this site is so popular. Remember in the 80's you walked into a bank branch and had to wait your turn. Now days you walk in and its you and 4 or 5 employees that's it. 5 years from now 50% of those branches you see everywhere will be gone. Sears gone within a year. JC Penny gone within five and all those car dealerships, 75% gone in 20 years. Things are changing at breakneck speed.
Sylvia   |     |   Comment #21
Bozo, I liked Advancial’s 18 month as well but settled for the 24 month because it worked better with my CD ladder. My 18 month rung was crowded while the 24 month was empty. Something to remember about Advancial’s EWP: It’s fixed, not limited to interest earned. If you decide after, say, a couple months to close the 18 month, you’d still be on the hook for 6 months of EWP. They will take the remaining 4 months from the CD principal. On a more positive note, Advancial participates in shared branching. You can deposit check locally and have it immediately available for CD funding.
Bozo   |     |   Comment #23
Sylvia (re comment #21), my experience with Advancial has (thus far) been positive. I will give them a five out of five for responsiveness. The forms they e-mail are not exactly intuitively obvious with respect to membership in "Connex", or the Connex fee ($5), but the rapid responses by the Member Service Center to my queries were impressive (as I note in comment #22). Think I'll give it a shot on the 18-month. The rate is higher, and the term lesser, than anything available hereabouts.

That said, any time in the last six months or so I have focused on any particular CD, by the time I got around to purchasing it, it went "poof". I was all set and ready to roll my maturing USAA CD into the Patelco 2.75% 5% CD. Well, we know how that ended.
RickZ   |     |   Comment #26
Sylvia, Just to confirm, you were able to deposit a check into your Advancial share account at your local shared branch and the funds were available to open/fund your CD when you got home. I hadn't thought of this option given the issues that have arisen in the past with some banks not allowing the funds to be transferred from the share account to a new CD account because of the hold.
Sylvia   |     |   Comment #28
RickZ (#26), yes, immediately upon returning home, I checked online and funds were in my share account as “available.” I then opened CD myself. Days later, by snail mail, I got a note letting me know of “extended check hold” due to amount in excess of $5K. By then, my CD was already earning interest.

I highly recommend online process for opening CD. Disclosure is viewable in advance of purchase through that process. All the options are laid out for you, including dividend payment and maturity payment.
RickZ   |     |   Comment #30
Great, I'll handle it that way. Thanks!
Bozo   |     |   Comment #22
Update to my comment #1 on Advancial. A couple of days ago, I sent an e-mail to Advancial inquiring about membership and opening a CD. The Member Service Center replied the next morning inquiring about my eligibility. I replied I had read on Ken's blog that membership in "Connex" would suffice. I asked if this was correct. Within hours, Advancial sent me the forms with "Connex Professional Network" prefilled in the application (short form), along with the application (long form) asking for all the member info, and a final form for funding particulars. After a couple more e-mails (each of which responded to in lightning speed), I found out your prefilled (short form) application acts as the application for Connex, and the long form for the CU itself. Send those forms in (each of which was sent promptly via downloadable and printable PDF) along with copies of your driver's license and a check for $10 ($5 for Connex membership and $5 for your minimum share certificate), and that's that.

I'm not easily impressed. I was impressed.
alan1   |     |   Comment #25
Another neat thing about Advancial. I sent them my ten bucks to join -- my savings account had three transactions. In reverse chronological order:

a. Five dollar withdrawal: Connex membership fee
b. Ten dollar deposit
c. Five dollar deposit: "Deposit from Connex Membership Clearing"
Bozo   |     |   Comment #27
alan1 (re comment #25), not that it's a huge issue. The folks at Advancial could simplify things by saying (in that one-page short-form application) "just send us $10. We'll take care of the rest". Cynic that I am, such a common-sense statement could blur the lines with respect to credit union membership eligibility. After all, those of us who joined Alliant Credit Union years ago remember the box "member of the PTA". As if anybody really checked to see if you were a member.
alan1   |     |   Comment #31
Fellow Connex member: If Advancial used your suggested language, it would eliminate the "common bond" we share that made us eligible to become Advancial members. You may be a cynic (I hope you aren't; better to be a skeptic), but your view in this case is not at all cynical. My favorite common bond was one that PenFed had for a short time: "American Red Cross volunteer". Their definition: anyone who ever gave money or blood (blood or treasure) to the American Red Cross. You checked the box.
