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Take advantage of the knowledgeable community by asking your banking question here. You might first review past questions and answers via the Frequently Asked Questions links and search box below. Thank you to all community members who contribute their knowledge and experiences to help point others in the right direction!

Frequently Asked Questions

FDIC Coverage on Identity Theft Investing in International CDs
What Happens to CD Upon Death? Effect of Rising Interest Rates on CDs
IRA CD Distribution or Transfer Selling Brokered CDs
Inheritance Taxes and POD Accounts Track Down Old CD from Closed Bank
Annuities as Alternative to CDs Historical Bank Statements – How Far Back

Latest Questions

Would You Trust Your Money In The State Bank Of India?
Posted by: Louisa  |   1 vote  |  16 answers
https://www.depositaccounts.com/b...dia-il.htm Thanks!... read more
How To Get A Trustee For A Self Needs Trust?
Posted by: paoli2  |   2 votes  |  0 answers
What does a person do if they should really set up a Self Needs Trust for a relative but have no Trustee available?  If they no longer live near the few family members still a... read more
Is There A Section On Depositaccounts.Com For "Senior" Savings Rates?
Posted by: chasinrates  |   5 votes  |  7 answers
Some banks offer interest premiums for the 50+ (or older) crowd. Is there a place on this web site where those rates are posted? I don't think there is, but thought I'd ask in case... read more
Rewards Checking
Posted by: arthurtony  |   3 votes  |  2 answers
Under the details of the rewards checking accounts, there is a column marked EARN.  I can't figure out how the amounts are calculated - they do not coincide with the maximum t... read more
401K Rollover To CD IRA
Posted by: Keri  |   3 votes  |  6 answers
I am quitting work (!) and have a $150k 401k. I would like to roll it over to an IRA 5 yr CD. Can I do that? Or do only some banks permit this? I have examined cd rates at Van... read more
Easiest Savings Account For Online Image Upload/Deposit Of Checks?
Posted by: Sevenpercent  |   2 votes  |  4 answers
I would like to hear everyone's experience using online deposit for their savings account.  Since I'm limited to either taking a picture with the digital camera or scanning an... read more
1 Million To Invest In Cds Vs Alternatives
Posted by: InterestYields  |   52 votes  |  31 answers
Hi everyone, I've got ~ 1 Million in Ally 5 yr CDs maturing earning close to 3%, Ally can now only offer me 2.05% with the 0.05% loyalty bonus for renewal.  Now if Ally could ... read more
Cd Accounts
Posted by: ray_d  |   2 votes  |  8 answers
how do I cash a cd my mom had but forgot to put a beneficiary on it before she past in feb. this year?... read more
Trouble Claiming CD Grandparent Opened As Custodian While I Was A Minor
Posted by: Mark Rackow  |   4 votes  |  6 answers
The other week my Dad found a COD slip from April '95 that my grandparent opened as custodian for me as a minor.   The COD states the maturity date was October '98, and ... read more
New Issue CD Available At Scottrade This Week
Posted by: enduser  |   2 votes  |  4 answers
This will be my first time to invest in a new issue CD so I'm asking the community for their opinion if this is a good investment. I have 15K parked in a IRA that I have not done a... read more