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RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Review

Written by John Csiszar | Published on 6/17/2019

The RushCard Prepaid Visa Card offers a set of enticing features for a full-service prepaid debit card, as well as some unavoidable fees. In addition to standard options like online bill pay and money transfers to other accounts, RushCard offers a rewards program, providing cash for referrals and discounts at certain merchants.

There are multiple ways to add money to the card and make withdrawals without paying fees. Reloading the card from a third-party source or taking a withdrawal from an out-of-network ATM will both trigger fees, but you can easily avoid them by making direct or mobile deposits and staying within the ATM network. Then there are those unavoidable usage fees; You must pay either a $5.95 or $7.95 monthly fee to get unlimited fee-free purchases, or alternatively pay a $1 fee per purchase transaction.

There are other fees, but many of them can be avoided. Check out our listing below so that you aren’t tripped up by any nasty surprises. While there is no card activation fee, new account holders should prepare for are the initial fee to select a card and potential reload fees.

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RushCard Prepaid Debit Card features

This prepaid debit card has all of the standard features that come with traditional prepaid debit cards, as well as some extra perks. Many users will appreciate the ability to receive direct deposits two days early and access fee-free network ATMs. Free online bill pay, mobile check deposits and the lack of a credit or ChexSystems review are also potential pluses.

Early direct deposit. If you sign up for the direct deposit of your paycheck, tax refund, or government benefits, you can have access to those funds up to two days early.

High daily withdrawal and spend limits. You can withdraw up to $500 per transaction at ATMs, or up to $3,000 per month. The daily spend limit is $5,000, and you can have up to $10,000 deposited on the card at any one time.

Multiple card designs. It comes in five different designs: Midnight, Carbon, Gloss, 24K, and Sequin KLS. All cards carry a fee of $3.95, except the Sequin KLS card, which costs $9.95.

Free online bill pay. You can use your RushCard like a checking account by paying bills online to nearly any vendor that would normally accept a check.

Free or low-cost money transfer. If you have more than one RushCard, you can move money between them free of charge. If you’re sending to a friend’s RushCard, the transaction will cost $0.99.

Save towards your goals. Under the RushGoals program, you can plan savings targets and track your progress towards these goals, such as vacation or education. Every month that you keep at least $500 in your goal account, you'll get rewarded with a refund of $2 in fees.

Cash checks. Via the mobile app, you can use your smartphone camera to take a picture of a check and “cash it” by loading the funds directly to your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card.

Numerous reload options. There are thousands of nationwide locations where you can reload your card. Retail locations include the following:

  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union
  • Ace Cash Express
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Family Dollar
  • Dollar General
  • Speedway
  • Rite Aid
  • 7-Eleven
  • Walgreens
  • Reload @ the Register
  • Online bank transfer
  • PayPal transfer
  • MoneyPak®

No ChexSystems review or credit check. Prior credit missteps may not impair your ability to get a RushCard, as the company doesn’t perform credit checks or use ChexSystems.

Rewards Program: This Prepaid Visa has a rewards program that can earn you cash and rewards. You’ll earn $30 for every friend you refer to the RushCard, up to $600 per year. The Rewards Program also provides discounts at more than 90 participating retailers. Each Rewards Program member is also entitled to free financial counseling.

RushCard Prepaid Debit Card fees and fine print

When you sign up for the card, you’ll have to choose one of two fee plans.