Dee Flation
Dee Flation   |     |   Comment #3
With the current inflation rate of 1.70% and a yield of 0.15% on TIPS, the combined yield of 1.85% is pathetic.
There's a couple of 18 month CD's out there that are yielding more than that. And, several 2 year CD's over 2%.
The big question is if going longer than 2 years is worth the spread.
0.25% delta on a 3 year
0.50% delta on a 4 year
Kind of depends on if you think interest rates are going to go up more than 0.25% per year for the next couple of years.
Jon   |     |   Comment #8
5 year ladder, I only use shorter terms if I want to fill in a year that doesn't have as many maturing in it and only if it is a special rate otherwise I go for the highest 5 year CD I can find. I have 3 maturing this month and I will go with the 5 year. Few years ago I did some 3.5% 7 years and some of those are maturing soon, probably could have gotten a nice 2 year 2% CD back then too but then when it matured my 3.5% CD would have been gone.
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dmeade92651   |     |   Comment #16
REDROCK CREDIT UNION: The 800-648-2859 rings through to some odd number asking survey questions here's a good number for Red Rock CU (303) 471-7625
spraytanprez   |     |   Comment #17
Sad fed minutes take a very dovish view , no more rate hikes this year most likely.
But does that mean cd rates could still go up a little more before the end of the year?
Bozo   |     |   Comment #24
Spraytanprez, it seems apparent that we savers cannot rely on the FED to ride to the rescue. The ten-year was down, what, 4 bps today? I mean, seriously, DA readers, with dyslexia, can get more in a five-year CD even after consideration for the state tax break. As noted above, retail money in Advancial can get over 1.9% for 18 months. Go out to ten years for an additional 35 bps?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #20
I followed Ken's report on RedRock CU & the easy membership. I filled out the online application & was sure that I qualified. But no matter, it looked as though if you were connected with Lockheed you would qualify for membership. But today I received a call & I did not qualify because I did not live in Colorado.
Bill   |     |   Comment #29
Well, I had a 7 yr, 3.69%, IRA CD mature at Penfed today....ouch. Since very few other options are available now, I simply rolled it over to a new 7 yr, 2.15% IRA CD at Penfed. Since I'm well over 59 1/2, I finally decided to use this as a parking space until something substantially better may turn up, since I can withdraw down to $1,000 penalty free. What a sorry situation for savers.
Newbie1   |     |   Comment #32
@Bill. I feel the pain, I had three those 7yr CD's mature.
Bozo   |     |   Comment #33
Bill and Newbie1, re comments 29 and 32, I have two seven-year PenFed IRAs maturing this year. Maybe we should start a club.
Bozo   |     |   Comment #34
Bill (re comment 29), a "sorry situation for savers". Great alliteration, there.

Filling the inside straight, how about "sad, shameful, sorry situation for  seven-year savers."
HappyTimes   |     |   Comment #35
I think 4-5% CD rates are a long forgotten pipe dream. When the market crashes more money will be looking for safety than you can imagine, resulting in very low rates. When people violently take to the streets over statues one can only imagine the reaction to a financial collapse, social security reductions, pension failures, job loss and frozen bank accounts.
Bozo   |     |   Comment #36
HappyTimes (re comment # 35), wow, violence in the streets, sounds like fun. Do we get to bring our citronella torches. They keep away bugs.

Yes, if the market "crashes:, it will crash right into what? Treasuries. the government. That government some feel obliged to hate. I find it weird that the folks who most hate "the government" tend to rely on it so much more than others.

Solution: rather than chopping off California and New York, and letting them slip into the Ocean, let's chop off the states which voted for Trump, and let them fend for themselves. Good luck on that.
