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Take advantage of the knowledgeable community by asking your banking question here. You might first review past questions and answers via the Frequently Asked Questions links and search box below. Thank you to all community members who contribute their knowledge and experiences to help point others in the right direction!

Frequently Asked Questions

FDIC Coverage on Identity Theft Investing in International CDs
What Happens to CD Upon Death? Effect of Rising Interest Rates on CDs
IRA CD Distribution or Transfer Selling Brokered CDs
Inheritance Taxes and POD Accounts Track Down Old CD from Closed Bank
Annuities as Alternative to CDs Historical Bank Statements – How Far Back

Latest Questions

CD Redemptions At Andrews FCU
Posted by: cdqueen  |   2 votes  |  7 answers
This time last year (5/2016) I had no trouble redeeming a 3 year CD with this credit union. This month (5/2017) I called to redeem 2 matured CDs and am told they automatically roll... read more
US Alliance How To?
Posted by: klink  |   3 votes  |  11 answers
For those that have or had CD accounts with US Alliance, how did you redeem your certificates upon maturity? I have read their disclosures and they say that if not renewed the fund... read more
My Ally 5 Yr. Inherited Traditional IRA Expires 6/14/17, The Day The Fed. Meets. What Should I Do?
Posted by: evansears  |   1 vote  |  0 answers
1). Move it for at least a month into their IRA Savings Acct. 2). It was 1.69%, now it will (hopefully) be 2.25% plus 0.05% bump up. 3). Simply renew it without waiting. 4). Go wit... read more
Hanscom Federal Credit Union
Posted by: Ginzy  |   4 votes  |  4 answers
Does anyone know anything about the Hanscom account known as "CU Thrive"? Their website talks about it as if it is some type of savings account/CD hybrid. Interest rate of 3% with ... read more
IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union?
Posted by: rmbn  |   2 votes  |  2 answers
I was wondering if there is a reason why the rates for Mississippi Valley Credit Union have not been in the comparison lists for so long. They seem to have very competitive rates b... read more
What's A Good Bank To Bank With? NOT CHASE!
Posted by: RickiCRich  |   3 votes  |  1 answer
All chase wants to do is steal your money! I went to bed last night with $80 in my account, had a direct deposit of $200 over night, a bill came out, but woke up this morning to my... read more
Utility Bill Payment Processers
Posted by: RJM  |   7 votes  |  36 answers
Just now, I prepaid my power bill by paying a $2.25 fee for a $600 payment. And for my sewer & water bill, the fee was $1.95 for $500. Are these companies losing money on me ?... read more
Why Is My Application Being Sent To The Fraud Department
Posted by: piton  |   5 votes  |  0 answers
hi - I have good credit an no credit problems. To verify, I just pulled a tansunion report and it was clean. Recently, I tried to open an acct at Navy Federal Credit Union. Everyth... read more
FDIC Coverage Question
Posted by: jnibori  |   3 votes  |  6 answers
Hi and thanks for taking the time to review my question. I did try using Google with various keywords, however I was unable to find an answer.   My question is... read more
Penfed/ Natiional Military Family
Posted by: RJM  |   2 votes  |  6 answers
I joined NMF way back when to join penfed. Does that membership continue or was it a 1 year deal ? Reason I was asking is I am about to switch to Geico and you get a discount if y... read more