  • Unlimited plan: You pay a $5.95 monthly fee (with direct deposit) or a $7.95 monthly fee (without direct deposit), granting you unlimited transactions on the card.
  • Pay-as-you-go plan: There is no monthly fee with this plan, but you’ll be dinged $1 for every transaction. In addition, you may be charged a $1.95 maintenance fee in certain states (some prohibit such fees) if you do not make a transaction for 90 days.
RushCard Prepaid Debit Card Fees
Unlimited Plan
Pay-As-You-Go Plan
One-time card fee $3.95 or $9.95 (for sequin card design) $3.95 or $9.95 (for sequin card design)
Card activation fee $0 $0
Monthly fee (with direct deposit) $5.95 $0
Monthly fee (without direct deposit) $7.95 $0
Purchase transaction fee $0 $1
Bill pay service fee $0 $0
Transfer fee to/from your own RushCards $0 $0
Transfer fee to/from RushCards of other members $0.99 $0.99
ATM withdrawal fee (in-network) $0 $0
ATM withdrawal fee (out-of-network) $3.00 $3.00
Store cash back with PIN purchase $0 Included in transaction fee
ATM withdrawal fee (out-of-network) $3.00 $3.00
Over-the-counter withdrawal fee $3.00 $3.00
ATM balance inquiry fee $0.50 $0.50
Replacement card fee $5 $5
Expedited replacement card fee $30 $30
Expedited cash fee $30 $30
Maintenance fee $0 $1.95 (except where prohibited by law)
ATM decline fee $0 $0
International transaction fee $0 $2
Currency conversion fee 3% of transaction 3% of transaction

While there may not seem to be a lot of fees attached to the card, they can add up quickly over time. A simple $1 transaction fee doesn’t mean much if you rarely use the card, but if you’re a frequent buyer, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars per year in transaction costs under the pay-as-you-go plan. The unlimited plan’s seemingly innocuous fee amounts to between $71.40 and $95.40 per year just for owning the card, even if you don’t make a single transaction. Don’t forget the one-time card fee just to sign up — but at least you have five color options to choose from.

Reload fees can be another issue. While direct deposits are free of charge, if you use third-party reload services, you’ll get hit with fees. For example, MoneyGram will charge at least $3.95 to reload a RushCard, while MoneyPak charges $5.95. If third party deposits are your normal way to fund the card, the RushCard can rapidly become an expensive addition to your wallet.

That being said, overall the RushCard fees are not extraordinarily high in the universe of prepaid debit cards. Both the Unlimited Plan and the Pay-As-You-Go plans offer free in-network ATM withdrawals, although you’ll have to be sure to use an in-network ATM to avoid the additional $3 fee.

The RushCard doesn’t charge any fees for bank transfers, mobile check cashing, or direct deposit either, and those, combined with ATM withdrawals, are some of the most commonly used features on a prepaid debit card.

Using the RushCard Prepaid Debit Card mobile app

The interface of the app is very user-friendly, providing most of the functionality of a regular bank account. You can use the app to access your account 24/7. In addition to checking your current balance and transaction history, you can use the app to pause and restart your card, find nearby ATMs, or transfer money to other RushCards.

The mobile check cashing option allows you to take a picture of your check with your smartphone and deposit that money into your account. You’ll even earn a $10 reward the first time you use the mobile deposit feature, although this feature is for a limited time only. Note that this service is only free if you’re willing to wait 10 days for your check to clear. If you want your money in minutes, you’ll have to pay a fee of 1% or $5, whichever is greater. for payroll and government checks with a pre-printed signature, or 4% or $5, whichever is greater, for all other accepted check types. In both cases, the minimum fee is $5.

The RushCard mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android users. For added convenience, you can set up fingerprint access for the mobile app, if your smartphone is equipped with a fingerprint reader. You can also set up two-way text alerts, allowing you to check your balance or other account activities by texting commands to 697874 (MYRUSH). For example, you can text “BAL” to the provided number and the RushCard will text back with your current balance.

Opening a RushCard Prepaid Debit Card account

To open a RushCard Prepaid Debit Card, head to the card’s webpage at https://apply.rushcard.com/start. You can open your account there in three simple steps. First, choose one of the five offered card designs. Next, choose your fee plan, either the Unlimited Plan or the Pay-As-You-Go plan. Lastly, provide your personal information, such as your name, address, Social Security number, email address and date of birth.