Luvcd   |     |   Comment #37
But first repeal ACA for those states so electing!
Bozo   |     |   Comment #39
Luvcd, I have no problem with a total scrapping of the ACA. One might find that odd, but the ACA is fatally flawed. Single payer is the only solution.
Luvcd   |     |   Comment #42
Pending that...having problems is not as bad as not having any health "insurance/coverage."
Bozo   |     |   Comment #38
Happy Times, moving along. This is "generally" a friendly blog. We're not exactly a "torches and pitchforks" crowd. The thought of folks taking to the streets over an inanimate object, well it does require one to scratch one's head.
HappyTimes   |     |   Comment #44
You missed my point. I'm not advocating but predicting that if the next crash takes down more than stocks (and it will) there will be a reaction unlike anything you've seen before. When pensions collapse (we'll pay you 50% of what we promised), taxes balloon to pay unsustainable promises, property values plummet, and robots take jobs there will be a reaction. Your values and mine are lost on the street mobs that are so beloved by MSM. Interest rates won't even make the top ten.
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #47
@Bozo: No disrespect but I believe that you are missing the point. There are some 700 plus national monuments that are being targeted for destruction some of which are in Washington. People have the right to protest the removal of historical monuments. This is all a means to a end because many of the founders of this country were slave owners so next it could be the Jefferson memorial or the Washington monument. The Constitution is also an inanimate object as well as the Declaration of independence and the bill of rights. Many of the people who drafted these historical documents owned slaves as well so should we also be getting rid of them? This is our history, there was a civil war in this country whether you like it or not. People are looking at history through the lens of today and calling it racism. Then there is the financial cost of the unnecessary removal of all these monuments which is quite high which nobody is talking about.
Edward   |     |   Comment #81
Monuments which remind people today to the ugliness of the past should not be up, period. Those monuments are an eyesore to celebrate brutalities of the past. You can claim that it was all a part of history, but that very history is engrained in racism (how is it not racism when white people can subjugate black people to be their slaves? Whipping them, hanging them like some inanimate property?)
Abraham Lincoln fought the war to change that. Robert E Lee and others like him fought to preserve that. Any reason why white supremacists protest against these monuments' removal? The very nature of those monuments is racism against blacks in its core. How high of a financial price is it to remove those monuments? Higher than a mowed down counter-racism protester?
Bogie   |     |   Comment #40
"let's chop off the states which voted for Trump, and let them fend for themselves."

Good solution. I'd go along with that!

Divide the Union, not north and south, but those of us who support President Trump and those who think they would be better off without him. I like a man who doesn't bow to media pressure and Hollywood elitist types with their PC nonsense. Our country never had a president that says what he really thinks until President Trump.
#41 - This comment has been removed for violating our comment policy.
PSEUDOPOSHPOINDEXTER   |     |   Comment #45
Tally Bally Ho; by jove I think he's got it! I say we give Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and throw in Oregon and Washington for good measure; BACK TO MEXICO,,,,,plus a bag of chips, Cheerio old chaps!
QUEEN'S OWN BUTLER   |     |   Comment #62
22Nov63, the bloody overthrow of the government by a communist(s), and now a coup in progress via the media or an election nullification by other means.
???   |     |   Comment #46
BANNON Bai Bai Bai
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #48
I can't believe the media in this country Trump denounces ALL hate groups and gets blasted by the media, Democrats and Republicans. How dare Trump tell the truth and say that there is racism on both sides. Now I can clearly see why no legislation is getting passed. What we actually have is ONE political party in this country "the politician party" aided by the media combining forces against the only non-politician Trump. It looks like their goal is to railroad Trump out of office and put Pence in there so they can continue politics as usual which means raising taxes, more handouts and fleecing the American taxpayers.
spraytanprez   |     |   Comment #50
comment 40
I understand, but if he doesn't shape up now that Steve B. is out we may be looking at Pence 2018. It's not just the media and Hollywood elites, Its CEOs of major US companies and Bob Corker who was vetted for VP. Trump is giving the media all the fuel they need to send him up in flames.
