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Take advantage of the knowledgeable community by asking your banking question here. You might first review past questions and answers via the Frequently Asked Questions links and search box below. Thank you to all community members who contribute their knowledge and experiences to help point others in the right direction!

Frequently Asked Questions

FDIC Coverage on Identity Theft Investing in International CDs
What Happens to CD Upon Death? Effect of Rising Interest Rates on CDs
IRA CD Distribution or Transfer Selling Brokered CDs
Inheritance Taxes and POD Accounts Track Down Old CD from Closed Bank
Annuities as Alternative to CDs Historical Bank Statements – How Far Back

Latest Questions

Andrews Federal Credit Union--POD Accounts
Posted by: ChasR  |   4 votes  |  24 answers
I have had an email exchange and a phone conversation with Andrews reps that indicate to me that the credit union does not allow a member to designate a POD beneficiary for one acc... read more
What Do U Do When U Find A Certificate Of Deposit That Is "25 Years Old"?
Posted by: Pj92324  |   3 votes  |  5 answers
Cleaning out a build up of old papers I found a Certificate of Deposit dated August 9, 1991, "Type of Certificate "Custom".  Renewal term 60 days, Maturity date October 8, 199... read more
Rollover Vs Direct Transfer.
Posted by: diamondx  |   2 votes  |  9 answers
I am pretty sure there is a difference "rollover " vs "transfer" of IRA , 401k accounts, especially when the IRS asks.  I messaged ANDREWS FCU concerning a direct transfer in ... read more
Trouble Connecting To Some CU Homepages? Especially Penfed
Posted by: cactus  |   1 vote  |  4 answers
Having trouble connecting to some CU homepages, especially PenFed. Most CUs work fine. This is not a login problem - can't reach homepages at all. With Chrome on Windows... read more
Special Promotional CD Rates
Posted by: PHKrick  |   4 votes  |  3 answers
Why do certain states (like Iowa) frequently offer higher CD rates for people living/ working in their state, while other states (like mine) never seem to offer special regional C... read more
Safety Of Mailing Signed Cds To Out Of Town Banks
Posted by: paoli2  |   3 votes  |  19 answers
We have several CDs with an out of town bank which will be maturing early next year.  Due to bad weather conditions, it may not be feasible to drive back to close them and get... read more
What Happened To First Service Credit Union (FSCU)?
Posted by: chad518  |   1 vote  |  1 answer
I read from the blog a few weeks ago that FSCU has a two year jumbo CD rate of 1.65%. But when I checked the CD Rates table today I could not find their rates at all. I have checke... read more
401K Transfer To IRA --How Many Time A Year Can I Do This ?
Posted by: diamondx  |   1 vote  |  3 answers
I am currently not working for my employer that I have a 401k with.  I want to transfer the funds to a IRA cd at credit union.  I done this very same thing LESS than a y... read more
Debit Card Refund -Directv Scam?
Posted by: Over6T  |   21 votes  |  20 answers
I finally decided to terminate our DirectV service.  I did that in the middle of a billing period and thus was due a refund of the unused balance for the month.  I had be... read more
Going Rate On Check Reorders?
Posted by: Sylvia  |   2 votes  |  11 answers
I just paid over $24 for 100 from Alliant.  They're singles, not duplicates.  I selected the basic, plain-Jane design called "wallet blue Alliant."  Total cost ... read more