The account opening process is simple, and nearly everyone is eligible. As mentioned above, as the RushCard is a prepaid card, you won’t have to worry about a credit check at the time you apply. Unlike some other prepaid cards, you don’t have to worry about getting screened out by ChexSystems either, as it doesn’t use the service. Thus, even if you’ve had a problem getting a checking account before, as long as RushCard can verify your information, you’re likely to be approved. Even kids as young as 13 can get approved for this prepaid debit card, although parental consent is required if the applicant is below 18 years of age.

You will have to pay a fee of either $3.95 or $9.95 when you fund your card, depending on the card type you select, as mentioned above. However, there is no additional card activation fee. The RushCard is only available online, not at any retail locations.

Upon approval, you’ll receive your new RushCard in five to seven business days. You can track the status of your card on the company’s website.

Overall review of the RushCard Prepaid Visa Card

When it comes to a prepaid debit card, the most important factor for most account holders is the lack of fees. On that front, the RushCard Prepaid Visa Card is somewhat successful. Free features like mobile check deposit, online bill pay, in-network ATM withdrawals and certain cash reloads mean that many of the transactions a RushCard owner would undertake are free of charge.

Third-party reloads can get expensive, but if you can fund your card with direct deposits, ACH transfers, or check deposits, this won’t be an issue.

However, the card has unavoidable usage fees. If you want unlimited transactions, you’ll pay at least $71.40 per year in fees. If you prefer to pay as you go, every transaction you make triggers a $1 fee. If you can control your purchases, you can limit the fee, but that does run counter to the purpose of having a debit card – everyday spending.

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  |     |   Comment #3
Ive been with rushcard for 2 years...they charge for everything amd monthly anf i have expecting a refund from western union...for 8days when western union released it rushcard still held it up for 3 more days....not good...and i talked to 4 different representatives amd each one gave me a different answer...will be cancelling this card....furthermore never won any of the drawings or anything...makes u wonder if the drawings are real..
  |     |   Comment #4
They have the worst service back in October 2017 my card was copied and money was stolen out of my account and they didn’t want to refund me money that was stolen. Once this happened I opened an account with an actual bank and have not used the card since. I live in Chicago so I contacted Jason Knowles on Channel 7 news and reported them in Nov. When my interviewed aired in December I was immediately refunded my money. Yesterday I received some money thats connected to my RushCard and mistakenly ordered the wrong thing with a restaurant that was refunded immediately. I called RushCard as soon as this took place asking them to release my money and was told I have to wait 48 hours. Which is crazy when this transaction just happened and automatically returned. I’m not ever using their service again. If this would have happened with my actual bank I would have gotten my money today. My advice get an actual bank account STAY AWAY FROM PREPAID CARDS!!!!
  |     |   Comment #5
I have used rush card for many and was charge a atm fee. Recently I withdrew money and was charge a 3 dollar. I was never notified that anything changed and I don’t appreciate surprises. I’m on a fixed and I paid 9 dollars. I then called and one of your foreign speaking got very hush with and told me he didn’t know what to tell me and that I could call back and get another agent I was in shock to have him speak to me in that matter. So I think it’s best for me to change my business to someplace else that have people who know how to communicate in a respectful manner. Nice why to treat a person that has used your services since 2006.
  |     |   Comment #7
This company sucks I have been with them since 2006 never had a problem until recently.. they don’t release your direct deposit 2 days early they hold on to your money until they are ready to release it then when you call you get the rudest foreign speaking people who doesn’t understand what you are saying! Ugh this company is trash I’m done with RushCard
Daisy perez
  |     |   Comment #11
Have been able to get through to them lately I don’t have access to my account or my phone no one answering
I don’t know what to do omg
  |     |   Comment #13
My account is locked
Lekeya jackson
  |     |   Comment #15
I ordered a new card...on March 31...card still haven't arrived..what's going on..
Kenneth Kurtz
  |     |   Comment #16
How do I get to my personal information to update my information
Waiting for replacement card
  |     |   Comment #17
Are Saturday considered a business day

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