Of course the only ones who can't see this is the basket of deplorables and Fox news.
Edward   |     |   Comment #83
I am sure Trump has no problem saying what he really thinks....like how he likes to grab women by their ****sy. All locker room talk I supposed. The man sure doesn't bow to media pressure.... or moral pressure for that matter. He condones the Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, claiming violence from 'all sides'. Which side used a speeding car to mow the others down? Did the President reprimand that? How many more of his cabinet did he fired now? All that is left is Pence and his in-laws....He cannot even keep his own cabinet n order, what makes you think he can keep the country in order?
spraytanprez   |     |   Comment #52
Bozo, I cannot imagine waking up every morning and not hearing on the news what Trump has done now. It's exciting to see how much trouble he can get into. I always thought if they could get alt-right Steve B. out of there and get some military guys in to whip some sense into him things might get better. But I don't think even that would work. I feel bad for his children.
On the flipside, can you imagine how boring it would be with Hillary in office. And with the AG and the FBI in her back pocket she would get away with everything. I would hate to see that. She would be the biggest Teflon prez in modern history.. At least Trump gets called out by his own party. When did you ever remember a prez getting so much flak from his own party. Unbelievable.
Bogie   |     |   Comment #55
Of course President Trump is being called out by his own back stabbing parting. He is an "outsider". Not one of the politically connected "insider" "good Ole' boys". And some will be up for re-election. And still other politicians trip all over themselves apologizing just hours later for comments that prove unpopular or were caught commenting what they really think over hot mic. which they didn't know was still live. There is enough dirty politics behind the scenes, out of public view, to bury every one of them no matter the party affiliation.
Edward   |     |   Comment #84
It's not outsider or insider. No one with a common sense will be associated with Trump. 90% of his own cabinet quit or was fired. The CEOs are running from him, members of his own Republicans are criticizing him, and the media are blasting him. Trump might stand for whatever isolated nationalism you want, but an isolated nationalist will not be able to pass legislations on his own.....he can talk all he wants but his promises are nothing more than dead deeds.
Martin   |     |   Comment #43
California has issued over $185 billions of bonds so far and one half of it, will be due for refinancing by 2020, on top of that for 2018 there will be on the ballot measures for new bonds.:
The proposals for bond measures under consideration for the 2018 ballot are:

$3.1 billion for parks improvements in Assembly Bill 18 by Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella)
$450 million for voting system improvements in Assembly Bill 668 by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego)
$3 billion for low-income housing development in Senate Bill 3 by Sen. Jim Beall (D-San Jose)
$3.8 billion for water and parks improvements in Senate Bill 5 by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles)
$500 million for Salton Sea improvements in Senate Bill 701 by Sen. Ben Hueso (D-San Diego)
$7.9 billion for water improvements in a proposed initiative supported by groups including the Nature Conservancy and the Environmental Defense Fund
$8.7 billion for water improvements in a proposed initiative from Gerald Meral, former deputy director of the state Department of Water Resources.
If the interest rates go higher from the present level, California will have to put new taxes just to pay the interest on the past and present bonds, think about, can California afford higher interest date or there will be a straw that broke the Camel back?
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #49
What do you expect California is a ultra liberal state full of rich celebrities to tax. They should add a 10% liberal celebrity tax that will fix it. Rich liberals love high taxes so let them pay more then.
spraytanprez   |     |   Comment #51
Speaking for myself, I am locking in all CDs coming due now and in the next 2 months. As I see it , there is no need to wait until December since nothing will be happening then. No fed hike and there is no way Washington we get tax reform done this year as they will be too busy putting out fires that Trump starts. Very sad for this country. In addition, since I believe the 10 year will break 2 % this year I have fears that could cause cd rates to dip in the 1st. quarter of 2018. So I am parking no money now. CD buying to the max right now for me.
