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Take advantage of the knowledgeable community by asking your banking question here. You might first review past questions and answers via the Frequently Asked Questions links and search box below. Thank you to all community members who contribute their knowledge and experiences to help point others in the right direction!

Frequently Asked Questions

FDIC Coverage on Identity Theft Investing in International CDs
What Happens to CD Upon Death? Effect of Rising Interest Rates on CDs
IRA CD Distribution or Transfer Selling Brokered CDs
Inheritance Taxes and POD Accounts Track Down Old CD from Closed Bank
Annuities as Alternative to CDs Historical Bank Statements – How Far Back

Latest Questions

Mountain America Credit Union ACH Fees?
Posted by: newbie1  |   3 votes  |  4 answers
The Schedule of Fees in the Truth in Savings disclosure document contains the following: Cash Management/ACH Maintenance Charges- Recurring Monthly ACH Origination capability (Pay... read more
Did You Get A Tax Cut ?
Posted by: decades  |   7 votes  |  13 answers
I am a rust belt deplorable and will be paying 2k less in federal taxes next year should the Trump tax proposal passed by house and senate get signed into law . Pretty much the sam... read more
Revocable Living Trust Savings Accounts
Posted by: MNfarmer  |   12 votes  |  19 answers
I am having a hard time finding which banks provide Revocable Living Trust accounts. It would be nice to include in your blog or ratings page which banks provide for this... read more
$100,000 CD Bears Interest For 2 Years At 2%
Posted by: HollyHolly  |   1 vote  |  1 answer
After the first year, the bank credits the account with 2% simple interest. Am I better off with an acct bearing interest at 2% where interest is posted monthly and compounded mont... read more
Best Hub Account - Cap One 360 Only Allows 3 Linked Accounts!
Posted by: Harry420  |   1 vote  |  2 answers
I've been using Capital One 360 (ING) for a long time to move funds around but I have been opening new accounts due to changing limits and I'm finding it annoying that I can only h... read more
New 2-4% Liquid Savings Product/Linked To A Bank
Posted by: TheBombingRange  |   7 votes  |  8 answers
Not really sure what this is but I'll leave this here: https://meetbeam.com/ How are they able to distribute 2-4% yields on liquid cash?... read more
Hey Help Me
Posted by: Robert Rutherford  |   1 vote  |  1 answer
When do SSI checks get disposted this November... read more
New Money To Open A CD
Posted by: adlerps01  |   3 votes  |  7 answers
My local TCF bank has a good offer for 1 and 2 year CDs. It require new money. All my money are in low paying accounts at the same bank. Any advice on getting a better rates that r... read more
CU Field Of Membership Check?
Posted by: dlweiss0622  |   2 votes  |  2 answers
Does anyone know what process is used, if any, by credit unions to check whether an applicant to join is actually within their field of membership? I see so many CU's whose field o... read more
Mortgage For Self-Employed!
Posted by: Brandon01  |   1 vote  |  3 answers
Hi, I am self-employed and planning to buy a home. I am in search of mortgages for self-employed. Does anyone know the details of mortgages available for self-employed people? I ... read more