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #54
I have quite a bit of cash now locked up in CD's and the rest earning either bank bonuses or stock dividends. I see nothing happening in regards to legislation due to the fact that we have so called Republicans like John Kasich political grandstanding and siding with Democrats and the liberal media against Trump. I love how it is perfectly acceptable to denounce the the racist Neo-Nazi's and KKK(And rightfully so!) yet not acceptable in the same sentence to denounce the violent ANTIFA and racist BLM crowd who were also there. I'm sorry but this kind of in your face one sided discussion about racism is exactly what fuels these white supremacist groups that the liberal media claims to be against. Then they actually hand them a microphone and give them a platform to speak.............unbelievable.
Bozo   |     |   Comment #58
Deplorable1, I see we might again be on the same page. Re comment #54, we here in the Bay Area have seen the violence perpetrated by the "antifa" and its spin-offs. The Black Block (folks who dress up in black and cover their faces with bandanas) have terrorized Oakland merchants for years. Any perceived insult to the "antifa" seems to result in a riot in Oakland, Berkeley (or elsewhere), breaking windows, torching cars,, assaulting police, or worse. Mind you, I do not support neo-Nazis or any of their ilk. I also do not support their counter-parts on the radical left. Perhaps if Trump had expressed it in those words, rather than "riffing" (as he seems to do too often), well, you get my drift.
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #65
@Bozo: It seems like there are more of these violent extremest groups popping up all over the place. Some are racist others are anarchist and The media only want's to call out certain groups like the white supremacists while neglecting to call out others like BLM or ANTIFA. In fact I have seen some articles online suggesting that ANTIFA are "the good guys". I'm sorry but they are ALL bad when they are violent and should ALL be condemned. The media should not be siding with any of these groups or giving them a speaking platform IMO.
spraytanprez   |     |   Comment #67
Trump cannot just sit up high on his perch and hope the republicans do all the work passing tax and health care reform. Remember if the republicans fail, Trump also fails.
His voters in the rust belt are not going to play his blame game.
I'm Trump the great and everyone else are losers.
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #79
I agree spray he needs to take a more active role but in the end he can't pass any legislation without the help of his own party who seem to be all to eager to repeatedly back stab him at a moments notice in the name of political correctness. Republicans need to develop a backbone and support the president or we really need a third party that is conservative. What we have now is Democrats(hard left) Republicans(middle of the road) and nobody conservative or hard right aside from a few Republicans who can't pass any legislation on their own. The whole country has moved so far left into Socialism it's unreal. It's not like I agree with Trump on everything either I just think his own party should be supporting him.
Att   |     |   Comment #53
When does it end. Even if rates don't go up how do they pay off all this debt? You also have to take into consideration local debt too. San Franciso has a 264 million dollar budget deficit for 2017 - 2018. Revenues to the city for the next 4 years will increase 10% but expenditures will increase 25%. This is a wealthy city with a 3.2% unemployment rate
Look at Illinios and they are in even worse shape.
Bogie   |     |   Comment #56
Att, I agree with what you are saying. However they did it to themselves and apparently with the voters approval. They all can declare bankruptcy but should get no Federal bailout from our Federal Government which they seem to despise so emphatically with their sanctuary cities status.
Bozo   |     |   Comment #57
Att (re comment 53), you won't find any support for San Francisco's fiscal follies in this quarter. As a resident of Lafayette (CA), some 23 miles east of San Francisco, I gave up on SF eons ago. The downtown SF BART stations are downright scary. On the days my wife has to attend business meetings in SF, she has to dodge drunks, druggies, and dealers (alliteration purposeful). A walk down Market Street is a walk through urine-soaked sidewalks and worse. MUNI and BART elevators are toilets. And it's not just SF. Crimes on BART, especially in and around East Oakland stations, are increasing.
HappyTimes   |     |   Comment #59
If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some gentle people there
For those who come to San Francisco
Summertime will be a love-in there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with flowers in their hair
All across the nation
Such a strange vibration
People in motion
There's a whole generation
With a new explanation
People in motion
People in motion
DCGuy   |     |   Comment #60
I changed my travel plans recently for my vacation next month. Originally was going to visit SFO-SJC-OAK region. Now changed to go to LAS instead. Will also visit AZ.
Bogie   |     |   Comment #61
Smart move from what I hear. Don't know from personal experience, I've never been there and never will.

The thread topic has certainly gotten off track, but with little else new worth getting excited about on the interest rate front.................................oh well.
Bozo   |     |   Comment #63
DCGuy, the "region" (broadly defined) is still worth a visit. Of note: wine country. Sonoma County is a treasure. Napa Valley as well. The vistas on Route 1 (along the Pacific Coast north of San Francisco) are a once-in-a-lifetime experience). The trick is to rent a car at SFO, and just drive north until you get to the Golden Gate Bridge. Stop in Sausalito for brunch, then drive up Highway 101 until you get to Healdsburg. Book a hotel room there, right on the square. Healdburg is a vacation in and of itself. Wine tasting, gourmet dining, and a short drive (or bike ride) to many wineries. Within easy driving distance are the Coast, the magic of Lake County, and the "Skunk Train" (google it; your kids will love the trip through the ancient redwoods).

Places to avoid: just about anything south of SFO aside from the Monterey Aquarium and Carmel. Big Sur is still in recovery mode after last winter. Yosemite is a slog of a drive, and a parking lot.
Bozo   |     |   Comment #64
The Monterey Aquarium is fun, for about three hours. Carmel, just to the south, is also fun, for about three hours. On balance, a trip down Highway 101 (to Monterey and Carmel) provides less enjoyment than a trip up Highway 101, to the wine country.
oldbanker   |     |   Comment #66
Here we go again, reported last week. Households are up to their eyeballs in debt once again. And many say they could not come up with $1,000.00 cash if they had to.
But don't worry, the $15,000.00 in expensive jewelry (fine Swiss watch for him and a diamond bracelet for her) they bought on credit can be used as emergency money.
Simply run it down to the pawn shop and receive $5,800.00 dollars for it .
Gee, people really know how to do it to themselves. Unbelievable.
GAUCHEHUMBLEBRAG   |     |   Comment #68
i knew as a teen that diamonds are for suckers and watches were another con game,,,trump likes a weak dollar which benefits boeing and deere, but a strong buck works at the gas pumps and heating the home in winter. LIQUID AS YOU SHOULD KNOW MISTER OLD BANkER,,,,has been broad daylight reverse robin hood by the banks since 2001 making bernie madoff look like a subway pickpocket. in dec 2000, FIRSTAR, A TOP TEN BANK,,,,,was paying 5.00 plus apr on a fdic mm, and WELLS FARGO HAD A GREAT fdic PMA LIQUID DEAL. to match,,,,that's never gonna come again. I predict 50 years of claw back interest rates by the banksters, just as the banks were fair to mainstreet from the late 40's thru jan 2001.
spraytanprez   |     |   Comment #70
But why do so many believe 5% cds will come again. I say accept the situation we are in. They are not coming back. For you grandchildren maybe yes.
All one can do is what large corporations do, that is cut costs in your households.
Amazon just issued $16B in bonds. Do people realize how much debt large companies have on the books, not to mention the billions of $$ in their own stock they bought back. When the market crashes a 2% cd will look wonderful.
NOUVEAUGAUCHE   |     |   Comment #71
the pent up storm and fury of trumpeteers now raging is FUTILE.....WHAT THEY SHOULD BE DOING IS BOYCOTTING BY SOCIAL MEDIA, EVERY SUCKER CHUMP BAIT SERVICE AND PRODUCT BROUGHT TO THEM BY THE LIBERALS BEHIND THE TRASH THEY LISTEN TO, WATCH, USE AND BUY.. THE POWER OF THE PURSE WAS USED BY THE RIGHTS MOVEMENTS,,,,unfortunately they will go home and watch trash on tv and the movies, and contribute to the people that despise them, who will joyously take their money.
KVLELLINGARAMAPALOOZA   |     |   Comment #73
trump's wall street crowd is deserting him,,,like rats deserting a sinking ship,,,DON'T LET THE DOOR CATCH YA ON THE WAY OUT.
???   |     |   Comment #69
It's called STyLN
Bozo   |     |   Comment #72
Oldbanker, re comment #66, some argue there's "good debt" and "bad debt". I would submit debt is debt. The concept of "good debt" was rooted in the belief (hope?) that debt for investment (in a home, a business, or any other asset which might be leveraged) was "good". Debt for consumption was "bad". As the song goes, "blurred lines".
spraytanprez   |     |   Comment #74
and the debt that so many people engage in and believe is wise, " of a depreciating asset ( vehicles ).
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #85
Hey Bozo I make thousands of dollars in interest with my credit card debt so I'm calling it good debt because it makes me money. When the bank is offering me free money @ 0% with no bt fee I'm going to take advantage of it. Sure my credit score takes a temporary hit but who cares it bounces right back when I pay all the debt off at the end of the 0% term. What really kills me are the people who take out home equity, personal and short term car loans all with higher interest rates then a mortgage when all this free money is available.
Bogie   |     |   Comment #75
And then they say "how hard they have it today". Credit cards used solely for the purpose of extended credit is crazy. With credit cards came the demise of fiscal responsibility with the "must have", "I want it NOW" present day generation. They don't know what tough times are. They would never survive a depression era like a lot of our parents and grand parents did.
Bozo   |     |   Comment #76
Bogie (re comment #75), credit card debt is pernicious. I have no problem with folks who use credit cards for "points" or "miles", so long as they pay off the balance each month. Naturally, the credit card companies hope you won't do that. Last I checked, interest rates on rolling balances for most credit cards were quite high.
Bozo   |     |   Comment #77
Moving along (re my comment # 76), I am old enough to remember, back in 1965, when "BankAmericard" burst forth, sending graduating (from high school, no less) teenagers unsolicited credit cards. I received one. No credit check, no personal information, nothing. Somehow, they picked up graduation lists and addresses, and just mailed out credit cards. My parents did not forbid me to use the card, but they made it quite clear I was on the hook for any payments. I had the bills sent to my college PO Box, paid the bills with my modest part-time jobs money, and that was that.
Att   |     |   Comment #78
Bozo. I like that many people use credit cards and carry balances. I also like fees that banks charge. This helps subsidize those of us that pay their bills on time and manage money carefully. I have nevet paid interest on credit cards but use the perks and the float. What I don't like is that in some states people have non recourse mortgages. Those of us that pay on time have to make up for that.
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #82
@Bogie: Just the opposite for me I use credit cards to earn quite a bit of money from 2-7% rewards to bonuses to the free 30 day float and 0% no/low fee balance transfers. If you use credit cards responsibly by paying the bill in full and on time every month they are one of the best financial tools out there! They give you free credit scores 24/7 and you can easily track your spending and set up one time or automatic payments so as to never be late. It just amazes me that with all the technology available to today's youth in the palm of their hand most have no clue about money management and spend their time on snapchat or some dumb game with in app spending. You can manage all of your bills on your phone now days.
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #80
@oldbanker: I think the debt problem at least with regards to credit card debt may be overblown or not entirely accurate. This is because 0% "NO FEE" balance transfers have started making a big comeback just this year. I have seen at least 10 banks and credit unions that are now offering these deals and probably many more targeted offers. I just got a targeted 0% no fee balance transfer from BoA for 20 months! These deals are so good I now have $125,000 borrowed @ 0% and I plan on doing more. This is all earning 2-3% APY in various accounts. $2,500+ a year on the bank's money isn't bad. Still this is a far cry from the days when I used to borrow $500,000 on multiple cards @ 0% and earn 6% on it netting me a $30,000/yr. income on the bank's money. So as you can see the credit card debt statistics could be way off due to others like me who seek to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. I have to laugh when I hear about people who actually PAY interest to credit cards.
oldbanker   |     |   Comment #86
But I have to believe the number of people who do arbitrage like you do is a very small %, wouldn't you say?
right   |     |   Comment #87
that's not very much money for a whole lot of hassle,,,